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Beltz & Gelberg Foreign Rights Catalogue Fall 2009

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Editorial Beltz & Gelberg 1

Dear Colleagues, we are very happy to present our new catalogue for fall 2009! Take, for example, a closer look at the most wonderful doodle book – The Children Artists’ Doodle Book - which was created by a group of popular artists. An innovative colouring book for small artists by big artists. Or are you curious to read how Turtle, the Tortoise, and a group of wild animals living in Berlin fight against the human beings who want to get rid of them? A funny and adventurous reading, written by Wieland Freund! We hope you will enjoy looking through our catalogue and that you will find lots of interesting titles.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Kerstin Michaelis

© Kerstin Meyer, aus »Törtel«

phone: ++49-6201-6007 327

2 »Do you know where the country is where pepper grows?«

© Beltz & Gelberg

An endearing picture book consistently told from the perspective of a young little boy who is looking and longing for his father. A nearly everyday story, so amusing and forgiving, that it is simply bliss.

Kai Kittelberg, born in 1967 in Stuttgart, where he also lives today, studied sociology and business communication in Berlin. Since then he as worked as a writer for various advertising agencies. Where is Daddy? is his first book for children.

One day Julius once again asks his mother where his father is. Mama says: »Your Daddy has gone to the place where pepper grows.« And because Julius is just an average little boy, who seriously believes everything his mother tells him, he packs his knapsack and takes off on a (fantasy) trip to the place where pepper grows. Of course he is not alone, his favorite teddy bear and his dog, Max and the little bird, Matz are with him. For eight eyes see more than just two, as everyone well knows… And because fathers living away from their sons also miss them, Julius’ father actually does show up in the end to pick his son up for a father-son day. The special thing about this picture book are the impressive illustrations by Jacky Gleich, that make this book into an enchantingly poetic story. Opinions from the media on »The Sleigh Ride« by Jacky Gleich: »Illustrating a text that holds the poetic balance between fantasy and reality is a challenge that Jacky Gleich masterfully accomplishes.« Die Zeit

© Beltz & Gelberg

»The most lovely picture book of this fall offers drawn poetry … Jacky Gleich gently begins to create the white winter landscape on the pages, only to then really begin the ride.« Spiegel Spezial

Jacky Gleich, born in Darmstadt

in 1964, grew up in East Germany, studied at the Filmhochschule Babelsberg and today lives with her family on a farm in Mecklenburg. She has illustrated numerous books that have won many awards. Other books of hers that have appeared on the Beltz & Gelberg list are the picture books Das kleine große Mädchen (The Little Big Girl) by Uri Orlev and (with Jan Konneffke) Die Schlittenfahrt« (The Sleigh Ride).

Cover: Jacky Gleich/Von Zubinski

Picture Book Beltz & Gelberg 3

✹ Current topic, easy to understand and full of wit ✹ Many possibilities for continuing this story in a playful way with your own ideas ✹ Magnificent pictures by a well-known illustrator

Jacky Gleich/Kai Kittelberger

Wo ist Papa? Where is Daddy? Four-colour picture book Hardback, 32 pages Age 4+


© Laborproben

Creative, innovative and imaginative – the most wonderful children’s doodle book!

Labor is a studio cooperation in Frankfurt on the Main that has existed more than 10 years now, consisting of freelance graphic designers, authors, illustrators and designers ( The following artists participated in the doodle book: Kirsten Fabinski • Christopher Fellehner • Zuni Fellehner • Anke Kuhl • Jörg Mühle • Moni Port • Natascha Vlahovic • Philip Waechter • Claudia Weikert

Doodle books spark children’s imaginations and are fun at the same time. Doodle books are »in«. This is the first Children Artists’ Doodle Book by popular artists such as Philip Waechter, Anke Kuhl and Jörg Mühle, only to name three artists from the studio cooperation LABOR. This book is their first joint production. Illustrations and photos are lovingly drawn with humor and include such titles as »This is how winners look« or »This monster is supposed to marry the princess?« »Lice alarm!« and »The catch of my life« invite kids to finish the story, colour and add to the picture or invent their own tales. An innovative colouring book for small artists by big artists.

Cover: Moni Port/Philip Waechter

Children’s Book / Youth Book / Riddles / Games Beltz & Gelberg 5

✹ The new, creative way to occupy your kids ✹ The first doodle book by popular and renowned artists ✹ Many wonderful illustrations to spark the imagination for creating stories and finishing the picture ✹ Large size on »artists’ paper« ✹ Great for entertaining kids and parents on trips and during visits to restaurants

LABOR Ateliergemeinschaft

CHILDREN ARTISTS’ DOODLE BOOK Colour and continue drawing the picture Sturdy folding cardboard, 176 pages Age 5+

Picture Book


A very unusual friendship Auguste shares the same fate as all scarecrows: She is terribly lonely and the birds are afraid of her. But Happy Hans, the starling, also has a problem. He urgently needs a nest for his family. On the spur of the moment, Auguste offers him her apron pocket – and Happy Hans agrees to move in. The other birds are outraged! Yet one day Auguste can prove how loyal she is, when Isabell the cat comes stalking … This picture book by the popular children’s author Anne Geelhaar with its wonderful illustrations by Ingeborg Meyer-Rey tells a timeless story of friendship and loyalty.

Anne Geelhaar, 1914-1998 was a

successful writer. She wrote for example puppet plays, fairy tales, children’s books and also the screenplay for a film of a fairy tale. Ingeborg Meyer-Rey, 1920-2001,

studied at the university for fine arts in Berlin-Charlottenburg. She was one of the most active and well-known chilren’s books illustrators of the German Democratic Republic.

Anne Geelhaar/Ingeborg Meyer-Rey

Hans Fröhlich und das Vogelhaus Happy Hans and the Bird House Hardback, 32 pages Age 4+

Cover: Susanne Smajic/Von Zubinski

Children’s Book Beltz & Gelberg 7

When anger overcomes you Max is actually a very normal young dragon – but sometimes he loses his temper. Full of humor and wonderfully illustrated, this book shows how difficult it can be for children to talk about their problems.

✹ story about everyday life in many families ✹ divorce is an important topic ✹ about children who get angry quickly ✹ warm-hearted story told in rhymes ✹ great for reading aloud

© Belztz & Gelberg

Max has smoke coming out of his nostrils and is about to burst. He screams and kicks, scratches and bites. Time to call in a specialist! The raven seems to be just the right one, even if Max sees things differently at first… Yet he slowly begins to trust the raven, for he realizes that it is listening to him and doesn’t start scolding right away when Max loses his temper. After all, it isn’t easy when your parents split up and don’t have time for you anymore. In the end not only his classmates, but above all the shy bunny Hanna are on his side. A book for children and parents!

Susanne Smajic

Kristina Dunker

Kristina Dunker, born in 1973, published her first novels already before passing her final secondary-school examinations. She studied art history and archeology and by now, she has written several novels for children and young adults. She lives as a freelance writer in Castrop-Rauxel.

Kristina Dunker/Susanne Smajic

Drache Max macht Rabatz! Dragon Max Makes a Racket Text by Kristina Dunker Cover and illustrations: Susanne Smajic Hardback, approx. 104 pages

Susanne Smajic, born in 1972, studied graphic design and has already illustrated many children’s books. Together with her readings she organizes art workshops for children.


Power to the animals!

© HR Schulz

»Get the animals out of Müggeldorf!«, the inhabitants of the small city cry. An illustrious group of animals led by Turtle, the tortoise, and Grrmpf, the wild boar, are not willing to let the humans get the upper hand and fight to gain rule of the small city.

© privat

Wieland Freund, born in 1969 in Paderborn, is an author, reviewer and journalist. For his first children’s books he received the Bavarian Art Promotion Prize. With Beltz & Gelberg he alrady published Jonas Nothing, Song of a Ghost and Tulip Fever. Together with his family he lives in Berlin.

Kerstin Meyer, born in Wedel

near Hamburg. She studied in Hamburg, draws cartoons and children’s books and loves travelling.

Turtle was just sitting peacefully in his terrarium at the McGreen on the highway when he suddenly found himself rolling over the asphalt on the outskirts of Berlin. King Kurt, a man of quick decisions, decided that a tortoise was not a suitable pet, and he threw Turtle out of the window of his moving car. And that is how he lands on the street, upside down, beginning to panic when he notices the fox that is getting closer to take a look. Yet Turtle gets lucky and meets a group of wild and less wild animals, who are running around in Müggeldorf and who kindly take him in. Even if they can’t agree on lots of things – they at least all have one common goal: Müggeldorf should belong to the animals!

Cover: Kerstin Meyer/Von Zubinski

Children’s Book Beltz & Gelberg 9

✹ Fast-paced, entertaining, adventurous – hysterically funny reading ✹ Whimsical characters ✹ Magnificent illustrations by Kerstin Meyer

Wieland Freund

Törtel Turtle Die Abenteuer einer Schildkröte The Adventures of a Tortoise Cover and illustrations: Kerstin Meyer Hardback, approx. 184 pages Age 8+

10 Kordon, the masterful chronist of German history, tells the second part of a moving life story

© Wonge Bergmann

The Krokodil im Nacken (A Crocodile In My Collar) (1943-1973) has been conquered. Lenz, Klaus Kordon’s alter ego, now lives in the west, after leaving the German Democratic Republic. He vividly describes how life on the sunny side is for him, in many episodes. About being amazed and astonished, about disappointments and hopes, and about so much closeness and distance. A novel of great authenticity – a German-German life story from the years 1973-1989.

Klaus Kordon, born in 1943 in Berlin, still lives and works there today as a freelance author. His books have been translated into numerous languages and received both national and international awards. His work is published by Beltz & Gelberg, most recently the novel Fünf Finger hat die Hand (Five Fingers on the Hand) and Piratensohn (The Pirate’s Son). He received the Alexander-Wedding-Preis from the Academy of Arts in Berlin and the Großen Preis of the German Academy for Children’s and Youth Literature.

Manfred Lenz and his wife have been waiting for this moment for two long years: Finally, in the summer of 1974, their two children Silke and Micha are allowed to leave for West Germany. After being imprisoned by the secret police and spending time in a children’s home, the family is finally reunited and can begin their new life »on the sunny side«. Yet how will the four of them cope in the new world? Words unfold like a photo album in this novel about a new beginning in West Germany, the economic »Wunderland«, describing happy Christmas holidays and vacations, about the Lenzs’ travels through Eastern Europe and later as a German author in Australia and South America. He also describes the dark sides of business deals, when Lenz asks himself if he has only traded one bondage for another. Does the West confuse democracy with profit seeking? The terrorism of the 70s and 80s and the reaction of the government to it are viewed with mixed feelings, not unlike the events of the year 1989, which lead to the downfall of the country that they once called home. A life in both parts of Germany. Klaus Kordon’s alter ego Manfred Lenz not only focuses his critical view on the GDR this time … Forty years of different lifestyle, thinking and feeling are not so easily overcome. Voices from the press on Krokodil im Nacken/Crocodile In My Collar: »Kordon manages to credibly portrait the self-assertion of the hero with humor and wit – and to turn the bleak subject into a comingof-age novel enjoyable for both adolescents and adults and those from the East and from the West as well. ... The most important German youth book this fall. « Spiegel

Cover: rgb

Youth Book Beltz & Gelberg 11

First Edition 50.000

✹ Sequel to the bestseller Krokodil im Nacken (number of copies published: 100,000) ✹ Media focus ✹ On the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall

Klaus Kordon

Auf der Sonnenseite On the Sunny Side A novel Hardback with a protective jacket, 304 pages Age 14+


Little people – big questions Journalists of various journals

and magazines from Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt wrote the texts for this book.

policy, tions about t ronmen society, envi strated u ill ✷ coloured

✷ many ques

What do the UN soldiers do? Why don’t we have a king in Germany? Who owns the Antarctic? Children often ask important questions and adults do not always immediately have the right answer. Brimful of socially relevant and political topics, this book provides many answers to everyday, surprising and inquisitive questions. The authors explain why children in many countries have to work, what a mayor’s job is and how politicians in the European Union communicate with each other. Things such as what happened in Chernobyl, who invented the Internet and what globalization actually is are also explained. Clever and competent answers to questions that interest everyone – both young and old!

Cover: Roland werner mit Cornelia Niere/Esjottes von Rotwein

Non-Fiction-Book Beltz & Gelberg 13

✹ Interesting, unusual, but also common questions and answers ✹ Exciting, socially relevant topics ✹ Short, informative texts ✹ For children and adults

Wem gehört die Antarktis? Kinder fragen – Journalisten antworten To Whom belongs the Antarctic Children Ask – Journalists Give Answers Cover: Kathrin Schüler Hardback, approx. 160 pages Age 9+



Cover: Petra Bachmann

Heroes can be found everywhere


There has always been a certain fascination about heroes. Almost everyone has once dreamt of doing something heroic, or even of being Superman or Batman. In Ancient history it was Hercules who fascinated people with his victory over the nine-headed Hydra, or young Arthur in the Middle Ages who was celebrated as a hero when he pulled Excalibur, the sword, out of the stone. Kathy Paulus much later proved to have heroic courage when she invented a small parachute and tested it herself. Others also showed the signs of true heroes, such as Rosa Parks, who was not willing to give up her seat to a white person on the bus or the Scholl siblings, who risked their lives for freedom. Heroism has many role models and all kinds of different perceptions and stories – Bernd Flessner has chosen the most exciting heroes and written an extraordinary book about them.

Bernd Flessner

Superhelden 20 faszinierende Heldengeschichten Superheros 20 fascinating stories about heroes Hardback, 176 pages age 12+


Biography Beltz & Gelberg 15

Cover: Nickolas Murrayrgb

Artist and lover, role of a lifetime

Frida Kahlo is not only Mexico’s most famous artist, but she is also one of the most famous artists in the world. Millions of her pictures are reprinted, and she herself is regarded as an icon of the feminist movement – she is a star, a legend. Generations of women regard Frida Kahlo as a role model, one who has managed to overcome her fate and take what she wanted from life.

© Belztz & Gelberg

She appears to be an exotic beauty in her selfportraits. Yet underneath those magnificent gowns, Frida Kahlo hid a badly injured body and a deeply scarred soul. But neither the illness nor her husband’s humiliations were able to break her spirit. Frida Kahlo was always able to redefine herself and discovered her key to survival in painting. She was full of passion, humor and sensuality and knew one thing for sure – »Nothing is more important for living than laughter.«

Maren Gottschalk

Die Farben meiner Seele The Colours Of My Soul The Life Story of Frida Kahlo Hardback with a protective jacket 244 pages With photographs Age 14+

Maren Gottschalk, born in 1962, studied history and political science, then received her PhD in medieval history. Today she lives and works as a freelance author in Leverkusen. She has published many books with Beltz & Gelberg, including much praised biographies of Nelson Mandela and Astrid Lindgren.

16 The Queen of Colours Das Memo Spiel – Matching Card Game The Queen of Colours Matching card game Including 48 coloured cards and extensive supplement HÖRCOMPANY

© Ute Karen Seggelke

Perceiving colours and playing with shapes: A wonderful matching card game with illustrations taken from Jutta Bauer’s picture-book Die Königin der Farben. Colours and shapes are being experienced playfully by young players. The game is also suitable for the kindergarten and primary school.

The author Jutta Bauer is well known for her distinctive style of drawing and has already published quite a number of picture-books. Die Königin der Farben has already been published as a licence in many countries. The picture book Die Königin der Farben has been published by Beltz&Gelberg

Hörcompany 17

The Audiobook – a Musical Fairytale

The picture-language, portrayed in the original picturebook, is being translated into musical-language. Three musicians transformed the various shades of colour into a fascinating tuneful and manifold sound. Jazz, classical music, folk tunes as well as eastern music are being echoed and create a very colourful acoustic image: A light blue is being played by a friendly viola, a strong red is taking a wild ride through the orchestra, yellow is nervous and jealous, pink, grey … The young listener is amazed and learns that colours really do match with sounds. Children are being encouraged to paint, play or dance.

The Queen of Colours The lyrics (approximately 5 minutes) have been recorded on separate audio and effect tracks (M&E Mix) and thus may easily be translated into another language. The music track can be provided separately.

Henning Stoll

Audiobook with music Jutta Bauer (Author), Wolfgang v.Henko, Henning Stoll, Frank Wulff (Music) Cover illustration: Jutta Bauer, Runtime: 40 minutes HÖRCOMPANY

Wolfgang von Henko

Frank Wulf

The three musicians are famous for their unique skill to musically accompany theatre plays (for example Robert Wilson).

If you need any more information or copies please contact: Andrea Herzog · Angelika Schaack T. 0049 - 40 - 880 14 11

18 Beltz & Gelberg Backlist


SELLER Ute Andresen/Monika Popp ABC und alles auf der Welt 160 S., ab 6, a 11,90 D / sFr 23,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75315-1

Ute Andresen/Monika Popp Bruder Löwenzahn und Schwester Maus 160 S., ab 6, a 9,90 D* / sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-79871-8

Martin Auer/Manuela Olten Das ganz, ganz kleine Schwein mit dem ganz, ganz großen Hunger 32 S., ab 3, a 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79367-6

Helga Bansch Ein schräger Vogel 32 S., ab 4, a 12,50 D/ sFr 24,60 ISBN 978-3-407-79356-0

Jutta Bauer Die Königin der Farben 64 S., ab 5, a 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79221-1

Katrin Bongard Rocco 336 S., ab 14, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-81017-5

Beate Dölling Sommerglück und Idiotenpech 160 S., ab 9, E 12,95 D / sFr 25,40 ISBN 978-3-407-79955-5

Wieland Freund Der schwarze Karfunkel – Tulpenfieber 160 S., ab 10, a 12,95 D / sFr 25,40 ISBN 978-3-407-79957-9

Wieland Freund Die unwahrscheinliche Reise des Jonas Nichts 520 S., ab 12, E 17,90 D / sFr 34,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79925-8

Josef Guggenmos Groß ist die Welt 208 S., ab 8, E 24,90 D / sFr 47,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79913-5

Josef Guggenmos Was denkt die Maus am Donnerstag? 120 S., ab 8, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79788-9

Peter Härtling Romane für Kinder (Alter John/Jakob/Krücke) 384 S., ab 10, E 12,90 D*/sFr 25,30* ISBN 978-3-407-79864-0

Peter Härtling Romane für Kinder 480 S., ab 10, E 15,– D / sFr 29,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79942-5


SELLER Jutta Bauer Schreimutter 36 S., ab 3, a 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79264-8



Hans-Joachim Gelberg Eines Tages 368 S., E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79845-9





Nikolaus Heidelbach Ein Buch für Bruno 32 S., ab 5, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79359-1

Nikolaus Heidelbach Die dreizehnte Fee 32 S., ab 5, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79289-1

Hans Christian Andersen Märchen Bilder von Nikolaus Heidelbach 376 S., E 19,95 D / sFr 38,60 ISBN 978-3-407-79927-2

Märchen der Brüder Grimm Bilder von Nikolaus Heidelbach 384 S., ab 4, E 19,95 D / sFr 38,60 ISBN 978-3-407-79926-5

Nikolaus Heidelbach Königin Gisela 40 S., ab 5, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79906-7


Nikolaus Heidelbach Was machen die Jungs? 56S., ab 5, a 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79370-6

Nikolaus Heidelbach Was machen die Mädchen? 56S., ab 5, a 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79371-3

Helme Heine Der Club 32 S., ab 4, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-77023-3

* unverbindliche Preisempfehlung sFr = unverbindliche Preisempfehlung

Helme Heine Die Schöpfung Musik von Reinhard Seifried 64 S., ab 4, E 24,90 D / sFr 47,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79346-1

Helme Heine Die Farben 12 S., ab 3, E 4,95 D */ sFr 9,90* ISBN 978-3-407-77036-3

Backlist Beltz & Gelberg 19



Helme Heine Freunde wie du und ich 168 S., ab 4, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79919-7

Helme Heine Der Hase mit der roten Nase 12 S., ab 2, E 4,95 D / sFr 9,90 ISBN 978-3-407-77006-6

Helme Heine Der Hühnerhof 12 S., ab 2, E 4,95 D */ sFr 9,90* ISBN 978-3-407-77037-0

Helme Heine Johnny Mausers Tagebuch 32 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D */ sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-77065-3

Helme Heine Mullewapp 32 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D */ sFr 19,70* ISBN 978-3-407-77029-5

Helme Heine Na warte, sagte Schwarte 32 S., ab 4, a 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-73008-4

Helme Heine Das schönste Ei der Welt 32 S., ab 4, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79885-5

Helme Heine Der Superhase 32 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79886-2

Janosch Das große Buch der Kinderreime 194 S., ab 5, E 15,90 D / sFr 31,– ISBN 978-3-407-79882-4

Janosch Janosch Guten Tag kleines Schweinchen Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote 48 S., ab 4, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 32 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79907-4 ISBN 978-3-407-79376-8





Helme Heine Freunde 32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D / sFr 27,30 ISBN 978-3-407-77024-0


Helme Heine Katzentatzentanz 12 S., ab 2, E 4,95 D / sFr 9,90 ISBN 978-3-407-77035-6


Helme Heine Wunderbare Reise durch die Nacht 32 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D* / sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-77066-0

Janosch Das Auto hier heißt Ferdinand 12 S., ab 2, E 6,90 D / sFr 13,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79316-4

Janosch Die Maus hat rote Strümpfe an 128 S., ab 6, E 9,90 D* / sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-80538-6

Janosch Oh, wie schön ist Panama 48 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-80533-1

Janosch Oh, wie schön ist Panama 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79931-9

Janosch Janosch Post für den Tiger Komm, wir finden einen Schatz 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79933-3 ISBN 978-3-407-79932-6

Janosch Ich mach dich gesund, sagte der Bär 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79934-0

Janosch Riesenparty für den Tiger 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79935-7



Janosch Riesenparty für den Tiger 48 S., ab 4, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79355-3

Janosch Der kleine Tiger braucht ein Fahrrad 48 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79891-6

Janosch Guten Tag kleines Schwein 48 S., ab 4, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79936-4

20 Beltz & Gelberg Backlist



Janosch Tiger und Bär auf großer Tour 96 S., ab 5, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-79387



Charlotte Kerner Blueprint Blaupause 192 S., ab 14, E 9,90 D*/sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-80837-0

Janosch Kleine Tigerschule 40 S., ab 4, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79341-6

Janosch Tiger und Bär im Straßenverkehr 48 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D / sFr 27,20 ISBN 978-3-407-79890-9

Janosch Wenn der Hase baden geht 160 S., ab 6, E 17,– D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-79650-9

Annette John Das Geheimnis des Rosenhauses 448 S., ab 11, a 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81018-2

Klaus Kordon Fünf Finger hat die Hand 528 S., ab 12, E 19,90 D/sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80983-4

Klaus Kordon Jinbal von den Inseln 128 S., ab 8, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79870-1

Klaus Kordon Piratensohn 232 S., ab 8, a 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79923-4



Klaus Kordon Brüder wie Freunde 440 S., ab 11, E 15,00 D/sFr 29,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79941-8





Gabi Kreslehner Charlottes Traum 120 S., ab 12, a 12,95 D / sFr 25,40 ISBN 978-3-407-81054-0

Michèle Lemieux Gewitternacht 240 S., für alle, E 5,– D*/sFr 9,90* ISBN 978-3-407-79360-7

Erwin Moser Der sanfte Drache 48 S., ab 4, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79273-0

Erwin Moser Winzig Das große Buch vom kleinen Elefanten 128 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79277-8

Christine Nöstlinger Romane für Kinder 517 S., ab 8, E 14,50 D/sFr 28,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79917-3

Mirjam Pressler Golem stiller Bruder 376 S., ab 14, E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81021-2

Mirjam Pressler Nathan und seine Kinder 264 S., ab 14, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,00 ISBN 978-3-407-81049-6

Mirjam Pressler Shylocks Tochter 272 S., ab 14, E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81027-4

Jürgen Seidel Die hundert Leben der Lilly Cavalconti 336 S., ab 14, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-81028-1 * unverbindliche Preisempfehlung sFr = unverbindliche Preisempfehlung

Ingo Siegner Eliot und Isabella und d. Jagd nach dem Funkelstein 128 S., ab 6, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79938-8

Philip Waechter Die Geschichte meines Opas 48 S., ab 6, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79315-7



Christine Nöstlinger Leon Pirat 32 S., ab 4, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79352-2

Christine Nöstlinger Leon Pirat und der Goldschatz 40 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D / sFr 25,40 ISBN 978-3-407-79383-6



Sergej Prokofjew Peter und der Wolf 56 S., ab 5, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79318-8

Franz Hohler/Jürg Schubiger Aller Anfang 128 S., für alle, E 16,90 D/sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-79914-2

Backlist Beltz & Gelberg





Philip Waechter ich 64 S., E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79873-2

Philip Waechter Rosi in der Geisterbahn 32 S., ab 3, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79337-9

Philip Waechter Sehr berühmt 64 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79905-0

Philip Waechter Sohntage 56 S., für alle, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79369-0

Martina Wildner Six 272 S., ab 13, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,00 ISBN 978-3-407-81038-0

Henning Boëtius Geschichte der Elektrizität 224 S., ab 13, E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75326-7

Elisabeth Raffauf Only For Girls 180 S., ab 12, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-75340-3

Charlotte Kerner Die nächste Generation 256 S., E 19,95 D / sFr 38,60 ISBN 978-3-407-75346-5

Manfred Mai Deutsche Geschichte 200 S., ab 12, E 18,00 D / sFr 34,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75348-9

Manfred Mai Geschichte der deutschen Literatur 200 S., ab 12, E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75323-6

Cem Özdemir Die Türkei 256 S., ab 14, E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75343-4

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Berlin 96 S., ab 7, E 8,50 D / sFr 16,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75337-3

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer München 80 S., ab 7, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-75339-7

Johnny Wilkens Wie man einem Außerirdischen begegnet, ein Floß baut und in der Wildnis überlebt 272 S., ab 7, E 19,95 D / sFr 38,60 ISBN 978-3-407-25489-4

LIVE DABEI Abenteuer Weltgeschichte 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75328-1

LIVE DABEI Geniale Denker und clevere Tüftler 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75329-8

LIVE DABEI Ruhmreiche Gladiatoren und mächtige Herrscher 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75341-0

LIVE DABEI Kühne Abenteurer und furchtlose Entdecker 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75342-7

LIVE DABEI Die Welt des Mittelalters 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75344-1

LIVE DABEI Geheime Codes und verschollene Schätze 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75345-8

LIVE DABEI Gewaltige Naturkatastrophen 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75347-2

Non-Fiction Books

Biographies Katja Behrens »Alles aus Liebe, sonst geht die Welt unter« (Sechs Romantikerinnen) 228 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80971-1

Katja Behrens Alles Sehen kommt von der Seele (Helen Keller) 188 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80889-9

Beltz & Gelberg Backlist



Maren Gottschalk Königinnen (Fünf Herrscherinnen) 236 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81019-9

Maren Gottschalk Jenseits von Bullerbü (Astrid Lindgren) 216 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80970-4

Charlotte Kerner Seidenraupe, Dschungelblüte (Maria Sybilla Merian) 164 S., E 9,90 D* / sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-80816-5

Magdalena Köster Brillante Bilanzen (Fünf Unternehmerinnen) 336 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80957-5

Monika Pelz Den Blick auf das Herz der Welt (Johann Wolfgang Goethe) 224 S., E 18,90 D / sFr 36,60 ISBN 978-3-407-80854-7

Alois Prinz Beruf Philosophin oder Die Liebe zur Welt (Hannah Arendt) 328 S., E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-80985-8

Alois Prinz »Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne« (Hermann Hesse) 404 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80874-5



Mirjam Pressler Ich sehne mich so (Anne Frank) 224 S., E 18,90 D / sFr 36,60 ISBN 978-3-407-80854-7

Alois Prinz Auf der Schwelle zum Glück (Franz Kafka) 392 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80953-7

Alois Prinz Der erste Christ (Apostel Paulus) 256 S., E 18,– D / sFr 34,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81020-5

Kinderbuch Verlag Dietmar Strauch Ihr Mut war grenzenlos (Widerstand im dritten Reich) 240 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80984-1

Arnulf Zitelmann »Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß« (Sokrates, Platon, Aristoteles, Diogenes) 328 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80996-4

Sara Ball Krogufant a 9,95 D/sFr 19,70 ab 4 ISBN 978-3-7898-1000-8

Arnulf Zitelmann Nur dass ich ein Mensch sei (Immanuel Kant) 256 S., E 18,00 D / sFr 34,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81051-9 Reihe »Meine Tierkinder«

Reihe »Siebert Malbücher«

Nele Moost/Pieter Kunstreich Wenn die Ziege schwimmen lernt a 9,95 D/sFr 19,50 ab 4 ISBN 978-3-7898-1003-9

Antonella Bolliger-Savelli/ Elisabeth Stiemert Gackitas Ei a 9,95 D/sFr 19,70 ab 3 ISBN 978-3-7898-1090-9

Erwin Moser Der karierte Uhu a 6,95 D/sFr 13,80 ab 4 ISBN 978-3-7898-1005-3

Ria Gersmeier/Rainer Fritzsch/ Kirstin Hagemann Biber Benni und seine Familie a 4,95 D/sFr 9,90 ab 3 ISBN 978-3-7898-1121-0

Saurier ISBN 978-3-7898-1044-2 VE 5 Expl. ISBN 978-3-407-95241-7

Verlagsgruppe Beltz Postfach 10 01 54 69441 Weinheim 900341

Beltz Foreign Rights Fall 2009  

Beltz Foreign Rights Fall 2009

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