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BUDGETTING FOR MANAGERS AND ENTREPRENUERS Course Description: This training will provide managers of small and medium size enterprises and entrepreneurs with a basic understanding of how to develop and use a budget to achieve the financial objectives of their business. Course Participants - Who Should Attend • Entrepreneurs • Small Business Managers • Assistant Managers • Office Managers • Project Managers Course Objectives • • • • •

Define what is a budget Understand the purpose of a budget Identify the external and internal variables to be considered for budget development Develop a budget using a case study Understand how to use a budget to determine cash flow needs

Certification Participants who fulfill at least 75% of the attendance requirement of the whole course and pass the end-of course assessment (if applicable) will be awarded Certificate of Completion. Participants who met the minimum attendance but do not pass the assessment will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Course Prerequisites There are no formal prerequisites except for prior experience working as a manager, entrepreneur or managerial assistant where the development of a budget is required, would be useful. Course Duration 8 Hours Method of Delivery Delivery will take the form of a combination of lectures, discussions, research presentation, role play, problem solving exercises and case studies. The emphasis is on learning by doing within a


group using group presentations and activities. Course Cancellation Policy The UWI Open Campus Belize makes every effort to maintain the advertised schedule of classes; however, low or insufficient enrollment may require a schedule adjustment or course cancellation. All registrants will be duly notified of any changes in the published information. Course Outline Topics covered include: • • • •

• • • •

What is budget? The purpose of a budget The Budgeting Process How to make realistic Budget estimates o Strategic and Annual operational plan o Historical data o Internal and external factors Constructing a Budget for the year o Estimating Income o Estimating Expenses and Profit Constructing monthly cash budget Monthly reporting to identify variances Cash flow management Understanding interest rates


BCCI Course Outline Budget  

Outline for training on Budget preparation by BCCI

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