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• No additional helpings should be requested by individuals until all at the table have finished the first offering. • The clearing routine should be done on the trolley, not the table. • Teachers should dismiss their tables when all tables and floors are cleared and cleaned. Each teacher should then proceed to recess or other necessary location. Out of respect to community members with life-threatening allergies, peanuts and tree nuts are not served at Bement. Our allergy list is updated each year, and the school communicates foods of concern to faculty and staff members. If your child has or develops food allergies, please inform the Health Office. Both lower and upper school students may consider a variety of lunch offerings and should choose a lunch representing at least three food groups. Faculty table heads will check to see that each student does this and eats food selected. Special diets must be approved by the school medical staff in consultation with the family doctor.

Dress Code All students are expected to be neat, clean, and presentable, and clothing should not be distracting. Students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather and for a range of activities in the course of each day. During school functions or special occasions, students should dress in a manner consistent with the seriousness/ formality of the setting. With that in mind, the following guidelines compose Bement’s dress code: Monday Dress is a special tradition at Bement, when the entire community dresses uniformly

• On Mondays, students, faculty, and staff will wear:

• Navy blazer with Bement patch. Grades K–5 may wear a navy Bement v-neck sweater. • Khaki pants, skirt, or skort. Khaki shorts during fall and spring terms. Grades K–5 may wear khaki pants, skirts, skorts, or shorts. • White dress shirt with tie, white collared blouse, white polo shirt, or white turtleneck.

• Grades K–2 may wear polo shirts with ties.

• Dress shoes or dress sandals; no high heels or flip-flops. Grades K–5 may wear sneakers.

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The Bement School Family Handbook 2019-2020  

The Bement School Family Handbook 2019-2020