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between megatron safes nay not see nuch of a connection indLtstry old-Tiners F,ntertainnent entertainment f u t u r i stic o f w o r T d e x p a n d i n g t h e a n d a T b u m Jackson,s Thrifier of Michael a tine when a t c h a r t s t h e d o n i n a t i n g i s T h r i T T e r t h a t But rt r-s no accident tinnickry. , c o n n ected hone n o d e m a n d r e c o r d i n g d i s c d i g i t a T both onned-suners are lseing force-fed ( n i s t a k e n T y TabeTed as r e o r g a n i z a t i o n , A T & T t h e of Nor was the tining Tink-ups. :onputer of r e T e a s e t h e w i t h c o i n c i d e n t a T n e r e l y ,t d'e-nonopoTization p r e s s ) bv the un-wary s u b s c r i ption ( c o n p u t e r p h o n e c o n n e c t i o n s , f a c t o r s Ihese seeningJy unrefated lhrilTer. n e w age in a f o r w a y p a v i n g t h e a r e a c t u a T T y technoTogy) disc recording .-1one service, an age when the edia entertainnenL ,,11v-by-the-sea t-of-r,our-pants-and-see-if-the-public-bites" typ. of pronotion is giving n e d ia research' c a r e f u f u p o n based forn of narketing .,.uri to a predictable - not saTes' 'hriller u p on Subscription b a s e d of a new type of record first is nerelr,the ''natts How does it work? We told you first! right. onTy ) MichaeL Jackson announces in 7985 that he wi77 no Tonger reTease any new albuns o w n a T r e a d y w h o - . e t +s, i n g f e s . u s i n g t h e n a s s i v e i n t e r n a t i o n a T b u y e r s base of record '3riller, a f b u n c a n b e t r a d e d i n f o r n e w copies that ol-d copies of his first he annorn."r one or two new is that the new copies wil7 feature The only difference f Thriller. aTbu*t. TYe' t h 3 , ? 1 d .ingles bunping one or two of the older cuts. CBS wiTT tebate Cont inued on Page j

FROM th6 Ed.itor :nner's over and s't,'re not saying We-told-you-so but 'nucto finaTTy broke Anerican Top 40 ( See A&R isb f5 'et Ready for U-Know-Ju7io: The De-Bafkanization of The first sreps in the nuTti:erican Pop Music'). of US pop c'.uLture are in notion and in 'Lionafization we discuss a rolated phenonnenon - "Unendino "riffer: from an w i t h i n t h e R e c o r d B u s i n e s s " T h i s a r t i c T e i s excerpted Reducing VoLatility 1td;rr/-eordy p a r t o f a nuch w h i c h i s p a p e r l C o n n e c t i o n " , and The JACKie-wiTSON tpubTished t h e w i t h i n r e T i g i o u s t h e o r y r a c i a l a n d the activist shaping of lrger work detaiTing


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- ^ ' !l e lssue and in responses we've tL )^ a^ ^p, , p y +c^v r, ^t ^e, d r f r o n s o n a n y p e o p f e a f t e r o u r f i r s t '.arted a Tetters cofunn ("7etterz"). For those who wrote requesting advicer sâ‚Źâ‚Ź our new "Adf vice". ':tion, The staf f is afso happy to report that Ed l,lcMahon wrote to 7et us :-tt,, rhaf he nav announce The A&R Report as the winner of One luliTTion DoTTars (...and ,..'benuch nore! ) on NBC|s Tonight Show! If it happens - we'77 report. ("BuLinia and .ase note (or our Tawyers wiff give us a hard tine) - in a recent report, t h at persons we negTected to advise Tag.ish), :.crexia Nervosa: Disease or Body Art?" -'r.rr'.qrerl in nursuing a diet shouTd consult their doctor first (just in case hets got a ,k out on the subject). :, Pannrr rhartgot an opinion on everything says that l,lary Hart is best in the chair : Dixie WhatTey is the best on the roa'd and wetre aLf gTad Ron Hendrent s back from

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IJnending ThriTTer

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ThriTTer wi77 have the same iovers onTy different backgrounci coTors aid speclaldate-coding. By doing this' CBS wi7l assure that ThriTTer never Teaves the charts. 2) As part of his announcenentt a77 trade-in buyers wi77 also havethe option to pay a fee. This guarantees that they wi77 receive future versions of ThriTTer at a discount. The subscri'ption aiso requires forwarding of biographical/denographic infornation. 3) With a guaranteed Tong-tern subscription base for Thri7Ler, CBS can now present itseTf as the Teast voTatiTe corporation within the industry. Its appeaT to investors/conglonerates wi77 be cTear - particularly since its Tong tern incone can now be carefuTTy charted through narketing anaTysis of ThriTTer buyers. 4) In 7986' Conpct Disc is now decTared out of date as new two-way d.isc technoTogy nakes possibTe both recording and pTaying of digital disc nusic at hone. In nid-1986 CBS/AT&T announce the capability of phone-7ine-transnitted-nusic. By diaTing certain phone nunbers, a musicaT/and/or/video recording wi77 be directTy transferred to your hone CD pTayer. The cost wi77 be billed to your hone phone. 5) Subscribers to Thriller are offered the option to transfer their subscription to the hone-phone service and nost do so naking the aTbun the first to top the new BiTTboard Phone/CD chart. By this point only Bi71ie Jean and Beat It remain fron the originaT reTease. 6) By renoving the retaiTing outTet as we77 as the packaging and shipping costsr nusic industry profits soar. This, coupTed with the guaranteed subscription reyenues eventuaTTy turns the product-oriented record biz into a service-oriented biz. AT&T starts Tooking for nega-stars and CBS starts seTling conputer-nodens. Another Tink in what we (at tne A&R Report) ca77 THE NEHPRMCY is set into notion - Next ish - nThe WaTknan- Drun Machine Conspiracy: No Innger Marching to a Different Drunner? "

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A vn"nnber o+ ot,r l]'rf.â&#x201A;Ź \r i+h P;o' %/lDcq. ct* t\e re,câ&#x201A;Ź^t N.w Au:ic_ Sevn,hqr in Ny<'. Poor

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'lhere's where the beef no nistaking "s7ip on the hanburger headphones."

is when you fou're It! n a kes. Pop t h a t And what a powerfuf statenent s y n b ofisn. f i v i n g t o reduced Music criticisn worth nuch nore []nforttnatef v, the unit isn't value, For $12.95 than its sociaT-historic Radio Shack narkets an An radio which sends a nono sltnbol through a headset. BK's rhetoric f ron 7ogo, "Aren't You Hungr-v?tt(wisely onitted the Burgcr King Jeans) covers one side of the radio naking the owner both a synboJic clip-on and TiteraT sandwich nan.

Itr y"V can.enflry tisteningF q. JLcr dip the rdb to your-li, rlr- on the hamburgerneidptrcd rE hme in l,ourfavqite AM iilatil.


b r a i D - S < :i G()ODNt':lls - At f east the nerchandising BK have sonething on their nind besides the t t[ ] a n e f r i e d " c o n t r o \ / e r s y / BAD NE!/S - No rebates




NEX'I tSH - We review

Audio Technica's JPB inf lat ':

KEEFSAKE PHOTO PI.ATES ATDISCOUNT PRICES These folks will reproduce your favorite photo-without damagnng the orignnal-on a decorative china piate. The plates measure l0 in. in drameter and are trimmed in gold, and thrs month DIRECT readers can order them at a special drscount. The William Agency's Br11Kapner saysthe plates resist fading and can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Any size photo, drawing, or watercolor can be reproduced, a n d f o r a n a d d i t i o n a l c h a r g e ( $ 4 . 9 5 ) t h ep l a t e s c a n b e p e r s o n a h z e d with names, dates, or special messaqes:MICHELLEAND i-EE,MAy 26,l98i for example, or GRADUATION DAy rgga.The photo plates can be ) r brown tones ordered rn black-and-whrte($19.95o ($24.95),as well as hand-tinted THEWILLIAMAGENCY . entron color ($29.95)M 45 Acorn Circle DIRECT and subtract 20olo Suite 102 from the cost. Add $3.75 to Towson,MD 21204 cover shipping for each plate 3OIr82I7346 ordered. Free brochure.

ChecK one-: And h a'l covp,,.' w/f 1,oo f--rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-----rr

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aan THrscoupoNTo: TheA&R Report rrr




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