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The Many Ways of Celebrating the Holidays By Jayla Bullock and Katherine Garcia Christmas/eve is a holiday that most people celebrate. People put up a christmas tree, decorate the tree, and put gifts under the tree to give out. Christmas is on December 25th and Christmas eve is on the December 24th. Christmas was created for celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday, which is celebrated for 8 days. Most people light up candles on Hanukkah in certain types of candle holders called menorah. One of their favorite foods is sizzling potato pancakes. Gifts are given and kids play with dreidel, a spinning toy that is particularly popular during Hanukkah. According to Justin Garrison he said, “In Hanukkah, they celebrate their freedom for their religion.” Three Kings Day is a day in which people do parades, bands, food, music, and other types of entertainment. Sometimes 3 men dress up as kings and give out gifts.

Heri Za Kwanzaa (Happy Kwanzaa) By Averi Pennington There are 6 holidays in December and Kwanzaa is one of them lasting 7 days. Kwanzaa is a time to get together as family, friends, and neighbors. Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor of Black Studies at California State University, created Kwanzaa in 1966. Dr. Karenga wanted to bring all African-Americans together after the Watts riots in Los Angeles, a 5 day riot between innocent African-Americans and white police officers. According to, “Karenga combined aspects of several different harvest celebrations such as those of the Ashanti and those of the Zulu, to form the basis of Kwanzaa.” Kwanzaa brings a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be African and human in the fullest sense. Beginning December 26 and ending January 1, Kwanzaa is a celebration of community, family and culture. Each of the seven days are focusing on one of the seven core principles or Nguzo Saba: Umoja: Unity, Kujichagulia: Self-Determination, Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility, Ujamaa: Cooperative Economics, Nia: Purpose, Kuumba: Creativity, and Imani: Faith. People celebrate Kwanzaa by decorating their houses with symbols of Kwanzaa, light the Kinara daily, have drum and musical sessions, or a Kwanzaa feast.

Top 6 Last Minute Holiday Gifts

5 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

By Zoey Rodriguez and Nehemiah Townsend 1. Gift Cards: A gift card is a great last minute gift if you don't know what to get them. Get it for their favorite

By Averi Pennington For people who love Christmas movies and for the people who love Netflix, here’s the best Christmas movies on Netflix! 1. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”: In this movie, the Christmas-hating Grinch ruins the holiday for the Whos of Whoville but the Grinch soon learns that Christmas is about more than just shallow gifts. 2. “Bad Santa”: This comedy film is about a department store Santa Claus who uses his position to break into safes and steals all of the money made during the weeks leading up to Christmas. 3. “Happy Christmas”: This movie is about a filmmaker, novelist couple who lives are changed when an irresponsible sibling shows up at their doorstep unannounced and moves in. 4. “A Very Murray Christmas”: Starring Bill Murray, this movie was pitched as a fake documentary. It is funny and “irreverent twist on holiday variety shows,” according to Netflix. 5. “The Legend of Frosty the Snowman”: Netflix hasn’t added the 1969 version of Frosty, but the 2005 version of the magical snowman is just as good.

store or get them a visa gift card where they can spend it at any store. 2. Chocolate: is a great gift if they love chocolate. This is a cheap and easy gift for almost anyone. 3. Stuffed Animals: Everyone loves stuffed animals.Stuffed animals have been given as gifts for years 4. Nail Polish; Most people love nail polish. This is a cute and simple gift for people. This comes in many colors to fit their personality. 5. Nerf Guns; This is a simple gift most kids like them even some adults. This is a fun gift for everyone. 6. Books; Books are great for people that want to further their reading skills. This is a great gift for a book worm.

Top 5 Holiday Songs

released "I Want to Be Wanted (Per Tutta La Vita)," but they were not as popular. 2. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen By Anahy Monterroza was released in December 1984. According to Billboard Holiday Hits these are the top 5 holiIt has been covered by other well day hits. known artist like Jeff Buckley and 5. “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano was Rufus Wainwright, but the cover released in 1970. This song contains that the Pentatonix recorded in both Spanish and English. With a chorus 2016 became more popular than of “Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felithe original. cidad,” and “I wanna wish you a Mer1. “All I Want For Christmas Is ry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart.” It became a big hit international- You” by Mariah Carey is the top holiday song. Carey made this song with Walter Afanasieff. It was released November 1, 1994; ly. He later came out with a acoustic it was put in her first holiday album called “Merry Christmas” version of the song, and it became with other songs “Joy To The World” more popular than the original. and “O Holy Night.” 4. “Jingle Bell Rock” was released She then rerecorded it for her secby Bobby Helms in 1957. Accordond holiday album “Merry Christing to Wikipedia, “It has received mas ll You” and Justin Bieber’s album frequent airplay in the United States “Under The Mistletoe.” It has sold during every Christmas season since over 16 million copies and made 50 then.” This song has been on popular million dollars in royalties. movies called “Lethal Weapon,” and “Mean Girls.” 3. “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” was written by Johnny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee. It was released in 1958 in the United States; in the U.K. it was released December, 1962. Brenda recorded this song at the age 13, but her voice makes her sound older. Lee made three christmas songs; the first one in 1957 called “Rock-a-Bye Baby Blues.” In 1960, she

New Year's Day in America

National Pizza Week

By Alex Edmonds and Ayonna Smith January 1st is considered New Year’s Day in America. New Year’s is the most celebrated public holiday in the United States. In America, on New Year’s Eve (December 31), there are New Year’s parties and special events that are often given a lot of thought and effort, and at midnight, adults drink and kiss, while kids have sparkling water or juice. According to, “People who planned and/or attended the biggest bashes were the most bummed about the experience a few weeks later, and those with the lowest expectations and least amount of energy and moolah invested in the evening came away the most satisfied,” so don’t go too big on New Year’s parties if you’re hosting. Vegas holds a popular block party every year for New Year’s. In New York there’s a lot of places you could go to watch the ball drop like the Hudson River and the Monarch Rooftop Lounge. There’s even events in Indianapolis you can attend. Visit to see some of the events happening. Everyone in America turns to the news channel to watch the ball drop in New York at midnight. If you would like to know more about the ball drop and it’s history, click here. Although New Year’s is all fun and exciting it’s also dangerous. In more than half the cases of New Year’s Eve/ day deaths, the pedestrians had high alcohol levels. Sometimes drunk driving may kill someone, or even a sober driver hitting a drunk person is a cause of death.

By Hannah Baker and Chrisann Taylor National Pizza week is celebrated from January 8th to the 14th. Even though many people love pizza, they may not know the backstory. So where did pizza come from? In the 1800s, the first known pizza shop opened in Italy. However, we can’t give all the credit to Italy. To where pizza actually came from, it depends on how it’s described. As just flatbread, it dates back to the ancient Middle East. However if with toppings, it dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans. But if it’s described as the kind we have today, it actually did originate in Italy. Baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples created the first pizza. According to Wonderopolis, “Legend has it that Esposito was called upon to make a pizza for Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita when they visited Naples in 1889. That pizza featured fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil.” After that, pizza made its way to England, France, Spain, and the United States, thanks to Italian immigrants. However, pizza did got gain popularity until after World War II ended. The first pizzeria in the U.S. was opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi on 53 ⅓ Spring Street. Since then, Americans have grown to love pizza, and so have many others all over the world.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Top 3 90’s Cartoons

By Ruthie Kyser and Trinity Proctor Martin Luther King was a strong, hardworking man. His birthday is was on January 15. Junior was born on January 15, 1929 in his grandparents' large Victorian house on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the second of three children, and was first named Michael, after his father. As a child, King attended Atlanta Public Schools, first David T. Howard Elementary, then Booker T. Washington High School, where he was quarterback of the football team. In 1945, at the age of fifteen, he entered Atlanta's Morehouse College. He had four children, Martin Luther King III, Yolanda King, Bernice King, Dexter Scott King. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He had a strong belief in nonviolent protest, and he helped set the tone of the movement. King moved to Montgomery to become a Dexter Avenue Baptist Church In 1954. He applied for a job as the new pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, located near the Alabama state capitol building in Montgomery. He is famous for his “I Have a Dream" speech which was delivered during a march on Washington for jobs and freedom on August 28, 1963. He was shot and killed in Memphis on April 4, 1968.

By Aleia Nowlin Rugrats was made in 1991 and continued to 2004. The show was originally made to show what the world looks like from a baby's point of view. It used to air on Nickelodeon along with Ren and Stimpy and Doug. Rugrats even has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Dexter’s Laboratory was made in 1996, and it went all the way on to 2003. This show is about a child genius that makes up world saving inventions, but his sister Dee Dee always messes them up. His laboratory is a secret that only him and his sister knows about. Ed, Edd n Eddy aired on Nickelodeon on January 4, 1999 and they ended the series on November 8, 2009. The creator made Ed, Edd n Eddy to resemble cartoons from the 1940s. This show was made to air on Cartoon Network, also. Ed Edd n Eddy was one of the most successful shows out at the time.

Winnie the Pooh Day By Alyhah Kinnebrew and India Thomas Winnie the Pooh Day is a national day which falls on January 18. It celebrates the beloved honey-obsessed bear that’s been entertaining children since 1926. Winnie the Pooh day is an opportunity to enjoy Winnie and all his friends. This day was created to celebrate A.A. Milne birthday is January 18, 1882, so he made national Winnie the Pooh day on his birthday and who was an author of children's story books. As you know Winnie loves honey and doesn’t like to share. Winnie the Pooh is a childhood loveable bear. Many Winnie the Pooh fans actually celebrate this holiday. A.A. Milne named the character Winnie the Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne. The author’s son had been inspired by the Canadian black bear named Winnie who lives at London Zoo during World War I. Christopher Robin visits the bear often, and that’s why he named his own teddy bear after her swan named Pooh which he met while on vacation. Celebrating National Winnie the Pooh day is simple, indulge yourself to read the stories of Winnie the Pooh. The Holiday Insight said, “Don’t read the book alone, read it with children.”

Sony Unleashes A Robot Dog

Black Friday

By Caleb Weirich Aibo is an artificial-intelligence robot dog, and it wags its tail and learns new tricks. The first Aibo robot dog was launched in the 1990s. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai showed Tokyo the robot dog on wednesday. The cost of Aibo is $1,740 without tax. As Aibo learns more about you it will constantly upload and update data stored in the cloud, so that makes Aibo personality change over time. Aibo can take pictures and record everything it sees, and the owner can see the video and pictures on an app. Would you want to get an Aibo robot dog?

By India Thomas and Alyhah Kinnebrew Black Friday is a shopping day for a combination of reasons. This year it will be falling on November 24. This used to be the start of the holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with these big sales with the early bird special to attract customers. People stand in lines for hours before the store opens to grab everything they need before they sell out. This can sometimes turn into a big mess so they usually have plenty of security around. In the last few years some stores have online Black Friday deals before Black Friday for a head start in shopping. Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day right after thanksgiving. It was originally called “Black Friday� because so many people went out to shop that it caused traffic accidents and even sometimes violence. Black Friday can last all night and all day. After Thanksgiving parents, and adults go rushing out to get in line already before the day comes.

The Winter Solstice By Chrisann Taylor and Hannah Baker

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice can happen on December 20, 21, 22, or 23. However, the 20th and 23rd are rare. According to, “The last December 23 solstice was in 1903, and will not happen again until 2303.” This year, our Winter Solstice is December 21. The Winter Solstice is the second solstice each year; the first is the Summer Solstice in June. Astronomers and scientists use this day as the start of the winter season. It is the shortest day of the year, or the day that has the least amount of daylight. During the Winter Solstice, the sun is focused more directly on the southern hemisphere instead of the northern hemisphere. This makes the United States and countries in the northern hemisphere colder. Some countries celebrate it and the days around it as a holiday. Others just have feasts to bring in winter.

Top 3 World Record Holders By Torien Patterson Tallest Man Alive. The tallest man to live died 75 years ago at the height of 8ft and 7in. This man had a shoe size of 37 AA (47cm and 18in) The 8ft man ate up to 8000 calories a day! He said, “At the age of nine I could carry my 6ft father up and down the stairs!” He was buried in a coffin that was 3 ft and 11 inches! Oldest Person Ever. Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 years old. She got to witness the construction of the Eiffel Tower and once sold colored pencils to a famous painter named Vincent van Gogh. At the age of 114 she played in a film called “Vincent & Me. ” Most Pushups In An Hour. Carlton Williams did over 2 thousand push ups in an hour! Carlton had an injury in his right shoulder, but he completed the set and beat his own previous record of 1,800. He said, “I still have a long way to go if i want to beat my 24 hour score.”

Most Expensive Airplanes! By Torien Patterson 3. Airbus A340-300 Is starting of at 600 Million dollars making it the third most expensive Airplane. This plane can hold up to 375 passengers and can go 9000 mph! The plane it self cost 238 million, but with the remodel inside of it makes it 600 million. The owner of the plane named it after his dad. 2. Air Force One is coming in at 660 million dollars! This plane is used to keep the President of the United States safe. Every time this plane takes off it takes 700 million just to run this plane. They say just one trip anywhere would be around 10 million dollars! This plane was first bought in 1990s, and its original price was 300 million. 1. B-2 Spirit is the world's most expensive airplane to ever exist. The price of this is 2.4 billion and its been in the air since 1987! There are only 20 people whoown one these since one of them crashed in 2008! The plane is also known as the “Stealth Bomber” and is known as a Nuclear Weapon.

New Type Of Electric Transport Being Tested in China By Kaleb Rhodes China’s CRRC Corporation has started testing a new public transport vehicle It is dubbed the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit or ART system for short, it can carry up to 307 passengers across three carriages at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. ART has the appearance of a train, but it doesn’t rely on a track; it instead follows a virtual route using an electric powertrain and tires. It’s expected to function much like an urban train or a tram, but since

there’s no investment cost in laying down rails, it should be much cheaper. Currently, its battery packs are only capable of traveling 15 kilometers on a single charge, but they can be fully recharged in just ten minutes. The concept of this was first displayed in June of 2017, but the system is now being tested on the streets of Hunan, China. There is another company in China pursuing the same idea, Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation are working on a more sophisticated version of the concept called Hyperloop .

375 Million Jobs Automated by 2030

Newly Found Exoplanet Supports Life?

By Antwan Cooke Since people found out how to get robots to do jobs around the world, more people are losing their jobs. Even though it is safer, it’s less money to pay because robot don’t get paychecks. Jobs that require only a highschool degree are most in danger. Take cashiers and toll booth operators, for example. These jobs don’t require much human analysis so are easier for machines to handle. Meanwhile, as many as 7.5 million retail jobs at risk of automation in the next decade, according to a study from Financial Services Firm Cornerstone Capital Group. A shift is already happening. CVS has installed self-checkouts in 448 locations. McDonald’s and Wendy’s have added kiosks in some restaurants, allowing customers to place orders on a touchscreen. In December, 2016, Amazon teased a video of it’s new Seattle-based concept store Amazon Go, which has no checkout line or cash register. The payment progress is automated through a customer’s smartphone, so a customer can skip the line and walk out.

By Logan Harris Scientists have been looking for a new planet that supports life besides Earth for many years and they might have just found what they been looking for. The exoplanet Ross 128 b is just 11 light years away from Earth and even has similar size to the Earth. It also has moderate temperature which means liquid water can pool on its surface. “The special properties of this system means that we are contributing our bit on the search of an Earth 2.0.” Nicola Astudillo-Defru, one of the study’s co-authors at the University of Geneva’s observatory stated in an email to CNN. The way Astronomers found the exoplanet was using a planet hunting instrument called HARPS (High-Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) which detects the tiny radial-velocity signal induced by planets as small as Earth, if they orbit close to their star. There is still a lot to discover and test for scientists to know for sure that the planet can support life, but they have high hopes that this planet might be Earth 2.0.

Top 5 Smartphones of 2017 By Reymond Julius We all know how good the 2017 phones are but here is a list of the top 5 smartphones in 2017. Iphone x Price: $999, release date: November 3 = We all was excited when we heard that Apple and android company’s came together to make a new phone,

and that was the iPhone X. Google Pixel 2 Price: $649, release date: October 19 = The Google Pixel 2 is a phone designed by Google and according to Tech insider they say, “The google pixel 2 will have a bigger screen and will should be waterproof.” One Plus 5 Price: $150, release date: June 20 = The

Oneplus 5 is a great phone that was made by android because it is so classy and great design. LG G6 Price: $525, release date: February 26 = The LG G6 made

this list by having a great dual-lens camera and having a slightly bigger screen for better viewing. ZTE Axon 7 Price: $400, release date: July 27 = The reason that this phone made the list is because it costs less than any other android phone, and it has the specs just like a Samsung or LG.

Top 5 Fastest Man-Made Objects In The World By Kyron Hinnard For a long time, humans have tried lots of things to make our life go by faster. Here are the top 5 fastest man made objects in the world. #5 is Stardust. It can go 28,856 mph. Stardust was a special probe sent into space to collect samples

from an asteroid and maintained 28,856 mph, 6 times the speed of an bullet, the entire mission. #4 is the New Horizons, and it can go 36,373 mph. In 2006 it was launched to Pluto, and it landed in 2015. It was the the first ever probe to explore Pluto. On this mission it attained a record

speed of 36373 mph. #3 is Voyager 1, and it can reach speeds up to 38,610 mph. It is the farthest trav-

eled man-made object to date, and had reached interstellar space in 2013. It is to keep going until 2025. It goes about 520 kilometers every year. #2 is Helios 1 ,and it can go up to 142,000 mph. In 1974, it was launched and made it in the sun’s elliptical orbit. It sent back data in 1982, and it was only 149597871 kilometers from the sun, or 1 AU. #1 is Helios 2 which reached speeds of 157,078 mph. It launched for the sun in 1976 and made it there in two days. This spacecraft is not only the fastest but has traveled the closest to the sun at .29 AU, or 69813342.72, kilometers from the Sun.

3 Most Expensive Designer Brands By Eric McGhee

Here are the top 3 most expensive designer brands. 1. Oscar De Le Renta comes in at number one for the most expensive designer brands. Oscar made his name in the 1960’s, when he first began dressing First lady Jacqueline Kennedy. From that point on he has been a go-to designer and a household for anyone looking for a sophisticated but bold statement. 2. Louis Vuitton which is one of the most known brands for Handbags and accessories. Founded in 1954 by Louis Vuitton, the company also specializes in shoes, watches, sunglasses and books. The Louis Vuitton logo (LV) is one of the most noticeable logos in the fashion world today. The brand is also one of the most frequently made knocked off fashioned brands. Louis Vuitton finally declared his company is worth 28 billion dollars. 3. Prada coming in at number 3 is Prada. An estimated price for the high end brand comes around 9.4 billion dollars, and as you can tell from the company's price the items do not come cheap at all. Pradas products go from ready-to-wear to shoes, accessories, luggage, watches, outerwear and more.

Elite Special Forces By Joshua Sumner and Cash Henson

The Navy Seals are a special elite task force meant to deal with the most dangerous threats. They deal with mostly terrorist threats like osama bin laden and ISIS. They are often protecting the marines in foreign countries. Doing this has earned them the nickname big brothers. It is said that they go through the world’s toughest training. They only get four hours of sleep and very limited time to eat. Some of the things they have to do in training are hold their breath for three minutes, swim while wrapped in chains, and lift telephone poles while getting sprayed with cold water in a cold environment. Next on the list are the Night Stalkers. The Night Stalkers are known as the Special Operations Aviation Regiment. This team provides choppers that are used in Operation Neptune Spear. They also were involved in taking out a man named Osama bin Laden. The last and final elite special forces group were going to be talking about is called the Delta Force. The Delta Force is known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. This group's missions are mostly kept secret to conceal their identities. They rarely wear uniforms.

History Of Military Branches By Averi Pennington

Have you ever wondered who protects our country and what they do? There are 5 types of military services: Coast guard, Marine Corps, Air force, Navy, and the Army and here’s their history. Coast Guard: Established in 1790 the Coast Guard is one of the oldest organizations of the federal government. The Coast Guard was the nation's only armed force on the sea until the Navy Department which was launched by Congress in 1797. Now the Coast Guard serves under the Department of the Navy, defending the nation against terrorism and foreign threats. Coast Guard is considered a military service because during times of war the President of the United States can transfer assets of the Coast Guard to the Department of the Navy. Navy: Established on October 13, 1775 when the Second Continental Congress passed the resolution creating the Continental Navy. At the end of the Revolutionary War the Navy disbanded. In 1797 the Navy was officially reestablished but claim their establishment was in 1775. The role of the Navy is projection of force into areas beyond the country shores. Typically, a deployment consists of many ships traveling together to and from specific regions.

United States Marine Corps: The Marine Corps was established in 1775 when the Continental Congress ordered two battalions of Marines be created and to serve in the Revolutionary War. The Marine Corps were restablished on July 11, 1798. Army: Established in 1775. It is a key member of a joint defense team, strategically dominant across the full spectrum of operations. Soldiers protect our country by attacking another country’s army. Air Force: In 1947 when President Truman signed the National Security Act along with it came the creation of the US Air Force as an independent service, equal to the US Army and US Navy. Even though Veteren’s day has already passed we should honor all of the nation’s soldiers, airmen, coast guards, marines, and sailors everyday.

Little Ferret Almost Extinct

Why The Sleeper Shark Outclasses Other Sharks

By Justin Garrison When someone hears the word endangered, they think of giant elephants or ferocious tigers. The spotlight has been on them for so long no one thinks about the little guy. The Black Footed Ferret is a very rare species of ferret. There are only 300 or 400 left in the wild. They’re all decedents of the 18 ferrets that were in captive breeding to try to increase their population in the 1980s. They have a mostly bash or light brown body. They have black feet and a black marking around its eyes that looks a lot like a mask. Their diet is 90% prairie dogs, but they also eat squirrels, mice, and other small rodents. They spend 90% percent of their time underground. They eat, sleep, and raise their young in prairie dog burrows. At night they come out to hunt. “Ferret reintroduction efforts have been mixed,” claims National Geographic. “Populations need viable prairie dog towns to survive, but they also face threats from predators such as golden eagles, owls, and coyotes. Reintroduced animals lack some survival skills so their mortality rate is high. Diseases are another major threat to prairie dog towns and to the black-footed ferrets that depend upon them.” If you want to help try to increase these little guys’ population, then you can donate at

By Devon Strecker and Graham Milan The Sleep Shark or the Greenland Shark, its more common name is a predator of the deep blue in the Pacific and around the shores of Greenland in the North Atlantic. The monsters are almost, if not better than a Great White shark. The age is one reason why the Sleep Shark is better than the Great White. The age of the Sleeper Shark is 200 years; while the Great White only lives to 30 on average. The size of a Sleeper Shark can only grow up 23 feet and 7 inches. While the average length of a shark is around 13-19 feet. The sleeper shark has poisonous flesh; this is caused by the contaminated waters it swims in. While almost all other sharks don’t have such flesh. The Sleeper Shark hunts colossal squids, hermit crabs, flounders, rockfishes, and teleost fishes while other sharks hunt schools of fish and seals. The Sleeper Shark is the one of the only sharks that can actually handle the cold temperatures of Greenland and the Pacific. Even though these sharks are almost blind, they have parasites that live on their eyes. These parasites emit a glow that lure the prey into its trap. “A combination of the cold environment, large size, and slow reproduction rate has led Greenland sharks to live up to 200 years,” stated Paul Clerkin, A shark expert.

Video Games At Belzer

Ms. Obey

By Justin Garrison If you have a real talent for video games and screaming parents telling you to socialize or to join a sport then “Elite Gaming Live” is perfect for you. If you don’t know about the club it is where you can stay after school on Monday socialize and game at Belzer. “There are a lot of students who are good a video games but don’t get the credit they deserve for their talent,” said E.G.L sponsor Ms.Collins. “It’s great for education because it brings students together and it gives students a chance to win stuff like scholarships. I think students love it because they can play video games at school and get credit for it.” “I like Elite Gaming Live because i’ve been playing video games since I was little,” stated Dakota Rogers. “I like Elite Gaming live because it’s really fun and there are a lot of really cool people,” Daniel Carroll shared. “I like Elite Gaming Live because I’ve met a lot of friends while playing video games competitively.” David Rogers. The final competition was between schools and occurred earlier this month. Congratulations to all who participated.

By Katherine Garcia and Jayla Bullock Everyone knows that Mr. Morris is no longer in the D111 room. That’s how Amber Obey appeared. We know her by Ms. Obey. She is 33 years old and she has been working here since October. Her job at belzer is ARR instructor for students in time out and half day in school detention. Ms. Obey likes it here. According to Ms.Obey, Mr. Morris now is in room C104 all school day. Ms. Obey’s favorite food is Rib-eye steaks. Her closest friend in this building is her sister, Ms. Wineinger. Her favorite hobby is going to the gym working out and cooking.

Winter Sport Cheerleaders By Batu Bayon and Amiyah Thompson Winter sports have started, but the cheer tryout for winter sports have finished. There are new basketball players for both girls and boys, 7th and 8th. These newly chosen cheerleaders are going to be cheering for the teams for the rest of the school year. The cheerleaders that are on the team now are both new and old. There are 9 new cheerleaders for girls basketball and 12 returning cheerleaders which equals up 21 cheerleaders in all. They had the girls that were already on the team go with the Coach Erin/Williams based the decisions off of: how well they were listening, how well and how sharp they could do the moves, and how well they learned the chants. For the older cheerleaders it was how well you taught the new cheerleaders the chants as well as how well they executed the moves. January 9th is is the first game for girls basketball season and the first game that the cheerleaders cheer at for the winter season. January 16th is the first Wrestling Match and the first match for the new cheerleaders. Winter cheerleading is lasting from December 3rd to February 24th.

Devin Booker By Dylan Street Devin Booker is now in his second NBA season as the shooting guard/point guard for the Phoenix Suns. Last year was Devin’s rookie season and breakout season. His career stats are 18.5 ppg, 3.2 apg, and 3 rpg. The Suns were 24-58 last season, missing the playoffs, but he still had a great season. He also became one of the youngest players to score 70 points in their rookie season. This season he is progressing and now becoming the face of the team. He is the go to guy and is going to most likely always be the guy taking the last shot. The Phoenix Suns are 7-14 but are doing a lot better than last season. Devin is also playing better than ever with 22.5 ppg, 4.2 apg, and 4.2 rpg. Devin grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was born October 30, 1996. His parents are Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez. He went to Moss Point High School in Mississippi beginning his sophomore year. He played in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American game then spent one season at The University of Kentucky before declaring for the NBA draft. In college, he averaged 10.0 ppg, 2.0 rpg, and 1.1 apg. The rookie is still progressing his game but is now one of the league’s superstar. In the words of Devin Booker, “I want to be the best in life. I want no limit on my game.”

New Generation Of Shoe Makes 2-Hour Marathon Possible By Kaleb Rhodes Since the 1970s, Adidas, Nike, and other shoe manufacturers have battled each other to create a shoe that will enable someone to complete a marathon in less than two hours, and treadmill tests conducted recently at the University of Colorado suggest that a shoe Nike introduced last summer could be it. The test had two runners wear a prototype version of the company’s $250 Zoom VaporFly, and had them run on a treadmill. It gave them about a 4 percent boost in running efficiency; that's greater than the Adidas Adios Boost 2 that is favored by many other runners. According to Sports Medicine, “If Dennis Kimetto had been wearing VaporFly in 2014 when he ran a 2.02:57 marathon (the current world record), he could have completed it almost four minutes faster.” In Monza, Italy last June, the current Olympic marathon champion, Eliud Kipchoge, ran a marathon in 2:00:25 in a special event aimed at breaking the two-hour mark wearing the VaporFly.

Clutchest Plays In NBA Playoffs History By Brady Young The first one on the list is Damian Lillard’s game winning shot against the Houston Rockets to win the series. Damian Lillard was on the Portland Trail Blazers and were at home facing the Rockets. They were up 3-2 in the series. They only needed to win one more game to advance to the next round. The Rockets just made a layup and left less than 1 second on the clock. The Rockets were up by 2. It had to be a catch and shoot. The Trail Blazers gave it to Damian Lillard, and he shot a three. He swished it, and they won the game. They eliminated the Houston Rockets to move on the second round. Here is a video: Next on the list is Ray Allen’s clutch shot against the San Antonio Spurs in the 2012-2013 NBA Finals. It was in game 6, and the Spurs were up 3-2. Ray Allen was on the Miami Heat. The Heat had the ball with under 20 seconds left. Lebron James shot the ball and missed. Chris Bosh got the offensive rebound and gave it to Ray Allen in the corner. He shot a three and made it. He tied the game 95-95 and sent it to overtime. The Heat won the game in overtime and eventually won the NBA Finals. If Ray Allen missed, they probably would have lost the game and the finals. Here is a video: https://

com/watch?v=2NJAn4t5r2w Third on the list is the half court shot by Kyle Lowry in the 2016 playoffs against the Miami Heat. It was game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Toronto Raptors were facing the Heat. The Raptors were down by 3 and had no timeouts. The Raptors got the ball into Kyle Lowry and had to put up a half court shot to beat the buzzer. Kyle Lowry drained it and sent the game to overtime. The Raptors eventually lost, but it was a very clutch and lucky shot. The last one on the list is Michael Jordan’s game winner in the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. It was the Chicago Bulls against the Jazz. This shot is known as his last shot in his career. The Bulls inbounded the ball to Michael Jordan and crossed over the defender. He put up a shot from the free throw line and made it. It gave them a 87-86 lead. There was controversy if the crossover was a foul or not. The game winner gave Michael Jordan his 6th championship in 8 years.

Top 5 Mandela Effects

song remember the final lyrics being “ No time for losers, cause we are the champions ...of the world!” Guess What? There is no “of the world!” The song just By Kanye Rosas ends, and it’s driving people Mandela Effects are the scientific belief that some differences between one's memories and the real world are caused by chang- crazy ‘til this day. Life isn’t like a Box a Chocoes to past events in the timeline. Like a person says something lates to you, but sometime later you remembered it slightly different It seems that the majority of from what it really was. people confidently remember The Berenstein Bears or The Forrest Gump stating that Berenstain Bears his mama always said, “Life The first and popular Mandela effect was the most talked about. Starting in 2014, many people have found memories of the Berenstein Bears books. They read them as children, or family members read them aloud. It’s a cherished childhood memory. However, the books in this timestream are Berenstain Bears. A, not E, in last syllable. What if I Told You…. Mandela Effects can happen on books, TV shows, logos, everywhere. It even appeared on the 1999 film The Matrix. Most people knows the the scene quote “What if I told you, that everything you see wasn’t real”. Fans clearly remember the quote, but not too long ago it was revealed that the character who said the famous line never said it. People around the United States were shocked. “We Are the Champions” by Queen Many of those familiar with the

is like a Box a Chocolates.” Well it turns out that he actually said, “Life was like a Box a Chocolates”, despite what you distinctly remembered. The Queen in Snow White never said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall” The famous Snow White quote you’ve probably heard others say and repeat yourself is “Mirror, mirror on the Wall,” it turns out the correct line is ”Magic Mirror on the Wall.” Some people also remember the second part of that quote being ”Who is the Fairest of Them All?” but apparently it’s “ Who is the Fairest one of all?”

5 Reasons Why You Should Play An Instrument By Graham Milan and Devon Strecker Why should you play an instrument? Playing instrument has been scientifically tested to overall improve yourself as a student or even a human being, and it is fun. 1.) Playing an instrument requires persistence. You can’t just pick something up and play it like a pro. Practicing helps improve your commitment with other things as well. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument has made people better at math and reading, as well as memorizing. 2.) If you play an instrument, it can build up your confidence. Choosing to take music lessons helps build your confidence. Once you become aware that you are able to play an instrument, it will increase your confidence until you can master that solo you have been practicing for a week. 3.) Playing an instrument teaches patience. Patience is key to playing a instrument. Playing something right off the bat perfectly is near impossible; studying the music is what teaches the patience. It takes time to learn to read music and practice it right. 4.) Playing an instrument will foster your creativity! While playing an instrument, it will boost your creativity to encourage you to probably make your own song or music. 5.) Playing an instrument refines time man-

agement. Playing an instrument takes time, so playing gives you a sense of time and how to use it in practices. The quality of the practices makes it overall better than the amount of practices. People use different plans for practicing so find the one that fits your schedule. “It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself,� words of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Dangerous Places To Live In By Angie Roman and Richard Rubio People might not like it where they live but are there ? Here are dangerous places to live. The Cold Pole is the oldest city above Arctic Circle. Russians have repeatedly resided here, braving endless winter on the banks of the Yana River, which frozen solid for at least nine months of the year. Today at least 1,500 people live here. People claim for it to be the coldest city in the world Verkhoyansk lays to the title of the most cold city in the world, which is why they call it the Cold Pole. In December and January, there is hardly any sunlight. Winter temperature are between -60 to -40. The Mountain of Fire is located in Mount Merapi, Indonesia. Smoke ominously floats from its mouth, about 60,000 feet in the sky. The “Fire Mountain” has erupted about 60 time in the past 5 centuries. Despite all of this, 200,000 villagers live within 4 miles of the volcano. So basically, they are still at risk of getting their property damaged or destroyed. That is why they call it the Mountain of Fire. From September to March, the city has fewer than five hours of sunlight each day. In December and January, there is barely any sunlight. Haiti’s Perfect Storm is a dangerous place to live because there are lots of hurricanes. One of the hurricanes that happened there was Hurricane Hannah. There was about 500 deaths. Most of the place was buried under mud or fifty with water 12 feet deep. One of the storms had the most deaths and that is gonaives in September 2008.

Top 4 World Wonders

It's been rebuilt three times due to floods, fire and mobs attempting By Treasure Gray and Jake Bohannon to destroy it, millions of Wonders of the world are remarkable structures of ancient people visit year round. time some examples include: The Hanging Gardens The Great Pyramid of Giza is 455’ feet tall it was created of Babylon is located in between 2580Babil Province, Iraq it 2560 BC (4th was built in ancient city dynasty). It's of Babylon the creator located in El is Nebuchadnezzar 2nd it's called the hanging garden because Giza, Egypt they were high up above the ground the plants weren't rooted it was built in the ground like a traditional garden it was built for his wife by Hemiunu. Amytis (A-MYA-TIS) she was home sick of all the gardens and tourist visit beautiful plants around her homeland so he built it to make her between 8AMfeel more at home. 5PM during Statue of Zeus at Olympia is 43’ feet tall it was built in 466 BC the summer it's a great place for some ancient history millions of people vis- created by Phidias it's located in Olympia,Greece. It took 12 it each year. It was built as a temple for a pharaoh named Khufu years to build. Zeus was considered the king of all greek gods and this statue was built to honor him. Games took place every it took twenty years to build it has 3 burial chambers. four years and was latTemple of Artemis at Ephesus is 59’ feet tall it's located in Ephesus it was built by Chersiphron and Metagenes its ancient er destroyed by fire in the fifth century A.D. greek architecture had been destroyed by floods, stealing goods and setting it on fire it was built to honor Artemis one of the three goddesses of Olympus (an ancient city) which today is called Selcuk, Turkey.

When Astronauts Need Health Care in Space

How To Make A Flip Book

By Antwan Cooke From the word of CNN, “Doctors can’t make house calls to the International Space Station, but even if they could, Earth’s routine practices like setting up an IV, taking a blood sample or even keeping a wound clean can be incredibly difficult.” The harmful nature of space can make the healthiest person suffer cardiac arrest. But CPR is not possible on the space station because it’s missing one key ingredient: gravity. Trying to perform chest will end in two people pushing away from each other so what do they do? 5 methods have been tested to find the best replacement for CPR in space, according to Dr. Jochen Hinkelbein, executive senior physician at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany. Hinkelbein recently presented his work on the topic at the Euroanaesthesia conference in Geneva. The methods include the standard side straddle, the waist-straddling maneuver, the reverse bear hug method, the handstand and the Evetts-Russomano method. Another way is to place someone’s feet on the wall with the patient’s back on another wall. The Evetts-Russomano method is placing your left leg over the right shoulder of the patient and their right leg around the patient’s back under the left arm. Crossing the legs this way makes forceful compressions possible.

By Dakota Rogers and David Rogers Flipbooks are the earliest and funnest way for animation. To make a flipbook, it has to be something that has movement; if it doesn’t have movement, it’ll look like you're just drawing pictures not actually making pictures that come together to make one big show. To do this you’ll need sticky notes; if you use just regular paper it won’t work like it’s supposed to because it is not like sticky notes, and you can flip it and skip scenes. Step 1: is to draw on the last sticky note. Step 2: go up one piece of paper and redraw your drawing, but vary the drawing slightly. Step 3: is two keep making the drawing in the movement of object or person you draw on each piece of paper as you go up. Step 4: make backgrounds to make it more complex and cooler. The steps are pretty simple, but the animation is hard. Step 5: when you're done color your flipbook, coloring it makes it more professional. Hope you have fun showing off your flipbooks and making cool animations maybe when you get good at this you could do it on computers. Fun fact youtube has lots of animators like Theodd1sout, Markiplier and also Jaiden Animations. Even though flip books are not that easy; it’s fun and cool to show friends.

Top 5 Scariest Banned Commercials By Kanye Rosas 5. Kinder Surprise. In the 1980’s, a commercial was selling a product which is a horrible chocolate eggs filled with a “surprise” item inside. The ad featured a Humpty Dumpty look-alike. The company’s CEO at the time, Michele Ferrero, apparently didn’t realize that an increase in sales wasn’t linked to the emotional scarring of children. The fine for violating this act is currently $2,500. 4. Little Baby’s Ice Cream. On August 1, 2012, a video was released on YouTube named “Little Baby's Ice Cream This is a Special Time.” It was the most talked about video on the internet. Some people think that it was some random person on the internet posting a creepy video. But shockingly, it was an official ice cream commercial. The ad shows a woman made of ice cream eating herself. At the end, the person that was talking said, “Ice cream is a feeling.” 3. The Dark And Lonely Water. In 1978, this 90-second clip called “Dark and Lonely Water” features the sinister voice of Donald Pleasence as the personification of evil water. The clip was meant to warn children about the dangers of careless behavior in the vicin-

ity of water. After airing regularly for years on children’s TV stations, “Dark and Lonely Water” quickly earned virtual cult status as one of the most chilling PSA videos ever. 2. Japanese Tire Commercial. On December 3, 2013, a tire company named “Autoway Tires” from Fukuoka, Japan showed the world they never saw before. In the beginning of the clip is a warning with Japanese words. Then, it shows a group of people driving in the middle of nowhere. Next, stop and what looks like a person. At the end shows a scary jumpscare. 1. Krinkles The Clown. Krinkles was the 1960s mascot for Post Sugar Krinkles Rice Cereal. He promoted a balanced breakfast that will keep us fueled for the day. He was actually created to replace the cereal’s previous mascot, a stereotypical Chinese boy named “So-Hi” because he could only reach so high. Either black and white or color, no one will ever sleep again.

Final Meals for Death Row Criminals By Kanye Rosas Theodore Robert Bundy (Ted) was an American serial killer, kidnapper, burglar and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s, and possibly earlier. Before his execution in January

24, 1989, Ted asked for a special meal: steak cooked medium-rare, eggs over easy, hash browns, toast with butter and jelly, milk, and juice. John Gacy was a serial killer and began his rampage between 1972 to 1978. On December 21, 1978, Gacy was arrested, and on May 10, 1994, he was sentenced to death row. His massive last meal included 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe KFC fried chicken, French fries and a pound of strawberries. On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh killed 168

people when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. On June 11, 2001, over 6 years after the bombing, McVeigh, was was scheduled for his execution. Timothy requested for his last meal some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Ronnie Lee Gardner was an American criminal who received the death penalty for murder in 1985 and was executed by a firing squad by the state of Utah in 2010. Before his execution on June 18, 2010, he had asked for a lobster tail, apple pie, vanilla ice cream and he also watched

“The Lord of the Rings� trilogy. James Edward Smith, who was executed in Texas in June 1990, has demanded one of the most strangest things that a criminal ever asked: a lump a dirt. When he asked for it, the officers denied it. So, instead of the dirt they gave Smith yogurt. The request was allegedly so that he could carry out a voodoo ritual.

Top 5 Serial Killers By Joshua Sumner and Cash Henson 1. Leatherface, also known as the star in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie series. His real name is Ed Gein. He was the murderer of over fifty people and he would take his victim's body parts and used them as clothes. He pleaded not guilty due to insanity. 2. Jack The Ripper killed at least five women, but others say he might have killed eleven. He often killed prostitutes because it was an easy way to get them into a private area. He was called Jack The Ripper because his victims were mangled, and it had looked like an animal got to them. 3. The Zodiac Killer would kill his victims in many different ways. Sometimes he would use a gun or a knife. He would leave signs on his victims. He usually left a cross with a circle around it. There was believed to be

multiple people that would dress up like Zodiac Killer and do the same things he did. Also he would send letters to the police all the time making demands, and he once said in his letter that he kills because it’s fun. 4. Jeffrey Dahmer was a homosexual child rapist that would take little boys and experiment on them. He used to inject boiling water and sometimes acid into their brains to see what would happen. One day a boy escaped from him and told the police about the things he did. The reason why the boy got a way was because Jeffery didn't give him enough drugs to keep him asleep so, he woke up. Jeffrey’s mother once said, “Jeffrey had a great childhood and always seemed so sweet and innocent, but nobody could have predicted what he had done”. 5. John Wayne Gacy Jr. was a serial killer and rapist. He was known for killing 33 young men and teenagers. He would dress up like a clown to put fear into his victims. People say that he would feed his pigs human remains.

4 Quality Gamer YouTubers

most popular gaming news Youtubers out there. He has one of the most loyal fanbases out there by far; some of his fans even work at Nintendo. One time he got VIP access to a Nintendo By Brian Norris and Amisha Givens event just because everyone there knew him and loved him. #1-Alpharad is a YouTuber who One guy even said “Yeah everyone in the office loves you”. Etika mainly focuses on comedy style streams often on YouTube and for something like a 100$ donavideos. His most notable ones betion he’ll take a shot or two. Etika is a hilarious YouTuber who ing “How To Play 101”, his “NOT” deserves more credit. series that focuses mainly on #4-CoryxKenshin, also known as Cory, plays a variety of playing bad games that are rip offs different games. He plays Outlast, Cuphead and other types of of other games and “THE BEST” games.The best thing about Cory is he makes a lot of hilarious a Smash Brothers series about him jokes and he gets more intense in his gameplay while records. beating his friends with a specific He currently has 1M subscribers character. Alpharad always gives and he has been all around the a good laugh and is a Twitch streamer so you can see him play games live. “Alpharad is my favorite youtuber, because he makes world. He also has had some highlights. high quality videos,” according to He has been to LA; he got to Jake. #-2-Videogamedunkey is gaming play games before they even came out, and he even got to YouTuber who does lots of different games. He plays CS:GO, Postal meet some other famous youtubers.Cory is overall a very and other games. The main thing about his channel is that the video talented and hilarious YouTuber starts off normally but as it goes on that needs more recognition. he starts to get more intense. He starts to over exaggerate most things such as dying in a comedic way. Dunkey is a must watch for anyone who enjoys simple jokes and very dumb humor. #3-EWNetwork (Etika) is the founding father of the J O Y C O N B O Y Z. He is the realest boy out there, he is Etika. Etika is one of the

Forgotten Video Game Mascots As Of 2017 By Brian Norris BLiNX The Time Sweeper- BLiNX is a game about a cat named Blinx. Now Blinx isn’t any ordinary cat, he has the power to reverse, record, fast forward and pause time. Blinx has to restore a broken timeline which is getting taken over by time monsters. In his second game you don’t actually get to play as Blinx but as your customizable character that you play as. They play the exact same as Blinx so it’s not much of an issue. Microsoft dropped the trademark for BLiNX in 2014. Hopefully an indie developer company can buy the trademark and bring Blinx back for PC. Vectorman- Originally made for the Sega Genesis, Vectorman is a game about a post apocalyptic Earth that has been completely ruined. Robots were sent there to clean up and while Vectorman was on trash duty the leader of the robots went haywire and now Vectorman has to go and stop him from taking over. This game did have a sequel under it’s belt and that’s it. It’s been about 20 years now without a trace of Vectorman. Not even an HD port to newer gen systems. Sega still has the IP, but it doesn’t seem like Vectorman isn’t ever getting a 3rd game. Banjo and Kazooie- One of the most memorable N64 platformers ever made. It’s about a bear named Banjo and bird named Kazooie. They have to go on a quest to collect all of the jiggies and save Banjo’s sister from the evil witch Gruntilda. The game was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. It was able to span another sequel on the Nintendo 64 named Banjo Tooie. After that, Rare was bought by Microsoft. After the purchase, Banjo and Kazooie only had one other mediocre game. It looks like Microsoft won’t be going back to Banjo anytime soon sadly.

5 Things You Can Do With Crayons

The materials you’re going to need is a frame (remove the glass), a giant letter(You can print the name underneath). Step one roll the crayon as you’re rolling it. (If it doesn’t cut all the way, snap it By Cesar Juarez and Sergio Reyes CAREFULLY). As you’re cutting make sure to measure. Then lay We all wondered what we can do with crayons. Confidencethe crayons where the letter is and glue it. Make sure you glue the shows us things we can do with crayons. opposite of the part you want to see. Here are 5 cool things you can do with crayons. 2: Sun Melting Crayon Art 5: Melting Crayons Art The materials that are needed are A canvas, crayons(Make sure The materials you need are canvas panels, water paper or any it’s a hot day in order to do this). First step is to peel the paper of sturdy paper, crayons, an oven, and liquid water paint, and a wathe crayons and break them. Then lay the broken crayons on the ter paint palette, if desired. First step is to heat the oven to 350°F canvas and leave them outside to melt. and heat the panels for about 5 minutes at a time. Second step is 1: Crayon Container transfer your canvas panel to your work surface and draw on it The with crayons, and press down and draw slowly to give the crayons materials a chance to melt as you draw on the canvas. you need When the canvas cools down and the crayons stop melting pop are Two the canvas back into the oven for a few minutes and boxes of crayons, continue to draw. a small 4: Window RoadWay plastic The materials you are containgoing to need is Window er, hot Crayons, an old dish towglue gun el wet, on one side and (tacky dry on the other side, and glue for removable stickers (optionyoung al). Step one is draw out ones). some sheets. Second step The first step is to put a dab of glue on one side of the crayon and is fill them in. Third step place on the container. Now rinse and repeat this step until you is add some lane markers. can’t place anymore crayons on the container. Fourth step is add traffic signs. Then just decorate it however you want. Once you’re done you can wash it off whenever you want. 3: Crayon Monogram

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Volume 5 issue 4  

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