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1$E |OFTEN f/V ERROR- NEVER IN DOUBT' October, 1984


Happy Halloween!

[November 1, 1979], because it was just five short years ago Check your warranties "reductive engineering o f c o n c e p t t h e a n d A n e r i c a o n W a T k n a n t h e that Sony dropped "Charge of the Lite You Haven't Got" W h a t S e T f i n g ( s e e B r i g a d e : broke into a new arena. - the big score and the j u s t t a p e d e c k g e t T i t e w e i g h t a ish 17) But Junior didn't back in aspect of the WMwas headphones, As the A&R Report indicated revolutionary "The New Privacy." - a penunbra of jg17, o f the Wal-kmanwas nereTy a nobiTe extension "Defining ish 4 - soon to be The New Privacy" systens. (see deTivery new entertainnent through the A&R pubTication re-jshued in an updated form and avaiTabTe as a special e d . ) . deaTers wel-come!Report at Sony R&D, an equalTy inportant whiTe the WMwas incubating the nid-70's, Bu't during t r i b aT beat. Linn and Sinnons were o u r was affecting engineering product o7 reductive - the anachronisn of anplifying d r u n m i n g o7 nodern nusic the techno-puuZuntry battling Simnons became the Roadie's Saviour by skin. a stretched the sound of a stick striking

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FROM th6 Editor It was no surprise to readers of the A&R Report that former Mod Squad star Peggi Lipton was seated in the f r o n t r o w o f t h e r e c e n t M T VA w a r d s ( s e e A & R i s h 2 2 - ' T h e Wonen's CabaT Breaks Denographic Racisn: The C o n n e c t i o n i l) . I t w a s a l s o n o s u r p r i s e Lipton-Bertinelli to A&Rers that there were no awards for music at the MTV

nThe First Word in Music-\'ideo is not l'lusic' - ish 12). Despite the Video-City gaTa (see - MTV stockhoTders shouTd go for the A&R Report stands by its prediction back-patting, profit because regionaT Low Frequency TV wiTl soon make national the short-swing as outdated as big band radio broadcasts. vid-progranning seem to Tonight and Mary Hart doesn't ET PHONE HOME - Ron's gone fron Entertainnent (they've even replacenent care. Af7 she does zs yap-yap-yap with RH's audio-animatronic yapping). As for l,lary's weekend repTacement - a77 we can say is'Sarah got Bi7l Harris PurceTT check your nirrorn. Speaking of fook-a-l .rkesr expect a new agency to open this month in L.A. - StarBreak booked - a Liz TayTor with a ceTebrity Took-alikes that break dance. [Already featuring ki77er bodywavel. "Money Doesn't Know as our recent articl-e No A&R Report has generated as m u c h r e a c t i o n (ish 24). Thanks for Owner: De-Fanging the l"lyth of Corporate Rock Sponsorship" It's nai7. Ti77 next your connents. We nay not agree with what you say but we Tike getting (A ish - ed.


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WaTknan-Drun Machine



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si-xteenth notes. Uniike a cfick track which is nereJy a guid.e for "hunann pTaying, the quantized drun pattern is a digitaTTy-correct, chip-tined reproduction of actuaf drum sounds. Linn and its progeny advanced in popuTarity, first through disco and then through second-wave Brit-pop. SuddenTy, the digitaL difenma hinted at several years ago during the Casio conversion of American tinepieces (see uLooking for the Big Hand: Criticisn of DigitaL ReTativityn ish l1) was revived by the unTikely combination of Wajknan technoTogy and progranmabTe quantized drums. The resuTt of this techno-catalysn is that for the first tine in historyt we are accepting thetperfect beat' as the naturaj beat. Headphones not only feed this infornation directTy into our ears but they aTso excjude any outside rhythns. IFYI - fests of WM-quantization on Taboratory rats has proven inconcTusive because rt's difficult to keep the headphones on.l Most annoying' the saTes-positive aspect of the WM-perfect beat phenonenon nay soon be expToited. Insiders report that Rolling Stone nagazine is pJanning to review pre-recorded cassettes based upon thg*ir "jogging potentiaT' (i.e. the abiiity of the tape to affect perfornan.")*.* athletic Such an approach ignores the very reaL danger that we nay be in the nidst of re-progranning our own biologicaT cycTes. The possibility of a oCfickman Effect" has sparked a debate that has spilTed out of acadenia onto Tin Pan A77ey. Scient-zstsr uncertain of the Tong-tern effect of quantized-isoLationisn urge more study. Musicians, record pronoters and students of Bucky Fu77er argue that the universe itseTf is cosmicaTTy quantized so that the reduction into digital transnissr.on rs simpTy another way of "banging one,s drunn. Whether this digitaTly-perfect division of tine wi77 upset the anaTog nature of traditionaf biorhythn programning renains to be seen but one concTusion is cjear - WM head-beaters have aTready joined arpeggiators, pofy-moogs and other digitalTy digestive devices in the new fine of netrononic sTavery. ** As we go to press, Scott IsTer of Musician l{agazine reports that CBS has reTeased. 'Momentun l: The Running Tape't a sixty ninute cassette of music designed for jogging (see Musician No.73 at 10).

There's a Trick to Making the Right Pick-to-C7ick - The A&R Report predicted that Mac Baghants film debut, T)}THLESS, wouTd be a snash and the featu're a thinly disguised biography of rock singer Baghan's struggTe with gun disease - has been an autunn grossbuster. Some critics have compared the novie to FOOTLOOSE and others have conpared it to RECKLESSand BREATHLESS.Roger Ebert said that T1OTHLESS was a ',feel-good- novie about feeling good".. But Rex Reed nay have sumned up our feeLings when he wrote,,Mac BaghamIS TooTHLEss." IBaghan's t-zt7e tune lyrics are printed befow with pernission]. I TOOTHLESS' I say what I feef I feeT what I say And nothing in-between Ever gets in the way I an toothTess I have no teeth I an toothTess I have no teeth They're gonna nake a movie gonna be about ne It's Not nuch of a story Not nuch to say But it'ff nake you feeT good The way I feef I an toothfess I have no teeth @t 1984 Gumtone Music Mac Baghan as

seen in




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guaranteed to repeT a77 non-Tinear thieves. And if $70 is too nuch to shell out for personaTized dust-free Beta protection, do-it-yourseTf ers can just gouge out Moby Dick' At Tast' a recycf ing aTternative to book burning. NEXTISH - We review A-T's JPB inf Latabf es.

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October 1984  
October 1984  

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