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Dear BE Readers, Creating this magazine was never in my plan, but usually things don’t go as planned. As a young girl, one of the many people I imagined becoming was a writer. I now study neuroscience, but I never let go of the idea that I might be able to say things in a way that no one else could. I realize now that nothing is truer, for me or for anyone else. We all have the ability to express opinions in our own one-of-a-kind way, based on our unique experiences, values, and passions. That’s the beauty of individuality; everyone has a distinct perception and they all have equal value. This is the platform for BE. I hope that while reading, you’re able to find something that YOU can relate to, learn, and about which you feel passionate. We want you to share your experiences with us because no one else can contribute what you can. Your voice matters! The media often projects only one image of “beauty” that is unrealistic for the vast majority of women. Rather than conforming to these volatile standards, we have to embrace what makes us different and recognize it as authentic and beautiful. Our rarities should be sources of celebration, rather than letting them be stifled. My goal for BE is to represent real women, inside and out, and create a source that inspires you to be…you. Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see what will BE.

Samantha Sabihi Founder of BE Magazine


things to try


1. Try a new cuisine of your choice. Our reccommendation is New Orleans style: jambalaya & beignets. 2. Get out that outfit that’s been hiding in your closet. Find a way to make the fur coat work. 3. Meditate before bed or when you wake up. No excuses. If you’re a beginner, use Pandora or YouTube to guide you. 4. Do your research and find some fun recreational clubs nearby. You know you’ve been dying to check out that improv group. 5. Spa Day! Grab your favorite bubble bath and face mask. Bonus point if you take the time to paint your nails. 6. Movie night! It’s Friday, so check out what new horror flick is in theaters.

7. Listen to some funk music. Spice up your day with some upbeat sounds. 8. Wake up and go for a morning jog to start your day. If AM cardio isn’t your thing, try some evening yoga. Bonus if you do both! 9. Plan a dinner date with friends and family, whether it’s a classic crockpot recipe or a hibachi kind of night. 10. Time to clean out your closet. Procratination time is over! Bonus point if you donate your old goods. 11. Go on a long drive at sunset with a pal. Make sure to have some good tunes. 12. Go to a farmer’s market and try something new. Bonus point if you buy a bouquet of flowers to light up your room. We love peonies!


DRESSING for your

Body Type We’ve all had that moment- you’re in your favorite clothing store and suddenly spot the perfect dress on one of those headless mannequins. As you excitedly march to the dressing room, you’re already trying to decide whether a classic pair of black stilettos or a comfy pair of suede d’orsay flats would pair better with your new dress Yes, you have already mentally purchased the dress. You’re just trying it on to decide whether or not the size you quickly grabbed is the perfect fit. As you zip up the dress you can feel yourself grinning from ear-to-ear. You slowly turn towards the mirror, expecting to see Beyoncé smiling back, but instead see a disappointed bum dressed in a burlap sack. Discouraging times like these can be easily avoided by simply shopping for clothes that work best for your body type. Different cuts, lengths, colors, and patterns work better for certain shapes and can help accentuate certain features. It’s a known fact that when you feel great in your outfit, you will be a more confident and assertive person. Here are some tips for each body type on what types of clothing you should gravitate towards and avoid next time you’re shopping.

- Alexis Arnett-Sutherland

*Models self-identified with the following body types

IF YOU ARE... TALL Rounded necks highlight your neckline. Pair with an a-line skirt and accessorize with chunky necklaces.

IF YOU ARE... SHORT/PETITE Vertical stripes and patterns that cascade downwards can help you elongate your silhouette. Pair with high-waisted bottoms. Top it off with cute wedges!


Stick with boatnecks, off-the-shoulder, and thin-strapped tank tops. Pair your choice with either high-waisted pants or wide-legged trousers & throw in some cute sunglasses!


Shealth and wrap dresses are perfect for accentuating your curves. Finish off your outfit with long necklaces or a maxi bag.



*photos taken and edited by Bailey Bullock

Beauty Battle Lush Skin Drink 1.5 oz $24.95

- Lightweight, contains seasame oil - Helps dry, flakey skin become soft and hydrated- suggested for cold weather - No animal testing, naked packaging, handmade, ethical buy, 100% vegetarian - Rose petal extract, avocado, aloe vera, almond oil and fair trade cocoa butter


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 1.7 oz $39.00

- Oil-free, cream-gel - Helps with fine lines, flakiness and tightness; can be used as mask or over makeup for glow - Allergy tested, fragarance free and oil free - Ingredients not listed

: Y (featuring lemons) I D e m e R




Lemon juice is one of our favorite secret

Lemon works magic on the skin. From

Lemon is just as good for you inside

summer products when it omes to hair

age spots to acne, it can work some

as it is out. When you’re feeling under

Before laying out at the beach, be sure

miracles. The vitamin C in lemon brings

the weather, put some lemon juice and

to spray some in those locks! You’ll be

out your beautiful natural glow. Cut a

honey in your tea and it’ll be sure to

happy with the natural highlights you

lemon right in half, throw some sugar on

soothe that cold. Otherwise, use it for its

may get afterwards, since lemon is a

there and scrub for a weekly exfoliator.

fresh scent or decor. If nothing else, you

lightening product. Not to mention the

Lemon lightens blemishes and acts as a

can make some old fashioned lemonade!

shine it adds to your hair!

natural toner.



I’m lazy.

I’m the type of person who

day or cut down on sweet foods. But you know what? It’s time

will ask you to grab the remote even if it’s two feet away from

for a change. Why not get rid of my insecurities? Working out

me. Don’t ask me to walk with you to get food either. I’d rather will help me gain confidence and it will also relieve all of the have sleep for dinner. I always joke around with my friends and stress that comes with being a college student (the struggle). say things like, “I haven’t worked out in 19 years” (I’m 19-years-

Fitness is not about being skinny, it’s about being fit and

old), which, technically, isn’t a lie. I NEVER WORK OUT. It’s a healthy. This revelation has inspired a burst of motivation to choice. I’ve never felt the need to workout because I always work out more. I’m really excited to see how I progress and I thought that the ultimate goal was to get skinnier. Whenever I

hope this inspires you, the readers, to approach working out

feel insecure about my body, I just don’t eat a lot of food that in a unique way.

- Miya Stewart

1. KNOW YOUR GOALS My goal isn’t necessarily to gain muscle; I mostly just want to get toned. I want to focus on my abs, arms, and legs. Those are MY goals. You need to do what’s best for you and be realistic! If you decide that you want to lose ten pounds in a week, that’s not healthy or realistic, and you’ll definitely be disappointed.

2. PICK THE RIGHT LOCATION If you have access to a free gym as a student, or through work, USE IT! If you don’t, no worries! With means today you can work out simply by searching on YouTube. There are a million different clips of various exercises that can best fit your needs. If that’s not enough, there’s always the good old library where you can rent workout DVDs. Grab a friend or two and do it together. If ALL ELSE FAILS, there’s the great outdoors. Nothing better than fresh air and a jog around the neighborhood.

3. ASK FOR HELP Since I’m a newbie in the gym, I need help learning what workouts are the best for me. Remember, no two people have the same exact body, so you can’t expect one person’s workout to have the same affect on you. For example, I have scoliosis, therefore, I can’t do workouts that strain my back too much. Don’t let something like that discourage

you, though. There are plenty of exercises to try no matter how many roadblocks you encounter. Discuss your goals with a trainer who’s willing to help. Additionally, you don’t need to own all of the Lululemon or VS Sport to go to the gym. You’re there to sweat, not vogue; a t-shirt and some gym shorts will do the trick.



You can workout as much as you want but if you have a horrible diet, you will progress slowly, if not at all. I’m not saying you have to completely change your eating habits nor am I saying you have to eat significantly less than you usually do. The word “diet” tends to have a negative connotation. The definition of diet that I prefer is, “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” In other words, WHAT we eat, not HOW MUCH we eat. Talk to dieticians and nutritionists if your school or work provides a wellness center. If this isn’t an option, there are countless resources online, for example,

5. MOTIVATION The best way to achieve a goal is not only to be aware of how to succeed, but to also be aware of how you might fail. Doing this will help you stay motivated, even when you have those days where you just want to lay around and watch Netflix ( YOU’RE ALLOWED TO HAVE THOSE DAYS). The #1 challenge is consistency. Keeping a consistent diet, consistently going to the gym, staying motivated, etc. To stay motivated, pick exercises that are fun for you too, whether it’s a Zumba class or yoga, switch it up some days! It’s also important to stay away from the “I don’t have time” excuse. No one has time, let’s be honest, but what’s more crucial than your health? If 20 minutes a day is what it takes to keep you fit and happy, what could be more worth it?

You can get all the advice and encouraging words you want, but it all comes down to you. YOU have to learn how to motivate yourself because you should only be doing this for yourself. Looking good, feeling healthy... those things should be subjective, never objective. I have trouble staying motivated for many, many reasons: watching girls do intense workouts, being surrounded by girls who look better than me, being afraid to look like a fool in the gym, etc. But I have to get over that. Don’t expect to look like a super model in one week. Scratch that, don’t expect to look like a super model at all. Expect to look like a better version of yourself.


Relationship #GOALS

Deconstucted - Carmella Ruberto

m sure I’m not the only one who has seen a woman in a chic hounds tooth pea coat, walking elegantly in a pair of five inch heels, carrying a Celine tote full of what I would assume to be blueprints for some grand scheme to save the world, and thought “GOALS”. In the same breath, we see a sharp couple together at the park having a full-blown picnic with champagne, two pure-bred Dalmatians, and matching Ray Bans DOING YOGA IN SYNC and say “wow… Relationship GOALS”. Okay, okay maybe I have never seen the second one before. But I know that I HAVE seen that type of thing posted on the interned for sure. Needless to say, we can’t help but compare ourselves to these unrealistic visions of what our relationships should be. We read articles like “10 Things That Men Want From Women” or even vise versa, and think “woah, I didn’t know I was supposed to give them a back rub every single day”. Look, relationships require balance. You can’t set the bar so high that your partner starts to feel like a butler instead of a companion, and the feeling there should be mutual. Flattery here and there should never feel like work, and it will start to feel like work if you feel like you’re suddenly expected to dish it 24/7/365. A poll we recently took (from our Bird’s and BE’s relationship blog) shows that 86% say they value the simplistic parts of their relationship most (spending

quality time together and engaging in meaningful conversation). That they don’t need a ton of bells and whistles to make them happy. Yet, almost all the participants use Facebook and the majority see “relationship goal” posts daily. When asked to provide words that represent what was depicted in the posts, participants gave these responses respresented in the wordle on the following page. What exactly are we getting at here? From what we could cull from the data, everyone appreciates the idea of having a wholesome relationship built on the good stuff (that’s LOVE, not MONEY ). What has sparked this and why do we have such contradictory feelings about how “perfect” our relationships should be? Today, with the advent of social media and advertising’s looming glare over our shoulder at nearly every minute, it’s hard to avoid what other people have to say about the way we go about handling our relationships. People are always scrolling through their feeds stumbling upon the outrageous roses picture, or the crazy surprise car in the driveway anniversary gift, and can’t help but think, “Am I doing this all right?” You’re not alone in wondering where all the overblown expectations came from, and we’re here to tell you something you may or may not already know: your relationships are your own. I think that the beauty of just how personal and unique relationships are often

times muddled in society’s constant “how to” and “do’s and don’ts” culture. Each of us have our own distinctive pasts, full of experiences and stories that shape us into who we are and how we view the world. I find it ludicrous to think that as flawed, emotionally dynamic human beings we have the ability to interact in an identical way with one another. Now this is not to say that we should brush off important universal core building blocks of healthy relationships (ie: communication, listening, respect, etc). Conversely, we need to reflect upon how each of us both perceives and demonstrates these important values with our significant others. One of the most important pieces of advice I’ve ever received in relationships was “the less expectations, the better”. Again, I’m not saying you should just throw your standards out the window and date anyone who checks off “mammal, heartbeat, responds to the human language”. But don’t start pulling ex-

pectations out of thin air because “other people do it” or “this online article said I should be angry at you for not calling me every single night”. Be realistic and sincere with each other about what you’re getting out of this. Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you can’t buy her a bouquet of roses at the drop of a hat. Chances are s/he isn’t dating you for your wallet! Really sit back and ask yourself: -Does my SO challenge me positively? -Does my SO care about my goals and well-being? -Does my SO communicate all of these things to me? -Do I feel 100% safe in my relationship? Yes, yes, yes, and yes? Stop nit-picking, stop worrying, get off of Instagram, and maybe have that picnic in the park.

Are You a Good

Communicator? -Carmella Ruberto

1 You hop out of the shower, and upon checking your phone you notice that you have a missed call from your friend. You: a) Call her back right away! b) Text her to let her know I got it, but you don’t call because you don’t have time. c) Glance at it and put off calling till tomorrow… or maybe the next day…

2 You’re out to brunch with your Mom, sipping mimosas, and while she’s talking to you about her plans to remodel the bathroom, you: a) Look right at her, and offer intermittent “how cool”s and “I love that”s b) Daze off here and there, eying the French toast, but still can gather what she’s talking about. c) Scroll through Instagram and nod rhythmically to show signs of life

3 Your friend is introducing you to someone she met over the summer at her internship. Upon greeting her you: a) Confidently say your name and go in for a hug b) Stick with a firm “hi” and a hand shake c) Mutter “hey” as you look briefly at her face and then down at your phone

4 It’s the day after you got into a huge fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend. To try to patch things up, you: a) Call them and suggest meeting up to talk things out logically and sincerely b) Shoot them a text saying you’re still mad, but feel bad about the whole thing c) Ice them out entirely. They can text YOU first!

5) You don’t like how late your roommate 6) (hypothetical here) You’re instructing someone on how to make a pb&j. It comes home at night because she tends sounds like which one of these: to be loud and drunk. You plan on a) Take two slices of bread and lay them down, on one piece confronting her by: a) Simply asking her the next time you both are home if she could try to be a little quieter when she comes in. b) Text her about it, saying “Hey came in pretty late last night! Lol” and proceed to act awkward for the next couple days c) Say nothing, and just brood about it for awhile until the sentiment passes

using a butter knife, spread enough pb to cover the slice. Do the same on the other piece, but with any jelly of your choosing. Now place the two pieces together, spreads facing each other. b) Put pb on a slice of bread, jelly on another, and put them together. c) Like you just make a sandwich with pb and jelly?

7) How would you describe a tree to someone from another planet who has no idea what it is?

8) Pick an emoji: a)

a) It’s living organism, under the plant kingdom, that feeds through water, soil, and sunlight. Trees come in all different types, and each one bears different fruits, seeds, nuts, and other by-products. They are generally tall and have long wooden trunks, with leaves or flowers on the top that

b) ‘

are supported by skinnier branches. b) They’re plants that can be large or small, but mostly large, and have wooden trunks with leaves. Some grow apples, others grow nuts or seeds.


c) They’re these big plants everywhere that lose their leaves once a year.can climb them or sit under them or just look at them in your lawn.

9) You encounter someone who doesn’t speak your native tongue, and they’re asking you for directions in your town. You: a. Speak calmly, use simple words, draw pictures and use hand gestures to point out directions b. Talk more loudly in your language and use mainly hand gestures c. Smile and nod, loudly and slowly say “I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN”

10) Celebrity dream guy: a. Mario Lopez b. Leonardo DiCaprio c. Ryan Lochte

Results: Mostly A’s:

Mostly B’s

Mostly C’s

You might as well have a job at CNN or ABC, because you are a master communicator! You generally have no problem forming your thoughts clearly and coherently, and you aren’t shy to express how you feel. We should all take a page out of your book.

Not half bad, you definitely can communicate. You get your ideas across pretty well and don’t confuse a ton of people when you’re telling a story. You could, however, work a little but more on phrasing and timing. Before you say something or go to explain an idea, really take an extra second to see how the recipient will receive that information. You’re well on your way to the next level.

I’m glad I’m not actually talking to you in person because I’m sure something would be lost in translation for one of us. You are generally a little on the shy side- which, hey, there’s a lot of good in that! This world needs researchers and accountants. However, your brilliant fast-paced thoughts will be worth a pretty penny if you spoke up more often and more clearly. You can start by putting yourself outside of your comfort zone in simple everyday situations. You’ll be a master in no time!



Najah Abdulwahed -Jack Nemeth

“Death is less painful than the fear. Once you feel fear, you can’t realize anymore whether you’re alive or dead. While the only choice you have is that you have none, for only being one woman, you are against one situation. I might be one voice for now, but I want this soft whispering voice to be heard.”

Najah is a mother, teacher, poet, commnity activist, and now where she spent seven months working to provide for refugee from Baghdad. As of February 2016, Najah remains in herself. “I tried to work in a restaurant, as a teacher, Norway waiting for an appointment with the UN. Scheduled for on a farm, and even as a babysitter” she explained. 2022, the meeting will provide Najah an opportunity to apply

“But they exploit me.. And sometimes don’t give me my

for refuge and avoid deportation back to Iraq. But how did money while I worked hard, whether it be eight or ten Najah end up here?

hour shifts. I don’t understand the language. I am weak.

Since 2011, Syria has been ravaged by war. Originating as I am missing my children. My bag which had my important peaceful protests by Syria’s majority Sunni Muslim population documents and my university papers was stolen in my early against the minority Shi’ite regime and President Bashar al- travelling. In Turkey there seems to be no respect for refugees”. Assad, the conflict has now escalated into a civil war on the

People from various parts of North Africa and Western

ground with more than a dozen factions fighting for control Asia often reach Turkey before making the sea voyage to over Syrian and Iraqi cities. After the 2015 France terrorist Europe. Because the demand for transportation across the attacks, many nations have taken a more active military role Mediterranean Sea is so high due to the amount of people in Syria, providing aid and air support to different factions. fleeing war and famine–not only Syria and Iraq, but countries However, foreign powers have been hesitant in offering aid such as Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan–human traffickers and refuge for people fleeing Syria and other impoverished, are able to charge very hefty fees. In many cases, if not war-torn countries – largely due to the fear of terrorism. The most, people sell their homes and most of their possessions war has spilled over into Iraq, with ISIS now controlling large just to buy a one-way trip across the Mediterranean. swathes of territory in the northwest of the country.

“I sold my last piece of my golden jewelry and all my properties

The number of people displaced by the war is astronomical. then I got the money I need for my trip”, Najah explains. Some estimates say up to half of Syria’s population has been

“Everybody is saying come on, go cross the sea, it is

displaced, with nearly 4 million people searching for refuge better. But I am very afraid because I am a lonely woman”. abroad, mostly in European states. This phenomena, the “The

Najah and her group of friends met a man, and were able to

European Migrant Crisis”, is currently a highly contentious secure an agreement with him for passage across the sea. The world issue.

man told them that the boat would take them to Greece, but

Najah began her journey to Europe a year ago and has since that they must first wait ten days. lost her sense of security. In her poem “A Journey of a Refugee”,

“There was much fear during these days because of the

Najah describes her last moments in Iraq before deciding to stories about those who sank in the sea, like children, babies, make the dangerous journey to Europe:

women, old people, and men. These stories made us anxious, scared and we often thought about giving up”.

“Screams. Fire. Fire. Explosion… Gunshot..Gunshot. Destruction, destruction..blood. Blood. Tears..tears. Wailing, wailing..darkness”

Indeed, many people have sought to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean by taking boats, often unreliable and overpacked. According to The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), as of August 2015, 300,000 refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe. 200,000 of those people are expected to have arrived

[Translation by Najah’s eldest daughter: Yaqeen Kad] first in Greece. There is little government aid to accommodate the massive scale of the migration, leaving Greeks in the Prior to arriving in Europe, Najah traveled to Turkey situation of either having to neglect the refugees, or help them

first-hand on the beachfronts. Finally, the day for Najah’s sea-

reached the Greek coast, the man asked us to leave the boat,

voyage came. Thinking of the potential dangers that lied ahead, and the water was deep, about one meter. The weather was Najah recalls her thoughts before leaving home for good:

cold and dark. We left the boat and walked through the cold water onto the land and we didn’t have any clothes. The man asked us before

“I must be willing to face death for my future.”

get up the boat, ‘Throw away everything, only small things can come on the boat’.”

Najah’s fears of the

After having sold almost all of her

potential dangers she

possessions, and having had some of

faced crossing the sea

her official documents stolen in Turkey,

carried legitimacy: in

Najah finally reached the Greek coast in

2014, 3,500 refugees



“In the morning we woke up and

crossing due

the sea was in front us with a boat

to unreliable boats

from Greece. I saw Greek flag on it. I



remember in that moment I took a deep

In trying to maximize

breath, and felt safe. One of my friends


took my photo.” (pictured on left)



often cram as many

“After arriving in Greece, I made my

people onto one boat

trip alone without my friends”. Having

as can uncomfortably

fallen ill traveling, and having no money,




Najah continued to travel with caution.



Taking measures to increase her safety,


she always made sure to travel with a

across the sea, as

group of other refugees when changing

safety precautions for




“In every trip was chaos, police, children, women, men, and

boats are largely ignored.

“That night we took a car with a man and after about one the elders”. hour we reached to a forest, just after midnight. We were about

Indeed, police forces have been mobilized in many

50 people, with families and children. After one hour walking

European countries to secure the borders against migrants

we saw the boat. But, the boat was not the same quality of what from entering their state boundaries. Hungary received a lot our arrangement was. In that situation, we had no choice. I

of media attention regarding the Migrant Crisis, when in early

put my hand in the sea water, and asked Him [God] to give me

January 2016, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told

mercy, repeating my children’s name’s again and again”

media that the flow of migrants must be stopped altogether.

Najah and her friends boarded the boat, and began their Hungary has constructed razor wire fencing along the Serbian border to no success. The flow of migrants from southeast

sea voyage. “After 3 hours in the dark sea we faced fear, and I worry about myself and the kids with us in the boat.

Europe has been steadily increasing from 270 in December

Before we 2015, to approximately 1,200 in early February 2016. The

unwillingness of many European cities to accept refugees has

remains in Norway, waiting for her appointment with the

led to migrant groups to pursue refuge further into Europe.

UN. Having traveled alone for 25 days across eight European countries, and having been placed under arrest more than once, Najah has began to give back. Najah is learning Norwegian and

“City, but not a city.. Home, but not home.. Night, but not night.. Day, but not day..” Conversely, recognizing the severity of the issues facing migrants in the current migrant crisis, some states have made accommodations for the migrants. Germany for instance, handed out pocket-sized German constitutions, translated into Arabic, to refugees who had entered Germany. In another case, Canada successfully reached their goal of accepting 25,000

becoming certified to teach other refugees. This organization is comprised of Norwegian and refugee women, and is intended to aid in the promotion of women refugees’ rights.

“Tears not sad Smile not happy Place, no place Only travelers and bags And waiting..waiting.. Confusion..worry..fear.. But warm embrace”

refugees. Najah contemplated eventually trying to cross the Atlantic, to see her daughter Yaqeen, who was studying as an international college student in British Colombia, Canada, but she was unable to due to the circumstances.

“I am a woman oppressed. I just want women to know their potential, and choose the direction of their lives.”

-Najah Abdulwahed

*All pictures courtesy of Najah Abdulwahed

Najah now

CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License at

“DN-ST-88-06988” by Expert Infantry




-Zachary Navabi


January 2016, United States military policy

barred women from serving in combat roles. The growing complexity of warfare, however, has blurred the lines delineating what defines a combat role. As

However, not every branch of the Armed Forces

a result, Army Staff Sgt. Jennifer Hunt faced combat

welcomed the change in policy. Marine Corps

situations far earlier than implementation of the new

Commandant General Joseph Dunford argued that

policy. “The shrapnel that tore through my vehicle that

certain combat roles, such as infantry, machine gunner,

day” she writes, “didn’t stop because I’m a female”. Not

and fire support reconnaissance positions, should

content with the discrimination, Hunt and three other

remain closed to women. He justified his disagreement

women veterans filed a lawsuit against the Department

through a 978 page, $36 million study, “The Marine

of Defense, demanding that all combat roles open to

Corps Forced Integration Plan”. The study assessed


400 male and female soldiers through nearly a year of

The women were represented by the American Civil

combat exercises and determined that all-male squads

Liberties Union (ACLU) which argued the exclusionary

performed at a higher level than gender integrated

policy as unconstitutional. Staff Sgt. Hunt testified

squads. In addition to men possessing greater physical

that the policy constitutes structural discrimination

prowess than women, the study concluded that men

against women, arguing that the “automatic rejection

also suffer from certain injuries at a lower rate than

puts females soldiers and officers at a disadvantage for

women. The study quoted a previous report, from the

future assignment choices and career advancement”.

Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women

In addition, the changing nature of warfare renders

in the Armed Forces; the commission concluded, “risking

the policy obsolete: even in positions classified as non-

the lives of a military unit in combat to provide career

combat, women have fought and died in battle.

opportunities or accommodate the personal desires or

The Department of Defense was receptive of the criticism, and in the following year, declared the

interests of an individual, or group of individuals, is more than bad militaryjudgment. It is morally wrong”.

ban would be lifted by 2016. At a press conference,

Critics, primarily because of its allegedly faulty

Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense at the time of the

methodology, have nevertheless, panned the study.

announcement, highlighted that removing barriers to

Ellen Haring, a reserve Army Colonel, identified that the

allow all qualified individuals to serve was among his

study focused on group aggregate performances rather

top priorities. “Everyone is entitled to a chance,” Panetta

than on the performances of individuals. “The average

proclaimed at the press conference. The move opened

woman can’t do what the average man does. I don’t

approximately 238,000 positions to women, as long as

think that’s a surprise to anyone,” Haring commented.

they could meet gender-neutral requirements.

“But they weren’t told to [conduct the study] based on averages. It has to be based on individual performances”. Additionally, the men who participated in the study had to meet higher standards than women: the performances of even individual men and women, accordingly, are not comparable.

“Under the new policy, however, the greatest threat to service women may not be enemy combatants, but instead, male American soldiers.” Katelyn van Dam, a Marine Corps veteran and spokesman for the Truman Project and Center’s No

of those who leave service report they’ve experienced

Exceptions initiative, has remarked on the study’s sexual trauma, potentially resulting in PTSD. Due to the flawed methodology, stating, “It has been scientifically stigmas that surround rape culture and the structure of proven that overall physical fitness – not gender – this system, Kaplan is not shocked to find that “only eight correlates to injury”. In spite of the Marine Corps study, percent of assault allegations are prosecuted, compared current Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in January 2016 welcomed women into all combat roles in the

to five times that figure in the civilian world”. The future of women in the military will ultimately

U.S. military. He acknowledged physical differences likely be up to women like Army Staff Sgt. Jennifer between men and women, and therefore pledged that Hunt, who did not stop after driving the military to all individuals would be held to identical, gender- open combat roles to women. On behalf of Iraq and neutral standards. In a press conference announcing Afghanistan Veterans of America, she declared in a that he believes that the new policy will ensure a more statement to Congress that “our women warriors effective military. deserve the best treatment and support on the planet”. Under the new policy, however, the greatest threat She then outlined specific steps to lessen the number of to service women may not be enemy combatants, but sexual assaults. instead male American soldiers. Although the policy

The Department of Defense was again receptive to

regarding women in America’s military has become more the criticism of Staff Sgt. Hunt and Defense Secretary egalitarian, the culture that perpetuates sexual violence Ashton Carter took action to deal the problem of toward women is still in dire need of reform. Although retaliation. The military has improved its mechanisms the policy regarding women in America’s military has

for reporting and punishing. As a result, the rate of

become more egalitarian, the culture that perpetuates sexual assaults that are reported has risen. Nevertheless, sexual violence toward women is still in dire need of much work is to be done to create a culture in which reform. According to Marty Kaplan’s 2012 article for

women are treated as equals and sexual assaults are

The Huffington Post, “Ask Her When She’s Sober”, rape far less common. General Martin Dempsey believes the among female soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan over the military has already taken the first step to foster a better past decade was a more likely event than to be killed culture through the integration of women into combat by the enemy; Women who serve are twice as likely roles. He remarked that “the more we can treat people to be raped as the general population, and one-third

equally, the more likely they are to treat each other equally”.


PINK TAX -Taylor Parana


t’s bad enough that the average woman makes 79 cents to a man’s dollar (up one whole cent from last year… yay), but did you know that there is evidence according to Candice Elliot’s Listen Money Matters article, “The Pink Tax” that shows women pay an extra $1,351 per year in costs for personal items? Better known as the pink tax, certain items marketed towards women range anywhere from personal care items, to dry cleaning, to vehicle maintenance and repairs. Have you ever found yourself gravitating towards the pink or more feminine version of a product? If so, it might be time to switch it out for the men’s brand (which oftentimes are exactly the same, just colored differently). Otherwise, you could be paying significantly more for the same product. Although the federal government bans this activity along with all other types of gender discrimination, we still find it happening in stores across the nation. So not only are women getting paid less, they’re also paying more. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Women also face taxes on necessary feminine care and hygiene products. Personal care items such as tampons and pads are considered a “luxury,” thus making them subjected to sales tax.

0 1 $

9 or: 4 . az 0 1 R :r $ n’s n i o t e ra az om o R ig ’s e W v n e ett In s M Il ’ ep n e e G e D 9 tt e M a . li n 6 a G e $ n g b: o roge r t ru u t c e u 9 S e N av N .7 h S $4 s ’ eW n e ett M il e G t t e l Gi

Public restrooms supply us with free toilet paper, seat covers, and hand soap, so why not tampons? Nancy Kramer, a major activist in the fight against bathroom equality, recently launched a “Free the Tampon” movement. Her evidence regarding the tampon tax and According to, 86% of U.S. women say bathroom inequality is supported in this nationwide they’ve started their period unexpectedly in the public without campaign to provide all public restrooms with free the proper supplies they needed. Women tampons. simply have to improvise with what they have. Only a few states in the U.S. are not paying sales tax on tampons and pads. However, that still leaves forty-some states who need to hop on the bandwagon. In an effort to cut sales tax on tampons, a petition named “No Tax on Tampons” is circulating and has received over 30,000 signatures. When asked why women are being taxed for necessary personal





h s a W e

c Fa

n ea

items, President Obama responded by saying “I suspect



t ra

o g i v

is only beginning and unfortunately, these issues are not just accustomed to the United States. American women aren’t the only ones paying extra. According to a 2016 CNN



p 99

it’s because men were making the laws.” But the battle


97 ream . 1 C $ : ve m a ha e r S C s ’ ve en om s W ore t

s et




ric *P

e tak

g Tar


7 2.

article entitled “‘Pink Tax’ Anger women from New York to London”, a pharmacy chain in the U.K. was recently exposed and forced to slash prices that were deemed unfair by media protestors. Although these findings are distressing, there have been significant strides made towards tackling this issue. As we’ve seen before, social media activists and daily acts of resistance do have an impact on lawmakers. The more informed we are, the more involved we can be. If you see higher prices on products marketed towards women compared to men, do something; and certainly don’t spend more on a product just because it’s pink. Additionally, when it comes to service repairs and vehicle maintenance, do your research. Get multiple estimates and go the extra mile in order to ensure you’re being treated fairly and ethically. More importantly, don’t be afraid to stand up against social injustice. When it comes down to it, this issue isn’t just about wanting to pay less at the grocery store. It’s about striving towards gender equality and demanding justice and fairness for women all over the world.




All over the country, American girls are outraged about the

was being teased and bullied by others because of her natural

unfair enforcement of school dress codes. Lately it seems

afro. When her mother went to the school to complain about

as though schools are more interested in protecting boys

the bullying, it was suggested that she cut her daughters hair as

from the “distraction” that is the female body, than actually it was deemed distracting other students. The student claims educating them about gender inequality. Countless stories

that her natural hair is part of her identity, a part of what makes

have surfaced in which schools have either suspended or

her unique and has no plans to change it. She also expressed

threatened disciplinary action toward girls whose outfits, or that she doesn’t want to leave her school and friends behind, even hair, were identified as distractions.

but she would prefer to leave rather than have both students and administrators bully her.

Here are just a few examples:

Grissom High School, a school in Alabama, sent a female student to an out-of-classroom discipline room after a school

Woodford County High School in Kentucky sent a female security guard stopped her for a dress code violation on her student home after an administrator believed she was showing way to her first class. The student was wearing black leggings too much of her collarbone. After the student tried to cover that reached her ankles and an oversized men’s sweatshirt up the exposed area with a scarf, administrators told her that

which covered her bottom and reached below her finger tips,

it was tied incorrectly, and the student was sent home. This is

an outfit that is, in fact, in compliance with her schools dress

not the first time that the Woodford County High School dress

code. The student was told that she could not return to class

code has come under fire, many female students have argued

until someone brought her new clothes.

that the dress code favors certain body types and creates a

Thankfully, she was able to return to class once a friend of her

double standard for male and female students. One female

mother arrived with a change of clothes. The student’s mother,

student even created a small documentary addressing the issue angered by the situation, took to entitled Shame: A Documentary on School Dress Code. In Florida, Faith Christian Academy threated to expel a

Facebook to share her disdain for the actions taken by the school, stating “That the mere idea of a girl even HAVING a

twelve-year-old student for refusing to cut her hair. The student derriere (or, heaven forbid, shoulders) is so scandalous that we

must stop everything and hide her away.” These policies are completely arbitrary and subject to personal preference and interpretation. Parents are being pulled away from their jobs and female students are missing valuable class time for these minor infractions. In some cases, girls’ personal identities are being put on trial, as if being yourself isn’t hard enough during grade school. This inadvertently teaches girls to denounce what makes them unique. In addition, not only is this policy demeaning to girls—deeming them as simple objects of sexual desire and sexualizing them at a young age – but it also assumes that boys are sex-obsessed Neanderthals who cannot concentrate unless all girls within a 2 mile radius are completely covered up. These policies also promote rape culture and victim shaming, two extremely harmful ideologies that infer that girls who “show too much” are promiscuous and somehow responsible for unwanted sexual attention. Using social media, girls are beginning to fight back. With





#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe, girls around the nation are able to share their stories and empower each other to speak out against dress code inequality. Some girls have even started movements at their schools like a group of South Carolina teens who wore shirts to school that read “Distraction” and “Not a Distraction”, alluding to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Schools should focus more on teaching boys to respect girls regardless of their clothing and create policies that allow girls to be comfortable with their bodies. Obviously, some things aren’t appropriate for school such as clothing displaying profanity or hurtful language and, of course, students shouldn’t be showing up to class in their underwear.

The ideas that these current dress codes instill in students at young age are carried with them into adulthood and can largely affect their future interactions with the opposite sex whether at institutions for higher education or in the workplace which may add to the incidence of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Ultimately, school dress codes do not need to be abolished but simply reformed so that students can focus on the most important aspect of school, lunch education.

- Crystal Bugg

Deconstucting Disney:

- Crystal Bugg


Ariel and Eric fight to save

(1989), or as I like to

the mer-kingdom. In the

call it “How to get a Man

end, Ursula is defeated, King

in 3 Days”, may be your

Triton returns Ariel to her

favorite childhood love

human form and gives the

story about a girl who

new couple his blessing,

defies all odds for love,

and the prince and princess

but there are many more

get married and live happily

messages hidden within

ever after.



this Disney classic. Now imagine


adolescent and




Now here’s what’s wrong

The Little Mermaid

with this story: As a young child


this film you are

planted in front of the television, your youthful gaze fixed unknowingly taught that it is simple, easy, and appropriate upon screen as this nautical fairytale unfolds. You observe the

to change EVERYTHING about yourself and leave your life

life of 16 year-old Ariel, the somewhat unreliable princess of

and family behind for a guy. In Ariel’s case, she was already

the sea with an innate sense of adventure and her head in the

fascinated with the human world but the reason she finally

clouds. She longs to live amongst the humans and understand

decides to make the deal with Ursula is because she has fallen

their unique and sophisticated culture much to her father’s, in love with Eric after seeing him only once. Next she decides King Triton, dismay. She repeatedly lashes out and swims to to give up one of her best talents, singing, in order to make the surface despite her father’s wishes, and the FIRST TIME

Eric fall in love with her. Then, when she’s finally human, she

she sees a human up close it happens to be the extremely has three voiceless days in which she has to use only her beauty handsome Prince Eric. She’s instantly lovestruck but Triton to secure true love’s kiss. won’t hear a word of it. In a teenage angst-filled rage she makes

To be honest, how many women in real life go silent to

a deal with the sea witch Ursula to become human in exchange impress men? Not to mention Ariel is only 16 years-old and the for her voice. She is then given three speechless days to make transition from careless, teenage mermaid to human wife may Eric fall in love with her or she will forever belong to Ursula.

not be the easiest. She also disobeys her father on multiple

After a few days of quirky mishaps and batting her eyelashes occasions with no clear explanation for the audience that is she almost gets the prince to kiss her but her plan is foiled by presumably young children. Overall, this fairytale may be one Ursula. Ariel is returned to the sea where her father is forced

that teaches youth to trust your gut and break all barriers, but

to relinquish his crown and become one of Ursula’s minions in

it may also be teaching them false ideas of love and the price

exchange of young Ariel’s freedom. A vicious battle ensues as

of happiness.

Choosing the Right


Salem, Ohio, is ranked the least expensive at $9,200, making a four -Jaclyn Rourke

You see it depicted in a movie with a shirtless Zac Efron surrounded by thirty sorority girls, maybe a peek at a dorm room, and a flash of

year degree cost $36,800. That is almost half of what one year at Oberlin will get you. Does this mean that Oberlin is a better institute than Allegheny Wesleyan? I think that depends on the student and what they want out of their college education and experience.

a lecture hall. There’s a lot more to college than that, as I’m sure

There is definitely something to be said about the number of

most of you know. Sometimes, too much more, to the point where

people attending the middle of the road universities like Miami of

decisions can be hard when it comes to picking the right one.

Ohio, Ohio State, Ohio University, and Bowling Green, that being

While deciding which college or university fulfills your wants and dreams can be an excruciating task for some, for me, it was

a more average cost. They are schools that bring in a lot of people because of size and the atmosphere they offer.

incredibly simple. I grew up in a small town, initially despising large

Paying for these top schools is becoming a more increasingly

schools like Ohio State and dreamt of attending an over-priced

difficult task, especially with interest rates only going up. Taking out

liberal arts school--which I could only afford to attend because I

both a direct subsidized loan and a direct unsubsidized loan is going

was an aspiring student athlete. But that all changed the summer of

to mean that when you are paying that back over the course of your

my senior year when my father, a proud Ohio State alum, took me

life, you will be adding a 4.29% interest rate on top of what you

on my one and only college visit. I can’t say that my dad’s Buckeye

borrowed. Now, if you are fortunate enough that your parents are

pride alone turned me, but the enthusiasm that my university tour

paying for your education, you have the privilege of not having to

guide emanated made me a future Buckeye. So here I am, four years

worry about debt and loans. But for some, this is their reality and

later, a senior who is about to join millions of others in becoming a

the only way that they are able to afford an education. Shout out to

Buckeye for life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

those who are paying their own way through college and taking on

When choosing schools, there are so many factors that you have

the obstacles that come with working part time. Schools with higher

to consider. A lot of these can be split between attending a private,

tuition rates have a way to decrease their tuition rate and become

or public university among all other things. Some key considerations

more alluring: scholarships. Whether they are academic or athletic,

include cost, size, availability of resources, and setting to name a

schools will lure you in with the “S” word. I have many friends that


chose to attend private universities because they were able to reign


in both academic and athletic scholarships, making their college The cost of a school is a very important

topic especially with the rise in tuition and interest rates on loans. In Ohio, Oberlin College, a private school in Oberlin, comes in at the most expensive at $63,696 a year, making that four year degree worth a whopping $254,784. That’s not to say all private schools are pricey, though. Allegheny Wesleyan College, a private school in

experience more affordable than a state school would have been. The size of the school you want to attend is also very important to consider. There’s usually quite a difference here, again, with private versus public institutions. Let’s start with the flagship public universities, which are typically larger.

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right: Pros of a larger school Athletics: With Big 10 schools comes the glory of athletics. For

Pros of a smaller school Size: Classes are usually smaller at a private school, which means

some, they could care less, but for others this love for the game

that you can develop a more meaningful relationship with your

connects thousands of people who sing the same alma mater every

professor, thus allowing you to go to them with confidence when

Saturday and feel like one large family.

requesting that reference or letter of recommendation. Professors

Majors: There are over 200 majors offered at Ohio State, as well are also great resources when it comes to networking! as specialized minors that you can add to your degree to make you Community: I’ve asked my friends who chose to go to smaller, that much more marketable. By attending a large scale university,

private schools if they felt like they have a better sense of community

you have immersed yourself in a diverse environment that ultimately

and their answers are always “Yes! It’s reassuring that I always see a

promotes growth, which is actually the most important part of your

familiar face”. Being able to recognize people allows some to feel

college experience.

more comfortable, which can be imperative to have a successful

Diversity: Meeting people from different backgrounds than transition from home to school. myself has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my college Programs: Many smaller schools have their niches, academically. career. I am able to share my own unique experiences and enlighten

Sometimes private schools have their own unique programs that are

others, and I have grown from learning about others. Large schools

specialized to the students that attend. If one of them in particular

also offer large networking opportunities, which is crucial if you

interests you, then go for it! It gives you and your resume a unique

want to get to that dream job. Thanks to networking, transition from

touch. Take Belmont University, a private liberal-arts school in

a large university to a city can be a bit easier when you’re used to

Nashville, Tennessee. They’re famous for their Music Business

constantly being around crowds and working with several people on

program, in fact it is the only AACSB international accredited Music

a daily basis.

Business program in the world!

Cons of a larger school

Cons of a smaller school

Conversely, because of the large class sizes in a large school, your

One negative aspect about smaller schools is that they can often

relationship with your professor can be compromised because

feel too familiar. Some students of private institutions reported

you somehow find yourself fighting with 300 other people to ask

that it “felt like high school all over again because everyone knows

your chemistry professor a question about the homework you’re

everyone and their business”.

struggling with.

Getting Out There: Another aspect of school that makes things fun is getting involved (and no, it’s not all about drinking and parties). This is one thing that is more up to the individual than the institution. Private schools and public schools both offer a wide range of resources and extracurricular activities that can appeal to anybody.

help on a few problems is okay, they’re there to be used!. Universities have these resources for you so that you can be successful. I know I’m going to miss them! Lastly, take advantage of your campus calendars. Here at OSU we have a student union where we can learn about different

There are organizations ranging from athletics to the arts. One

events coming up. Whether it be a Phoenix concert, a career fair,

I’ve personally found enjoyable is volunteering: giving back to

a multicultural event, or a TEDTalk, check it out! These events are

a community that has given me so much. Becoming involved in

almost always free so why not go to the Brazilian Masquerade Ball

undergraduate student government, student-alumni council,

Thursday night? You’re paying to be there, so take what you can get.

or being a university ambassador makes your experience more


delightful. If you’re more of a sporty-type, there are several intramural sports that will be available to you. Maybe you just want to

All in all, the most important part of deciding which university

have a good laugh or talk about some good music, join a vinyl club

is for you, is deciding if they fit you as a whole. Cost matters and

or improv group. If there’s none of the above, make one yourself!

doesn’t: don’t go to some big, expensive school just for the name.

Do some research and find out the process of creating your own club

Also realize, that your education is one of the best investments you

at your school.

can make in yourself. There are always ways to help with funding.

The organizations you choose to be involved in can say a lot about

Go where you’re comfortable, but not too comfortable--after all, it’s

you. More importantly, holding a leadership position speaks volumes

college, and you can’t be afraid to try something new. You may not be

to employers. Being the president of your club shows that you’re

a big fish in a small pond but that’s OK! Get to know the people who

dedicated, involved, and passionate especially when it’s something

are different than you, and similar. Grow from what you learn about

you’re not getting paid for!

them and yourself. Finally, one of the most important considerations

More than student organizations, there is a multitude of resources

(probably THE most important) are your major interests: something

your campus will provide. But you don’t have to be involved in

you may want to learn about and be a part of for a large portion of

these organizations to take advantage of them. Wellness centers are

your life. If your interests lie among the sciences, go to a research

something that students often overlook. They promote both physical

based school that has a lot of options in the science departments. If

and mental health, which is important, especially on a college

you’re more of an arts person, do the same for that field. If you want

campus where often extreme stress and anxiety are deemed as a

to be big in business, you may want to go to a school with a lot of

normal part of being a student. If you’re struggling to juggle your

networking opportunities, big or small; do your research! You may

clubs, class, work, health, AND a social life--take advantage of these

not know exactly what you want to do yet, and that’s fine, it’s just

centers! The staff there can help you with managing all that you’re

another reason to get involved. That’s what college is for: exploring,

dealing with.

and getting to know yourself.

Another resource that is often stigmatized is tutoring: something I wish I would’ve been more open to. Getting that A in O-Chem is important if you are applying to medical school, and asking for



-Harjas Chahal and Elizabeth Passino

“You don’t see women going all the way to the top,” she* said, majors, which are typically male dominated. According to the when asked about men versus women in the workforce. Women

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47% of women make up the

have steadily progressed in typically male-dominated fields, but

nation’s workforce, but there is a much smaller percent of these

are still stuck beneath the glass ceiling. It’s not uncommon to

women studying in STEM fields, and even less who pursue

hear a woman be labeled cold or harsh for possessing qualities

STEM careers. Why the discrepancy? This statistic suggests that

that are praised in men, especially in fields that emphasize something is happening to women between college and the mathematical or scientific knowledge. She added, “In general,

workforce that is causing them to choose alternative options.

if a male person is dominant, it is considered a leadership An interview with a Geographic Information Systems and quality, and if a female person is dominant, it is considered too

Computer Information Systems double major at the Ohio

aggressive. The same quality can be perceived very differently

State University, Morgan Turnet**, led to insight on this topic.

from two different genders.” Women are often unintentionally Women make up approximately 30-40% of her major. Morgan socialized to believe they aren’t meant to be leaders. This stated that she was warned from the beginning about entering inequality hurts us all, as it denies women the chance to prove

a scientific field, as many other young women are as well; They

themselves and everyone else the benefit of their ideas. After

were told they would be the minority. The fact that recruiters

all, you never know which mind could hold the cure to cancer are warning young women against these majors is forcing or the solution to traveling past the Milky Way.

society to fall into a state of regression. It’s basically telling

The negative image society has of female leaders may be these girls that “you can pursue this major if you like, but do the reason that some young women looking at colleges opt

so at your own risk of being treated differently from the men.”

out of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Women may want to pursue careers in such fields but society

*Professor in STEM field who wished to remain anonymous **Pseudonym

interested in STEM careers; IBM’s video perpetuated more stereotypes than they were ostensibly fighting against. This is not the first time that women have heard they should stick to makeup and beauty. In today’s world, one can easily tell if a product is geared towards women. Instead of focusing on the differences between men and women, recruiters should spend more time highlighting the career itself. Our female professor believes that one way to overcome this obstacle is for professional women in STEM fields to visit elementary becomes a hindrance.

and middle schools, educating students on their jobs and

A lack of female representation in STEM majors is often

experiences. Rather than “warning” the girls away from such

viewed as a deliberate choice by women, but is it? If women are

careers, they should verbalize the reality of the situation. Let the

advised to steer clear of majors they are interested in, maybe

students know that people will try to push them out, but letting

it’s not their fault. Just because the world is beginning to

them do so would be succumbing to stereotypical expectation.

realize that women should be encouraged to take on typically

The young students would view these older women as role

male dominated roles does not mean they are welcomed with

models and be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

open arms. In reference to Claire MIller’s New York Times

Therefore, the only way to break the cycle of male-dominated

article, “Technology’s Man Problem”, over half of the women

careers is for females to surpass any stereotypes and enter the

who work in the tech industry leave midcareer, often times due

field. Morgan, the Ohio State double major, sees a lack of female

to issues of sexism (Miller 2014). Every step in the process to

representation in her classes and at her campus tech support

working in a STEM field is riddled with obstacles for women.

job. Through unequal experiences in her major, Morgan

If the majority of women are affected by inequalities between

has developed a mindset that helps her succeed despite the

the two sexes, it becomes that much more difficult to recruit

inequalities occurring around her. When asked how she deals

younger women into those fields. The question now is, how

with bias and stereotypes in her GIS/CIS classes, Morgan stated

do we encourage girls to see if a STEM field is something they

that she overcomes gender obstacles by taking on her mantra

would like to pursue and stick with?

of “if they think they’re better than me, they’d better prove it.”

International Business Machines (IBM), the world’s largest

Morgan hopes her story will inspire young women everywhere

computer company, attempted to recruit more women in STEM

to achieve their goals, even with societal pressures pushing

fields in their “Hack a Hair Dryer” ad campaign, which was well-

against them. Finally, our professor interviewed, with her

intentioned, but ultimately faced large amounts of backlash.

years of experience working in a male dominated field, wishes

The two-minute video states that innovation is not based on

to motivate; she states, “Sometimes there are a lot of factors

gender, and that anyone can join the STEM world. However,

against you, but…that should not stop you. Girls, if you want

those who protested the video believed it implied that a beauty

to go into engineering, you go for it.” It’s 2016, and it’s time we

tool, such as a hairdryer, was the only way for women to be

change the outlook on women in STEM fields.

Networking and Social media. Whether you love it or hate it, the fact is that it’s not going anywhere. So why not use it to your advantage? Social media isn’t simply a tool that lets you post selfies or comment anonymously on your friend’s terrible YouTube videos. It can also help you succeed in the professional world. Social media is an important aspect of society, especially to millennials. Instead of wondering why you never learned any “real skills”, why not put your social media skills to the test? Here are a few social media sites that just might give you the upper hand in your career: -Harjas Chahal

1. LinkedIn:

This app gives you the opportunity to network

easily and quickly. Simply create a profile and add people you know from school or work. LinkedIn allows its users to build their profiles by adding degrees, achievements, and jobs. This social media platform displays all the same information that a resume does. Soon, you could be building connections with your old high school principal that has a friend in marketing who is married to a lawyer who hires employees at the firm you’d like to work at.

• Although you can make a profile on LinkedIn similar to one Facebook, be sure to make this one more professional. Keep your profile up to date with your most recent experiences, follow companies that are relevant to you, and maybe even invest in getting a couple of professional photos taken!

d Social Media 2. Facebook:

I know, I know. You must be thinking, “Isn’t Facebook

just for looking at my friend’s engagement photos while avoiding pokes from strangers?” Surprisingly, no. Facebook can be a great networking tool. You can join a professional group from the wide range of options easily found on the website, which might help prepare you for that job interview coming up. You can pose various questions to your countless Facebook friends— someone is bound to have an answer. • Be careful not to post inappropriate photos of yourself. Change the tag settings on your Facebook too, so you can approve anything your friends might want to tag you in. Photos containing keg stands or promiscuous goingout selfies are not what future employers want to see. A rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see or read it, don’t post it!

3 .Twitter: T

his popular app can help you follow the latest

trends. If you click on a hashtag you’ll be directed to tweets, articles, and websites on the subject. Hashtags allow a broader audience to see your work, as well as connecting you to similar tweets or pictures. When you share a tweet, you allow your followers the option of retweeting it, which gets your ideas to their followers and so on. A simple thought you had could be seen by thousands of people in less than an hour. Twitter’s 140-character limit forces users to be clear and concise, which is beneficial when it comes to interviews or writing projects. Let’s face it. Millennials don’t usually begin their day by reading the newspaper. So why not follow multiple news sources on Twitter? You’ll be alerted as soon as something new happens. • If you’re worried about future employers seeing something inappropriate on your Twitter, make your account private!

• Practice makes perfect; More recently, employers have taken on Twitter’s format and have required their applicants to be creative by selling themselves in 140 characters.

INTERVIEW TIPS College? Check.

Degree in something you’re interested in? Check. Interview for a job? …. If the thought of interviewing for a job in your

More and more often, graduates are having a

field stresses you out, you’re not alone. Finding

tougher time finding jobs but the year a you were

a job can be difficult enough without the added

born shouldn’t predict if you will be hired for a job

pressure of being termed a “millennial”. Although

or not. Nonetheless, you never know what kind of

many good things come with this name, the bad

outlook your interviewer will have.

always follows. Yes, millennials are independent, but they might not be dedicated to the job. Yes, millennials are tech-savvy, but what about their people skills?

Here are a few tips that might help you next time you’re interviewing for a position:


- Dress professionally- pencil skirts aren’t your only option, but still a viable option. The formal- casual look has become increasingly popular. Many employers today


- Underdress. It’s always better to be overprepared than under! - Go overboard. Know the job you’re interviewing for. A design or marketing firm can have a completely different environment than an engineering firm. If you’re really unsure, it’s okay to ask! - Be unaware of what you’ve included in your resume.

are fine with khaki pants, a nice dress shirt, and tie for

Many people create their resume’s way before applying

men or black skinnies, a dress shirt with blazer and short

to specific jobs and forget what was included on it. Be

heels or flats for women.

up to date and change your resume accordingly!

- Include your personality in your outfit. It’s okay to have a statement necklace or a color that pops. - Have a top-notch cover letter or resume. Take advantage of the resources online and in your university to assist you in creating a strong resume. Also take more than one copy! - Show your enthusiasm for the job in how much you’ve researched it. Knowing a company can help focus discussion.

- Only talk about how you can fix the company’s flaws, if there are any. Talk about how the company can help you too! - Mistake confidence for arrogance. Talk about yourself, but not too much. - Expect to be VP in one day. Many times people have to work their way up the ladder. - Be afraid to say the wrong thing. No one is perfect. Simply address the issue and move on.

- Be confident with your approach. Show your strengths and what you can do. Often times employers will ask what your strengths and weaknesses are, be aware of this beforehand. - Know your worth. Before going into the interview, know what you expect as far as pay or benefits. - Be honest. Two classes of Spanish in high school does not make a fluent speaker. Being too rehearsed or dishonest can come off unnatural.

-Harjas Chahal


She’s a bodacious behavioral neuroscience professor at The Ohio State University where she spends her time conducting research in her lab or teaching classes, whether it being an intro to neuroscience or hormones and behavior class- her specialty. When she’s not wearing a lab coat, she loves to do yoga, read, run, or spend time with her husband and adorable kids. She’s pretty awesome, but I’ll let her tell you that herself.

Q: Let’s start with a brief intro about where you’re from and how you got here…

Q: Tell us about your research specifically. A: I study how pre or post natal early life experiences influence

A: I’m from the suburbs of Detroit. I did my undergraduate work

brain development with a real eye to looking at differences between

partially at Northwestern University in Chicago, and partially a small

males and females; I study how they get programmed early in

liberal arts school at Kalamazoo in western Michigan. I wanted

life to perform behaviors that are sex specific or biased towards

to go somewhere big and snazzy, but then I transferred to get to

one gender, (why are females more nurturing, or males more

know my professors a bit better. I went on to graduate school at

aggressive). Layering onto that now, I’m trying to understand how

Indiana University, Bloomington. I got my PhD in psychology and

negative early life experiences like sickness, inflammation, or stress

in neuroscience, then did my post-doctoral training at University of

can mess up that normal process of sex-specific brain development.

Maryland medical school in Baltimore, and then I came here to Ohio

It’s important because most neuropsychological disorders have


sex differences in their prevalence, and most developmental ones

Q: Neuroscience seems like a relatively new field, were there many options at the time for you? A: No, we didn’t have that major, at all. I essentially just took a basic intro to neuroanatomy class. All through college, I was interested in

(Autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, Tourette’s) are much more common in males and we don’t know why. Q: So, gender differences, and even using female subjects weren’t really a big deal until now?

how cultural experiences shape who we are, feminism, differences

A: My field is a small field, it sometimes gets dismissed as a trifle,

between men and women, and wondered if they were induced by

like sex differences are something only women care about. It gets

biology. I took this neuroanatomy class and realized the brain was

framed as touchy feely, but half of the world are women and that’s

plastic and all these connections happen and change in response to

relevant! It’s also a women’s rights issues. Beyond that, it may have

experience. It was super exciting for me to be able to connect the

incredible explanatory power. If males are four times more likely

differences in behavior and biology. It was a way that I could think

to get Autism than women, why don’t we figure out why that is and

about how our experiences could change who we are. I thought it’d

maybe it can tell us something about female biology to protect men

be a more powerful way to answer my questions.


“I’ve been forthcoming about my priorities. I went to my post-doctoral interviews 8 months pregnant ...And I kind of did that purposely.” Q: How did you get into research, or know it was the right choice for you?

Q: What are some challenges you have faced in the field- anything with work/life balance?

A: At Kalamazoo we had to do a senior research project. Everyone

A: There are certain parts of being a female faculty member that

had their own individual project and you could go volunteer, but

are challenging. Sometimes male professors are perceived as more

most psychology majors were encouraged to work in an actual lab.

authoritative, sometimes I’m fighting a battle where I’m having to

So, I went back to Northwestern and studied attitudes in a social

convince people, “Yes, I know what I’m talking about and should be

psychology lab. I really liked it, it was cool being the person to gather

taken seriously”. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been very lucky, I’ve

the information no one had discovered before. At first, I was trying

been forthcoming about my priorities. I went to my post-doctoral

to get out of having to do one, then I did it, and loved it.

interviews 8 months pregnant (chuckles). You know, at my job talk,

I showed pictures of my kids and, I kind of did that purposely… to say, “Yes, I can do these things, and I dare you to discount me because I’m a mother”, but also, to test and see how people would

Q: What is a piece of advice you would give to women who are interested in STEM fields? A: Just go for it. If it’s what interests you. Know that there are times where it can be a macho culture and you have to weather it.

react and if that was a problem.

If that means that you have to act tough and then have go in the Q: What are your goals? Do you have any large next steps, maybe

bathroom and cry for five minutes that’s fine too. But, personally, I’ve been upfront with being a woman and having my priorities. I

in a different direction? A: No, this is the career I want. I want to continue doing the research I do and ask bigger, better, cooler questions as my lab grows. I want to continue to advocate women in science. It’s amazing. I get a student in my class that comes to my office once a week or so and says something about me being a role model to them in some way and it just blows my mind. I now feel like that’s an important part of my job and I hope to continue that.

think by doing that it makes science a more friendly place for men and women, it’s more normal for everyone.

“I get a student that says something about me being a role model to just blows my mind. I now feel like that’s an important part of my job and I hope to continue that.”

Dr. Lenz in her lab at Ohio State. Q: What were some struggles you had at our age?

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: Anxiety. High school was so easy for me, I got all A’s without

A: I’m really into science fiction. I like that it plays with cultural

really trying. College was a rude awakening and being away from

norms and expectations. My favorite is Ursula K. Le Guin’s, The Left

home was really hard, I’m close with my mom. I did well, I just

Hand of Darkness; the people have ambiguous genders, so you never

didn’t feel good about it. I felt nervous that I wasn’t going to be the

know whether the characters are female or male and it’s extremely

good enough and I think that’s something a lot of people struggle

disconcerting. I totally assign people even though I try to resist. It

with, especially high-achievers. The farther you go up, the more

makes you realize how important our expectations of gender are,

you’re surrounded by smart, confident people that will challenge

I think the author does this to show us how uncomfortable we are

you, which can be a good thing as long as you don’t let it debilitate

with that. It’s interesting how we interpret people’s motivations and


choices and how they’re so dependent on if they’re men or women.

-Samantha Sabihi


Explore the world:Tokyo, Japan Not only is the Senso-Ji Temple a fantastic site just to

visit and see, but the temple gives great insight into

Japanese culture and religion. With the temple still in use

The Edo-Tokyo Museum will give you a glimpse of life in

by Japanese people and Buddhist monks, it becomes an

Tokyo and its developments as a city. If you’re lucky, you

interesting place to observe cultural and religious events.

may even catch the live music or dance performances that “EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM” by Michael Francis McCarthy CC Attribution 2.0 Generic

happen twice a day!

Being only a two and a half hour bus trip outside the city, Mt Fuji is a must-see day trip for those wanting to see something aside from city life. You can learn about the history and geology of Japan’s highest mountain, as well as take in the natural scenery and lakes and Shinto shrines and Torii scattered about halfway up the mountain.

The beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen Garden is one of the top attractions in Tokyo. Take a leisurely walk through the gardens, meandering along bridges and paths and admiring the natural scenery. Plus, being that it is in the middle of the city, it’s easy to get to, too!

-Kate Sherman

Seeing the World on a Budget

The Top Five Travel Apps That Will Stretch Your Dollar Juuust a Little Farther - Kate Sherman

Imagine the white, sand beaches of a faraway island: the sun shines through the palm trees and warms your face as you lounge on your hammock, flipping through BE Magazine. Okay, we can all agree that sounds amazing--especially if you’re like me and you’re sick and tired of slopping through the grey, Ohio spring. But how do you get there? It’s no secret that vacations can get really pricey, really fast--the plane tickets or gas money to get you there, lodging, food--and that’s just the start. If you’re looking to travel the world, or just to make summer break plans that don’t involve watching soap operas with your great Aunt Martha, babysitting your neighbor’s hyper kids, or hanging out at the local Taco Bell, and do involve bikinis, great food, your best friends, or literally anything else much more exciting, you’ve stumbled onto the right place. Read below for the best apps you’re not using that might just make the difference in budgeting for your next best memory.



You’ve started budgeting and you’re looking for a place to go: Do you want a chic European villa or an action packed trip to NYC? What about a nice leisurely weekend in West Palm Beach? Try looking over Numbeo to help you decide! Okay, so this isn’t an app, but it does give fantastic insight into the cost of living in the destinations that you’re entertaining for vacation spots. This site allows you to research any city to figure out about how much money you can anticipate spending on food or if you find out you forgot your toothpaste. Similar sites/apps: Fairness, Cost of Living Calculator

1. Mint. Budgeting for trips can be the hardest part about making it happen.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it by yourself. This app, available for iPhone and Android phones, will track your spending so you know exactly how much you’re losing on chai lattes at Starbucks or seeing movies, so you know what to cut back on to save that $20 a week for your upcoming trip. The app will even send you email reports! Similar apps: GoodBudget, Pocket Expense

3. Hopper. So, you’re researching destinations and you’re starting to plan

your trip--awesome! You start googling flights, and immediately get discouraged at the outlandish prices. Not to fear. Hopper allows you to set your trip details and put the trip on “watch.” Not only will it predict the price of your flight if you bought your ticket this second, but it also lets you know when the price might drop for the flight you’re planning to take. This way, you can sit back and worry about other things while Hopper works for you and alerts you of the day and time it’s cheapest to buy your ticket. Still not impressed? It also allows you to see the flights available and which airline, as well as the flights you’ve already booked. Tip: This is also a great way to start watching flights to several destinations to figure out which trip might be cheapest! Similar apps: Airefare Watchdog, GasBuddy,

5. TripAdvisor.

4. Trivago.

Once you get to your destination, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. A lot of people use Air B&B, but if you’re like me, your parents aren’t too fond of you traveling as a lone female to stay in a non-certified stranger’s guest bedroom. I guess I can understand that, but it puts a lot of strain on your wallet. Trivago can help with this part of the planning. It compiles the cheapest hotels for you, allowing you to filter them by popularity, rating, price, and distance. Better yet, it lists the amenities for each hotel (like swimming pools and free Wi-Fi!) and shows you a map of the hotels in the city so you don’t accidentally book a hotel an hour from downtown just because it’s cheaper.

Flight: check. Hotel: check. Spending money: check. The only thing left to do is figure out what you’re going to spend your time on. Does a Cuban sandwich shop in Miami sound good? Or would you rather spend your money on parking at the Getty Museum in L.A.? Decisions, decisions. Well, try using TripAdvisor to help you plan. This app, though pretty widely known by now, is one of my personal favorites. Look up restaurants and reviews, filtering your search by location and price, assuring you the best night out for you and your bank account. Moreover, Trip Advisor can give great information on local landmarks, museums, parks, and more, so you can find alternative adventures to pricey tours or events.

Similar apps: Priceline, Kayak

Similar apps: Yelp, Zomato

6. Bonus

Tip! XE.

Traveling internationally? Try downloading XE, the currency exchange app. While we all know how to do math, it’s easy to be overconfident when we’re attempting to figure out the exchange rate in our heads. This easy app will tell you the conversion rate of American dollars to pretty much any country in the world. Just type in the country and the amount, and you’re good to go; possibly saving you from buying that sweater in London that actually turned out to be much more than you thought.


Stone War


-Christian Cholcher

lla Mae had not wanted to stand amongst the sweating crowds at the back of the courthouse, as her brother and friends suggested. Instead, they

waited outside, leaning against their parked cars,

staring straight at the wide oak doors, waiting for them to burst open with the verdict.

***** “Ella, oh God! They shot Tommy,” said Iris, running up

Ella watched the boys, all friends of her brother Henry. They

the steps of Ella Mae’s porch that hot afternoon. The cicadas

were tall, blond and brown hair slicked and combed back,

were screaming, and the cloudless sky and the beaming heat

wearing button ups and khaki’s like they were going to church.

of the sun only seemed to amplify their distress. Iris was

She wore a white sundress with yellow flowers on it; she wore

crying, glistening tears running down her dark face. “They

the dress to the Easter Sunday service a year ago, and the old

shot Tommy!” The panic in her best friend’s once docile

women commented on how pretty it made her look, how lively

brown eyes sent Ella Mae into a subsequent panic as well.

it made Ella Mae seem.

Ella had not understood at first. This was the first time

Ella, her brother, and the others stood around swatting at

she had ever heard of someone being shot in her town.

mosquitoes who effortlessly swarmed and pricked their skin,

Nestled between decrepit, rusting steel mills and patches

drawing blood before they could catch them. The boys grabbed

of pine woods, Leviton, Ohio had never heard those words

stones and gravel from the sides of the road and skipped them

strung together. So Ella Mae started to laugh, nervously, in

across the ground as if the asphalt were a lake; the boys threw

wretched disbelief, painfully, awkwardly. “What happened,

the stones at one another, soon acting out a battle, as if they


were kids again playing war, but all of them were well older than sixteen. They whooped and hollered. They waited for the verdict of Officer Charles Morning, charged with the murder of a young black man, Thomas Monty, about a

Iris, wiping tears from her cheeks, repeated, “The cops shot Tommy!” Tommy was the son of the Auto shop owner, Mr. Clyde Monty, and Iris’ cousin, distant cousin, but it didn’t matter now.

month ago, when Charles shot Monty in the alley behind the

Iris took Ella Mae’s frail, white hand and dragged her

A&P after Charles saw, or what he thought he saw, Monty steal

along the streets to the A&P, where a group had gathered,

a packet of white powered donuts from the Hostess stand at

held back by four cop cars and six cops, burly in blue

the front of the store. “He was armed, and dangerous,” said the

uniforms. “I’m his cousin!” yelled Iris to a cop, a woman,

officer to the papers, after the official report had been written.

who looked at her with adamant eyes, which were about to

Outraged and saddened and fearful for their lives as well,

break into sympathy, had Iris held on a little longer to her

the community lashed back, bringing them to the courthouse

conviction. Iris was not one to stand up to authority figures,

on this day. Some three weeks ago, Ella Mae would never have

and soon she cowered from the woman. “I’m sorry miss,”

guessed the impact the cries of the town would have on its own

the cop said in a moment of empathy, “but I can’t let anyone fate. pass.”

“The sun was high in the sky when I heard the gunshot,” said Iris, “way too bright for fireworks.”

After Tommy’s funeral, a wailing community called for the upheaval of the police system, the youth almost called for the head of Officer Morning, who was revealed to be the culprit. On the side of the police station, in red spray paint, “Die Pigs,” was scrawled on the brick. The people wanted to rally. At school, even the younger teens of Leviton wanted action.

Iris and Ella Mae circled around the group, and between the bumpers of two cop cars, they saw the slumped body of Tommy, with two more cops and a paramedic hovering over him like three vultures inspecting a deceased animal. Iris began to cry again. “It’s going to be okay, Iris,” said Ella Mae, trying her best to comfort her friend. “It won’t be okay,” answered Iris through heaving sobs. “This is not okay.” Iris said she heard the gunshots, too. At thirteen, and stuck between adulthood and childhood, she almost mistook them for fireworks, and looked up at the sky attentively waiting for the burst of color, but it was only accompanied by a scream, another shot, and then a dead silence, quiet like when the first snow falls and nothing dares to speak. Iris then realized the severity, and took running off towards the sound, to find Tommy writhing, and the officer panicking. “The sun was high in the sky when I heard the gunshot,” said Iris, “way too bright for fireworks.” ***** Tommy’s funeral was crowded, the largest funeral Leviton had seen since the former mayor had passed away three years ago. All the folks wore black and gray. They walked together like a black river, in a large group, with the casket in front and they buried him. His mother cried so loud Ella Mae could not help but cry as well. She thought her tears were forced, however.

Iris, in her rage, had called an impromptu meeting in the school yard one foggy, humid morning, one week after school started. She was accompanied by her brothers, Louis, Larry, and Marco, all tall and pretty; Ella Mae thought they looked like live Greek statues with chiseled jaws and brows, skin dark like roasted coffee beans. They all smiled mischievous grins, their white teeth glistening. “We want to protest,” said Iris. Ella Mae gasped, like ‘protest’ was a dirty word. Larry began to speak, “we gotta tell ‘em we mean business.” The kids all nodded in agreement. Apparently the notion of revolt came from the top, and began trickling down to the younger kids of Leviton. Ella Mae, even to her surprise, had not nodded. She was scared, for her friends, for herself, for the peace of her town. Ella Mae just wanted the town to go back to what it was. ***** Late in the night, the two girls sat on the porch steps, watching the fireflies glow, little balls of light flying up and up until they sunk back down to the earth, and they repeated, never growing weary of their attempts to become stars, it seemed. “Iris, why do you want to protest,” asked Ella, quietly, for she too feared her questioned. She looked into Iris’ eyes, they sparked with a fire she had not seen, and Ella Mae found herself cowering internally at the sight. “We have to,” said Iris in a controlled, stony voice; she stood up, and walked into the dark.

back, grabbed stones and pebbles and pieces of gravel from ***** “They want to protest, huh,” said Henry to Ella Mae, surrounded by his friends, all laughing at what they believed

the sides of the roads or in the ditches and lawns and threw them at the policemen in defense. A stone war, this was, and soon they fell, dispersed. Some were arrested.

to be petty foolishness. Perhaps they were scared, though

Ella Mae saw Iris, tripping over her feet, running away.

Ella Mae, scared of what would happen in the wake of

Ella Mae went home, disgusted at the mess her friends


had seemingly created. Ella Mae knew, deep down, that

Clyde Monty’s auto shop was vandalized not two days

what they were doing was not in vain, but in the fog of her

later, the front window shattered, and shelves of product

indifference, she began to disdain them for uprooting the

tarnished. To add insult to injury, they also robbed what

common peace of the town.

was in the register and the safe, managing to bust it open

She listened to the news report later in the evening, to her

somehow. “What if they rob us, too,” Ella Mae said to Iris

father and mother scolding the rioters as if they could hear

one day after classes. Her father too owned a store in town.

them. She went to bed that night, and fell asleep thinking

Iris chuckled bitterly. “They won’t rob you,” she snapped. “They could,” Ella Mae replied. Iris again laughed. That

about how things will never be the same.

night, Ella Mae, confused by the changes all around her,


sat in bed doubting. Suddenly differences all around her,

The air is hot, sweaty, and sticky, Ella Mae’s dress clings

between Ella and her best friend, became more and more

to her. Henry and the boys laugh and hoot, betting their

apparent, grasping hold of her, not letting her go.

lives Charles will get off with a slap on the wrist.

The courthouse doors open to a saddened group of ***** So the protest began, painted as a riot by the media, though the protestors all sat still and quiet on Main Street,

people, all filing out of the building like a coursing river. Charles was not indicted with the killing of Tommy Monty. Sadness, but shocking relief, floods through Ella Mae.

blocking traffic. They held signs. “Justice for Tommy” and

Ella watches Iris walk down the white steps of the

“Hand up Don’t Shoot.” The cops swarmed around them,

courthouse, clenching her fists. Her gaze meets Iris’, and Ella

carrying Tasers and tear gas, itching to use them. Ella Mae

watches as she piles into a car, and speeds off, the exhaust

had not participated, but rather sat watching them, fearful.

fumes, dark and heavy, clouding with the dust kicked up

She saw Iris fall into the crowd, chanting some chant

from the road, finally dispersing into, surrendering to, the

indiscernible, yet it rocked Ella Mae. Henry began taunting

hot, late August air.

the protestors, throwing empty cans and pieces of trash at them, but they did not move. It was not until a cop grabbed Louis, and Louis pushed him back, that the panic started. Ella Mae watched as cops rounded up protestors, threatened them with gas, and the goons like Henry began breaking windows and blaming the protestors. The most excitement Leviton had ever seen was not, say, the President driving through town, or a festival or parade, but rather a civil war. Demonstrators, trying to fight




-Samantha Sabihi

Melanie Repella is one girl everyone stops to look at when she’s on campus. Yes, she does have a killer smile and enthusiastic attitude, but it’s not her that’s getting all the attention—it’s Raguel, her German Shepherdgolden retriever mix pup. I sat down with Repella to get the story on Raguel. I learned that not only is Melanie a diligent pre-veterinary science major, but she’s also the president and co-founder of 4 Paws for Ability at OSU, the philanthropic organization that led her to her furry companion. WHO: 4 Paws for Ability WHAT: 4 Paws is an organization that trains service dogs through multiple processes for children with disabilities. Initial training begins in prisons, where the dogs are taught basic commands and are housebroken. Once that’s completed, they are assigned to either students in college or traditional fosters for socialization training. Finally, they move on to advanced and specific task training for individual disabilities. WHY: This organization grants you a pup for an important cause! Students get to keep a dog for a semester by their side to help socialize them for the greater good. The best part, as Melanie says, is the end goal. When the dogs graduate, students get to meet the families that they’re assigned to. Many of the families have children with epilepsy, Autism, or even diabetes.

The dogs mostly serve as alert dogs, tether dogs, or comfort dogs. HOW: Those who want to be more than general members of the club can choose to be puppy handlers (dog-sitters, essentially, which is a good trial for students in dorms) or dog handlers (keep the dog and assist in training). Students on campus have to apply to their 4 Paws organization and then may be interviewed. If chosen, both handlers and sitters will attend one orientation and handlers must continue with monthly training sessions. First-timers of the organization may choose the size of the breed they want, while those who handle a second time can request specific breeds. KEEP IN MIND: Having a dog is a huge commitment! Even though it’s mostly socialization training, they’re not just there for your entertainment. These dogs are to be taken almost everywhere, which can add time to your day. Sometimes it can be difficult to go out in public with the dog, even though servicedogs are, and should be, allowed everywhere. If you have any further questions, send an e-mail to Be sure to check out the 4 Paws website for more information and to find out what other universities host the program, or just pull a Melanie and bring it to your campus!


Fo arête - A small ridge-like feature or a sharp outward facing corner on a steep rock face 1. Arête, a narrow ridge of rock formed by glacial erosion 2. A method of indoor climbing, in which one is able to use such a corner as a hold. sewing machine leg - involuntary shaking of the leg due to fatigue nub - A little hold that only a few fingers can grip, or the tips of the toes. Jug Hold - A large, easily held hold. Also known simply as a jug. flag - can change to using pronouns “you, your” instead of “we, our”

oundations -Corey Hickman

Alex wrestles with his hamstrings’ determination to curl up like a New Year’s

noisemaker. Sewing machine leg (the vibration of one or both legs due to fatigue) set in about five minutes after using his toes to traverse earlier nubs on the wall. His arms were beginning to feel it too. To the left, a face extends outward creating a slender arête that he’s been leveraging throughout his climb. Using his right foothold, he tucks his knee into the wall and moves his left foot to a jug just in reach. Shifting his weight to his left foot he leans his body against the arête-made corner wall to rest. It’s been awhile since Alex has had the time go climbing, and jugs have helped save his strength. In earning is B.S, working, and his involvement in several student organizations, Alex’s time has become a scarce commodity, of which climbing has seen little. He’s been having a hard time juggling obligations, which might explain his rusty technique and why he’s been having trouble balancing his body weight today. Already half way up the cliff face, he’s stuck between two tough decisions: he could try and push through the pain or look for a route back down the plane. The cliff face ahead gradually overhangs, making it harder to reach the top, but with a cramping leg, the climb down could be just as hard.

Reaching goals grows more and more challenging as the nature

shapes and sizes. Our friends could be shaped differently and offer

of each climb changes…such is life. Whether it’s striving for a

support to us in different ways compared to Alex’s. Understanding

promotion at work, looking for a new job, taking the next big step

what ways we need support will help us pick and choose who to give

in your relationship, or buying a new house, we’ll eventually have

our time to and what relationships are worth strengthening.

to rest, assess our positioning, and decide where to go from there.

It’s important also to understand the dual nature of friendships;

We’ll need people to turn to gather our thoughts and energy. Alex’s

we are also holds for other people in our lives climbing their own

chance to rest could have been hindered had his path not been filled

obstacles. If we take a few minutes out of our days to study our

with jugs or with walls that supported him. Luckily, we have the

friends and the people close to us, we can learn to be better holds

chance to forge our own walls and mold our own holds to keep our

for them. The strength we provide for our friends depends solely

ascension as rewarding as possible.

on what we are willing to give to them. In the same way that we

Part of being an adult, or a climber, is being able to make

create value for ourselves, or become better climbers, we must be

decisions that create a healthy future. When Alex gets bogged down

willing to establish that same value for those who support us. This

with schoolwork, he likes to spend time with his friends to help get

isn’t always easy. Everyone has had relationships where it just felt

through it. A lot of times, his friends could use the stress relief as

like they were giving more than they were getting from somebody

well. Having people that we can turn to is the easiest way to ensure

else and ultimately, those friendships crumbled under the pressures

that our climb has sure grips along the way. They can be a positive

of the needs of that person. Or maybe we’ve been that person. For

impact on our social and mental well-being, making struggles like

us to be a strong holds, though, we must be willing to expend time

school, work, and expenses easier and less stressful. But how can we

and energy on those that hold us up, or soon we may be nubs,

create friendships that are not only healthy but also create a good

making our friend’s journey harder. Looking at friendships with this

foundation for our own goals?

perspective will hopefully make clearer who’s important in our lives.

The most important step in building these relationships is

Some cliffs are best traversed alone, but it’s healthy for us to have

understanding what YOU need from people in your life. We are all

people to turn to if we need them. Having the support we need

raised differently and go through various things that affect the way

helps but it’s up to us to make the decisions to keep going or to

we give and receive affection. Our upbringing shapes who we are

turn back.

and forms what kind of hold we are for others. Alex relies here on

After a short while, Alex’s legs regain their strength. He flags his

a huge wall for support while also standing on a well-placed jug.

way to a rock on the right leaving only his left hand on the arête.

The wall could be utilized in different ways, representing a sibling,

He memorizes the touch of the wall that saved his journey and

relative, or lifelong friend that he has grown close with over the years.

reaches for the next rock his hand can mold to. Alex’s body takes

Family members typically provide more strength and stability to lean

over, swiftly bending his way up the overhang and, heaving himself

on because there’s usually little risk of losing them to friendship

to the top, he finally collapses. It feels like hours before he can stand

imbalances. A friend, or the jug that he stands on, supports him one-

again. He looks down at the cliff base where his friends watched him

directionally. The shape of these holds depends on what we needs

swing from rock to rock and sees the arête. He remembers the jugs

from it and subsequently what the hold is able to provide for us.

positioning and knows he will need them again to get to where he

Luckily, Alex has a hold that is molded in a way that he can rest on it,

needs to be. The sunrays begin diffracting and paint the sky shades

allowing him to balance himself and regain his energy. This could be

of purple and red as Alex begins his descent, climbing back to the

a friend that is willing to spend some time and talk with him when he


needs it and understand the stress he is going through, shouldering the weight of being a twenty-something student. Jugs come in all

Video Game

e c n e l o i V

It’s tough to remember when video games were not a part

This release of dopamine links video games to a positive

of my life. Not until recently have I realized the effects that

and pleasurable experience, which I argue could be achieved

gaming or other forms of readily available media have had

spending time on more beneficial activities, such as spending

on my social life and the way it has shaped my perspectives.

time with friends or connecting with others. I believe video

Even as a young kid I gravitated toward video games, playing

games have the potential to compete with finding other

Mortal Kombat III religiously and later, getting into first person

rewarding sources for dopamine release. For instance, Warner

shooter games. I wasn’t sure what drew me to these types of

Brothers created an incentive-ridden mobile version of the

games, then I watched Jennifer Newsom’s The Mask You Live

popular console game Mortal Kombat X, where users are

In, and began thinking more about the media I expose myself

rewarded on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis, creating

to and the ways its effects manifest in my daily life. Newsom

a multi-level rewards program within the game

shapes her arguments in ways that correlate the gore and

The more a user plays over the long term, naturally, the

brutality portrayed in video games and other media and men’s

more the user progresses through the game. I personally am

desensitization to violence and brutality. In the film, Newsom

not aware of many other games that have achieved the level of

delves further into the way men are raised which complicates

success it has with its following which mirrors the success WB

her video games correlations. However, I do think the impact

has had with well-timed rewards. During my time playing, I

video games has on our brains is worth looking into.

would find myself thinking about the game several times a day

Separate from the violence presented in games today, there

often playing for at least an hour per day. It gets more difficult

are many studies that suggest the act of playing video games

when rewards are relatively instant compared to rewards in our

has positive impacts on our brain including better spatial

own life. Reflecting now on my own gameplay, I wonder, what

recognition, ability to multitask, and eyesight to name a few.

can I do to create similar incentives within my own life? Why

Although video games may improve brain functions, they can

do the reward models presented in many video games seem to

be surrogatory to reward systems in our real life. In a study

supersede real life reward systems? And as games evolve, will

conducted in Berlin (Lorenz 2015), video games were found

they pose an actual threat to the reward responsiveness felt in

to have an impact on the reward system of the brain, releasing

real life? Just something to think about...

dopamine (a neurotransmitter related to pleasure and reward).

-Corey Hickman

CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License at

"Beer Sampler” by Quinn Dombrowski

beginner’s brew. When you turn twenty-one you begin to see the pervasiveness

to the beer. Of course, hop schedules and different hopping

of alcohol in American culture, especially if you are in college.

techniques alter the intensities of hop additions which, again,

You start drinking more often not because you necessarily

vary flavors in beers.

like it, but because you can. In our modern society it’s easy

Water minerals play a huge role in providing the right

to look past what is good in exchange for what is cheap and

environment for a blooming beer so that each flavor of

what is easy. Big beer corporations have taken the craft out of

hop, spice, and grain show with each sip. In addition to the

brewing and instead handed you an additive-filled, ice cold

water, yeast accentuate certain flavors to the beer as well, and

beverage that may have a better chance winning awards for

different yeast strains are required for different styles of beer.

soothing colds rather than for taste. Luckily in the past few

To add further to the variety in beer, some breweries use their

decades, craft breweries have emerged steadily across the

own unique cultures to ferment their beer, ensuring matchless

nation, educating people about beer and how it’s supposed

products on the market. Unique cultures and water profiles,

to be made.

as well as recipes and hopping schedules, lead to a vast variety

Beer is comprised of four main ingredients: water, malted

even within the same genre of beer.

grain, hops and yeast. Of course many beers, if not all, have

Understandably, with an endless list of choices, many people

additional spices that are added for flavoring and seasonal

settle into styles and brands they are comfortable with. When I

effects, but every beer contains the four base ingredients.

turned twenty-one, drinking was a new experience and I didn’t

Grains that are used in the beer create base tones to the

really have any knowledge about quality of beverages. I forced

flavors. A stout would require grains that produce dark colors

myself, like many, to develop a taste for cheap beers made with

and rich textures whereas a pilsner requires grains that

additives that, frankly, just weren’t good. Now a bit older and

produce light colors and different flavors. Darker grains are

wiser, I prefer and have an open mind to trying various local

roasted for a longer period of time than lighter grains and

craft beers and I urge you all to do the same.

can diverge from the nutty, breadcrumb-like tastes to hints of

For more information about the history of craft beer in

coffee and chocolate. Similarly, hops produce unique flavors

America, check out The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli,

that are usually characteristic to certain styles of beers. For

which details the slow expansion of craft breweries from the 1950s to the early 2000s. -Corey Hickman

instance, an American IPA may utilize cascade and centennial hops but a Belgian IPA may include Saaz to add spicy tones


Have you ever met someone who’s doing exactly what they should be? There’s always that one person that we envy because they’ve found their niche. I’ve recently met an incredibly talented woman who has accomplished just that. Kate Stevens is a young, business-savvy artist whose innovative custom jewelry designs are becoming a fan favorite at her shop, Red Giraffe Designs. The shop’s location resides in Columbus Ohio’s art-hub, the Short North. I was window shopping downtown when I saw the twinkling RGD lights in her quaint little shop. When I first walked into RGD, I had to ask. “What’s up with the name?” To which Kate replied it was just her favorite things: the color red and giraffes! Simple, but still adorable. Kate has always been a crafty woman. She started making jewelry as a hobby about seven years ago and even pursued a major in retail merchandising and a minor in fine arts while at Ohio University. “I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and re-doing them… I would re-fashion [jewelry] into something more along the lines of the trends and my style”’

Kate is also a business woman with passion. She is truly enthused by the feedback she receives from her customers. “Seeing a piece of jewelry made from start to finish then having someone buy something you’re proud of is the best feeling. I love working with people and helping them find the perfect piece.”

The only hardship (thankfully) that Kate has had is keeping up with demand. She started her business on her own and it remained that way for the first six months. Kate has recently hired more employees to allow her to focus on growth and plan for the next season’s line. She even has an Etsy shop showcasing her charming pieces for those who aren’t local to Columbus:

Although RGD has various unique items, if you want something more custom, just e-mail Kate. Her personable relations with customers makes this business a real gem, literally! She’ll be quick to respond with appreciable ideas. ( “At our store, we personalize charms, pendants, and bracelets right there while you shop. We also work with a wide range of materials including some vintage pieces that we incorporate with new materials to

Check out her work at:

make one of a kind pieces.” 847 N High St. Columbus, OH 43215 Facebook (Red Giraffe Designs), Instragram (@RedGiraffeDesigns), Twitter (@ItsRedGiraffe)

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