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Dear Friend, How glad I am that you took the time to visit Tabernacle Baptist Church! I invite you to return and experience the acceptance, friendliness, safety, and warmth of this Faith Community that was established in 1899. Our ultimate desire is that Tabernacle be a place where you can experience the Presence of the Living God, revealed to us in the Person of His One and Only Unique Son, Jesus Christ, by way of the Holy Spirit. The church yearns to connect you with Christ by connecting you with other believers. Tabernacle Baptist Church sincerely seeks to be a community where people are authentic and transparent. Our passion is to know God and know each other intimately. I assure you that none of us knows everything there is to know. All of us at 150 Tabernacle Drive struggle with some of the same issues with which you struggle. We understand that we are all sinners and often miss God’s purpose for our lives. This congregation makes an earnest attempt at celebrating a transformed life in Christ. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We seek to remind each other that God loves us for who we are and accepts us just as we are, but because of His selfless love and compassionate acceptance, He does not want us to remain the way we are. God wants us to be more. He wants us to be like Jesus. In our journey from this life to the next life, we believe we are supposed to be more like Jesus today that we were yesterday. So change is part of Tabernacle’s DNA. I am most excited about what the Father is doing through His Son, Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is seeking to touch the world with His love through people like those of us called Tabernacle Baptist Church. God is at work among us! I pray this brochure will give you a feel for what the Lord’s people are about and what we believe is most vital to us. Thanks be to God for your life. I hope to meet you soon. Your Friend in Christ,

Jimmy Gentry Jimmy Gentry, Pastor

T HE G ENTRY F AMILY Emily, Jimmy, Jackie & Nicholas

Helping people connect is a p r i o r i t y a t Ta b e r n a c l e ! Unfortunately in todayʼs world, people move from one place to another, from one employer to another and from one church to another and never really “connect.” The Tabernacle family values uniqueness and giftedness in the lives of people and has prepared a way for you to make those “connections.” By plugging in to TBC 101 and P.L.A.C.E., you can take your spiritual walk to a new level. TBC 101 provides the oppor tunity to “make the connection” by learning about our churchʼs purpose, heritage, beliefs, structure, values and vision. You will also be able to “strengthen the connection” through learning about the many ministries available through Tabernacle. In P.L.A.C.E. youʼll discover your personality style, spiritual gifts, and abilities and how to connect them to people groups and ministry areas you are passionate about. Itʼs great to discover your unique PLACE! For further details contact the Equipping office at 770.832.7063.

Equipping Ministries

Men’s and Women’s Ministries

Strengthen your connection through involvement in Bible Study opportunities at Tabernacle. Single, married, divorced, or remarried . . . blended families and families with special needs . . . all races and life experiences . . . whatever your life stage or age, we have a place for you!

Sunday Morning Bible Study (Sunday School) is a vital part of Tabernacle’s vision to equip believers and lead them to evangelize and disciple others through knowing, showing and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Small groups meet to see what the Bible says about daily living, make new friends, receive support, enjoy fellowship, and discover how to grow in their faith journey. Classes are available for birth through senior adult. Adult groups embrace options based on age, personal preference, or life stage. Gender-based “ prepare and coed classes are available. God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up...” (Ephesians 4:12)

A variety of Bible study curricula are used, and teachers incorporate a variety of teaching formats in class sessions. The intent is to study the inspired Word of God, apply its relevance to today and become more Christ-like. Other weekday opportunities for Bible study are available through out the year. Hispanic Bible Studies for all ages are offered on Sunday morning and during the week.

What Can I Expect? Real life takes place in our small groups. In our classes, we... • pray • encourage • serve • cry • rejoice • correct • build up, and • accept one another unconditionally as we apply biblical principle to our daily lives. Fellowship is the “glue” that binds us.

Men and women have different needs, but we all desire friendship, purpose and acceptance. Each person’s blend of personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and life experiences add flavor to the “mix” in Tabernacle’s Men’s and Women’s Ministries.

Men’s Ministry

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Tabernacle’s Men’s Ministr y is focused on developing Christ-like men who understand and accept the biblical (Proverbs 27:17) mandate to be the spiritual leaders for their families and serve God with their gifts, abilities and passion. We seek to impact men’s hearts through a variety of opportunities. In addition to regular involvement in Bible Study and worship on Sundays and Wednesdays, weekday Bible studies offer the chance to build friendships and interact with men who want to grow in their spiritual walk and hold each other accountable. Outings such as a wild game dinner, campouts, golf, retreats and the Outdoor Extravaganza offer men, families and children the opportunity to get into nature and strengthen relationships with one another. Work projects and service opportunities are available periodically. A Men’s Ministry Council provides leadership for this ministry.

Women’s Ministry

Discipleship for Life (DfL) Concentrated spiritual growth opportunities are available during the winter/spring and fall seasons. Children, students and adults are encouraged to learn and serve together in specific ways. DfL spans the entire year through biblical, topical and gender studies. Support groups such as GriefShare and DivorceCare are offered periodically. In addition, Bible studies are offered both on and off-site regularly.

Tabernacle’s vision for women’s ministry focuses on fulfilling the church’s purpose of knowing, showing and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. In a very real sense, the goal is to connect women with one another, to help them develop an intimate relationship with Jesus, and to encourage discipleship and service through spiritual growth opportunities. If you are looking for a safe place to share your fears, struggles and your very heart, you’ve found the right place. The ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Savior. Throughout the year we offer daytime and evening Bible studies, special times for fellowship, church-wide conferences, retreats, focused prayer times, support groups and a variety of opportunities for personal involvement in service to others.

Pastoral Ministry

Student Ministry

“My pastoral vision for Tabernacle Baptist Church is to see people understanding that the goal of life in this world is not ease, prosperity, or success, but that the goal is intimacy with God, maturity of character, and influencing the world with Christ.”

We long to see student worshippers who serve the body, and the world, as they seek to serve Christ. Come and join us in the journey!

Pastor Jimmy Gentry

Care-Giving Ministries We define “care-giving” as assisting those who are suffering from some sort of illness or disability that can be emotional, physical, and/or spiritual. Our concern is for the wholeness of the individual. Jesus wants people to be well in mind, body, and spirit. We seek to provide that wellness through care-giving by care-givers at Tabernacle. ■

Pastoral Counseling There is no professional certified pastoral counselor on Tabernacle’s staff. Each member of the Pastoral Team, however, is willing to counsel with you – especially the Pastor. The Pastoral Team will make referrals to competent pastoral counselors who are Christian based in the area.

The student ministr y at Tab seeks to follow the command of Christ in Mark 12:29-31 to love the LORD with all our hear ts, all our souls, all our

Pastoral Crisis Intervention The Pastoral Team, as well as the Deacon Body, is ready to provide immediate care during crisis situations such as death, family devastation, loss of employment, etc. These sisters and brothers will also pray with and for you.

our strength, and to love our


(7th and 8th grade)

Encounter - come hang out every Wednesday night from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. in room 312 for a crazy time of worship with your friends! ■

Deacon Ministry

neighbor as

Tabernacle is aware of the diverse needs of people. Members are encouraged to contact the church when there are needs either in the immediate church family or within the community that can be met by the pastoral team or deacon ministry teams. Tabernacle’s deacons are organized in ministry teams that work cooperatively with pastoral team members to minister in these areas:


ourselves by

Common Ground is our midweek Bible study and worship time that challenges students to live for God. It meets from 7:15 – 8:30 p.m. in room 312 every Wednesday night.

• • • • • • • ■

minds, and all

Action Ministry Team Connection Ministry Team Homebound Ministry Team Hospital Visitation Ministry Team Outreach Through Literacy Ministry Team Special Needs Ministry Team Sunday School Ministry Team

loving God and serving students. Our goal is to create oppor tunities to know Christ

(9th through 12th grade)

CONNECT ■ Connect is an opportunity for establishing friendships, participating in unhindered worship, and pondering God’s Word each week. We meet on Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. in the Worship Center.

fully, show Him


clearly, and

■ All Students are invited to be involved in Sunday School every Sunday at 9:15 a.m. and Family Groups which meet weekly for small group study and prayer. Acteens, a mission organization for teenage girls, meets every Wednesday night. Monthly mission opportunities are planned and implemented by our students. We also have conferences and retreats for students to plug into.

Family Ministry

share in the

A Family Ministry Council exists for the purpose of developing Christian Faith Families. The purpose of family ministry is to increase Christ-likeness of the family relationships of Christians and to equip and support Christians who use their families as channels of ministry to others. Conferences and seminars are conducted from time-to-time.

spread of the Kingdom.

Extending Grace, Mercy and Service We are called to extend God’s grace and mercy to everyone who needs His healing touch. The scripture says that God delights in showing mercy and compassion. We are to show mercy and meet needs through being His hands and feet.

“...whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Our approach is to provide mercy that touches every area of life including spiritual, physical, psychological and economic. Benevolence Assistance is available for those in need: food, transportation, finances.

Soup Kitchen

Christmas Store

Church volunteers help staff this community outreach ministry by serving food to those in need the last week of each month.

Our church works with the local school systems to identify and offer support to hundreds of children and their families by providing clothing, toys, and food during the Christmas season.

Hispanic Ministry Our Hispanic ministry continues to expand and touch lives. Instruction in English as a second language is offered. Worship, Bible Study and leadership development opportunities are provided weekly. Other ministries are available to the Hispanic community.

4th of July Fireworks Watch Tabernacle serves those who use our parking lot to watch the annual fireworks display by serving refreshments and information about our church and her ministries.

Habitat for Humanity From time to time, Tabernacle’s members volunteer to help build A Habitat for Humanity House.

BackPacks Volunteers purchase and pack healthy snack food into backpacks for children identified by local schools as needing nutritional diet supplements.

Support Groups Support groups such as GriefShare (for those who have lost a loved one) and DivorceCare (for those experiencing divorce) are offered.

Tutoring Tutoring is available to students and adults upon request.

NeighborFest This event provides a wholesome atmosphere for individuals and families from the Carrollton area to enjoy rides, games, educational booths, Christian music, free refreshments and good fellowship.

Fall Festival This event allows children to dress up in their favorite costumes and enjoy fun activities such as cake walks, cotton candy, face painting, train rides, and lots more. The Festival offers a wholesome alternative to traditional Halloween activities.

Wheelchair Ministry Volunteers provide personal wheelchair service for those needing this ministry each Sunday before and after worship.

Experience and Extend Grace to All.

Senior Adult Ministry The Crusaders (55+) of Tabernacle seek to exalt Jesus Christ, edify believers, evangelize the lost and enhance the ministry of the local church. We recognize the need to encourage fellow seniors in their personal discipleship and in the use of their personalities, spiritual gifts, abilities and passions to further the Kingdom of God.

Leadership of Tabernacle’s Senior Adult Ministr y is provided through the Senior Adult Council, which meets monthly to plan, evaluate, and recommend.

Tabernacle is aware of the aging trends impacting society. Here are some we seek to address: ■ Average life expectancy has risen to 76.8 years. ■ About 700,000 women lose their husbands each year and will be widows for an average of 14 years. ■ The number of widowed men 65 years and older is 50% higher than it was 20 years ago. ■ Household debt for those 65 years and older is up 164% in the last eight years. ■ An active social life and meaningful relationships help seniors live better and longer lives. ■ Research show that a positive attitude prolongs life, while depression and hostility contribute to illness. ■ Research indicates that aging brains are far more vigorous, resilient, and fertile than previously thought. Annual plans are made to focus on issues that relate to family, health, relationships, finances, transitions, meaning, leisure, personal growth and leaving a legacy.

Monthly Luncheons Regular covered dish luncheons are held with the exception of our annual birthday cookout and Senior Adult Day celebrations. These luncheons offer good food and fellowship, and feature educational programs that challenge older adults to remain vibrant and active.

Seniors in Service Seniors are involved in service to others in many ways. Some are listed below: ■

Volunteers serve food and encouragement to the needy of the community. ■

Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers serve others in a variety of ways through Tanner Medical Center.

Homebound Seniors serve other seniors who are not mobile enough to leave their residence. Ministry is provided according to need.

Teaching & Leading Seniors can be found in many leadership capacities such as teaching, serving on teams, committees, mission groups, and worship leadership.

Church Workdays Seniors always lend a hand to help where needed.

Crisis Team Seniors are faithful to prepare meals for the bereaved when needed.

Enrichment Activities Crusaders have fun, too! Each year, day trips, overnight trips and multi-day trips are planned for the enjoyment and enrichment of participants. Examples of trips include: mystery outings, singing and ministering in assisted living facilities (see Music Ministry), special lunch outings, in-state and cross-country trips.

Soup Kitchen

Prayer Ministry Seniors are involved in our Prayer Ministry.

Preschool and Children’s Ministry Tabernacle’s ministry to preschool and children is more than activities for kids. It involves ministry to the whole family. It is a privilege to have a major role in the life of your child, and covet the opportunity to teach them about God and His son, Jesus in age-appropriate ways.

Administrative Ministry Administration at Tabernacle Baptist Church isn’t just paperwork and bureaucracy and is more than policies and procedures. Church administration is the people process of moving the church forward as it follows God’s leadership. It provides the framework that enables, strengthens, and empowers mission and ministry in our community and around the world.

Administration focuses on people as it enables church members to be on mission with God and to serve more effectively and efficiently. Programs and policies, while necessary, exist simply to serve people and free them for ministry.

Stewardship: Stretching every dollar and Weekday Preschool Ministry

Childrenʼs Choirs

This ministry is a child-centered, nurturing environment where preschoolers feel significant, successful and experience a sense of belonging while practicing a variety of life skills.

Children’s choirs are for preschoolers and children.

Bible Study Bible Study provides for the child age-appropriate Bible learning opportunities. It will give preschoolers and children the foundation they will need to love God more and more as they grow.

Childrenʼs Worship Children’s Worship is designed to teach children how to be active participants in the worship experience. Small groups are used to bring life application to each child.

Extended Teaching Care (ETC) ETC is the extending or continuation of Bible-learning activities for preschoolers after the Bible Study hour on Sundays.

Missions Through this program, preschoolers learn about missionaries and begin to apply mission principles in other areas of their lives. Mission Friends is the preschool missions organization for two-, three-, four-, and five-year olds. Girls in Action (G.A.s): G.A.s is the missions organization for all girls in 1st-6th grades. Royal Ambassadors (R.A.s): R.A.s is the mission organizations for all boys in 1st-6th grades.

Discipleship for Life (DfL) DfL is a program for preschoolers and children designed to teach them how to be follwers of Christ.

Momʼs Morning Out (MMO) MMO is activity based and provides quality childcare for children six to twenty-four months of age. MMO operates October through the first week of May from 8:45am until 11:30am.

Special Events Parent’s Night Out (PNO): PNO is a ministry to parents. One evening each month, parents can leave their children at church so that they might enjoy an evening to do shopping, go to the movies, etc. Vacation Bible School (VBS): VBS is a week full of surprises, as preschoolers and children experience “hands-on” learning that teaches them about God. Fall Festival: It is designed to give the family unit a time to celebrate the fall season. It is a church-wide outreach event that enables Youth through Senior Adult Bible Study departments to work together on booths that provides age appropriate activities for children of all ages. Summer Activities: Children of all ages are welcome to participate in day trips, weeklong camps and retreats throughout the summer months.

Discover Family and Meaning.

transforming each penny into effective ministry for Christ is the primary goal of administration. Good stewardship administration enables the church to utilize all of her resources in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Teamwork: Tabernacle has various committees and minisrty teams that offer ways for members to minister through their giftedness. Committees are not institutional entities, but are teams designed to help members to be fruitful and fulfilled in a meaningful place of service. Properties: Tabernacle has been blessed with a beautiful facility in which to meet and prepare for ministry outside the walls of the church. A well maintained and clean facility is a way in which we honor God and thank him for the resources He has provided. Food Services:

As Baptists, we like to eat! Fellowshipping around the table is one way in which we share with one another the wonderful things God is doing in the life and ministry of Tabernacle.

Technology: It is exciting to see how God is using technology to reach people. We live in an information age where technology provides methods of evangelism that were not possible just a few years ago. Administration at Tebernacle attempts to use technology for God’s glory.

Music and Worship Ministry

Embracing the World

The Music and Worship ministry exists to use fine arts to bring gifts of worship to our Lord, to lead His people in meaning ful experiences and expressions of worship and to share the message of the gospel to those who may have never heard it before.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is too wonderful to keep to ourselves! We desire to see men and women of all languages and cultures come to a saving knowledge of the One who loves them.

At Tabernacle, we are committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our church prioritizes our time, our lives and our financial gifts so that every person has the opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus and discover the matchless joy of being in relationship to Him. There is no greater display of love than to tell others about forgiveness in Christ.

Our Purpose: “MINISTRY” Ministry to the Lord (worship), Ministry to Christians (nurture, education) and Ministry to Non-Christians (evangelism). Tabernacle Choir: The Tabernacle Choir is the cornerstone of the Music and Worship Ministry. The choir is open to adults 18 years old and up and meets every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Choir Suite. The choir leads worship most Sundays of the year, makes seasonal presentations and periodically engages in mission activities outside the walls of the church.

PraiSingers Choir: This choir is open to those who consider themselves Senior Adults. The Choir meets August-May on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. This group sings and leads in worship every other month, presents programs at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living/Retirement Centers and participates in the Senior Adult Choir Festival sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Conventions each fall.

Music and Worship Ministry for Students: The Student Choir is open to all students in grades 7-12. The choir meets from September through May on Sundays at 4:45. Our auditioned High School ensemble meets on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. These groups participate in worship leadership periodically, present concerts or musicals on occasion and participate in a yearly Music/Missions trip. Students in grades 9-12 who play an instrument are invited to be part of the instrumental ensemble Worship Leadership Team.

Graded Choirs: Tabernacle’s fully graded choir ministry (ages 3- 6th grade) seeks to use music to teach children about God, partner with parents and the Children’s Ministry to lead children to have a relationship with God and to express that relationship through worship. The older choirs (grades 1-6) periodically present music in worship, seasonal musicals and participate in the Young Musicians Festival sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Handbells: Two adult handbell groups are offered: Mondays at 6:30 p.m.; and Tuesdays at 12 noon. These groups play in worship as they are prepared. We hope to offer handbells for children and students in the future.

Tabernacle supports and engages in mission efforts through denominational avenues including the Baptist World Alliance, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and various other ecumenical endeavors. There is a place for you to get involved in obedience to the Great Commission!



and the Uttermost Parts of the World

We believe that a global

Instrumental Ensemble: The Instrumental Ensemble is a part of our weekly Worship Leadership Team. Meeting on Sunday mornings at 8:30 to rehearse, this group occasionally presents music for a prelude, offertory or postlude and accompanies the choir on their anthem of the day. This group is open to anyone from grade 9 – adult.

missions perspective requires beginning at home – right here in our community – to share the love of Christ. A variety of mission projects are undertaken to impact


people in the Carrollton /

Tabernacle occasionally uses those gifted in the area of Drama in our worship services or seasonal presentations. Contact the Music Ministry office if you are interested.

Carroll County area including

Solos and Ensembles:

the Soup Kitchen, Carrollton Youth Project, Alice’s House, Christmas Store, Habitat

We publish a “seasonal” schedule of music for our Worship Services that includes opportunities for Soloists. Soloists must be actively involved in the choir for their age group. Several functioning ensembles are open by audition only.

for Humanity (periodic),

Technology Team:

that may arise.

Opportunities for service abound in this area. Each week we need people to operate TV cameras, the light board, the sound console, computer and serve as Video Director. These people serve on a rotating basis. No experience? We will train you on the job!

serving community non-profit agencies, School Backpack Ministry, benevolence and other service opportunities

Tabernacle has a rich history of extending God’s love beyond the local community to the state of Georgia, the United States and the world. Each year, volunteers participate in mission ventures to places like Illinois, Florida, South Georgia, Mexico, Panama, Mozambique, Brazil, and Kenya, offering hope and love to those who need a helping hand and an tangible expression of God’s love.

We believe that missions is a

Proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom Wherever it is news.

O UR M ISSION S TATEMENT “As a family of believers in God, led by the Holy Spirit, we faithfully serve Christ by knowing, showing and sharing His Good News wherever God leads us in our community and beyond.”

150 Tabernacle Drive • Carrollton, Georgia 30117 770.832.7063 •

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