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Learn more than 50 English Words Including 25 Wild Animals



queue ticket

ticket booth

bridge map


tape recorder skates shovel scarf

broom paw

bucket zookeeper

finger cloud



arm trunk


ice house

branch palm tree

pool plate peanuts

tongue brown






elephant gorilla


polar bear hippopotamus baby monkey

crocodile y snake

chameleon whale kangaroo


shark dolphin

penguin sea lion

parrot tiger



How does your child learn English with this book? Discover English with Ben & Bella is based on the new scientific discovery: “immersive learning”. ”Immersion” means “diving in”, and with “At the Zoo”, your child will dive into the English language. Your child will first learn a special set of easy to understand words that can be grasped just by looking at the pictures in the book. Each word appears three times on the page: once as part of the illustrations, in the easy-to-read text, and once again as a “picture dictionary” word below the text. The method in action: turn to page 17. You’ll see a giraffe pictured in the illustration. You’ll read the word in the story text, which attaches a descriptive phrase to the word “long neck”. And you’ll find a picture of a giraffe all by itself below, which is clearly labeled, and which you and your child can point to while learning the word. As the English skills of your child improve, he or she will be able to understand the complete sentence: “Gerald the giraffe has a long neck.” The included Video-Audio-Book will help your child to learn the picture dictionary words though total sight and sound immersion in the book. Enjoy reading to your child, have your child enjoy watching the program, and see that enjoyment turn into real progress.

Ben & Bella AT THE ZOO

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Ben & Bella AT THE ZOO

Ben and Bella go to the zoo. They have money to buy two tickets.

money 4


They arrive at the ticket booth. They join the queue behind the other visitors.

ticket booth

queue 5

The zookeeper hands them a map. Ben and Bella want to see the animals.

map 6


The zookeeper is ready for work. He has a broom, a shovel and a bucket.



broom 7

Ben and Bella visit the monkeys. Chimps eat fruit. Orangutans hang from the tree.

tree 8


Dolly the mother chimp is crying next to the palm tree. Charley the baby monkey is missing.

palm tree

chimp 9

Charley left a trail of peanuts on the ground. Marco the gorilla wants to help.

peanuts 10


Marco points at the brown orangutans. They hang on a branch above the rocks.


rocks 11

Oscar the orangutan swings down from his branch. He does not know where Charley is.

orangutan 12


Oscar lifts his arm and looks around for Charley. He points with his finger to the savanna.


finger 13

Rory the lion has a scarf. He can’t tell where Charley is. He shows with his paw that his throat is sore.

paw 14


Bella gives a tape recorder to Rory. On the tape is the loud roar of a lion.

tape recorder

lion 15

Venus the elephant is scared. She trumpets with her trunk.

elephant 16


Gerald the giraffe has a long neck. He can see the whole zoo, but he can’t see Charley.


neck 17

Harry the hippopotamus loves laying in the water. Kayla the kangaroo bounces around him.

kangaroo 18


Harry is big, grey and has two giant teeth. He sends Ben to the jungle to look for Charley.


teeth 19

Ben and Bella need to cross the river. Charles the crocodile makes a great bridge.

bridge 20


Tim the tiger watches Ben and Bella. Lina the chameleon turns bright red.


chameleon 21

Lina catches a y with her long tongue. She changes color from red to green.

tongue 22


Simon the snake knows where Charley is. He tells Polly the parrot. She shows them the way.


snake 23

Polly takes Ben and Bella to the aquarium. But no Charley. Suddenly Sally the sea lion throws a ball.

sea lion 24


Ben catches the ball. Dan the dolphin jumps in his pool.


pool 25

Wally the whale wonders where Charley is. Tony the turtle does not know.

whale 26


Sam the shark eats peanuts. Suddenly Funny the amingo remembers.


amingo 27

Funny takes Ben and Bella to the ice house. Ivan the polar bear and Sammy the seal wave hello.

polar bear 28


Sammy the seal eats peanuts. Charley the baby monkey skates with Frosty the penguin.

baby monkey

penguin 29

Ben and Bella find Charley on his skates. They are happy. But the ice house is melting.

skates 30

ice house

Bella can help with her magic bubble. The clouds block the sun. The ice freezes again.


bubble 31

Ben and Bella bring Charley back to his mommy. All the animals celebrate together with a plate of fruit.

plate 32


Ben & Bella at the Zoo—the perfect book for your child and you! Join Ben & Bella as they take a trip to the zoo. They want to have fun and see the animals, but there’s excitement, too—Charley the Baby Monkey is missing, and Ivan the Polar Bear’s ice house is melting. Can Ben & Bella find Charley and save Ivan’s house? Read on and find out! Along the way, you and your child will learn 59 English words, including 25 animals, thanks to Ben & Bella’s special picture dictionary!

© 2010 Kids for Kids GmbH, Neumühlen 17, 22763 Hamburg, Germany.

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