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Eric Massey, Interim Music Min.

John D. Meyer, Pastor




Your Church Staff

Ryan Greene. Youth Pastor


Belvedere First Baptist Church P.O. Box 8168 North Augusta, SC 29861-8168

Electronic service requested:

A light lunch will be provided by our Women’s Ministry (Hope).

Dorothy Posey, Church Secretary

Saturday, April 21 8:00am - 1:00pm Put the date on your calendar. Our plans include some painting, replacing fans in a couple of the bathrooms. General cleaning around the buildings. Please wear appropriate/comfortable clothing.


Spring Clean Up

Melanie Gee, Ext. Session Coord.

April 12, 2018 • Vol. 41, Issue 15

Weekly Ministry Opportunities

Within The Family Assisted Living:

More information in the next newsletter.

421 Edgefield Road | PO Box 8168 North Augusta, SC 29861-8168 803-279-0415 | 803-279-0476

Non-Profit Org. US Postage Paid Augusta, GA Permit #20

Our Mission: We exist to obey Jesus Christ by continuously reaching out to create relationships and share Christ’s story in order to make mature disciples.

Sunday, April 15 9:15a Sunday School 10:30 Worship 3:00p Nursing Home 4:00 Choir Rehearsal (CR) 6:00 Worship/Small Groups 7:00 VBS Worker’s Mtg (FH) Tuesday, April 17 8:00a Prayer Mtg for Revival (CR) Wednesday, April 18 6:45p Soar (Kidz City) 6:45 T.R.U.T.H. (Youth Bldg) 7:00 Prayer Mtg/Bible Study (FH) Thursday, April 19 10:00a Prayer Mtg @FBC, NA Saturday, April 21 8:00a Church-wide work day! Sunday, April 22 9:15a Sunday School 10:30 Worship 4:00p Choir Rehearsal (CR) 6:00 Worship/Small Group Tuesday, April 24 8:00a Prayer Mtg for Revival (110) Wednesday, April 25 6:45p Soar (Kidz City) 6:45 T.R.U.T.H. (Youth Bldg) 7:00 Prayer Mtg/Bible Study (FH) Sunday, April 29 9:15a Sunday School 10:30 Worship/Lord’s Supper/Benevolence 4:00p Choir Rehearsal (CR) 6:00 Worship

Sarah Davis - 1026 Keystone Lane, Clemson, SC 29631 Fred Jennings - Brookdale, North Augusta Ruby McDaniel - St. John Towers Anne Welch - 1159 Lancaster Dr., St. Charles, MO 63303 Virginia Willoughby - 2980 Reynolda Rd., Apt. 24 Winston-Salem, NC 27106-3047

Nursing Home:

Betty Bethune, Betty Knutson, NHC Dorothy S. Carter - Brightmore Nursing Center, Griffin, GA

From Your Pastor’s Heart

We have had two big sporting events in the news in the last week. One, of course, was the Masters golf tournament and the other was the opening of the new baseball park in North Augusta. Like every year, the Masters got its own special section in the daily newspaper. Every possible detail about the tournament and its participants was covered by various sportswriters as they thoroughly dissected the event. After the tournament was over, the new ballpark became the focal point of the newspaper, not just in the sports section but on the front page as well as other pages. I enjoy sporting events as much as the next person. However, as I pondered these two news-making events, I wondered what would happen if we Christians got as excited about the Lord Jesus and our salvation. Would revival break out in the CSRA if Christians testified of and publicized Jesus Christ as much as we did these two sporting events? You know the answer to that question is a resounding YES! That leads to a second question. Why don’t we? That’s the question we must ask ourselves and then make the proper life changes if we want to be a breakout church in 2018. My daily Bible reading this past week took me to Numbers 32:11-12. In Numbers 1:46, we are told that 603,550 men twenty years old or older who were capable of going out to war came out of Egypt during the exodus. In Numbers 32:11-12, we are told that of those 603,550, only Joshua and Caleb followed the Lord God fully. That’s two men out of 603,550 or only 0.000332% who completely and to His satisfaction followed the Lord God. All the rest rebelled against the Lord God from the first day they walked out of Egypt until they all died after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Only Joshua and Caleb remained completely faithful to the Lord God and entered the promised land. They didn’t follow the crowd but followed the Lord. So what about you and me? Will we follow the rebellious crowd or be one of the 0.000332% who follows the Lord fully? In the Sonshine! Bro. John

Stewardship Report

BFBC Operation Christmas Child

Teens Reserved Unto True Holiness

April Food Items: spoon, forks, small bowls, small cups, or small plastic food storage containers.

VBS Workers Meeting Sunday, April 15 After the evening service in the Fellowship Hall Very Important meeting please make every effort to attend.

Vacation Bible School June 10 - 14, 2018

Our Goal: $6,500 Given to date: $3,809.25 Oops! Congratulations to Aaron and Barbara Parr on the birth of their great-grandson, Bennett William Smith. They were omitted by mistake last week.

Come join us on Wednesdays at 6:45pm in the Youth Building for a time of fun, fellowship, worship and games!

We are collecting items for the “Boys to Men” class at Mossy Creek Elementary School. Please place new or gently used items in the appropriately labeled box outside the church office. Needed items: Ties - regular or bowties, Dress Shirts (not white) - sizes: youth size 8 - men’s small. Belts Shoes - youth size 5 to men’s size 10 1/2, Slacks -youth sizes 8 -16.

Care for the castaways! We’re gathering snack supplies to feed all the hungry kids who will come to our Shipwrecked VBS. Next time you’re at the grocery store, drop a few of the listed items into your cart; then bring them to the church office by June 3, 2018: Hugs (drinks), Blue powdered drink mix, Wooden Ice Cream spoons, Goldfish Crackers (colors), Skittles, Graham Crackers, Pretzel sticks, Vanilla Pudding Cups, Vanilla Wafers also medium sized Sea Shells and Plastic coins.

Apr. 8, 2018 $7,084.00 $5,555.63 $99,176.00 $84,531.10 $95.00 $70.00 $2,276.00

Just a Reminder We will begin our Empty Envelope Fundraiser for Summersalt on May 6th and end on June 24th.

Members In Service Welcome Team

Thank You New Ministry @ Mossy Creek Elementary School

Week of: Weekly Needs Weekly Tithe Needs/Date Offering/Date Missions Annie Armstrong Forward in Faith

Notes of appreciation have been received from Melanie Gee and Mary Head and are posted on the bulletin board outside the church office.

Sympathy Our heartfelt prayers are extended to Aaron and Barbara Parr in the passing of Aaron’s sister in Ohio, and to Mary Head in the loss of her sister-in-law in Macon last week.

Crisis Pregnancy Center

WALK 4 LIFE Life. Worth Defending. May 5, 2018 @ the 9th Street Plaza at Augusta Riverwalk For more information call CPC at 706-724-5531 between 9-4

April 15: Mike & Melanie Gee, Keith Head

Ushers April 15: Keith Head, Arnold Wilde

Security April 15: Team 3 Matt Wilson, Jake Farr, Johnny Fulmer & Mike Gee

Multimedia and Sound Team April 15: Stacey & Aaron Towner

Deacons-On-Call Week of April 15, 2018 Phil Solesbee / 278-2291 Russ Larkin / 803-341-9873

Extended Session Sunday, April 15 AM Service: Jane Brown, Erica Wilson Sunday, April 22 AM Service: Melanie Gee, Allison Meyer

Bus Monitors April 15: Susan Baker April 22: Marge Brown

April 12, 2018  
April 12, 2018