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2013 utk junior workshop


there is a lack of public resources to learn about the unheard history of knoxville and its history in the making .

high cost prototype

ideally , with resources provided we would provide a digitial resource in which users can document their stories on a touch screen wall and record verbal stories within the construct . the audio would play at random under each of the sound bubbles overhead .

low cost prototype this is a low cost mobile model of the sunshine library . it would provide its users the ability to write or tell a story and display it for public viewing . this would be done on a foldable monitor at the rear of the facility . the trailer , itself , would act as a recording studio for the users .

social media aspect

an important component to the sunshine library is the social media aspect , where stories are archived digitally . further content can be added or editied . there will also be an image uploading service .


interactive display

sunshine library is a public resource that documents and displays the personal histories of visitors and inhabitants of knoxville .

originally from knoxville ?


who is knoxville ?

utk design students interviewed and gathered qualitative and quantitative data about citizens in downtown knoxville .


world ’ s fair community civil war buildings market square expansion home







old city


60% of interviewees were men

people would "google" to find out more about knoxville

process day one : the hunt

competitive audits

day two : mind mapping

explored downtown knoxville and learned more about the city on the first day than the entire time of living in knoxville - new way of seeing , observing , and experiencing .

after slowing down and taking time to explore knoxville , we strung together conceptual words that described our experiences and mapped out ideas that led us to the sunshine library .

ben miller


jordan dronebarger


zane davis


jennifer joy jernigan


josie henry

Sunshine Library  

A collaborative campaign created to further enrich the personal history of the city of Knoxville.

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