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Belzer Blog Volume 5 Issue 8

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Racism Is A Problem And It Has To STOP

By Kayden Smith Between 1960 and 1983, 3.5 million South Africans of non-white origin were forced to move to segregated neighborhoods. Racism has been a problem for centuries. It was worse back then, when black people were treated as if they were not human. However, all races are equal and we should be treated the same as any other race. People treat other races differently because of their skin color or the way they speak or even the way they look. I have seen racism, and it is not good. It needs to stop and people need to understand that everyone is the same. This can stop by having lessons taught to them or watching a movie. The first step to stopping racism could be to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Another step could be stopping any disrespect leading to racism and find a way to correct the issue. Why do people discriminate each other? Why does the race or the color of the skin matter to people? People should just grow up and respect everyone no matter the race or the skin color of the person. Racism is basically another form of bullying. People may think it is not a problem, but it is. Judging a person by their skin color is just plain childish. People should just keep their opinion to themselves. Racism is killing people all the time. According to a Teen Ink article, racism is one of the leading causes to suicide in the U.S. Racism is hurting innocent people of all races. We should take a stand on this issue. People can’t just change the color of their skin, and they shouldn't feel like they want to. Racism is just mean and cruel. Put an end to it by how you treat each other and using respect.

Do Black Lives Matter

By Darrion Brandon Black people dying is a very important topic lately because lots of black males and black females have been getting killed every day. It also doesn't help that police officers have killed them lots of times. Like the time a white officer killed a black male while his girlfriend was driving and his daughter was in the back seat. The white officer told them to get license and registration so the black male was reaching to get it and then shots were fired and the black male died. We also just had a black male shot 8 times in the back on July 5, 2016. The story was called the Alton Sterling case. Then there was also the Aaron Bailey case that happened on October 31 2017 when he got shot and died. This is why we now have a new and up and coming civil rights movement. The name of this movement is called Black Lives Matter. They are a great supporter of the question do Black Lives Matter because Black Lives are what they are about. This is why we should join Black Live Matter. Others may say that all lives matter, but when you get home and watch the news what do you see more black people dying or whites dying? Take a stand. Go to Black lives and sign up, then we could also go to different marches.

How Could You Not Know About Those Neighbors?

By Jacob Kramer If you watch the news, or don’t live under a rock, you probably have heard about the terrifying situation with the Turpin family. Thirteen sons and daughters, ages two to twenty-nine, were chained up to furniture, abused and starving. Horrifyingly, the children, and adults, were allowed to shower once a year. Those thirteen siblings were going to die, that is if it weren’t for David and Louise’s 17 year old daughter, who crawled through a window to escape and later called 911. She had been planning that escape for two whole years. Most people really wonder how none of the neighbors found out. I understand that there are many reasons that the neighbors would ignore them. The Turpins could’ve been annoying, or introverted, but there are also reasons they should have at least seen or heard them. I live in a neighborhood with an annoying family neighbor. They have a dog that they keep outside, and she barks 24/7. The older male in the house is always working on his car, and it makes a ton of noise. Also, a few years ago, they burned down a tree in his front yard and my whole house smelled like fire wood for a week, but we still talk. We would still see him come out to work on his car. We could still hear his children yelling at each other while throwing a football. We could still smell the burning tree. He lived 40 feet away from us. The neighbors of Turpin family did too. Even if those neighbors thought that the Turpin family was bothersome, they live exceedingly close to each other. They had to have heard or saw something; the ringing of the chains, the screams for help, the yelling of the parents. Why did they not tell anyone? According to a study conducted by the U.S. Justice Department in 2012, 52% of crimes were not reported from 2006 through 2010. The leading reason of this is that the affected person feels that they can handle it by themselves and don’t need the police. This is an obvious issue because it eventually will lead up to something much worse, just as in this situation. We need to speak up and notify someone in power. If we can get people to report, we can save lives. When you see something, don’t be a bystander, be an informer. You might get the fame and notice of your community, but most importantly, you’d save a human being in need.

Protection Is The Key

By Dilyn Cox Guns are the right way to protect. If every adult had a gun, they could protect themselves and kids who can’t protect themselves in a school shooting. Another reason every adult should have a gun is in schools is that it would make kids feel safer and parents too. 62% of parents would feel safer if there was an armed guard, or even if a teacher had a gun. Those parents feel that way because a guard or teacher with a weapon would be able to stop a shooter before they get to hurt, or even worse, kill a student or teacher. We need to pass this law to let guns in schools with people who are licensed and registered to carry a gun on school property. Once we pass this law the law can donate guns that were confiscated to the schools or people could even donate money to help buy and equip teachers and guards with guns. It could mean life or death for people in schools including your children.

Why Isn’t School Safe Anymore?

By Nevaeh Alexis As we all know, for the past few years there have been numerous school shootings. The most recent one was March 20 in Lexington Park, Maryland at Great Mills High School. Two students were shot by another armed student. Thankfully, the two students survived. The armed student was shot and killed by a resource officer. Parents used to send their children to school thinking they would be safe, but now we don't know when a bullet is going to be fired in our school. 6 years ago, a school known as Sandy Hook was interrupted by a man who killed multiple students and teachers. He also killed his mother, who was the principle of the school. The most brutal school shooting was in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 17 students and adults where sadly killed by a 19 year old man. Since Florida doesn't really have winters, to get to the high school classes you have to leave one building and move to another. Because of this, anyone can be in campus and have a weapon. This could be solved by having transparent book bags. The school can also think about putting high electric fences around the school’s perimeter. Why are we just now noticing this is a really big problem? First, we need to take time to learn more about school safety. There should be metal detectors on each door of every school in the United States. We should have more code blue drills, and we need to practice where to go if we are in the hallway and an unexpected intruder comes in armed with a firearm. We also need to practice what to do if we hear any students or adults talking about doing any harm to our school. Also we need to let our students know that they shouldn't be scared to alert an adult if something is going wrong. We think that if we tell we would be known as a snitch, but this is more serious. This is a life or death situation. Another thing is, families need to practice at home what they should do if someone decides to come in our schools and do something bad. Also having fundraisers to stop gun violence is a great idea. People shouldn't feel the need to hurt other people as a way to solve their problems. This needs to be stopped, now!

Gun Violence Is Increasing And We Are Taking A Stand

By Alicia Barnes Ever since 1999, school shootings have been happening left and right. Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now Stoneman Douglas High School. The only thing that is different now is that we, the students, are finally fighting back against politicians for stricter gun laws. On February 14, 2018, a 19 year old boy went into Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 students with a legally purchased AR 15. Instead of feeling hopeless for two weeks and then moving on, which is what politicians usually do when school shootings occur, they were faced with nationwide protesting. Students have been organizing marches, walkouts, t-shirts, and more to try to get their voices heard. Schools all around the U.S. have been taking a stand as well. Many teens, including myself, know that it is too easy to purchase guns nowadays, which needs to be changed. We have said multiple times that we don’t want to ban all guns as a whole; we just want more in-depth background checks and stricter gun laws so that the mentally ill can’t purchase guns. Politicians have not made much of a change, though. Many republicans in the White House are connected to the NRA (National Rifle Association), so they won’t make a change for us. Did you know that the NRA gave Donald Trump $11,438,118 during his 2016 campaign? And I wonder why he hasn’t demanded for stricter gun laws yet. This doesn’t stop us from protesting for what is right, though. More and more people are fighting for their lives as the days go by. Even celebrities are donating millions of dollars toward the cause. In fact, Broadway stars Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda came out with a song called “Found/Tonight,” on March 19, 2018 talking about kids fighting for their lives. The song is not only very powerful and important, but it is also raising money towards the cause. These kinds of actions are needed at a time like this. Students shouldn’t have to feel unsafe in a learning environment, but unless our politicians make a change, we students will continue feeling unsafe at school. We will also keep protesting, marching, and eventually voting for the change we need to see.

Poverty Problems

By Jason Hanley Poverty is a world-wide problem. According to the website “Inc,” there is 29.2% of the world in poverty. The website “The Borgen Project | Downsize Poverty” says poverty lead to more people getting disease. Another reason we should end world poverty is because, “Only 14 percent of the variation in a child’s performance can be attributed to school quality,” according to Donald Hirsch, advisor to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. This means that a child’s background has a huge effect on their performance in school. Children who come from low-income families are far less likely to perform well in school. According to Department for Education statistics, “By the end of primary school, pupils in need of free school meals are estimated to be almost three terms behind their more affluent peers.” We need to crack down on poverty. One way to help is to donate to some of this charities that I name here: Red Nose, Oxfam, Save the Children, ActionAid, CARE International, Christian Aid, and The British Red Cross. Because of those charities helping, we are on the way to stopping poverty and helping people in need. Whenever you see a homeless person you should help. One way to help is to donate food or money to people in need it could help them get a job are establish a home to live in.

Is Killing Really Illegal? By Braya Benjamin I’m sure most of you are thinking yes, killing is illegal, but is it really? Abortion is murder, whether we think of it that way or not. The death penalty is also murder. Stepping on an ant is murder, but it’s just an ant. My point is, the death penalty shouldn’t be legal. Think of it this way, killing is a hate crime, and we can’t stop hate with hate. The death penalty is like letting them escape their crime, instead of having them face the real punishment. It costs more to put a person on death row than it does to lock them up. What we should do is lock them in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives and give them therapy. This allows them to sit in solitary confinement and think about what they have done. The therapy teaches them to understand what’s good and what’s bad. Plus, a lot of people who have committed crimes felt like no one would take the time to listen to them. Therapy will help them out a lot. Semon Frank Thompson, the former superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary as last updated in 2016, agrees with me. “Since I retired from corrections in 2010, my mission has been to persuade people that capital punishment is a failed policy. America should no longer accept the myth that capital punishment plays any constructive role in our criminal justice system. It will be hard to bring an end to the death penalty, but we will be a healthier society as a result.” Basically, he wants us to understand that the death penalty isn’t the right way to go. Just because someone did a wrong thing doesn’t make killing them a right thing to do. No matter how you look at it, you are taking someone's life, their soul, and their right to live. Everyone is here for a reason, but whether they live for that reason isn’t something we can force them to do. And just because they fail to live for that reason, doesn’t mean we end their life. Instead of encouraging murder, stop the murder. Stop the death penalty.

No More Nicotine Products

By Allyson Yohn Cigarettes, juuls, vapes, and chewing tobacco. There is so much nicotine going around this world, and we have to put an end to it. As teens and adults take the risk of using nicotine, they are hurting their body. Cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths per year. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. This is not ok. As teens and adults think this new “juul” trend is cool, it is not. One pod in a juul equals a whole box of cigarettes. As you may be thinking, what’s a juul? These vapes have been very popular in high schools; they are vapes that look exactly like a flash drives. Smoking can damage your airways. Now, as smoking isn’t just ruining bodies, it is ruining the environment. As people throw the “butts” of the cigarette in the world, it is ruining water and air. Not just hurting yourself but others around. Smoking can lead to rotten teeth, yellow teeth, wrinkles, and yellow fingers. Worst of all, smoking can even lead to lung cancer. Yikes. As you may still think these disgusting things are still great, well you’re also losing money as you smoke. The average pack of cigarettes is $6.28, As says, “With a pack a day habit that is leaving you with paying $188 per month leaving you paying the average of $2,292 a year.” Very unfortunate. Now while these nicotine products can be very addictive there are several ways to get help from it. Such as nicotine gum, and there are people and starter kits you can call and get, as well as therapy. We are putting an end to all nicotine products!

Why Cigarettes Are Deadly!

By Xander Smith Do you know the causes of smoking and how cigarettes can destroy your world? I suggest you never try smoking. Smoking cigarettes can cause many problems with health and your body. Not only does it make you look bad, it destroys your chances of living a healthy life. Smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths in the U.S. every year. A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals. According to Facts-Truth, “Smoking is responsible for the premature deaths of approximately 3 million women since 1980.” It also says, “One cigarette butt soaked in a liter of water killed half of the fish exposed in a study in a laboratory setting.” Every day, about 4000 teens in the U.S. smoke their first cigarette while another 1,000 teens start smoking on a daily basis, and it becomes a habit. You should never start smoking cigarettes or even just give them a try. They are deadly to anybody who gets addicted to tobacco.

Stormy Daniels: Should She Stay Silent?

By Mykayla Kersey The controversy of the scandal with Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels has been swirling on the internet for quite some time, but the new news is that she hired a lawyer to get her out of the agreement of her silence, where she was paid $130,000 dollars to keep quiet about her affiliation with Trump. The real question is should she be kept quiet or be let to speak her voice on the situation? In all honesty, she should be allowed to get out of the arrangement. If she does, there would be more evidence for Robert Muller’s case on President Trump, and 6 other women have come out and alleged Trump for sexual relations since Stormy’s fight for speech. Anyways, she said to the public that even if she isn’t allowed to talk, she would still spill the beans at her “60 minutes” interview. Which she did. And since her talk, Trump’s own personal lawyer has been seeking to silence her and to destroy copies of pictures, images, and videos of the President with Stormy. If you are trying so hard to get rid of something, you are automatically suspicious of hiding something and should be questioned. An example would be of Bill Clinton and his sexual harassment of Paula Jones. He was trying to delay the court case until he was out of office, but the supreme court decided to hear out the accusations and found Clinton guilty and impeached him. If they don’t let Stormy speak, it will eventually come out and it will be even worse than if they just let her talk now. And as said in an opinion article at CNN, “The real question, though, is whether Robert Mueller will view the agreement as a criminal violation of US election laws. If he does, the NDA may have an impact on Mr. Trump similar to the impact that a very famous blue dress had on Bill Clinton.” All in all, Stormy should have the ability to speak her side on the matter instead of it being a one-sided story. Stormy’s say on this may clear up misconceptions and bring to light what President Trump has actually done.

Should Video Games be Considered a Sport?

By Joseph Lamson An activity is known as a sport if it involves skill and mental activity. Board games like chess are considered a sport by most people, but can videogames be called a sport? Some video games involve skill and practice if you want to get better at it. Sports like basketball and football involve practice in order for you to get better just like some video games. ESports is a form of competitive gaming and just like any other sport, its teams compete against each other over a skilled base activity. Chess is considered a sport. It involves strategy and practice just like competitive or non-competitive video games. If chess is a sport then why can’t competitive video games be one? They both involve skill, practice, and even sitting while playing. Video games have basically the same principles as chess, and if chess is a sport then video games should be as well. Some video games should be considered a sport. They should because they have the same concepts as other sports, and if chess and other card games are sports, then video games should be a sport as well.

School Violence Needs to Stop

By Leslie Ahuatl Why does school violence exist? Why does there have to be violence if you don’t know something? Well, Belzer should announce it on the announcements and talk about it more. It can lead to aggressiveness and disrespect in the future. It can also cause bullying from student to student. Even possibly some students can start to skip school because they’re scared to go or they might not feel safe. First, school violence can lead to the victim skipping school and/or class because they don’t feel comfortable at school. It can also lead to the victim dropping out of school. This can also lead to the victim not wanting to go to school and fearing everything they do or everywhere they go in the building. Another effect that can happen because of school violence is that it can cause the victim to be aggressive and disrespectful in the future. Text Link states, “Teachers and school administrators often ignore bullying. Teachers only take action in 4 percent of all incidents, according to the Safe and Responsive Schools Project. Students often report having feelings of anger and vengeance.” This can happen because the student might think it’s for their own good and it’s to correct them. They could also think that aggressiveness is right so they can’t understand that they’re doing wrong and can lead them to be aggressive and disrespectful in the future. School violence can lead to being bullied. They get bullied because they already go through physical violence. When a person gets bullied, it may lead them to be at a breaking point which may lead to self harm such as cutting or possibly even suicide. Yes, you might believe that violence is how you correct a mistake, but the truth is that it’s just going to lead to more violence. It could possibly ruin their life. The reasons that I stated are true; all of these are results of school violence. Now take time to think about it; do you think it’s right to correct someone with violence?

National Stress Awareness Month

By Taylor Johnson Since 1992 stress awareness has been recognized. In this month, doctors across the country join together and tell about the causes and cures of stress. This is what you should know about stress. Stress can result in depression, stomach disorders, and even stroke or heart disease. According to Federal Occupational Health Organization, stress happens when stress hormones rush into your bloodstream, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. To help deal with stress you could… Recognize when you don't have control, and let it go. Don't get anxious about situations that you cannot change. Take control of your own reactions and focus your mind on something that makes you feel calm and in control. You can also take a walk, read a book, or go for a run.

Smaller Class Sizes Are Better For Kids

By Savanna Scales Do you have to be in any large classes? Is it difficult? Is it distracting? Do you have to be in any small classes? Is it easier? Is it calmer and quieter? Doesn’t it seem like small class sizes are better and easier to focus in rather than large classes? Why aren’t schools changing the amount of students that are in a class? With all the things that schools are trying to do to help students do better in school, making class sizes smaller needs to be one of them. Smaller classes are much better for students than larger classes are, and our academics will improve if we are in a smaller class. A study done by CSR put a teacher in a class of 15 students for a small class and another teacher in a class of 20 students for a regular class. The reduction of the class increased student achievement. People might think that bigger class sizes are better for students maybe because you can meet a lot of people and learn about others, but there’s still going to be opportunities to get to know other students and see how they think, in a smaller class. Someone might also say that smaller class sizes are more expensive, but the school gets more money from the state for each student that enrolls. They can use that money to get more teachers for smaller classes. It will be easier for both us and our teachers to focus on learning if class sizes are smaller. Teachers will not have to deal with students that are distracting, so they can focus more on teaching us. We will not be distracted because our teachers can make sure we are on the right track and learning everything we need to. Smaller classes will increase the chances of students going to college. A study done by Journal of Policy Analysis and Management shows that smaller class sizes increases the rate of college attendance, so if we learn in smaller classes, we can be more successful because we are more likely to go to college. We can get more attention and help from our teachers. In a large class, our teacher could be so overwhelmed with so many students they need to help in such a short amount of time. But in a smaller class, there will be a lot less of us, so our teacher can help each one of us and give us enough of their time. Smaller class sizes are better for us because there will be less distractions; students are more likely to go to college, and we will get noticed more by the teacher. We need to get schools to change to smaller class sizes to improve the academics of students.

Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools

By Caroline Burbage Do you have a cell phone? Do you bring your phone to school? Many students do have cell phones and most of them do bring their phones to school. According to a survey it says, “94 percent of students in a recent survey said they want to use their cellphones in class for academic purposes.” This can cause teachers to get annoyed because students may seem as though they are distracted by their phones. Anyways, there are many reasons why students having their phones at school and having them out at school are a good idea. Have you ever needed to call your parents because practice got canceled? Or has your parent ever had to contact you and let you know that they’re picking you up? If a parent needs to contact a student because something happened and they need to pick them up immediately, a student should have their phone so that they can answer the text or call right away. In this survey it says, “Cell phones can be used by students to report any emergency; students can contact their parents if the school has closed because of a natural disaster or any other abrupt cause.” I’m sure most of you have forgotten to do your homework at one point. So what if you were allowed to use your phone to set a reminder to do so. Everyone knows that teachers tend to give out a lot more homework than students want. So, to help students keep track of all their homework, having their phones to set reminders is a good idea. They can get an app to remind them or just put it in their calendar. This may actually increase students’ grades because they are able to use their phones to help them do their homework. Your phone is also the perfect thing to use as a learning tool. If a student forgets their calculator, a phone has one. Also, if a student needs to look up an equation or the meaning of a word, a phone is the perfect device to do so. According to The New York Times, “Most children already exist in a digital world. The network is strongly interested in mobile devices.” Cell phones are one of the world’s greatest inventions. So we should be able to have them wherever and use them for everything, instead of just texting and taking pictures. Phones can be used for many more purposes, and some of them involve using them at school. So, why do teachers still get annoyed with students who have their phones out? Let students use our phones in case of an emergency, to remind us about our homework, and to help us with activities in school.

Less Homework, Please

By Taylor Johnson Most people agree that there should be less homework given. While a lot of students say this just so they don’t have to do anything and can go hang out with friends, it is still a very arguable topic for good reasons. As a student myself, there is at times too much homework given. Within one night I, personally, spend around an hour on homework and other students do more. In some cases, we don’t have enough time to do it. For starters, it causes a lot of stress. Obviously no one wants to be stressed, but for anyone the age of 15 or younger, stress can lead to medical issues such as anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, or depression. You could also lose sleep because you are up too late working on school work. Some students are able to keep up and not need that much time to do homework, but for the students that do need this time, it is terrible. Secondly, students are often given more than the recommended amount. Doctors recommend 10 minutes multiplied by the grade, so 7th grade would do 70 minutes of homework each night and 8th grade would do 80 minutes per night, and so on. I asked 15 honor roll students at Belzer “How much time do spend doing homework each night?” Almost all of those students said they spend around 2 hours of homework when they have a lot. Any night they don’t have a lot they spend around 1 hour night. Along with that, there are no benefits. The average middle schooler stops academically learning after 1 ½ hours. If they are doing 2 hours of work per night, as many students say “there is no point”. Lastly, “There are 24 hours in a day,” is not an excuse. Here’s a math lesson! You have 24 hours in the day to get it done. Well, at least 8 hours is for sleeping, so now we’re down to 16 hours. When you wake up you get ready for school and then your parents drive you or you get on a bus, so that’s around an hour. Then your at school for 8 more hours. So now we are at 7 hours in a day remaining. Some kids stay after school for clubs or sports so that’s an hour. After your parents might need you to do chores and you might go out and eat with your family so that’s 2 hours. Now we have only 4 hours to ourselves. You might want to take a shower and then get ready for bed… 1 hour! We didn’t even do homework yet! Now, to make sure you don’t end up with any mental medical issues, you have little to no time for relaxation. Since teachers give too much homework, you are going to spend that last precious hour doing homework that you probably won’t finish and get a bad grade on anyways! Overall students don’t need so much homework. Some is okay but we shouldn’t need more than recommended. A solution to this would be teach the lessons in class and then do what would be the homework in class so then, if they can’t finish before school ends, they don’t have a lot to do that night. This is why kids don’t need so much homework.

We Need To Stand Up To Animal Cruelty

By Jaida Penny The amount of animal cruelty cases reported is very small. Sometimes we are watching TV and we see the ads like the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) about animal cruelty. There are approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74.1 million pet cats in the U.S. The people who hurt animals most likely live in urban or rural areas, and studies show that the majority of men that abuse dogs are under the age of 30 years old. Women that abuse dogs are more likely to be over the age of 60. We need to stop hurting animals such as dogs, cats, and horses. This is not justifiable at all. What sense does it make to hurt a helpless dog, cat, or horse? The treatment of some animals is just deplorable and awful. Animals like racehorses, greyhound racers, and zoo animals get treated horribly. The treatment of animals who live in zoos and do races get the worst treatment. Multiple Zoos across the country mistreat their animals; for instance a giraffe was fed to lions because he “outlived his usefulness,” and he was only two years old. This is unacceptable. We need to take a stand to the abuse because there is no reason to have animals show stress in zoos or animals being tested on under zoos. If you go to the zoo and see or suspect animals showings signs of stress or weird behavior, please report it to the local Humane Society or SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This will help all of us and the animals. We need to be aware.

Putting An End To Child Abuse

By Addyson Fender-Groves Approximately five children a day die of child abuse. Imagine being scared to go to your own home, the place you’re supposed to feel safe and have people there that are supposed to love and support you, not harm and abuse you. Child abuse is very wrong and a big issue, and we need to put an end to it. 80% of 21 year olds who were abused as children met the criteria for at least one psychological disorder. This means that parents who abuse their children are causing them to suffer. Whether mental or physical, child abuse can corput children and most importantly, could cause them to die due to being emotionally unstable or because of the abuse going on in their homes. Do you really want these poor innocent children to die? You might be thinking now, “What can I do to help?” First off, pay more attention to kids that seem as if they are going through something at home. A lot of child abuse cases go unreported. Child abuse cases aren’t just about kids with black eyes and broken bones. Mental abuse and neglect could also being going on at home, and is just as much as awful and scaring for children. As a 7th or 8th grade student you can pay more attention to the kids around you, like your friends or even kids you babysit. The most impactful and important thing you can do is to be very aware of child abuse and to report anything that seems suspicious. In the end, this makes a big and helpful impact because if we stop most of the child abuse going on right now, and let everyone know it’s wrong, adults in the future who have been abused as kids will know its not normal nor right.

Zoos Are Bad For Animals

By Nakyah Davis When you and your family visit the zoo you are exploding with happiness looking at all the different kinds of animals, but are the animals happy? Most people think that the zoos help the animals, but they really don’t. Zoos can cause the animals stress with people staring, taking pictures of them, and sometimes petting them. According to, “These neurotic and atypical behaviors occur as a result of boredom, depression, frustration, a lack of mental and physical enrichment, and removal from their natural habitat and social structures.” The animals are being stressed from being away from their home. Also zoos are forcing them into small cages where the animals can’t run around, play, and do the thing they would do in the wild. According to According to, “Living conditions are often dismal,with animals confined to tiny, filthy, barren enclosures.” The cages zoos put the animals in isn’t a good living space. Then zoos take animals away from their family and wildness. Can you imagine being taken away from your family and home? According to, “Even under the best of circumstances at the best of zoos, captivity cannot begin to replicate wild habitats.” With all of this information, we should start banning zoos and, over time, zoos would be gone. No one would like if we were in cages, so why put animals in cages? We could use the land that zoos take up for good, and make new schools, hospitals, and more. Animals would have a better life living in the wild instead of living in the zoo cages. This is why zoos are bad for animals and we should do something about it.

Animal Endangerment and Human Effects

By Tania Day According to Fox News, a 15-year old girl was shot and killed in a hunting accident while with a family friend going on a youth hunt in Alabama. While climbing down a tree, the family friend passed out rifles, and one fired and shot the 15-year old. She was rushed to the hospital and soon pronounced dead. Hunters shouldn’t be able to kill a certain amount of animals that are going extinct. When each animal is extinct, what are we going to hunt? A lot of people hunt for the fact that the animals skin and tusk is worth a lot of money.This is called poaching. If animals start going extinct, how are hunters going to sell tusk and skin of animals? There wouldn’t be animals for other purposes. Hunters don't only kill animals, but they can accidentally kill people in the process. According to Accident laws, there have been about 1,000 hunting accidents between Canada and America. Isn’t 1,000 people injured or killed from hunting enough to slow hunting down at least a little bit? I believe that when the first 500 people got injured or passed away because of hunting alone, hunting should’ve been slowed down. Not only are the animals in danger, but humans are too. People need to be aware not only that animals are getting killed, but humans are getting hurt too.

We Need Uniforms

By Kierra Jordan Uniforms, I know most people hate uniforms but there are some good things about it too. For example, getting up in the morning, you have to find what you going to wear and have a hard time with it. You forget that your just going to school, but with uniform it will be easier because all of it would be the same thing. You don't have to worry about what you’re going to wear to school because everyone is wearing the same thing. It would be easier because when you get up in the morning your clothes will be set and ready to go. So more schools should have uniforms... schools like Belzer. WHY?..... Because when kids go to school they sometimes get picked on by what they are wearing because they can't afford what the other kids can and they get called dusty and some other words but…… if they have uniforms you don't even have to worry about all that because what can they say to each other when they're all wearing the same thing, they can't say one has better clothes than the other. In 2007, cases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego, and Tigger socks in Napa California.They had went to court because of a student causing debate about when will this ever be resolved and I say this because some students aduse things like this. So more schools should have uniforms for many reason like some I stated and it would cause less problems.

Indianapolis 500

By Joseph Lamson The Indianapolis 500, also commonly known as the Indy 500, is an automobile race annually held as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race is every year on Memorial Day Weekend. People racing are required to race 200 laps, which is approximately 500 miles, on a oval shaped track. A lap on the track is a long as 2.5 miles and takes a racecar up to 40 seconds just for one lap. The drivers usually drive up to 170 to 180 mph. The fastest lap recorded was at a time of 38 seconds at a speed of 237 mph. The first ever race help was on May 20, 1911. That means that this tradition has been a thing for over 100 years. The average speed back then was only up to 74 mph and lasted about 7 hours before someone finished the race. Ray Harroun was the very first winner in the Indy 500 with a time of 6:42:08. As the races went on, WWII occurred which had the 30th anniversary of the Indy 500 cancelled until 1945. In 1933, race driver and winner Louis Meyer requested a glass of milk at the end of the race. Then on 1936, he won his third race asking for his third glass of milk. Since then, Every winner would be given a bottle of milk for their win as a tradition. May 29, 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 and this year, May 27, will be the 102nd race.

LeBron James For MVP

By Shayne Spear The Cavs are led by the king, Lebron James. Many people think that Lebron could get MVP for the 2017-2018 season because he is killing the game. He is averaging 27 ppg, 9 assitists pg, 8 rebound pg. Lebron is also about to play all 82 games of the 2017-2018 season. The team is pretty good, and when they got some new young players, that gave the Cavs a good spark. Also the Cavs are missing another big star Kevin Love; he has been out for about a month or longer now and the Cavs need him to step up big when he comes back. Everybody in this entire world should vote Lebron James for MVP. He is the best player in the NBA and on his way to being the best player of all-time. He just the won the 2018 All Star Game MVP. Now he is taking his team to the NBA Finals. Make sure you vote for the king Lebron James. Lebron James has many shoes too. He make so much money on his shoes. This is why people should vote for him to be MVP because many people love and admire him for what he does on the court and the gear he provides off the court. With all these things happening, Lebron had one of the toughest seasons losing 2 All-Stars when Wade and Thomas left. Lebron is a person who did not have much when he was growing up, he never met his dad, and he worked hard to make it to the NBA. Lebron is in the race with many other good players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Russell Westbrook, and Stephen Curry. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR THE KING LEBRON JAMES!!!

Instant Replay

By Gene Hooten Instant replay adds 3-7 mins more at a end of a game, especially in basketball! In sports such as basketball and football there are instant replays. Instant replays shouldn’t be used in sports any more. People make mistakes. Coaches, players, and referees aren't perfect. No one is perfect, but instant replays are silly. They slow the game up, and we just want to see them play! People may disagree and say we need instant replay because “What if they cheat us out of a play,” and, “What if they didn’t see it,” and, “What if it’s a wrong call.” Everyone makes mistakes but trust me the refs are doing their best and coaches, players, and refs aren't perfect. They may also say that instant replays are extra eyes on the court, field, arena, and stadium. In most sports there are already 3 referees on the court/field/stadium. That's enough eyes in most plays to get the call right. In the 4th quarter of a basketball game or football game and its under 3 minutes in the game, all referees do is replay, replay, and replay while all we want to do is watch them play, watch them play, and watch them play. Some people want the game to keep going on and not stop. If a mistake is made, it’s just life. The few missed calls go both ways, too--both teams are affected equally. Referees get paid to make calls and do their best and not cheat. So we people should let them do that and stop instant replay!

March Madness Championship

By Gene Hooten The NCAA basketball championship was a fantastic game. The championship game was held on April 2, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. The basketball teams that made it to the NCAA championship were the Michigan Wolverines and the Villanova Wildcats. In the first half of the game it was great. The game would go back and forth, but when the second half came, the Wildcats started taking off.

Who Was Gary Payton?

Villanova won 79-62. It was a devastating loss to the Wolverines because of the fact that they haven’t been to the NCAA championship in years. They had some seniors that were in tears. They were in tears because it was their last year of college ball and to make it that far is a lot of work. VIllanova won their 2nd championship in 3 years. Watching the game was pretty intense; everyone was playing hard, but the outcome wasn’t as great. It was a great championship game. Congratulations to both teams. It was a good season.

By Xander Smith and Edward Jones Gary Dwayne Payton was born on July 23, 1968 Oakland, CA. Gary went to Skyline High School and Oregon State University for college. Payton is an American former professional basketball player. Payton played for Seattle SuperSonics; he also played for Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. He started point guard position. His number was 20 on all of his jersey’s except one; it was number 2. Payton average’s 16.3 PTS, 3.9 TRB, and 6.7 AST per game. In Gary's prime, he averaged 21.5 PTS, 8.1 AST, and 2.2 STL. He played with Shawn Kemp in Seattle, but they never won a championship together (because they played against MIchael Jordan.) Gary Payton only won one championship in the 2005-06 season with Miami. He is currently 49 years old. He also has 4 children: Gary Payton II, Julian Payton, Raquel Payton, and Gary Payton Jr.

One Of The Greats: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

By Omarion Moore and Darius Johnson Lewis Alcindor Ferdinand Jr. (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) was born on April 16, 1947, New York City, NY (age 70). He was a professional NBA player. He played college basketball at UCLA. In 1969, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 1st pick of the draft and was an instant star, incredibly placing second in league points (28.8) and third in rebounds (14.5) winning Rookie of the Year Honors. Becoming Muslim, he changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He’s been in a record 19 All Star games, a record 6x MVP and was 7’2’’. As his professional basketball career went on, Kareem played so well he was beginning to be considered the greatest player of all time. He made the famous shot, the skyhook. Kareem played for the “Showtime” Lakers with whom he won 5 additional championships adding to his other one in Milwaukee.

Messi 10

By Leslie Ahuatl Leonel Andres Messi a soccer player on FC Barcelona and Argentina soccer team. He is known as the best soccer player in the world. He was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. His father was Jorge Messi and mother was Celia Cuccittini de Messi. He got married June 30, 2017 to Antonella Roccuzzo. He has three children named Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo and Mateo Messi Roccuzzo. When he was five, he played for Grandoli, a local soccer league. His dad was the coach for this league. When Messi was eleven, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which means that he did not have enough growth. Even though he was talented, no one wanted to pay for his treatments. When he was 14, he was 4’ 2’’. He started to get treatments, and he started to grow and now he is 5’ 7’’ which is average size for an Argentinean male. 2000-2003 he signed up with FC Barcelona and works his way up to the youth squad. October 16, 2004 he became a official debut FC Barcelona against Espanyol. Barca won 1-0. August, 2008, he became a part of the Argentina soccer team. He got a gold metal at the summer Olympics in Beijing. 2011-2012 season he set a all-time record for the most goals scored in a major European soccer league, with 73 goals. August 12, 2016, he announced that he will play for Argentina once again and will retire in June that year. On July 5, 2017, Barcelona and Messi announced that he will retire June 30, 2021.

Belzer Blog Talks to Denisha Nalls About Track

By Bobbie Dunlap and Darrion Brandon Here at Belzer, there are so many great track stars on the track team, and Denisha Nalls is one of them. Denisha is very passionate about her sports. She chose to do track because in elementary school a girl used to beat her in racing everyday, so she does track to get faster at running. She loves doing track because she enjoys having fun, running, and talking with her friends. In track, Denisha runs hurtles and four by one. She also said that she feels like track is one of the easiest sports she has done. She said that she was already conditioned for track before she started. Her parents approve her doing track and are very supportive. Denisha is an sprinter and hurdles runner. She didn’t do distance because it was a lot of running, and she loses breath. She said her best sprint is a 4 by 1. She is one of the fastest on the 4 by 1 team. She has one of the top 5 best times. The meets end so late that it causes Denisha to stay up late and do her homework in order to keep her good grades.

Our apologies to Dominic Daggy. An article on the swim team in the last edition recognized the wrong student for his swim record in the 400 free.

Come support your Bruin athletes at home meets and games. Schedules are posted in the halls. Belzer’s Own Jaden Anderson

By Dilyn Cox Jaden Anderson #5 plays on the baseball team at Belzer Middle School. He has been playing baseball for 8 years and also plays football and basketball. Jaden plays pitcher, shortstop and 3rd base. He has played on a travel team before he came to Belzer. One of the teams he has played on is Titan Blue. The team has had a good start to their season, they won their first home game on April 10, 2018.

All About Mrs. Feister By Kyle Turner Mrs. Fiester is a language arts teacher or ELA for short. She has been working at Belzer for 5 years. Mrs. Fiester became a teacher because she likes working and helping kids. She has one son. Her son’s name is Theodore, but Theo for short. She has two pets and they are both cats. Mrs. Fiester said if she was not a teacher she would be a stay at home mom. In her free time she likes to bake. She went to college at IUPUI and likes all colors that are really bright. Her favorite sports team is the soccer team in Indiana which is called Indy 11. The Indy 11 is a United States soccer team. She has four brothers and one sister.

Belzer Sound Competition Season Highlights

By Alicia Barnes and Savanna Scales Belzer Middle School’s show choir, The Belzer Sound, just recently finished their competition season. They competed at four high schools: Ben Davis, Warren Central, North Central, and Lawrence Central. Here are some highlights of each competition! The first competition Belzer Sound attended was at Ben Davis High School, where they sang “Born This Way,” “You Will be Found/Flashlight,” “The Show Goes On,” and “Living On a Prayer.” While they were waiting to compete, they watched other choirs perform and mentally took note on what they liked from each performance. They also watched Central Sound (Lawrence Central Show Choir), which helped their performances get better and better. After their performance at Ben Davis, Belzer Sound found out from Mrs. Harris, Belzer’s choir teacher, that they got 4th place. The next competition they went to was at Warren Central High School. They sang the same songs that they sang at Ben Davis, and improved some of their choreography. They watched Central Sound, Sweet Sensation (LC’s all girls show choir), and many other show choirs. After they performed, Belzer Sound won grand champion! North Central High School was the next competition they performed at. At this performance, Belzer Sound added in a new song to their performance called, “We Know the Way,” from the Disney movie, “Moana.” Also at this performance, members of Belzer Sound watched high school show choirs. At the end of the day, they learned they won 2nd runner up! The last competition was at Lawrence Central. All the members of Belzer Sound had to wake up early to compete. At this performance, many Belzer Sound members had the opportunity to watch other performances from other schools and meet some members of Central Sound and Sweet Sensation. Once the group gathered in the auditorium for awards, Belzer Sound was named 1st runner up. Overall, a great competition season!

All About Ms. Benson-Heeter

By Tania Day and Malia Thomas Mrs. Benson-Heeter works in student services as the receptionist. She enjoys her job because she loves to work with kids, and the staff that she works with. Before she worked at BMS, she worked at Craig Middle School before it shut down. Outside of her job here, she sings in her church choir and she volunteers for Teen Night at the YMCA. She started working at Belzer in 2011. She has been working here for 7 years. The reason she started her work at Belzer was because Craig Middle School closed, so she decided to transfer to Belzer.

May 9th is National School Nurse’s Day. Be sure to thank Ms. Tracy for all her hard work! Who Is Mr. Raymond?

By Nevaeh Alexis and Emily Cleveland Mr. Raymond is part of the staff here at Belzer. He helps with AVID students and sometimes helps with other classes. He came to Belzer because he likes helping kids, and he likes the teachers and staff. He also went here himself. He used to be a businessman, but he retired from it. He’s been working at Belzer for about 10 years. He said he will retire when he gets tired. Mr. Raymond is at least 34. (He said it as a joke though). He has 2 kids, a boy and girl. Their names are Jennifer and Mike. He is married to a woman named Paula Hall. He has a dog named Newton, and he also has a lot of fish. In Mr. Raymond’s free time, he likes to fish, water ski, snow ski, jet ski, scuba dive, and travel. He also loves to spend time with his grandkids. He likes to live life to the fullest. His birthday is July 8th. He was born in Indiana, and he went to Indian Creek for elementary school. He also went to Belzer and LC. For college, he went to IU.

Food Deserts

By Isaac Faust and Heaven Caldwell Indiana is one of the worst states in our country for containing food deserts. Food deserts are areas that are sparse in grocery stores and/or food markets. The residents of a food desert might not be able to afford a car and have to walk miles and miles just to get food. Even if they are able to afford a car, the car might be in use at the time and will then have to walk. This affects many people, including, single moms/dads, elderly, kids and much others. In Indianapolis, stores seem to be closing down lately. With more of these stores closing down, people may have to walk even more to get to stores. People with health problems have to walk with crutches or ride in a wheelchair by themselves; people who can’t find or afford a babysitter have to walk with their children. Those who live too far away may need to take multiple busses just to get to the store and then transport bags on the bus to get back home. It may take hours if they need to walk just to get the most basic item of survival: food. They have to walk those same hours to get back home. Not only do they have to walk that huge amount of time, they have to do it halfway while carrying 20 heavy, delicate bags in the freezing cold or hot weather. If people can donate non-perishable, healthy food, the major issue of the food deserts can be reduced. Belzer sponsors a “Free Food” box that sits on our property along Richardt Street. We need to collect food to keep it stocked. If you and your college prep class can donate the most food in the school, you and your college prep class will be treated with a rootbeer or orange soda float. Not only will you get the prize, you will be able to help feed families all around Belzer, LC and Harrison Hill.

Help Make A Difference By Donating To Hungry Families!

Bring in your canned or boxed goods this week and next week.

Weird And Unusual Planets

By Braya Benjamin Think you’re strange? These planets are stanger. A lot of these planets have unique features, which makes them interesting to study. Some of us have already heard about planets having diamonds, or fiery infernos, but are there other weird features that make these planets stand out from the rest? To keep this short and sweet, here are 3 crazy planets. Kepler 10c is about 568 light-years away. This planet was discovered in the year 2011. Since it’s so big, people nicknamed it “Godzilla of Earth’s.” The sad part is, the planet is too hot for any life to live there, so you can say bye to your vacation plans. KOI-314c is 200 light-years away. This gas giant was found in the year 2014. An interesting fact is that this planet is about the same size as Earth! But a cooler fact is the fact that it could have life! KOI-314c orbits a red dwarf star. OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is about 28,000 light-years away, and it might be the most distant planet we found. The planet itself was discovered in the year 2005. The planet has a freezing temperature of -364 degrees and has a solar mass of 0.22. This planet also orbits a red dwarf star.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 7-11

Thank a teacher!

Officers Kill Black Man After Mistaking Metal Pipe For A Gun

By Alexis Kyles New York City police officers shot and killed a black man on April 4 after he pointed a gun at them, the authorities said. After the shooting, the officers discover the man was holding a pipe with some sort of knob on it, Chief of the department Terance A. Monahan said at a news conference. The incident started shortly before 5 p.m. when officers received 911 calls of an man aiming an silver pipe at people but what callers describe as a silver firearm in Brooklyn. When the officer arrived at the scene, they found the man and found the same evidence with the description provided by the callers. Four officers discharged their weapons, striking the man. The unidentified officers, who were not wearing body cameras, saw a metal pipe and thought it was a silver gun. All the officers started shooting him 10 times. They thought he was trying to kill someone later realizing that he was asking them some questions. The victim was pointing the pipe at people, and one of the 911 callers said they saw a person with a gun in his hand because the caller said it was silver. The officers believed they are dealing with an immediate matter of life and death to the people in the surrounding area. That split-second decision has to be made to the officer. On the picture of the metal pipe there was blood on it. The victim that got shot had mental health problem and had not taken any medication at that time. He had no access to guns, and he suffered from bipolar disorder, according to his father.

Syrian Chemical Attack

By Danisha Alvarez The Syrian chemical attack happened on April 4, 2018. At least 70 people have died in Douma from this supposed chemical attack. This isn't the first time Syria has had a chemical attack. In early 2018, the Syrian government dropped a “toxic chlorine gas on rebel-held towns;” one of these towns was Eastern Ghouta. Yet, this town was one of the least rebel-held towns. Right now, almost 500 people have been affected by this chemical attack. The first 70 people died in a basement. The chemicals either made the people a sickly pale color or foam at the mouth while they were waiting for medical assistance. France’s president has ‘proof ’ that Syria used chemical weapons in this attack that killed hundreds of its own people. Emmanuel Macron said, “We have the proof that chemical weapons — at least chlorine gas — were used by Assad's regime.”


By Andreas Foster and Charles Vaden Alfredo Villa (known as prettyboyfredo) is one of the best 2k youtubers out there. He started blowing up when he posted his first youtube video about 2k15. Alfredo is almost at 5 mil subs. Alfredo Villa was born on the 20th of August, 1993 in Palm Beach, Florida. He was given up by his parents and had no one around to care for him. But at that time, he didn’t care for nothing other than God. Prettyboyfredo is known for his funny youtube videos. In his youtube videos, he does pranks, plays basketball, shops at stores, and dances. He also has a girlfriend named Jasmine Jade, and he has a daughter named Ava Villa. Prettyboyfredo came up on youtube by playing the game 2k16. He made the term Clamps, meaning your locking someone down on defense. He is known for his 2k crew (SSH)- Savage Squad Hoopers. They’re famous for dropping off other crews, and they are the best 2k crew in the world.

Chance the Rapper

By Cooper Nelson and Avery Bullock Chance the rapper is a 24 year old man who was born in April 16th, 1993. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Chancellor Johnathan Bennett did not make good grades and got suspended rather often. He was suspended once for 10 days because of smoking cannabis. Chance started rapping in the sixth grade when his cousin let him use his studio. 2011 in his senior year he got another suspension for possess illegal controlled substances. April 30th 2013 he released Acid Rap (one of his more notorious albums). On DatPiff it’s been downloaded over 500,000 times. In May 12th, 2016, Chance released Coloring Book, streaming exclusively on Apple Music. In November 18th, 2017 he had hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live) and sang

a song about Thanksgiving. He was nominated for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, and Coloring Book was nominated for Best Album of the year. Acid Rap was nominated for Best Mixtape and Lyricist of the Year twice. He was nominated for Hot Ticket Performer and MVP of the year. In addition, he was nominated for Hustler of the Year, and “I’m the One” was nominated Best Feature Video. His song Last Christmas was nominated for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. No Problems was nominated Best Rap Song, Famous was nominated for Best Rap Song, Ultralight Beam was nominated for Best Rap/Song Performance, he was nominated for Best New Artist, He was nominated for Best International Act, Angels was nominated Best Hip-Hop Video so was Same drugs and I'm the one. He was nominated Outstanding Male Artist, Coloring Book was nominated Outstanding Album, No problem was nominated Rhythm & Bars Award and Best Collaboration, Chance the Rapper was nominated Best Gospel/Inspirational Artist, and he was nominated for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist. Coloring book won Best Mixtape, Chance the Rapper won Best New Hip Hop Artist, Chance the Rapper.

Celebrity Birthdays In May

By Brooklyn Murphy And Dru smith There are many different celebrities with birthdays in May; here are 6 of them. May the 1st is the birthday of Jamie Dornan. He is an actor, model, and musician from Northern Ireland. He is best known for his role in “Once Upon a Time” as Hook. On May 2nd is Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name, The Rock. He is an American actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler who has played in many different movies with Kevin Hart and other celebrities. The 3rd belongs to Christina Hendricks; she is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC drama television series “Mad Men,” for which she was nominated for six Primetime Emmy Awards. Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. His birthday is May 5. He is just 28 years old now, but in a month he’ll be turning 29. Chris started singing at an young age with his church choir, and he sung in several local talent shows. He’s been singing ever since. Meek Mill was born May 6th. He is an American rapper and songwriter. Meek has starred in the movie “Street” and has made over 20 songs. Meek will turn 31. Debby Ryan was born May 13. She is an American actress and singer. She has starred in many shows. One of her most popular shows was “Jessie.” Debbie is from Huntsville, AL.

The Amazing Adele

By Natalie Vazquez Adele was born on May 5 , 1988 in North London, England. She is a British singer-songwriter who has sold millions of albums worldwide and won a total of 15 grammys. Adele has recorded a total of three studio albums since the beginning of her career in 2008. She was the only child of Penny Adkins, an "arty mom" who was just 18 at the time of her birth, and a Welsh father, Mark Evans, who left the family when Adele was only four years old. Early on,Adele developed a passion for music. When she had listened to Ettas and the Ellas she said it sounded cheesy but,she was inspired that as 15-yearold she listened to music that had been made in the 40’s. While clearly bright, Adele wasn't oriented towards traditional classroom settings. Instead, her mother enrolled her in the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.

Top 5 Female Singers

Kai Norman 1. Whitney Houston she was a famous American singer and she also modeled, acted, and produced but was known most for singing. Her most hit song was “I Will Always Love You” She was born August 9, 1963 and sadly passed February 11, 2012 from coronary artery disease. Whitney was 48 years old when she passed. 2. Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970, and is now 48 years old. Her first hit singles were “Vision of Love”, “Someday”, “I Don’t Wanna Cry”, and “Love Takes Time” which all reached the number one single on U.S Billboard Hot 100. She is also an author, composer, film producer, and much more. 3. Celine Dion is a famous Canadian singer, composer, songwriter, voice actor, and Entrepreneur. Her hit single was “If You Asked Me To”, and it hit #4 on Billboard Hot 100. She won 2 Grammys in the year 1999 for her song “My Heart Will Go On”. 4. Christina Aguilera is a famous American singer, actress, songwriter, and more. Her number one singles were “Genie In A Bottle”. “What A Girl Wants”. and Come On Over Baby”. Those songs hit #1 on US Billboard Hot 100 in 1999. She played in “Nashville”, “Burlesque”, and voice acted in the “Emoji Movie” 5. Aretha Franklin is 76 years old and was born March 25 ,1942. Her first hit singles were “Respect”, “I Say A Little Prayer”, and “Chain Of Fools”. She has been awarded 10 Grammys and many more awards.

Top 5 Songs With The Most Views On Youtube

By Nakyah Davis and Jordyn Moreland 1. Luis Fonsi, feat. Daddy Yankee, “Despacito” (2017) 5 billion views. This song become very popular when Justin Bieber did the remix of this song. 2. Wiz Khalifa, feat. Charlie Puth “See You Again” feat. Charlie Puth (2015) 3.49 billion views. This song was made because the death of Paul Walker off the movie Fast and Furious. 3. Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You” (2017) 3.42 billion views. This song is popular because of its lyrics that get stuck in your head. 4. PSY, “Gangnam Style” (2012) 3.13 billion views. This song became really popular because of the catchy dance. 5. Mark Ronson, feat. Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk!” (2014) 3.00 billion views. This song is popular because of the nice beat.

Ant-Man and The Wasp By Gimyus Weeden

On July 6, 2018 there will be another new Marvel movie coming to theaters. It’s another Ant-Man movie, but this time he has a partner named The Wasp. In this movie Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and The Wasp (Hope Pym) are on a mission to uncover a piece from the past. However, they run into some trouble while trying to uncover a piece from the past. That trouble is a villain named The Ghost. The Ghost wears a high tech battle suit that allows him to turn invisible or turn something else invisible. He was also originally Iron Man’s enemy, but now he’s Ant-Man’s enemy. Ant-Man and The Wasp have to fight The Ghost in order to uncover the piece from the past and to save New York City at the same time.

Marvel or DC? Pros and Cons By Amari Robertson Marvel and DC are both cinematic universes that most people adore, but not everyone loves each cinematic universe maybe yelling “DC sucks” or “Marvel is way better”. So here are the pros and cons of Marvel and DC movies. Humor - Marvel has so much humor is it’s movie, that’s mostly why it’s favored by many. Every movie is almost certain to make someone laugh due to its punchlines and jokes Action - Once again Marvel always have action in their movies, Marvel knows exactly what their fans wants so they show them by doing huge action stunts to surprise fans. Villains - Marvel are known for their successful superheros, but not really their villains. DC has Villains that always are favored because they come more often and sometimes stays (ex. Joker with Batman) Stories - DC always has stories for their heroes ard villains, and they do a good job presenting them. Rushed - DC movies are good to watch, but most of the fans have problems of them being to “rushed’. They want them to actually take their time to make a good, decent, quality movie.

10 Fun Things To Do In The Indianapolis Area!

By Mallori White and Amaya Ford Different places are opening back up because of the nice weather. Since the weather is nice out, some of these activities you can do, but you can also do some of these in other seasons as well. There are many different activities that you and your family can do in Indiana that some people don't know about. Here are some places. 1. Top Golf 2. Outdoor Ziplining or Zip City Indy 3. NCAA Hall of Champions 4. Indiana Central Canal 5. Skyzone 6. K1 speed 7. Kings Island 8. Movie Marathon 9. Indiana Beach 10. Deep River Water Park These are only a few out of many fun activities you, your friends, or your family can do here in Indiana. Most of these activities are cheap and even free. If you are at home bored and want something to do, then try to plan a trip to one of these places.

What's Fun In April

By Faythe J. McElroy March may be when spring starts, but April is when the flowers come out and the temperature heats up. In April there are a lot of amazing events, such as Easter, The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Major League Baseball season starts, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and food and film festivals also Beyond Spaceship Earth at the Children’s Museum. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated in spring in Washington DC to show the friendship between the people in the United States and Japan. Also known for art, culture, and natural beauty. Arbor Day is an event where a group are encouraged to plant trees. The date is set depending on the appropriate planting season to plant the trees. This holiday is celebrated everywhere. “Beyond Spaceship Earth” is at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. This event will start April 14. Those are the events happening in April, so have fun!

Do You Know What a Limerick Is?

By Caleb Ridener Limerick poems became popular when English poet, Edward Lear (May 12, 1812-January 29, 1888) wrote a book called “Book of Nonsense” in 1846. They are short, humorous poems made up of 5 lines. The first two lines rhyme with the fifth line. Lines three and four rhyme with one another. The rhythm of a limerick is called a anapestic meter. Here is an example by Edward Lear. There was a Young Lady “There was a young lady whose chin Resembled the point of a pin; So she had it made sharp, And purchased a harp, And played several tunes with her chin.” Here’s my attempt at a limerick: A Game on Ice “There was a young boy named Bryce, Who loved to play games on ice. To be a great, He needed fast skates But he fell on his bum, not once but twice.”

Two Good Pixel Art Websites To Visit By Jacob Kramer and Mykayla Kersey Artists specialize in different forms of art. Some paint, some draw, others sculpt, and many people find drawing sprites for and from video games to be entertaining. Most pixel art that you normally see is from older video games or from newer ones like Undertale and other enjoyable titles. It is really easy to do and very fun. We’ll show you some of our more prefered websites.

One of our favorite pixel art websites is It is a program where not only can you draw and create your own art--you can share it with a wide variety of people. If you prefer your drawings from paper there is a tracing mechanic in the settings option, though you will need the image address to do it. is constantly updating and getting even better by the month. There are so many good artists there too. It is very easy to use and it produces very fluid animations. Also, the user interface is amazing. Another great pixel art program is It is a free website and has great mechanics. Some are self explanatory, but the pen tool covers one pixel at a time and the paint bucket tool covers the open area with the color tool. The color tool is where you choose your own color. This also has a public community, but Piskel’s is not nearly as good as

How To Make Lipsticks Out Of Crayons

By Allyson Yohn and Addyson Fender-Groves Have you ever wanted a crazy colored lipstick for cheap? Well you’re in just the right place! For this project you will need crayons (color of your choice), ½ teaspoon of Vaseline or coconut oil, ¼ teaspoon of olive oil or vegetable oil, a small glass bowl, a cutting board, a pot to boil water in, a tool for stirring and a mold of some sort for your lipstick. First, take the crayon that you want and peel the paper off the crayon (if you run it under warm water it peels off easier). Next, fill your pot with about 3-5 inches of water, then start boiling the water. Put a ½ teaspoon of coconut oil or vaseline and ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil into your glass bowl. Then take your cutting board and start chopping your crayon into small pieces (you may want to have adult supervision.) Now put the small pieces of crayons into the glass bowl with your oils. Set your glass bowl carefully into the pot of boiling water. Use your stirring tool to mix all your ingredients in the glass bowl until all melted and smooth. Then turn off your stove and carefully take out the glass bowl with an oven mitt. Finally, you shall take your mold, you can use any small plastic container from the dollar store. and slowly pour your new lipstick into it. Put it in the freezer to cool; once cool, enjoy!

How To Do Floral Foam

By Ivory Mason and Kierra Jordan To make Floral Foam, you will need Floral Foam, gittler, water, a container, and food coloring. First, cut the Floral Foam into little or big squares. Next, get your Floral Foam and put it in water and let it soak. Now, put it in a container and pour some more water in it and a little food coloring. Then, choose a glitter of your choice and put it on top of your mixture, make sure to put enough to cover the top. Finally, take the Floral Foam and start taking little pieces off and squeezing. Now you’re done. :)


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Volume 5 issue 8  

Student newspaper--latest edition

Volume 5 issue 8  

Student newspaper--latest edition