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EYE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT The eyes are considered the windows to the soul and they should be given priority. The quality of the eyes depends mainly on vitamins A, E and C, fiber and zinc in the diet.

Eye health vitamin >>>Vitamins for eye health can be bought over the counter unless a person needs a high dosage of these vitamins to cure any existing eye problem. >>>Omega 3 oils reduces the chance of getting dry eyes. Omega 3 oil is contained in fish oil supplements.

Maintaining good vision and eye health throughout your lifetime is important. There are a number of proactive tips that can help you to take care of your most delicate sensory organ-your eyes. If you are concerned about your eyes you should be mindful of the sun's rays, working long hours staring at your computer, watching television, pollution and environment, and a poor diet-all which can affect eye health. Simple eye care health tips can help you to protect your eyes from possible damage due to environment and the stress of everyday life. Wear sunglasses when you're out. Lack of sleep can cause the eyes to appear tired and lacking in luster. Tired eyes may not perform at optimal levels during the day. Smoking can have adverse affects on overall health and, particularly on eye health. Smoke irritates the eyes and eventually may effect the proper functioning of the eye. The same is true for alcohol.

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