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REPOR October,




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CA 94122

Happy Halloweenl

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for a Ruskie owned we warned about the potential last yearr but U.S. the in operating record company -observers predicted the have couldnrt even cyniclt linked has which events of turn bizarre an underground with activists radio anti-AoR\cHn

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sponsored tape duplicators. Soviet of networf a nqn.lly shocking, U.S. Congressmen investigating that learn to surprised r,eninglad spy ring were Japanese and Iranian using investors, nussiin infiltrat?d, eventualty middlemen, had spied on and Personics the with the aid of arnerican operatives, were details Recording Systern. These shocking (Continued




FROM th6 Editor EARTHQUAKE SPECIAL!! The A&R Report, located in the Sunset District of San Francisco, suffered little physical damage from Tuesday's Terrible Tremblei but the psychologicalfallout delayedour annual Halloweenish. This month we feature an extensive and in-depth first person report (R's Earthquake Report) wh!-ch-gives -you the quake saga that-the money media ignorgd.-l|ss^Y


""r sfiecial Earthquake report pre-empted.our IIANG IN TIIERE! publication-5e in a Next isn we begin thg first Our Readers Are Wriiets. newest feature, a review with tomes comnentaries of subscriber series of ttroulrri-provorinq you have a of Scott cohenTs fact-pacf-ea docudrarna on ATARI@. Remember, if book in commerce, pleaJe send it along for review. What did the baby mouse say to his mother when he saw a bat? SURvEy SEz with the rrlook, mama, dD angel.,' Yeah, ie Toved yorlr jokes but unfortunately, gags and submitted the of none oi Jesting Bob Venezia's one-Iiners, """"pti"r, As for litigation' related or prosecution merited ihe potential witticisrns of results The over! is wait the survey results, the rest of the-ieaaerstrip the L98g Readership survey are included herewith. 5!.v

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A8,fl's ROCK DREAMS BABY DREAMS / 'TovYrnn) "nutkyCr,;e" Iee

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A *og mahn; oritwitt ftrnm\, + hrs leatherpoils srnettelreal heJ. llonl d shor't A tg! eo*it hucf To^^Y'i keltrSs, lle*rs wearin4 wr3,tike ^ baulllr hindo( took.Tom,n1JranKA'r nhl polbh ohesputd$hoh hrr n0nicure,+-fonnqedd"Tl,s oR a9 by'64e long 0s 7 don'{ drinl< ho mvch." Th,n. peopleshrted oning \' \N45 + a | -Ul o\ei * lhert u)05nD {tri,frrc so €uerv bodS lqt 0n chlrnpigne" were *rorirg 'wXrn b#tes. (lfut hut. -ed)ftopte 'Jyprrlrse, + asked whal wq * sdrl A this q)rt 2^tthing Th\ w€G 5rnohngfhe $tler: o{ &f nese clgo/iies.Tomny wanfed * c o i . a 5 p a n d 4s 1 , i f , f,'f t. f i ; s b " r ^ r r . t h o dA

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[ti;l$[j:*"*;Hi:l"i,Hffiljuim:x'it"":"ii!lft F; I started'A tii" a-i[i ,p""r"rprtoii';'hhti ;"c;i;;J-nc p6*91.The aftershocks "epicenter") rt h*rJ1i.J.m[i*lf**ifiJrir'1f"


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^ srubbtebine n e p o i nout t e dthat . r " " the :,**::: Engineer p.ower. got A&! D_ey_Tws. r TTwo. r y g . .A&R lp3-q . _ tpowt _ q : w _Audio er.Au d i o E n gPaul i n eS e tr uPbabutte b i pointed Dav sot =r""ron -=fiffi;riirrtinEon-r"cai was becauss

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power;;;:'B;th;A anaooncranberrv ontemporary [i"".,".ion"wereoperatins ihestationswereoperatingontemporaryPowersources.P^qthl:,{-?::-9tf*"i:I A got stopped' onuntiltheaftershocks ;;td-Rt-h"yl,;;t.ii"pirg i"itr,thei'rclotir6s arorind -l Gh';;i;;J;6iilitegro,ina



Rturned'" Athome' n..t liittt..rnephonewasdeaduntil11p'm' whenHT called fi"Ji-"lgLlf; f<.vof; If.f,?jf,'e$1,""$;Sli*".:"Tl;l'littll'11'*?""11'"?::'i:j

siations was weaker than normal ielerisionsiationswasweakerthannormalu the lighting on Iocal'ielerision

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T', {t:: ;t 'rLE'y7--'aH r6 ;'E' E €gtl E

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i.'i:i;=.';J CD ff":fj;::;[il':"Si'11'lfiTo'"n:'"ff"."if"Jl1',:fi'.l'"1,T'i1;'li'' batteries.'' morebatteriesl'Nomore




tr ffiffi*$f*i",hl:'i#tffiit#r*'; Se of the aftershocks.R went downtown and sawDay Four. A wanted Digitalis b-e.cause


mav be.c$3i Briec€ rheBav *i' uoxea-t;;;i;: i"'il'';;;b;"ii l"t"#'::l"r:"11"*'"r'":""f-1iF"'"jiT #T-e*1*:%:.":'J:itiltt?,:*Hl n ;l.l:1Tff'"'H"::t#JI;$";i,':1:-;;T i,.tr;,f;1,i.:$ff,T:l*t'ffifi Checkers' Be Chinese of games ?D eolcer up to st8 mipion in lost tolls, org"niJ "-pii";;";;. A io.t nu"-"onsecutive

thanksto a "businesslnternrption" quake, A never lost' insuraneepolieyit acquired,eoeord. jtl-lFireman's "lt's o-kay.TheStones are on!" becauseKFOG was I ing !9 exieulivc-s Day Five. Don cailed and said, :rnd ls -'E rs.,eF - L-^cs St;r;": A tiu" eating pizza on Haight Street when she pt"vinfib-t"o;;;i;iii"; I. ]^-.av? J.' r


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=Y'"::;v r- Frrrr"'' Abuse ll l




and one Dav Six. At R's yuppieheatthclub, two men in towels discusseddemolition

what lheslhs--ffiI;ljl";"$"ffi:W:,';':;?:fffFl'Jii:i""1i*"Rwondered isiJ"*ii"thinkirig.

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U RU EY SEz 1. l'm glad that

is finally making it'..\\

" hadonna" - KevinTare, ru\c " ilq brothel * hiscr-ghl6tcnd"rt) { godwrn,Ar+*o - "ABrt Corpu: Chtilti'-?LmrdR'.gel,cincinno*i - OonCcanbetrg, - uCfcliolrnq' 6ong Plonrt -=-_--

Musichasn't been the same since '' "' 0cK 6<orgeDar$, 6-eorge D,-Leopoil nro 0anlrfand"LeopoH 0cK Clock retred6on 0andltand retr.d Clock *

.totcc'r-Dalcgopf,rea,Be*ele1 o{hrrltmn lhe hurnon ttrc church allo.ordtnSicumenil


*\le o1en" tldic plsq'cf5, &lserCi\ cA I lo6t n1 vnrnl+ ctoclced nr1cccnnurn "*he Dcoopec + Snorg!{"-$nlsa5gu{on,sc"tlo"d $anqna;11,{. Freglq3ingo,

uLondon Stoncs'- ?icharlR"qtt lost fte Rolling

3. I shouldn't have waited so long to fix my "wagonn- Glerrn 0$ien, Boolrlyn " .r,J -.'i\ ar,s 2igpec''- Owurfec.fg, 9n frandsco (one o(A: {o',roirie " tdeur" - DicKTool, Canoda " daugVtet't+€th' - (tchacl ?ieget

t{irsf Drtaudid^- AichoetLock\ear, Putolu*^pnfier oneo€ArA*;ite/l) " SmoKe olacm" - frxAreaRog,,5anfrartcisa " li.tnolq" - [reorgeOorirs " dog"- l,tichatl&retn9{crn,51rocuse " Pfog{hci,s"-Dlrwr Nor\h,56nFanc.9.o

than a year are 4. Two things that have been in my medicinecabinet for more - " Jgnnq. 5ol $"Pdtitq"- ilerL \&lish^on,\antaSh NY '- o {ht rhe\uc:+ ltvernireoc' 0roocFo"kt, 5F

" u ,lickr inhaler + 0ete'loU{qlt€teelh - f' SolJurin " t s 0rawranune &le Sophita,BecLele,l flol1-grip " u 0teulo+.1+ A.trfed - (erwrnTrirca) NYc 't ho\btu:h + deofotot" - Lu\kr S\ut,hrrl \olle1


5. I would considercross-dressingif " part\ hosehad potk"{s" - Ottutclrrort\,5F Oa ha!l' -tJ') " - $ruceAnlerson'OqklanJ " lI,;'l*'tuih oni,nolg " chest! *ar*" - 5tew" ltTV'LeeJs,NYc T hal a grvrollec " I l,ln't hale\o go.l".r"o.E of the ue\ dn5"- RLhR,i.g.l " n1 'rn " grr\fritnl hql \.1t c \qst hngerie - (evin Tcarp,NK " I looketl good in {lat5,crrrlerg Loc[l"an, +a vnotrn,}gjresS'- pr,thael P"tolr"a -eJ) (fta6 Aike:I {hinV-{here'r sovneo're mi'lrirg iu, on l,st qou:l.,orlJ'neeL " "{ht heN Ssh,bns*eten'{ so douly r b"t"h - korge DorrsrlropoldtV0 " {ht Shoetv-,ecemore co*Grtable 'r - P+P Dodd, Rochotec t' rno(c\rovn?nr,uoccbeocJS" hV %phreo,focV,elr1r (u'e ltrought*'oj dil in Becltelg/4a ha I -ed) " " {,fr1n0r[9didn'{ hucT io mu.h - Linlsi\ ilutton,5cotlonJ


6 . No matter how busy I am, I always have time to " ,t in a frcs\\ - 0tucehnlerson S,rtted sheeg" " rnur$elbcdrniell5" $,rddq6r., 5F cA " icaA the 5TAR+ â&#x201A;ŹNqurrcR.'-' pinrlie Brioche,Calislo3a PcPDoJ/'Rotl'"sTer dote"., loouct mq *rc\.h* mq*e'* beeg u,hi\ei ;i "t 1t. "l'fi!'["'udl' tvYc " real ttre A*RRE?oRT" 5\e'e (ru''Je"- R';ttR'ityl " rip {he qd insets out of {at progranlrrtrnSs'i;on of T'l

7 . The last product I orderedby mail was " broKen'-

}ntc (or.Ys,5F " Tntefcom- "Al" DicL-SnrcKeC, 5F " a *rus5' $.rb fol,i-on, rnotogh wy " Popletr{ocage contoinrcs"- fl Botd,^,',n, As{ocio, NY " mint " _ mrnl- condomj" condomg Cacp 141.Duck 6oq. oarlond


" {ti.K en, gr;;kt{dr, grjlr; 9o}f bat[9"- 0lerin'O'5ti.",

really got ripped off. fl o n sGe l d ': h e adn.- ( r lenn0,Br ien,gnokl5", &uoirte #l onsurc! Glrnr,Ru5*9 lrag gon, lorell po.t g J ' ** 6r ,10,rbaclzhgeo{ter rhe 4',0w,- .d)

9 . Drug

testing should be mandatory for

" dtug t*udev,,t: - $ob \eneara, 5F " " dru9 frsterg 0. Trqd"dI BecV<|e,7 " drug lqbocqlocies"- f+PDoJd,?o.hes*ec "

" ent1*hegiologists"- XnlceaRoss,5F 9F '' 5eeing- e). logr" - diuec Nocth' " ro"K c.,t,ig n_ Aike. Lrreen5ti,n, Sqracuse


" Fet"h

''f''leur O.\ea",s bor gr,rdes fiark $'nghar", nuo;l"c

?a ?

wIT1{ Dear A&R: from when When I see pictures I was younger, I can't remember of my life. any of the details bother me so much This wouldn't remember T can that except I ever read every single detail I remember about celebrities. husband first Smith's Jaclyn and the reason why Ryan O'NeaI punched his son. I remember Joe in 1978 and hairstyle Perry's the way Keith Richards dressed tour when he on the Canadian got busted. How come I can't important details remember but I can about my own life about details remember trivial What's wrong with celebrities? S., Clam, Illinois. me? Alice Dear Alice: There's nothing wrong with you. retain stronger Many people superstars of recollections own their do of they than That's why popstars are lives. because even the so famous of aspect most insignificant Iife is more memorable their event than the most important It is important in your life. to accept your mindts natural find and you wiII retention peace in your lack of personal memories. t'She Sees Bones" Dear A&R: Whenever I see someone eating chewing on chicken and they're j u s t I t h i nk who is b o n e s , the going to chew on my bones? It makes me so sick to my stomach. me? Melody What's wrong with Iowa. Dubuque, Baby,

^Fnnnnnnnns-{a\ Azl. ' l. a l -

There's nothing wrong with You. A lot of people have difficultY themselves from the separating next During the food chain. several months eat only deboned foods and stay away from x-ray machines. t'He Likes


Dear A&R: r that I realized One day didn't really like coffee. What I liked was cream and sugar and the donut I had with my coffee. the same thing about I realized like I don't really hot dogs. and bun like the I the dogs. and ketchuP and relish the T r e a l i z e d T h e n , mustard. my whole with that was the case like really I didn't life. j u s t the liked I living, l i ke I don't accoutrements. j u s t l i k e t he I exercising, you work wear when You clothes out. And the same is true with care when music. I never really I get the music home, I just like going to Tower and looking at the packaging. what's wrong Moose, the me? Marvin with Eureka, California. Dear Marvin: There's nothing wrong with You. people like the of A lot more than life of trappings why That's itself. life wrapping PaPer, and Iipstick, were invented. chrome fenders a matter of the is just Life proper accessories. Good luck and keep in touch. $IHAT' S WNONGWITH YOU? you feel like something's If your write to The wrong with A&R Report, P. O. Box 22113, Sunset Station, S.F. CA 94122.


October 1989  
October 1989  

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