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DogPottyTrainingTips Net DogPottyTrainingTips.Net EPISODE 4 “When to Take Your Dog Out h k ”

D Dog potty training  tt t i i is one of the  i f h most essential components of house  most essential components of house training a dog.

Dog potty training is also  Dog potty training is also essential if you want to essential if you want to  take your dog out with you.

Take your  Take your dog out at a  particular time  every day and  d d make it a make it a 

routine. routine.

Make use of  Make use of commands such as  such as ‘no’ no   and ‘bad boy’ if your dog is trying to  poo inside the house.

Watch out for  W t h t f signs in your  i dog’ss behaviour.  dog behaviour.

Encourage your  Encourage your dog with rewards g and at the same  time use  punishments if necessary.

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Dog Potty Training - useful tips and tricks.  
Dog Potty Training - useful tips and tricks. If owning a dog is in your mind then you will find this article helpful which tell you when to tak...