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With the rapid growth of designer underrrrear, high-cut bathing tight jeansl you rnight as well kiss your ass goodbye. _ What was and suits once a forbidden zone, -overed with layers of cloth and referred to only has become a merchandisable appendage that serves to with reluctance, identity. consumer/social our advertise Ever wonder why werre the only species on earth encouraged to douse the bottom-ha1f wiln aerosol sprays lnd then c'Iothe it with edible underwear? The answerrs obvious to lnyone who doesnrt have his head stuck between his legs - we are in the clutches of a well-planned attack devoted our low-end karma. to re-channelling music and purge our literature, efforts as gov6rnment/industrial forces are the same conspiratorial arts of rtporn5graphicrr influences, We consumer oriented focus on our national genitalia. pronoting- a fiikyl pornography: It from observing pornography to becoming irave stority shifled packaging, of that we are oUsessea with and any means is. our own genitalia promoting or selling thern is appealing. to convert our ass-sets to a The rnulti-pronged effort merchandisable obsession was spawned within the past decade. As the of single parents, faced with the alienation nuclear farnily d.isintegrated, environment, fel1 prey to a fashion consciousness a mateless cn-ild-rearing The need mating. mode of traditional which shortened the display-attract whereby a system loneliness- and simulate pair-bonding demanded to alleviate determine sex, could rather than.reproductive participants in social, denim features partners. Enter designer jeans whose constricting luitabli we were that and alerted others returned us to our naked ape origins TTTAKING IT TO TH E ( see ish_41, pa rt ic ip a n t s i n a so ci a l se xu a l wor ld. most the by followed sHenrs: sEXUALITy IN A SEXLESSWORLD) This was bathing cut nigt] the corset fashion development since tire wire afiirni"g only whose clothing of forrn a Sudden1y, fenaleL were forced to wear suit. that, groin. only Not portion the of function was to expose buttocks and a Continued

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FROM th6 Ed.itor Due to the controversial nature of this monthrs subject matter as well as the current standards of libel, slander and emotional distress, our editor has chosen not to offer a commentary. TilI next ish - ed. asst.


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t lle T - ? t r i n g - 1 i k e d e si g n o f th e fashion itself cr eates ser ious ques ti ons about its long-term effects on the anal, rectal and reproductiv6 area. But.the primary purpose of these binding garments was not to encourage social sex but to isolate and personalile-our low end - to affirrn our e x i s t e n c e b y h o n o ri n g ,o u r for bidden zone. Rather than symboliz e a s ex ua l l i b e r a t i on , p o st-d i sco fashion synbolized a binding, c6nstr icti v e a p p ro a c h t o s gx. H i g h cu t b a th i ng fashions and tight jeans after al l ar e the ultimate in anal retentive behavior. They creite lhe illusion of affirning our personal sexuality but in realily they are a chast,ity belt f o r c o n v e n t i o n a l p a i r-b o n d i n g relationships. and i? you donft believ e us , check out the the sexual/social theories of the gaI who popularized d e s ign e r j e a n s L a d y B ro o ke S h ields. This repressive fashion developrnent is linked to a second aspect - the commercialization of our sexual de-evolution of our bottom haIf. whereas we used to ident,ify with a fulI-sized female and male models for advertising/endorsement purposes, Mad Ave., seized by the effect of the MTV/FIashdance catharsis, now pushes products with isolated views of our body partg - primarily our ass/thigh area. The use of our hindquarters to sell fashions' cars, and food is indicative of the switch from following the whims of our head, to following our ass. T h e fi n a l ste p i n th i s tr oika of de- sexual illusion is the neutering of low end consumer products. The past 20 years of hemorrhoid, tampon, toilet tissue, and suppository advertising has created. a strange cause-effect relationship among the masses. These ad campaigns could rnake the uninitiated believe that the purpose of tarnpons was to enable young girls t9 9o glrmnastics; and the purpose of Preplration-H was to rrerp people drive trucks. rn a recent ad for a menstruation product nameh, o . B. rs , a y o u n g g i rl a sks h e r friend, r r W hat is it a new kind of gum or sornethinq?u Letrq hope she gets the right answer or her boyfrieid wiII be fa c in g a s t i c k y si tu a ti o n . Where is this butt,-headed approach taking our confused society? Lik e a l l o t h e r a sp e cts o f T h e N ew Pr ivacy ( yes - tne final editions w i r i be a v a ila b l e n e x t sp ri n g - e d .), w e ar e buying- the r ever se of the i1lus i on. Fa s h io n . p r e t e n d s to se l l a fre e d om in sexuility, but r ealIy sells a re press i v e s e x u a l ch a sti ty. A d ver tising ser ves only to tiliflate or confuse us as to gender responsibilit,ies. Conned-sumers are frightened into the embarrasment of not, having the right spray, right tampon or right p ant y - l i n e r . rt, i s th i s fe a r o f being wr ong or unlelr aute in I merchandised-crazed community that has put undue pressure on our re ar-e n d s . F o r mo st o f so ci e ty, the low- end battle is lost, but for thos e rrFree your with the urge to battle the butt, the mot,to remains the same ass and your

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September 1986  
September 1986  

Bottom's Up, Cassavetes videos, Wake Up & Cry release party.