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xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

CONCEPT xeno - (zen′ō) Etymology: (Greek) xénos: foreigner, stranger, (n.); alien, foreign, strange (adj.) XENO Vancouver is a monthly publication for car enthusiasts living in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We aim to showcase not only the passion for fast and exotic cars, but also the captivating life stories of the drivers behind the wheel. By focusing on local events and people, XENO will provide a prime stage for Vancouver’s burgeoning automotive enthusiast market. XENO Vancouver also hosts weekly car meets to create opportunities for drivers to interact with one another.

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

MISSION STATEMENT XENO Vancouver’s mission is to be the number one resource for connoisseurs of sports and exotic cars in Greater Vancouver. By providing a platform where car enthusiasts can showcase their passion, and participate in a vast network of like-minded individuals, XENO Vancouver offers a superb opportunity for advertisers to reach out to an elite segment of the population who appreciate power, speed, and reďŹ nement. XENO Vancouver will be the premier source of information on individuals, products, and events related to high-end motorsports.

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

Readership Potential Readers Sophisticated young professionals, college and high school students who appreciate ďŹ ner things in life, and have passion for high performance cars. * Age: 16 – 40 * Car Sales in 2008: 9.7% Decrease throughout BC due to recession. However, 0.17% Decrease for import cars (Japanese, Korean, European) Import automobiles market remained strong. Favorable since this is the main target audience. * Metro Vancouver Population: 2,285,900 * Transportation by car (either as a driver or a passenger) Approx. 74.4% of Vancouver population. (675,075 and 70,990 of 1,003,020 respectively; 67.3% and 7.08%) * # of automobiles registered in Metro Vancouver: 1,443,716 (as of Jan 31, 2009)


xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

Magazine Focus Interviews Trends

Project Cars Lifestyle


This section will display photos of various cars spotted around Vancouver.


This section will showcase new and hot products, including performance parts, high-tech devices, designer goods, etc.


Content/Ad Rate

This section will announce auto-related news and events happening in the Lower Mainland.


Content / Advertisement

This section will feature stories of cars and the drivers. Engaging interviews and high quality photos will be included.

– 65% / 35%


Regular columns about cars and current domestic and international events will be published in this section.


Featured stories about automotive-related businesses and their projects.


Photos and interviews about local models.


Stories of XENO members’ regular meetings.

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

Distribution XENO Vancouver magazine will be available for purchase in most automotive shops and dealerships, as well as fashion boutiques and cafes in the Lower Mainland.

Distribution Partners Luxury Car Dealerships Auto Body Shops Tuning Shops Fashion Boutiques Universities Colleges Casinos Cafes

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

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TERMS & CONDITIONS Copy content and design: XENO Vancouver reserves the right to postpone or refuse, without penalty, publication of any advertising content and design. Production charges: A surcharge will be levied if production is required. Production costs will be provided upon request. Cancellations: A written notice of cancellation must be received six weeks prior to space closing date. Early cancellations of ad campaigns are subject to short-rating. A cancellation fee of 50% of order will be charged to any cancellation after space closing date. Covers are non-cancellable. Maximum liability for error is restricted to the space rate for the advertisement.

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m

Copyright 2009© by Veloce Media Productions Inc. All rights reserved. XENO Vancouver is published monthly by Veloce Media Productions Inc in Canada. Individual articles in this journal are copyrighted by VMP Inc., as indicated on each article. Users are forbidden to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any materials from this publication in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission of the VMP Inc. or payment of the appropriate royalty for reuse. For permissions and other copyright-related questions, please email your question to: Printed in Canada.

xeno w w w. x e n ova n c o u v e r. c o m


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