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Country-North Korea Date-11/27/09 Name-Logan ward

History The history of North Korea began with the establishment of the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea. North Koreas earliest civilization known as Choson, was founded in 2333 B.C. by Tan-gun. North Koreans descended from Tungusic tribal people. Lolang was the chief center of Chinese rule.

Culture North Koreas culture is based on traditional Korean culture. Koreans were able to develop and maintain a unique culture, while adopting and influencing neighboring cultures for nearly 3,000 years. During Chinese rule many significant Korean artifacts were either stolen or burned by the Japanese.

Geography North Korea is located in East Asia on the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea shares borders with China, the Amnok River, Russia, the Duman River, South Korea, the Korean Demitarized Zone, Yellow Sea, Korean Bay, and the Sea of Japan. It has an area of 120,540 km squared. 120,410 km squared is land. 130 km squared is water.

Religion Religion in North Korea consists of Buddhism, Confucianism, Korean Shamanism, Chondogyo, and Christianity. According to the CIA, since the rise of Stalinism free religious activities no longer exist as the government sponsors religious groups only to create an illusion of religious freedom. Buddhism suffered a decline, however, Buddhists were prosecuted to some extent during the Choson Dynasty.

Animals Some animals that live in North Korea are Siberian musk deer, Himalayan black bear, mountain antelope, herons, wild pigeons, waterfowl, and many more. Some endangered species are tigers, blue whales, ussuri tube-nosed bat, short eared owl, panthers, and many more. Blue whales are endangered because of pollution, over hunting, global warming, and killed for blubber.

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