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THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF FARMER Truespin alleyoop negative acid to fakie on a slice of Topeka angle iron.

For one of the most closely monitored and scrutinized cha-

ahead by setting his own trends and unique style. While it

racters in the inline skating world doing tricks, seems to have

might seem that Chris is a dark, brooding, and very scary man

become boring. Truespin fishbrain both ways, hurricane sweaty the truth is that behind this persona is still a nice guy from both ways, and setting the bar for style and spinning to tricks

Minneapolis. Part wholesome Midwesterner, part horror-flick

became distant memories as he literally jumped over every

loving pseudo-sociopath, part animal-lover, and part spot killer

obstacle put in front of him. It was recently that the ying to his Chris walks the line between insanity (negative tricks) and the yang re-appeared, negativity.

mundane (boring flatbar tricks). Ladies and gentleman we

Of course I am talking about Chris Farmer. Being a profes-

give you Mr. Negativity.

sional inline skater Chris has always kept himself one step


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Murda: Yo so you put everyone back on to negatives. Why is

CF: I pretty much have every trick under my belt, and i got

everyone doing them now and think they can make it look

bored of doing the same old tricks at every session. So i took it

as good as you do? People ask me why you do them and my

upon myself to start doing something a little bit more challen-

thoughts are you can do every other trick in the world -so you

ging. But shit, Letona has already done all the negative shit. I‘m

got bored and started doing those (laugh out loud)

just dabbling in at the moment.

CF: Well, I guess some people saw me doing it and they

Murda: Which one is the hardest for you (negatives)?

thought it looked tight so they tried to mimic and failed

CF: Hardest negative? I‘ll put it on the 360 negative acid that I

miserably. Whoops. That‘s kinda what it came down to.

have yet to land on Grandview.

Fakie roll up the bank to ao negative topacid in the good old BCN.


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Commitment time. Negative mistrial to negative misfit rail to rail.

Negative Topside mistrial on an Atlanta drop rail in the hood.

Murda: Yea most likely...I was gonna ask you about that! I

dumbass thought that I could end up doing it anyway.... wrong

remember we was skating and you wanted that on that rail..

answer. Totally mindfucked.

you haven‘t done it yet. Murda: Where do you think skating will progress to in a Murda: -Crazy that is fucking exclusive, great tricks take time

couple of years.. you can only do so much grinds spins to grinds

I say.

jump off roofs, where do you think it‘ll progress to playboy?

CF: I pretty much landed it a year ago, but touched my hand

CF: I really can‘t be specific, but i guarantee it will revolve

for a brief second. Then a year later I go back to the spot

around something that‘s already happened/been done. History

and there‘s a fucking dumpster at the bottom of the rail. My

repeats itself. Most likely it‘ll be a combination of past trends. Murda: Any upcoming projects we need to stay tuned for or any traveling? CF: Only the two biggest releases of the fucking year! The first ever Vibralux team video and the long overdue second 4x4 team video. Which pretty much sums up my travels for the next few months. Be-Mag: What were your thought processes on the tricks you chose to do for your (new) sections? CF: Lack of thought process is more like it... lately I‘ve just been completely scatter brained, kinda all over the place. Which is cool, because for the most part, a lot of my previous sections have been kind of more thought out.


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CF: I guess we‘ll see what the out come is.

Be-Mag: What is the worst negative?

Be-Mag: What do you think your negative trick to regular trick CF: I don‘t do bad negatives. -Wait, I read that one wrong, I ratio is?

thought you were referring to the worst neg I‘ve ever done but as for the worst negative? Ally oop neg mizou, hands down. I

CF: Not to be a let down with the whole theme of the article.... threw down the neg mizous back when, but you won‘t catch 70 reg, 30 neg... hahah soul grinds galore!

me doing them allyoop nowadays.

Be-Mag: Haha

Be-Mag: You said you got bored with regular tricks, so you

Be-Mag: What‘s the favorite negative trick that you‘ve ever

started doing negative tricks. Now that you got all the negative

done, like one that sticks out the most in your mind?

tricks, where do you go from here?

CF: There were two switch ups that I did on this rail at the

CF: That‘s something I‘ve been thinking about lately, and I ho-

ukskate skatepark. First was a true neg misfit to keep spinning

nestly can‘t answer it. I‘m sure my brain will conjure something

to neg mistrial. The other was zero neg topacid to keep

fun to do. Maybe I‘ll start getting into flips? Fakie front flips

spinning to switch topacid to fakie. That last one was actually

will be the new hotness.

posted online by ukskate as a promo for „Through the Looking Glass.“

Be-Mag: Only if you can do them switch CF: Which is totally possible, throw in that switch hippy clinch

CF: The ao neg makio to switch ao fish on forum is also up

and you‘re golden.

there. Mainly because that was honestly the only trick I wanted to do there. But once I realized that the spot wasn‘t as i pic-

Be-Mag: Thanks Chris

tured, things were looking quite dim. I handled it though.... Chris: See ya bye!

This is the last trick you’d ever want to do on a high rounded coping ledge. Thank Chris for doing it so you don’t have to. Alleyoop negative makio to alleyoop fishbrain at the forum.


4th of spread

This trick is the equivalent of tying your legs into a pretzel. Negative top acid through the kink to “positive� top acid on the last down.

Photos: Jeremy Stephenson & Interview: Murda & Intro: AJ & Design: Boris Schandert

Bemag Issue 29 - The Negative Side of Chris Farmer  

For one of the most closely monitored and scrutinized characters in the inline skating world doing tricks, seems to have become boring. Tru...