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Beltz & Gelberg Foreign Rights Catalogue Spring 2009

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© Thomas M. Müller

Editorial Beltz & Gelberg 1

Dear Colleagues, please find enclosed our new catalgoue for Spring 2009. We hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will find lots of interesting titles.

Science + Fiction: Charlotte Kerner’s new book The Next GENeration is an extraordinary book about the fantastic possibilities and dangers which arise when playing with human genes.

Or are you eager to find out the mystery of the Black Gemstone? This is a new thrilling and adventurous series about a mysterious jewel. The first novel Tulip Frenzy takes place in Amsterdam in the 18th century. Written by Wieland Freund.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Kerstin Michaelis phone: ++49-6201-6007 327

2 Wooden Leg, ha ha – you lost the bet!

© Beltz & Gelberg

Finally, the sequel of the successful book Pirate Leon! An extraordinarily-magical pirate story, with the most lovely illustrations and with a map to find the hidden treasure on the front and end paper by Thomas M. Müller.

Thomas M. Müller, born in 1966,

lives in Leipzig. He studied graphics and the art of books in Lucerne. He illustrates posters, graphic art and book illustrations which have won many prizes. His most recent publication with Beltz & Gelberg was the pirate story Der Schrecken der Meere (The Terror of the Seas) by Leuw von Katzenstein.

Leon and his Papa live together on the pirate ship. Leon’s Papa has made a bet with Captain Wooden Leg that he will find the legendary treasure by the next meeting of the pirate captains. But he cannot find it, which greatly depresses him, and he simply lies in the hammock, waiting for his life to end. Yet Leon doesn’t want to let his Papa down, and sails the ship home alone. His Grandma, once a fearsome piratess (Leonie, Terror of the Seas) knows just what to do. In the end, everything turns out differently than planned, however they find a big treasure and roast a fat pig, so that Leon’s Papa’s honor is restored. The press on Pirate Leon: »The way Nöstlinger nonchalantly writes about generation conflicts and men’s roles is both amusing and shows what a master she is at her art, which is enhanced by the wonderful illustrations by Thomas M. Müller.« Frankfurter Rundschau

© Beltz & Gelberg

»Thomas M. Müller decorates the timeless father-son story with colorful illustrations full of subtle humor, crazy perspectives and peculiar details.« Financial Times

Christine Nöstlinger was born in 1936 and lives in Vienna and in Lower Austria. She is one of the most famous authors for children’s and youth literature. She received the renowned Hans Christian Andersen Prize and the Astrid Lindgren Prize for her work as a whole. Many of her books have been published with Beltz & Gelberg, most recently the picture book Pirate Leon.

Einband: Thomas M. Müller

Picture Book Beltz & Gelberg 3

Christine Nöstlinger/Thomas Müller

Leon Pirat und der Goldschatz Pirate Leon and the Golden Treasure Four-color picture book Hardback, 32 pages Age 4+

Picture Book

4 The way animal babies live

Small stories about how different animals live and grow up are told in the new series »My Animal Babies«. Heart-warming, vivid illustrations make the world of the animal babies come alive and invite young readers to discover and gaze again and again. The most important facts on every species are summarized at the end of each book. A small quiz helps test how much has been learned. Learning made easy and fun with fabulous picture books – for reading aloud to children age 3 and older and for beginning readers.

Ria Gersmeier/Heinz-Helge Schulze

Meine Tierkinder: Der kleine Hase wird groß My Animal Babies: The Young Hare Grows Up Barbara Cratzius/Ursula Blancke

Meine Tierkinder: Ole, der kleine Bär My Animal Babies: Ole, the Young Bear Ria Gersmeier/Kirstin Hagemann

Meine Tierkinder: Biber Benni und seine Familie My Animal Babies: Benny the Beaver and His Family Ria Gersmeier/Heinz-Helge Schulze

Meine Tierkinder: Dora, der junge Delfin My Animal Babies: Dora, The Young Dolphin

Hardback, 32 pages Age 3+

Einband: Franziska Walther

Children’s Book Beltz & Gelberg 5

Three friends, frogs, ducks and a sunny. lucky summer Leonie’s beloved village school with its school garden, lily pond, forest kitchen and treehouse is to be closed for lack of children… Reason enough for the children to turn everything topsy-turvy to save their paradise. In a unique and amusing style, Beate Dölling tells the story of a wonderful school rescue mission including spiders, frogs and several idiots who appear in every story and who make things pretty difficult for Leonie and her friends.

The quiet tones are the ones that make Dölling’s characters so human and the clear plea for a nonconformist lifestyle so convincing. Bulletin Jugend und Literatur

© Belztz & Gelberg

Leonie and her friends Flora and Johan cannot simply make new children appear, but why can’t they help 5-year-olds get ready for school? Little Sven seems to be resistant to school, because he is definitely still in the »tractor phase«. But what about Amanda, Konrad’s shy little sister? Unfortunately both of them have been missing for a few days. That’s strange. So the three set off to find them, for something has to be done to save the school! A story about a very special summer and about children who love their school and know that it is worth fighting for such a wonderful place.

Beate Dölling was born in 1961 and lives in Berlin.

Beate Dölling

Sommerglück und Idiotenpech Lucky Summer and Tough Luck A novel With vignettes by Claudia Weikert Hardback, approx. 160 pages Age 9+

She writes for radio and newspapers and has published numerous children’s and youth books. Her youth novels Hör auf zu trommeln, Herz (Stop Pounding, Heart, winner of theVerdi literature award), Schutzfaktor 18 (Protective Factor 18) and Alles bestens (Everything Is Fine) and the children’s book Kaninchen bringen Glück (Rabbits Bring Luck) have appeared on the Beltz & Gelberg list.

6 The best stories are the ones that have heroes. Yet not every hero is favored by fortune... The Black Gemstone – a new series of highly thrilling and breathtaking stories about a mysterious jewel starts with this novel which takes place in Amsterdam in the 18th century.

© HR Schulz

»I am telling you the story as a token of my appreciation,« said d’Ennery, »just as I received the gemstone as a token of appreciation. My lady gave it to me for my loyal service to her. (…) I had it embedded in the pommel by a jeweler. For a musketeer, Luuk, would rather lose his life than his sword.«

Wieland Freund, born in 1969 in

Paderborn, is an author, reviewer and journalist. For his first children’s books Lisas Book (2003) and Song of a Ghost (2004) he received the Bavarian Art Promotion Prize. Together with his family he lives in Berlin. Jonas Nothing is his first children’s book he published with Beltz & Gelberg.

Luuk’s life turns topsy-turvy after encountering d’Ennery, the elegant musketeer. The fine gemstone in the hilt of the musketeer’s sword magically attracts him and strangely enough, it looks like the scar on his forearm. However d’Ennery has other worries: he is supposed to get a hold of the Semper Idem, the fancy three-colored tulip that is so rare that hardly anyone has seen it. D’Ennery finds the precious flower, but then his luck disappears and he loses it again – just like that. Now he wants to fetch it back in Amsterdam, but there are others whose attention has been caught by the noble flower. A battle unfolds in which Luuk does not always act cleverly and falls from the wall, while d’Ennery again loses something important and Luuk touches the gemstone for the first time.

Einband: Hauptmann & Kompanie

Children’s Book Beltz & Gelberg 7

✹ Thrilling, enthralling and excellently written adventure novels ✹ Captivating up until the very end ✹ An established author, who will write several stories to follow

Wieland Freund

Der schwarze Karfunkel The Black Gemstone Tulpenfieber Tulip Frenzy Hardback, approx. 150 pages Age 10 +

Mystery Story


Pascal has disappeared! The word spreads at school like a wildfire. Sabine, Reto and Urs fear something terrible: Has their new friend been kidnapped? They feverishly set out to search for him and soon find a hot lead: the recycling company belonging to Pascal’s neighbor, Germann. They store highly toxic solvents there. Is that what caused Urs to break out in a rash after swimming in the lake? Did Pascal know too much about it? In a venturesome act, the three friends search through a dilapidated country house and discover peculiar barrels and experience a tangible surprise. But things aren’t over yet …

© Beltz & Gelberg

✹ Environmental thriller set in Zurich ✹ Exciting, intoxicating and realistic ✹ Young author, close in age to the target group

Severin Schwendener grew up in a small village in Southern Germany. He is a doctoral candidate for neuroscience at the university of Zurich. Additionally, he writes short stories and novels. Silent Poison is his first title published by Beltz & Gelberg.

Severin Schwendener

Stilles Gift Silent Poison Cover: Cornelia Niere Paperback, 200 pages Age 12 +

Youth Book Beltz & Gelberg 9

Einband: Anna Grath

Winner of the Peter-HärtlingPrize and Hansim-Glück Prize!

Choked up. Heart constricted. Still love you. Have to. Charlotte realizes that love can hurt terribly when her parents separate. Her father now has Babsi – the new one, who is really quite nice. Her mother fluctuates between the euphoria of a new beginning and fits of crying. Charlotte, the oldest, gets to take care of her younger brother. All of this could be managed somehow, if the family didn’t have to go and sell Charlotte’s favorite house with her beloved strawberry tree. New apartment, new school, new »substitute fathers« – Charlotte is about ready to burst. But then two sweet guys cross her path. And Charlotte experiences that love can be quite capricious. But also wonderful, tingly and crazy. With a surge of new courage, Charlotte decides to take matter’s into her own hands and makes a decision …

✹ Peter-Härtling-Prize of the city of Weinheim 2009 ✹ Hans-im-Glück Prize of the city of Limburg a.d. Lahn 2008 ✹ Nominated for the Children’s and Youth Book Prize of the city of Oldenburg 2008 ✹ Debut novel Gabi Kreslehner

Charlottes Traum Charlotte’s Dream A novel Paperback, approx. 112 pages Age 12+

© Belztz & Gelberg

A story about the pain of love and (happiness of) breaking up – poetic and straight to the heart.

Gabi Kreslehner was born in 1965. Together with her husband and two children she lives in Austria where she works as a teacher. So far, she has published several short stories. Her novel Charlotte’s Dream has been awarded two prizes in Austria and is nominated for the Oldenburg Children’s and Youth Book Prize 2008.

10 »There is hardly anyone who can more poetically phrase why stories have to be told than Mirjam Pressler.« Literarische Welt

© Alexa Gelberg

Nathan the Wise, Lessing’s plea for religious tolerance, is one of the most-performed German dramas. It now appears as a thrilling novel focused on this current topic. Clever, far-sighted and brilliant – a novel that provokes in a contemporary way, but not without hope for a more peaceful coexistance of religions. An extraordinary masterpiece.

Mirjam Pressler was born in 1940 and lives in Landshut. She is one of the most renowned authors of children’s and youth literature, her books having received many awards. She was awarded the CarlZuckmayer-Medal and the German Book Prize for her work as a whole and the Jane Scatcherd Prize of the Heinrich Maria Ledig-RowohltStiftung for her translations from Hebrew. Her most recently published novels are Golem, Silent Brother and Shylock’s Daughter.

Jerusalem, during the era of crusades around 1192: The Christians have lost the Holy City to sultan Saladin. He only pardons one of the captured crusaders: the young Curd of Stauffen, of the order of the Templar. The good deed is followed by more: The order of the templar saves Recha, a young girl, from the flames of her house. She is the daughter of the Jewish merchant, Nathan, who is called the Wise one. While Recha and her live-saver, the Jewess and the Christian, misjudge each other at first and go separate ways, doom approaches Nathan. Sultan Saladin orders him to appear and asks him the most difficult of all questions: Which religion is the only true one? Nathan answers him with the famous ring parable – but will that satisfy the sultan? Furthermore, Nathan does not know that in the meantime the Christian patriarch of Jerusalem and a Moslem captain are out to kill him … Mirjam Pressler respectfully sticks to Lessing’s original, but adds more life to the characters and more liveliness to the language. And her story ends a bit differently – provokative in a modern style, yet still keeping up the hope for a more peaceful coexistance of religions. »And I say to you: This story will remain, even when we and our children and children’s children have long followed Nathan into the other world. Even after many generations, they will still talk about it and thankfully remember Nathan, who was rightfully called the Wise.« Excerpt from Nathan’s Children

To honor Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s 280th birthday on January 22, 2008

Einband: Rothfos & Gabler

Youth Book Beltz & Gelberg 11

Mirjam Pressler

Nathans Kinder Nathan’s Children A novel Hardback with a protective jacket, approx. 264 pages Age 14+



Einband: Petra Bachmann

The earth quakes …


Tsunamis in South Asia, tornadoes in the United States of America, floods in India and more and more in Central Europe – devastating damages have been done within living memory. And the natural catastrophies seem to be becoming more frequent. Those who want to learn more about these natural phenomenon, how they appear and where particularly extreme forms occur, often have to do some laborious research. LIVE BROADCAST presents the most disastrous natural catastrophies of world history until the present day in 20 chapters. With sound research, in an exciting and informative manner. Suspending topics, incredible stories and amazing transformations in life. Told in an enthralling way and with fantastic photos. Readers’ opinions on Amazon: »Despite the high entertainment value, all reports are given in a very professional manner.« Reliving History – the series keeps the promise the title makes.

Contents The meteor and the end of the dinosaurs ✹ The Ice Age ✹ A volcanic eruption destroys Pompeii ✹ The downfall of the Spanish Armada ✹ The earthquake in Lissabon ✹ The potato blight in Ireland ✹ The volcanic eruption of the Krakatao ✹ The Spanish flu ✹ The tri-state tornado ✹ The Hamburg storm tide ✹ The “Ash Wednesday” ✹ Drought in the Sahel zone ✹ The quake of Kobe ✹ The North American Ice Storm ✹ The avalanche of Galtür ✹ The Elbe flood ✹ The tsunami in South Asia ✹ Hurricane Katrina sweeps over New Orleans ✹ A cyclone destroys parts of Myanmar ✹ Threat of climate change

✹ Comprehensive and reliable information, told in a matter-of-fact manner ✹ Dialogues start off the chapter and provide a vivid introduction to the topic ✹ Natural catastrophies are more a topic than ever and influence the lives of many people in the world

Imke Rosebrock

Live dabei Gewaltige Naturkatastrophen Reliving History Powerful Natural Catastrophes Erdbeben, Tornados, Sturmfluten, Tsuanmis, Dürren, Vulkanausbrüche Earthquakes, Tornados, Storm Tides, Tsunamis, Droughts, Volcanic Eruptions Hardback, 176 pages Age 12 +


Non-Fiction Book Beltz & Gelberg 13

Einband: Cornelia Niere

The human – a genetic experiment? This extraordinary book shows which fantastic possibilities and dangers arise when playing with human genes – in current reports and breathtaking futuristic stories. The future has arrived. Today gene researchers are capable of performing wonderful and frightening things at the same time. The scientists can treat terrible diseases such as cancer and force egg cells to grow into human clones. They can read indications from the genetic information of certain individuals to see if they are susceptible to diseases or temperament and research why we age. Worldwide there are scientists working on influencing human genes or changing them. But which accomplishments and which dangers lie in this breath-taking development for us humans? The scientists Charlotte Kerner, Claudia Eberhard-Metzger and Susanne Paulsen clearly describe the current status of research in precise non-fiction texts – and take a look at what is possible today, extending it to the future: in fantastic stories about the future, whose reality is so close. The portraits of photographer Michael Najjar impressively reflect this development.

Charlotte Kerner, born in 1950, lives and works as a freelance journalist and author in Lübeck. She writes novels which she classifies as »factasy« and biographies. In the year 2000, she received the German Youth Literature Prize for her novel on cloning entitled Blaupause-Blueprint. Claudia Eberhard-Metzger, born in 1958, worked in the press office of the DKFZ (German cancer research center) in Heidelberg and works today as a freelance science journalist. She has published several non-fiction books on the topic of genes.

Charlotte Kerner (Editor)

Die nächste GENeration The Next GENeration Science + Fiction Flexobroschure, 256 pages With photos by Michael Najjar All ages

Susanne Paulsen, born in 1962 in Husum, is a biologist and freelance journalist. Her non-fiction book Sonnenfresser – Wie Pflanzen leben (Sun Eater – How Plants Live) was awarded the German Youth Literature prize in 2001. Michael Najjar, born in 1966, studied photography at the Bildo Academy for Art and Media in Berlin. He worked and took photos in South America, Spain, Japan and the United States.

Einband: Dorothea Göbel

14 Sapere aude! – the extensive Kant biography The classic as a revised and updated new edition. On the occasion of Arnulf Zitelmann’s 80th birthday. Immanual Kant is still surprisingly modern in his thoughts on freedom, rationality, peace and his critique of religion. Arnulf Zitelmann conjures an enthralling image of Kant’s diverse personality and at the same time introduces his most significant works. Born in Königsberg as one of nine children, Kant was fascinated by astronomy and mathematics and studied physics and philosophy. His friends expected him to do great things. Yet he preferred to amuse himself. Someone suggested that he write a critique of cuisine, being a gourmet. Instead he wrote The Critique of Pure Reason. The alleged amateur turned out to be a genius of philosophy at the age of 57. »1. What can I know? 2. What should I do? 3. What hopes may I have?« These were the questions that intrigued Kant during his life. And the professor from Königsberg chose simple answers. »Be courageous and use your own wits!« he wrote in an essay.

Arnulf Zitelmann, born on March

9, 1929, studied philosophy and theology and lives and works as a freelance author near Darmstadt. The Friedrich Bödecker Prize was awarded to him for his literary work as a whole and also the Grand Prize of the German Academy for Children’s and Youth Literature.

»A portrait of Kant with an astonishing liveliness, perhaps because it also includes critical passages.« Geschichte Lernen

Arnulf Zitelmann

Nur dass ich ein Mensch sei Die Lebensgeschichte des Immanuel Kant

Only that I were human The life story of Immanuel Kant Hardback with a protective jacket, approx. 288 pages Age 14 +

Biography Beltz & Gelberg 15

Einband: Dorothea Göbel

Radically young, radically classic Monika Pelz, author of biographies about J.J. Rousseau, Simone de Beauvoir or Janusz Korczak, writes of Goethe’s life, his worldly knowledge and his philosophy in such a well-informed and exhilarating way that even Goethe experts will love it.

© Beltz & Gelberg

He is the classic per se – no education without Goethe. Yet when he wrote the first German bestsellers at the age of 20, »Götz« and »Werther«, many people found him quite provocative. The older generation thought he was too wild, disrespectful and crude – the younger ones made him into an idol of their generation and the rebellious Storm and Stress movement. A movement that not only wanted to modernize literature and free it from the chains of conventions, but also do so for the federal system, education and the legal system. Young Goethe rejected a career as a lawyer in order to give his generation a new language – honest, powerful and genial. He did not go to Weimar as a classic and minister, but to have fun with young Duke Carl August, a mere 18 years old, and to render the area and life at court uncertain. Whether he traveled to Italy or went to war, or fell madly in love with increasingly younger women – he was always aiming at making himself younger, staying young or redefining himself.

Monika Pelz, born in 1944 in Vienna,

Monika Pelz

Ihr glücklichen Augen Die Lebensgeschichte des Johann Wolfgang Goethe

You Happy Eyes The Life Story of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Hardback with a protective jacket, approx. 256 pages Age 14 +

where she still lives today, studied philosophy and history and works as a freelance sociologist, journalist and author. She has written numerous novels and stories for adolescents. The latest books of hers published by Beltz & Gelberg where the biographies about Janusz Korczak, Nicht mich will ich retten (Not I Want To Save Myself) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Der hellwacher Träumer (The Wide Awake Dreamer).

16 Jule and the Mysterious Advent Calendar 24 doors, 24 stories – the mysteries of advent Audiobook A story of advent in 24 chapters illustrated by Sybille Hein. Includes 24 large illustrations, approximately 25 pages of text HÖRCOMPANY

The author Connie Lotz-Afken mainly writes scripts for animated films. She has already written many funny and fascinating children stories.

Every single morning Jule wakes up and walks through the snow up to the barn and every single morning she discovers a new secret: the ChristmasMarket, the brownie, the organ-pipe-children. She explores the history of the advent-calendar and experiences many more surprises until Christmas eventually has come.

Christmas-Theatre A wooden theatre with illustrations by Sybille Hein 24 exchangeable sceneries, additional figures and requisites. Size: 32 – 21 x 15 cm HÖRCOMPANY

The set includes 24 different sceneries for all 24 days in anticipation for Christmas. Children may re-enact the story of »Jule and the mysterious advent calendar« or invent new games.

Hörcompany 17

The Queen of Colours – a Musical Fairytale The Queen of Colours Audiobook Jutta Bauer (Author), Wolfgang v.Henko, Henning Stoll, Frank Wulff (Music) Cover illustration: Jutta Bauer, Runtime: 40 minutes HÖRCOMPANY

The picture-language, portrait in the original picturebook, is being translated into musical-language. Three musicians transformed the various shades of colour into a fascinating tuneful and manifold sound. Jazz, classical music, folk tunes as well as eastern music are being echoed and create a very colourful acoustic image: A light blue is being played by a friendly viola, a strong red is taking a wild ride through the orchestra, yellow is nervous and jealous, pink, grey … The young listener is amazed and learns that colours really do match with sounds. Children are being encouraged to paint, play or dance. The lyrics (approximately 5 minutes) have been recorded on a separate audio track and thus may easily be adapted.

The author Jutta Bauer is well known for her distinctive style of drawing and has already published quite a number of picturebooks. Die Königin der Farben has already been published as a licence in many countries. The three musicians are famous for her unique skill to musically accompany theatre plays (for example Robert Wilson).

Das Memo Spiel – Matching Card Game The Queen of Colours Matching card game Including 48 coloured cards and extensive supplement HÖRCOMPANY

Perceiving colours and playing with shapes: A wonderful matching card game with illustrations taken from Jutta Bauer’s picture-book Die Königin der Farben. Colours and shapes are being experienced playfully by young players. The game is also suitable for the kindergarten and primary school.

Backlist Beltz & Gelberg 2

Sergej Prokofjew Peter und der Wolf 56 S., ab 5, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79318-8

Holly-Jane Rahlens Wie man richtig küsst 300 S., ab 13, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-80956-8

Rafik Schami Der ehrliche Lügner 584 S., ab 14, E 22,– D / sFr 42,30 ISBN 978-3-407-80820-2

Franz Hohler/Jürg Schubiger Aller Anfang 128 S., für alle, E 16,90 D/sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-79914-2

Jürgen Seidel Die hundert Leben der Lilly Cavalconti 336 S., ab 14, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-81028-1

Ingo Siegner Eliot und Isabella und d. Jagd nach dem Funkelstein 128 S., ab 6, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79938-8

Fredrik Vahle Mäuse wie wir 144 S., ab 5, E 15,90 D / sFr 31,– ISBN 978-3-407-79858-9

Philip Waechter Die Geschichte meines Opas 48 S., ab 6, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-79315-7

Philip Waechter ich 64 S., E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79873-2

Philip Waechter Rosi in der Geisterbahn 32 S., ab 3, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-79337-9

Non-Fiction Books

Philip Waechter Sehr berühmt 64 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79905-0

Philip Waechter Sohntage 56 S., für alle, E 9,90 D / sFr 19,50 ISBN 978-3-407-79369-0

Martina Wildner Six 272 S., ab 13, E 14,90 D/sFr 29,00 ISBN 978-3-407-81038-0

Elisabeth Raffauf Only For Girls 180 S., ab 12, E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-75340-3

Manfred Mai Geschichte der deutschen Literatur 200 S., ab 12, E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75323-6

Manfred Mai Lesebuch zur deutschen Geschichte 288 S., ab 12, E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-75314-4

Nikolaus Piper Geschichte der Wirtschaft 208 S., ab 12, E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75324-3

Cem Özdemir Die Türkei 256 S., ab 14, E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75343-4

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Ostfriesische Inseln 96 S., ab 7, E 8,50 D / sFr 16,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75334-2

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Dänemark 96 S., ab 7, E 8,50 D / sFr 16,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75335-9

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Österreich 96 S., ab 7, E 8,50 D / sFr 16,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75336-6

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Berlin 96 S., ab 7, E 8,50 D / sFr 16,90 ISBN 978-3-407-75337-3

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer Ruhrgebiet 80 S., ab 7, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-75338-0

* unverbindliche Preisempfehlung sFr = unverbindliche Preisempfehlung

Henning Boëtius Geschichte der Elektrizität 224 S., ab 13, E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-75326-7

Beltz & Gelberg Backlist

Ilka Sokolowski/Claudia Toll Reiseführer München 80 S., ab 7, E 9,95 D / sFr 19,70 ISBN 978-3-407-75339-7

LIVE DABEI Abenteuer Weltgeschichte 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75328-1

LIVE DABEI Geniale Denker und clevere Tüftler 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75329-8

LIVE DABEI Ruhmreiche Gladiatoren und mächtige Herrscher 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75341-0

LIVE DABEI Kühne Abenteurer und furchtlose Entdecker 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75342-7

Katja Behrens »Alles aus Liebe, sonst geht die Welt unter« (Sechs Romantikerinnen) 228 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80971-1

Katja Behrens Alles Sehen kommt von der Seele (Helen Keller) 188 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80889-9

Biographies LIVE DABEI Die Welt des Mittelalters 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75344-1

LIVE DABEI Geheime Codes und verschollene Schätze 176 S., ab 10, E 16,95 D / sFr 33,– ISBN 978-3-407-75345-8

Maren Gottschalk Königinnen (Fünf Herrscherinnen) 236 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81019-9

Maren Gottschalk Jenseits von Bullerbü (Astrid Lindgren) 216 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80970-4

Charlotte Kerner Seidenraupe, Dschungelblüte (Maria Sybilla Merian) 164 S., E 9,90 D* / sFr 19,50* ISBN 978-3-407-80816-5

Magdalena Köster Brillante Bilanzen (Fünf Unternehmerinnen) 336 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80957-5

Mirjam Pressler Ich sehne mich so (Anne Frank) 224 S., E 18,90 D / sFr 36,60 ISBN 978-3-407-80854-7

Alois Prinz Auf der Schwelle zum Glück (Franz Kafka) 392 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80953-7

Alois Prinz Der erste Christ (Apostel Paulus) 256 S., E 18,– D / sFr 34,90 ISBN 978-3-407-81020-5

Alois Prinz Beruf Philosophin oder Die Liebe zur Welt (Hannah Arendt) 328 S., E 12,90 D / sFr 25,30 ISBN 978-3-407-80985-8

Alois Prinz »Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne« (Hermann Hesse) 404 S., E 19,90D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80874-5

Alois Prinz Lieber wütend als traurig (Ulrike Meinhof) 328 S., E 14,90 D / sFr 29,– ISBN 978-3-407-80955-1

Verlagsgruppe Beltz Postfach 10 01 54 69441 Weinheim Dietmar Strauch Ihr Mut war grenzenlos (Widerstand im dritten Reich) 240 S., E 16,90 D / sFr 32,90 ISBN 978-3-407-80984-1

Arnulf Zitelmann »Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß« (Sokrates, Platon, Aristoteles, Diogenes) 328 S., E 19,90 D / sFr 38,40 ISBN 978-3-407-80996-4 900341

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Catalog Spring 2009

Foreign Rights  

Catalog Spring 2009