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Happy New Year!

The can !: =9]a' They say therers no garbage in India because everything last ten the rndristry has accompJ-ished the same goal within UsA'rni'otainrnent and not gnly for viewers and the result has been cataslrophic, V..t" work ethic. Americarrs of fabric underlying the for but ii=terr"r=, Steve Lawrence have and Clark Dick Ed-UcMahon, if as seem eftfro"gn it r.y fnavel TV blooper shows, adnirationt hodge-podge of the'current "iigi"ited f9r qulte some time' 6een gestating itre-synarome has actually rhome-moviel personality-Iicensing trends two by poriinated lnq il-ri'r o! stars to merchandise their personna Isee The incr-eased abirity =v"ai"*L. riiight of the Living Dead: Protecting Licensing Rights for Deceased footage of of TV or filn ish zri encouraged the exploitation cel;britiesr industry the star{,ing with star Trek out-takes, rnaking rnistak6s. "iir= artform f"g"n to ta[,e notice of this previously-relegated-to-novelty-status known as rrblooper coLlectionsrl a second trend - home 1--paralleled in star-errors This increased.- interest of Arnericans with their own lnoviett syndrome - the increased fascinaLion we accepted a hand-held syndrome, this Through movie or TV self-image. Continued

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FROM th6 Editor

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Is the whole world turning into one big soft cuddly moptop? Just when you thought yourd gone to the limits of personality licensing, along comes a CIass-A

- care Bear with astrologer an apron? Now that werre reducing the astrological table to faceless cabbage faces, why donrt we do t5e same for


Synbols -1-':::---::'l-:--:-":-:::--:jand state seals?

version of life

douswill be madein two ls 1ryp-^rdoll in.your futurc?yes, soft,cuddly .pgfi,ig--.tean; sizes:? jn. ( in. 6lr.e5). I $*l"g.SJ{{ ^llrq"g a!t! rt"y nauiinfitclaneeable apronslistI lTtgo,whose ?shol6gical wiu beinat the*.IU_V_ f.air in ingthipersonalitytraiEof I trodueed eacfiofftCrlz Fbbntary. will be availa6lein tov asT"otoiicatlign;ina"o-"with;2s;A;; I Ohev -- anddepartnent -r------*- -'-'w storesby v'vw"r earlyfall.) Th6 UooHefUvffin. , ! I Road

[Broopers, conrinued from page r] than the traditionaf stuaio-

as more trrealisticrr

professionalism associated with the entertainrnent industry. Nothing typified the rise of this trend more significantly than the career of Allen Funt. With a sometimes bumpy camera and grainy ttpeeping tomrr atmosphere, candid camera warked a thin line between voyeurislic- tniirrs and hurnanisiic sociology. Funtrs work not only brought us to the edge of the current slew of blooper TV shows, but also lead the way to the camera deja vu experienced in 8 t . El s e w h e re a n d H i l l B tre et Blues. Thus these two trends - the desire for more rrrealistic/intinate contact with celebrities and a fascination with a rrsub-Hollywoodrr quality presentation of - cornbined to form a monster far diffeient reality tnan exp6clea. What we got' was rrBlooper Syndromerr in which we are taught to accepl rnistakes and rrou t - t a k e s r r as th e tru e re a l i ty of life. Blooper Syndrome, seen in its true light, is the pronise of lowered expectat,ions. It is a nethodology being shoved down our throats by a united front of nultigloms, and in true Arnerican tradition, celebrities are being used as endorsements. ff Chuck Heston flubs some lines on The Colbys then it must be okay if f screwed up ny life. We are all acceptable out-takes. The distance between our role models and ourselves has been stabilized. The problem, of course, is that by creating a culture so fascinated by our own errors, we are opening the door to the rrmistake-proofrf society - i world in which a concern for tright or wrongr is a suspicious anti-hurnan view. Itrs not whether the word is misspelled, itts whether you had a good tirne rn is sp e l l i n g it. What do the nultigloms have to gain frorn all this? A dispirited and lower-achievement oriented work force is a less aggressive less rebellious workforce. A world prepared for blooper syndrome is a world prepared for global economic and social bloopers on their way OH-OH! Look Out those big f or t h a t c a t _ j n th e ro a d ...o h , well ever ybody nakes mistakes.

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u^,, nartn'rt m^ MAIL THIS COU?ON TO: tThe t r e A&R n ( x ^ fReport ieporE


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January 1986  

Blooper Syndrome, We Pre-Dix in 86, Jeanne Dixon Astrology Dolls

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