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As our tax dollars it? Free speech is a lot of fun, but can we realTy afford yahoo sheriffs and flashbulbof peanut-headed antics the courtroom finance over. is already expression for self wingers, the real battle happy right decade, the the last through we slept while conned-sumers, right Thatis in popular peeled away every layer of diversity cartels rnedia/entertainment machine marketing in order to promote a homogenous formula-fed entertainment demographic enchilada. to the undivided which caters by centralized part of this was inplenented conspiracy tri-part The first all they consolidated deregulation, Freed by antitrust, channel dealers. shop where you a one-stop flel7-llart, into one centralized lines distribution the Cramps or Why bother stocking can always buy Paula Abdul or Die Hard VI. costs the inventory is lower nargin The profit Scorsesets Mean Streets? for channels clear Werve got to keep the distribution are so much higher. Second' by want! pablun really that the people crossover the soylent the and then rnixing those formats' into formats entertainment categorizing entertainment mega-monster GodzilIas Crossover created Itedii-Ueisters records. shekels and breaking products that rolI through all rnedias gathering worth making. it ainrt miII and a hit soundtrack, lf it can't pump fifty into end-user units entertainment of multi-nedia the transformation Third, of auxiliary illusion and the (ala compact discs) videocassettes, has licensing) (via 9OO-numbers, theme parks and character merchandising as a source of itself to re-invent pernitted industry the entertainrnent of this ye?r (No wonder the top grossing flicks pseudo-interactive software. - tlinja Turtles characters. and Djck Tracy - are made out of licensed ) This giant entermedia inspired merchandiser to rnulti-media from licensor switch - the heart of at children strategy and aim directly congloms to revise their (see ish 53, nWhat Oid You famiTy unit sales. but repetitive the illusory rcVn ) From A Consumerist Eistory Revriting Buy In the War Daddy? cartels the merchandise denographic monster, family-fed this In creating voice in the arts long every means of alternative exterminated systematically While we watched Batman and listened battle started. before the pornography all products without peripheral were eliminated entertainment to ThriLler, free The current 2-Live Crew. accompanied platinum-plus thatrs the yelping the about trinrning Itrs up artists. about shutting spee-h brouhaha isnrt NEA funding with cornmercial endorsements, channels - replacing distribution theater independent evicting getting of the mom & pop video rentals, rid consumerism, In the world of post-modern owners and durnping small suppliers. is how many that matters the only thing cares rhat you say nobody really but whors people hear it. Sure the First Anendment was great up to a point, @ A&R 1990 going to pick up the tab if the dernographics canrt support it?

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Everyish,the A&Redsengagein a battleof the nitwitslt Thisish,the hottopicis: FREESPEECH

BACKGROUND:During the preparationof the readershipsurveyresponsein our July 4th ish, a dispute aroseat A&R Headquarters. In particular, one responsecreated enormous disagreement. In answer to the statement The last time I laughed until my face hurt . . . rcader/guitarbuster Bruce " This answerwas deletedfrom the Survey response. Anderson wrote "When the Pope was

Herewith, the A&R Report editors

their viewson this controversv.




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to thouqlt r* \la? s,a9li'ila hrlat


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Let's qecrsron not prln[ Bruce's Druse S answer answEr nOI to Ivry decision IO print arn't. My ain't.


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o{'s Otfo K 6 neAfh o$atl I C,,.y,* Cl*'ir6 Cod*?"7"

is not because I'm afraid of offendin*btrrhdT plenty. IIoffend Catholics Catholics plenty. We offend Catholics. Catholics. We fnql personallydo not believethat the mediashould makelight of people'sinjuries and I don't care if it's the Popeor whoever. Anyway I'm an editor and I can do what I want corhmunismhere!! Like Harry

â&#x201A;ŹAqtCtdrtr&fiicr I

"If youwantfreespeech, goto Russia."1a

my*fu-nobody canchalrenge Andanyway,

on free speech.Even thouel,r personatty despisegovernmentfundingof the arts,I still complainedto my legislatorson the subject and took the knee-jerk liberal point of view (seeexcerptfrom congressional letters.) Even

r I Smote| while (4n tr g'Tf Canga 9 f'ry: qef herc / t! t'}.ahtt / '

< ,",il.T: $::S,lH#511i'JT.:'i','J,',::l still gave Rock and Roll Conf idential twenty-five dollars to fight censorship(and for me, during this unfortunate period of tax

- thatwasacommitment.) $----lh1f problems I think the real problemaroundhereis not free speech. I think the real problem is that some people in editorial positions just want to "free be in control of everything and they use

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This ish we castNewSpeok, a screenplayset in the fast-talking world of eastcoastpublishing. The Story: Iconoclasteditor and photographerfight to save muckraking newsmagazinefrom publishingmoguls.

Character RUPERT 50ishAustralian mediatycoon.


Bob Altman FilmedPlay

ROBIN LEACH HENRY GIBSON unlessMurdoch unlessMurdoch threatenssyndication threatens rights to Lifestyles, syndicationrights to otherwise Laugh-In, otherwise CHRISTOPHER BURT REMSEN LEE

RockMusical PHIL COLLINS, unlessMurdoch threatenscatalog rights to Genesis, otherwise PAUL BARTEL

JANN 40ishex boy-wonder publisher.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS unlessRolling Stone won't give him the cover,otherwise DANNY DeVITO

JANN WENNER unlesshe hasn't recoveredfrom Perfect,otherwise JOHN SCHUCK

PAUL CARRACK unlesshe can't do the American accent, otherwise PAUL WILIAMS

LEONARI) Formerpet-food tycoon,turned publisher.

RON SILVER unlesshe'sbusy with EnemiesII. otherwise RON LEIBMAN

ALLEN GARFIELI) unlesshe'sbusy with Cry Uncle II, otherwise RENE AUBERJONOIS

BILLY JOEL unlesshe wants Christie to play Allison, otherwise HOWARD STERN

ALLISON Leonard'swife, a former model.

ALI MacGRAW unlessshe'stired of playingex-models, otherwise MICHELLE PHILLIPS

LAUREN HUTTON unlessshe'stired of playingex-models, otherwise SALLY KELLBRMAN

CYBIL SHEPHERD unlessshe'stired of playing ex-models, otherwise TAYLOR DAYNE

GLENN Late-30ish editor/writer

WILLEM DAFOE unlesshe'sbusywith Last TemptationII, otherwise JEFF DANIELS

PAUL HOGAN unlesshe'stoo expensivefor Altman, otherwise JIM BOUTON

TOM WAITS unlesshe'sbusy with the soundalike appeal,otherwise LOUDON }ryAINWRIGHT III

ANNIE 30ish free-lance photographer.

NICOLE KIDMAN unlessshe'stoo busy withTop GunII, otherwise SEASONHUBLEY

SHELLEY DUVALL unlessshe'stoo busy with Fairy Tale Theater,otherwise SISSYSPACEK

ANN MAGNUSON unless she's too busy with Bongwater, otherwise LYDIA LUNCH

?o .l .A,A,

\l[IT1{ He WantsMilk a lot of PeoPle. Dear A&R! I am like to have milk with my coffee. r like that however, f have noticed Lately, & you either half offer most places Some Places milk. lowfat or haLf nonfat choice: you a third offer milk. like nonfat don't I milk. & Half milk is too watery. Lowfat I YeeterdaY' thtck. too is hatf "WhY can't gcreamed at the waiter, WhY do milk? you just have regular other these you have to have all at me looked Everybody choices?" I was nutE. What's wrong with like Mintberg. me? Darryl Queen Belene, Idabo. $trong nothing There's Dear Darryl: are PatronE of restaurants with you. and most given far too many choices why of those choices are incorrect. own you bring don't Your Take some real buttert accoutrements? your favorite salt, sugarr milk, and PerhaPE even a brand of ketchup, If neceEsaryr You thermoa of coffee. pack and a sandwich to may want remember that AIso, aE weII. degert you can mix half & in an emergency, a milk and get with lowfat half of real- milk. decent approximation


He JamsHis Head I go to sleeP Deer A&Rs Every night every and Erame position the in I wake up in a comPletelY morning position mY head with different jammed against and mY neck the wall all day and mY neck I am stiff bent. out why I end figure I can't hurts. I go to up jammed next to the wall. away from the a foot sleep at least the wall waII and I have even lined But every by the bed with Pillowe. What's the same thing. morning it's East Koenig' me? Earry wrong with Virginia. Bahasia,



wrong nothlng There'g Deer Earry: a exPeriencing are You you. with calI phenofienon PsYchologists Your breakthtough. nocturnal break mind YearnE to subconscious and of awarenesg a new Plateau into go it propels you against the neareEt in Your which, oPPosition phystcat ThLe ttre bedroom wall. is iaie, "break the to through on to deeire about in other Eide" has been written and art centurY twentieth much and creative your Etrong symbolizes In order to avoid aiive. sliritual try however, yourself to iniury to bed and sleeping a helhet welring of the with your head near the foot bed.

SheThinksShe'sCrazY Dear A&Rs How do I know that I'm not crazy and when I look crazy? I feel I look into the eYes of in the mirror absolutelY I'm perEon. a ctazy I'm ingane but every positive that doctor I've Eeen Eays I'm normal. Why should I truEt the doctorE? How could mY goeE on inside know what they ctazy head? Just because I don't have not I'm personalitY or eplit a paranoid doesn't mean I'm not ctazy. a Can't me. believes But nobody any of thoee person be ctazy without symptoms? What's wronet with me? Etta Renote, PennsYlvaaia. eol-tsfy, wrong nothing There'g Dear Etta! has a Not all- craziness with you. name or symptoms. sometimesr insanity has no generic and eimply is You are lucky features. identifiable of state this in to be Since lunacY. non-identifiable label to unable are doctors Your in Your you can continue condition, of fear without derangement incarceration. or hospitalization and artists famous Many Public and insane are generically figures and function to manage still to the world around them. contribute Good luck.


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September 1990  
September 1990  

Free Speech, A at WEA Convention w/Iggy, Casting Call, Sound Off