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Sure, wâ‚Ź're concerned about the homeless in America, but what about the neo-homeless those millions who have homes but of citizens don't stay in them. Our teenagers, our commuters, our single and 1onely, our alienated family members seeking somewhere to go. Therers only one place across this landscape that can be counted on for these people and that's the place where Freedom is Waiting the local 7-11! That's right, America's socially displaced and disadvantaged have stepped into the ;ore-packaged universe masterminded l:y the "hle - a magic world where The ;:'louthland Corporation Give Thanksn f e e ' s Cof Fresh Or It's Free. has become the g o n e national s t o r e What started out as a convenience mobile t h e a n d y o u n g , t h e o l d , for the way-station all-purpose and e n tertain f e e d , c a n It is a means by which we aisentrlnchised. f e eding & m e e t i n g o f n e t w o r k America's underbelly through a revitalize u n b u stable a n o f f o r e t h o u g h t AII of this owes its success to the units. v a r i o u s created by the packaged food industry, alliance leaders, and a coast to coast politicaL/religious/entertainment the system that is too weII embedded to ever suffer zontngffranchiie h o w these To understand penaltes merited by its activities. anti-trust to and mental tastes of America, it is essential the digestive forces dictate examine the nature and effect of the 7-11 primary roles. ( 1 ) 7 - ' 1I A s D i s p e n s i n q M a c h i n g - r h 9 l a y o u t o f t h e 7 - 1 1 s t o r e l e a v e s l i t t l e large dispensing machine - delivering doub "I Want It Now" populace. No matter Supernachos and Big Neapolitans to an that there is a tim:.tea universe of products and merchandise categories in have a "Freedom of Choice" because being told what to you still every outlet, peanuts. You need You need airline chooie is the Lrue freedom of choice. 7-11' s are dropped into each Nantucket cookies. You need Surf detergent. dispense these products equally to aII community so that they can actively Americans. For those who can afford better than dogfood, but (21 7-1 1 As Soup Kitchen wr'o ItobuyaBigMacorcookaLeanCuisineathome, Americans can jumpstart their day with :.-11 offers the perfect alternative. For lunch, how and a sweet roll. Big Brew Coffee l"W" start you revvin"') For dinner, ab5ut a Sloppy Joe Turnover Pie or a Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket? Just pop what about a binty Moore Beef Stew or Beans and Weiners mini-meal. ( D o n o t put empty inlo dish and heat according to instructions. the lid, B ig GuIp S u p e r a And don't forget to wash it down with metal can in 6ven). softdrink of your favorite (3) 7-11 As Community Center - Are you_a member of the 7-11 Coffee Club? Just pay IubcupandgetitfiI1edfreeeveryA.M.(B1ack or-with Flavor Charm). And while you greet other club members, make sure you

- rent a video, buy a paperDacK' pray enjoy the many club benefits (For our views on the recent g a m e o r c h e c k o u t t h e m a g a z i n e" ' 7s- e1 l1e c t i o n . P enthouse Ban - Fighting and the skin-mag hoopla, see ish 33, community In this age of diminishing Pornography but Endangering'Litet..yi'). and B0's l i b r a r y g a m e r o o m ' 7-11 has become the all-purpose gathering places, crackerbarrel. the one (4) 7-11 As Social Francha-se - Until the modern age of franchising' w hite t h e w a s c o u n t r y s i d e across the recognizable structure consistently the a s c h u r c h t h e r e p l a c e d 7-11' however, has fast steeplechase chur6h. s p i r itual a w i t h c u s t o m e r s of the social conscience. It preaches to arbiter a n a n d o u t l o o k m o r a l a crippled outlook that combines Free Enterprise, "Anyone Can Make It" attitude. where you can buy your winning lotto 7-11-America is a land of opportunity Then you win a few hundred tirbusand ai-ta Ury y6,rr-own 7--11 franchise' ticket, Kids, and prevent the can sell irlissing children homo milk, help Jerry's PR than g e s t u r e s make better Never mind that tfre spread of pornography. R eady and i s C o f f e e t h a t i s the important thin! to society, contributions Big Gurp' s u p e r s r u r p e e and a cherry witil that atlitude Freedom is waiting. we can't help but make this a better world'

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Last year the number one requested item on our annual readership survey was the A&R T-shirt. After deliberations with several major t-shirt manufacturers and the silkscreening unionr wâ‚Źtre proud to offer the first item in the A&R Special Merchandise line. Thatrs r : . 9 : : r - - 1 0 0 * C o t t o n H e a r ' 1 ' w e r g h tC r e w n e c k T - s h i r t s w i t h t h e A & R l o g o ':-: :-otto ("Of te:: in Error - Never rn Doubt" ) proudly emblazoned across the front. Not only that, but hre've eliminated the hassle frStEffy-A$bciatel wiLh othcr t-si.irt cffe::s. The A&R-T comes in one color (b1ack with white Iettering) and one size (Xtra large) so there's nc ree: to waste trme choosing col-ors and sizesThe onlv oecis:-o:r you ha'.'e to make rs how many to oroer. But that's not all. If you order withj-n the next two months, we will include, dt no extra charge a free pop star celebrity 8 x 10 photograph suitable for framing (no two photos alikel ) And thatrs still not all. With each order, we'11 guarantee a 1-year extension of your A&R Report subscriptionr wâ‚Ź guarantee werll speIl your name correctly and we promise not to disclose any information about you or your spouse to any other consumer marketing or merchandise services. So fill out the handy order form, enclose your check for $10 to the A&R Report and we'1I ship your guality Tee within 6-8 weeks. That's r- .Ji .^yl ^r| r L -


^Lr\(J > rripping

and handling


no phone calls!





M a i l $ 10 p e r T - s h i r t to: T h e A & R R e p o r t , P . O . B o x 2 2 1 1 3 , Sunset Station, -

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November 1986  

7-11 Thanksgiving Award,

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