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Our own secret recipe using Tempranillo, fresh strawberries, Spiced orange segments & apple slices & a hint of orange & cinnamon (1 Ltr Carafe).

Muddled Cucumber, lime & fresh cracked pepper, Hendrix gin, Orange liqueur & rose water.

Peach infused Woodford Reserve, Fees Brothers Mint Bitters, Sugar, Mint & crushed ice. Served traditionally.

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum, Dry Orange liqueur, Lemon Lime Juice, Egg white with a cinnamon sugar rim.


Rosemary infused Westwinds ‘Sabre’ Gin Balsamic reduction, fresh Basil, Citrus & muddled strawberries.

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Herradura Anjeo Tequila stirred with agave nectar, cinnamon & burnt orange. (this drink takes a minimum of 10 minutes to make)

Westwinds ‘ Sabre’ Gin, King’s Ginger liqueur, grapefruit bitters, Marmalade & Marmalade Soilders

Ardbug ten year old stirred with a smoked sugar cube,Fees brothers whiskey bitters & burnt orange (this drink takes a minimum of 10 minutes to make)

Makers Mark, Noilly Pratt, Antica Formula, FeesBrothers cherry bitters, Maraschino cherry juice.



Herradura Blanco Tequila & Agave Nectar Shaken with lime juice

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Belvedere Bloody Mary vodka Smoked tomato juice,Lime juice and the usual suspects. Spiced to your Liking.

A Sugar cube soaked in Peychaud’s bitters, Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac, topped with Moet & Chandon.

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Plymouth Gin, Antica Formula, Campari, Dark Crè me De Cao With burnt orange.

10 Cane rum with with Pomme de verte, butter & spiced gomme. Served hot

A Mexican espresso martini with Herradura Reposado, Patron XO Café shaken with Agave & fresh espresso

Moo Cocktail List Autumn/Winter 2013  
Moo Cocktail List Autumn/Winter 2013