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DogPottyTrainingTips Net DogPottyTrainingTips.Net EPISODE 2 “What if Your Dog Needs to Go at Night h if d i h”

Dog potty training puppies is very  i important. t t

There are a few things  Th f thi y you can do  to ensure that your  little pet does not little pet does not  wake you up in the  middle of the night.

Make sure to feed him well  b f before you put him off to sleep t hi ff t l

Take your puppy  out for a  long walk long walk  before going off to  sleep

Have a designated place  Have a designated place in your backyard where your dog  y y y g can relieve himself.

Put a plastic  sheet or a paper  sheet next to his  h t t t hi crate. crate

Get up once at night and take your puppy  p g y p ppy out into the backyard for taking a poop... 

b t l but only as a last resort. l t t

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Making the dog well potty trained through Dog potty training Dog potty training provides lot of insights into the training of your puppy. This article explains...