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truth Photos: Jeremy StephenSon Photo / Alex Broskow: John hayneS text: Colin KelSo

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ruth truth What is the truth? is it just a video series that documents street skating? perhaps, it‘s nothing more than a union of a few skaters working together? Well, as much as both of those queries are somewhat correct, we have to admit that the truth is much bigger and broader than what those assumptions could possibly ever live up to. you see, the truth isn‘t something solid or compact, the truth is a collaboration of visions. every skater that has been featured in the truth or will be featured in the truth is a person that has an undeniable knack for pushing the envelope in skating. We‘re entering a new age where skaters are tired of trying to one up things that have already been done and are now looking for avenues that showcase ones ability to create and display something brand new. the search for who is the best no longer has as much meaning as it used to.

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With the arrival of so many new styles and outlooks on blading it has created a whole new culture of skaters, one that simply cannot be labeled anymore. at this point in our evolution the modern day skater is

becoming more self actualized than ever and it has become accepted worldwide to push difference and celebrate this difference when it is done great. the truth Cast and its affiliates welcome this new era of maturity the blading community has taken on and of course it was only appropriate that a video documented this transition. So please make sure you invest into the truth movement and support the many great visions that are currently pushing to evolve modern day

rollerblading. But do not get it confused, we are not rollerblading, we are servants to a higher power that unwillingly drives us to nurture this culture in the way that it deserves. also, let it be known that everyone can be part of this movement. maybe you‘re wondering how that is so? Well, the answer is simple, just keep doing your thing to make blading undeniable if you‘re a skater and have respect for quality products as well as the way you showcase yourself. make home videos with your

friends and find ways to keep on progressing so that you will always find joy in skating. and even when life gets tough keep blading there as a form of release from the everyday stresses we all know and go through. lastly, push your limits at your own pace and we wish every single one of you good health and of course good times. Stay involved and never forget that the truth is all of us. enjoy the second installment and thank you for allowing us this opportunity to exist in the realest culture out there! We love you.

Issue 35 - Truth 2  

What is the Truth? Is it just a video series that documents street skating? Perhaps, it's nothing more than a union of a few skaters working...