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BUDGETTING FOR MANAGERS AND ENTREPRENUERS Course Description: This training will provide managers of small and medium size enterprises and entrepreneurs with a basic understanding of how to develop and use a budget to achieve the financial objectives of their business. Course Participants - Who Should Attend • Entrepreneurs • Small Business Managers • Assistant Managers • Office Managers • Project Managers Course Objectives • • • • •

Define what is a budget Understand the purpose of a budget Identify the external and internal variables to be considered for budget development Develop a budget using a case study Understand how to use a budget to determine cash flow needs

Certification Participants who fulfill at least 75% of the attendance requirement of the whole course and pass the end-of course assessment (if applicable) will be awarded Certificate of Completion. Participants who met the minimum attendance but do not pass the assessment will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Course Prerequisites There are no formal prerequisites except for prior experience working as a manager, entrepreneur or managerial assistant where the development of a budget is required, would be useful. Course Duration 8 Hours Method of Delivery Delivery will take the form of a combination of lectures, discussions, research presentation, role play, problem solving exercises and case studies. The emphasis is on learning by doing within a


group using group presentations and activities. Course Cancellation Policy The UWI Open Campus Belize makes every effort to maintain the advertised schedule of classes; however, low or insufficient enrollment may require a schedule adjustment or course cancellation. All registrants will be duly notified of any changes in the published information. Course Outline Topics covered include: • • • •

• • • •

What is budget? The purpose of a budget The Budgeting Process How to make realistic Budget estimates o Strategic and Annual operational plan o Historical data o Internal and external factors Constructing a Budget for the year o Estimating Income o Estimating Expenses and Profit Constructing monthly cash budget Monthly reporting to identify variances Cash flow management Understanding interest rates


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