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The true North of conscious business

Who is be.? Meet the Founders

It has been be.’s mission from the very start to create something special with the power of collaboration. All too often, individuals, businesses or organizations have been limited in their projects by their resources, mindsets and experience. If there was a way to come together — people and ideas — to share advice, tools and resources, businesses could better serve their beneficiaries; be.Media House was created to do just that. Through our unique collective of members and clients, we are able to create and deploy powerful information and media solutions with huge impact. One aspect of the be. model we often champion, is our ability to facilitate partnerships with companies, foundations and individuals. It is through these relationships that we are able to enrich communities.

As we continue to evolve and expand as a collective, we intend to stay true to our roots in collaboration and media. Our five initiatives — Connectivity, Collaboration, Vision, Intention, Innovation— will continue to drive our work and help shape the strength and power of media, giving individuals, foundations and businesses a voice. We invite all of you — our members, partners, supporters and volunteers — to [be.] — accelerate the connection, broaden the collaboration and spark the innovation that we need to positively change the world. Sincerely, Megan D. Erickson

Juli K. Rathke

What be. does. Events. Marketing + Strategy. Production. Photography. Cinematography. Publications. Websites. Design + Ad Creative. Copy Writing. Editing. Multi Media Production. Unparalleled Reach

A Proven Approach

Our diverse portfolio of brands reaches 90% of the marketplace.

Our experts specialize in crafting unique solutions just for you.

Services We Deliver

Our Committment To You

We provide a full range of services that get the job done effectively.

We take your company’s goals as our own & harbor long-lasting relationships.

be. is on a mission to fascinate

Who works with be.? be. is measured by the company it keeps. be. business affiliations: Outside Television Oldcastle Precast Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine MTN Town Magazine National Geographic Panasonic Taco John’s National Co Lab Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools Grand Vacations Whole Foods Market Telluride Ski & Golf Breckenridge Resort Chamber Jackson Hole Ski Resort Meta Yoga Studios Energy Smart Colorado Winter Park Ski Resort Moab Recreation Teva Mountain Games Sales Force GoPro Rocky Mountain Hockey Schools Town of Erie, Colorado Toyota

be. nonprofit affiliations: CU Cancer Fund Summit Foundation Across Mongolia - Strong to the Finish The Vail Valley Foundation Mountain 2 Mountain Special Olympics Colorado

Will you be. next?

“be. has inspired a whole new approach; to cause change through the impact of media. Using the mantra be. we are creating a new state of mind for both your business and your audience.�

Why choose be.? be. will help you think and be. different... better MISSION :::The true North of conscious business::: Connecting people and ideas to drive transformation, leveraging the power of network to make a huge social impact. at be.Media House, we’re on a mission to fascinate. A catalyst for collaboration, we strive to create and distribute top-quality media assets that leverage not only our own media brands, but also those of our third-party partners and inspirations. VISION :::Connect:::Collaborate:::Innovate::: By fostering strong relationships and working together to share knowledge, we help ensure that our members and clients have access to the best information and platforms, communication technology and practices when serving people, their business and their passions. Those involved with each media platform leverages the innovation and scale of be. and everything it represents -- ultimately, driving

deeper engagement in communities, creating real value for business and global development.

team has more than 50 years of combined experience in fascinating our clients.



:::Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers::: We are a multi-platform media company with a focus on philanthropy, culture, and lifestyle. As an umbrella brand, we offer a wide range of premium media products and compelling content across media channels as diverse as print, digital, audio, and TV, with core media offerings that appeal to a global audience. Not only do we create content and operate media platforms with direct impact, we also offer a vast range of targeted business opportunities for partnerships with other companies, media partners and affiliates. These include content distribution, brand partnerships, and advertising in our media. be. is comprised of a highly collaborative team of media experts with experience that ranges from magazine publishing to cinematography to brand awareness and event planning. Our core

::::Compassion Drives Action::: be.Media House is a company fueled by passion. We strive to give back and help create opportunities for our clients to give back as well with unique one for one programs, recognitions, awards giving platforms to people who have a story to tell. This is part of

Who do you want to be.? be. can help you take it to a whole new level

Do you need to tell a story? Do you need a rebrand? Do you need an new image? Do you need to show your clients what you do? Do you need a strategic partner in marketing? Do you need a third party to mentor your internal departments? Do you need a stronger web presence? Do you want to give back? Do you need better PR? Do you need help with visioning?

be.Great at what you do and let us show the world.

Contact: Boulder Office: 720.849.9131 Mountain Office: 970.306.4364

be.Media House Media Kit 2013  

be.Media House - on a mission to fascinate.

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