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memorandum from the president of As a committee member of a social club in South Australia we are constantly looking for funds to support our programmes from government grants and from fundraising efforts. Some fundraisers can be low profit, but not MPV. I'm pleased that we found MyPhoneVouchers as it must be the most effort free fundraiser product that we have ever been involved in and the profits are far above our expectations. Our supporters relish discount coupons and we had a good response from the Kidsbiz速 but MyPhoneVouchers just takes the Voucher concept and makes it better. Despite being better value for our members than the Kidsbiz速 MyPhoneVouchers is also a single system right across Australian with more than 3000 discount providers involved, which means that our members can always find a discount coupon near them at home or when they travel for business or fun. When MyPhoneVouchers says local they don't mean any particular location but wherever the user happens to be and the area near them. The "Local area" is simply how far a member is willing to travel from where they currently are where that may be. The next improvement is subtle but also profound. Some businesses offer a smaller discount but makes them available more often. So rather than the offer being "One Free Coffee" the offer might be "Two Coffees for the Price of One" so in effect the discount is the same value ($4 for the coffee) but the first is 100% discount (Free) and the second one is 50% (two for one). But in My Phone Vouchers the lower discount coupon value is generally made available daily, weekly or monthly. This means that instead of a single voucher worth four dollars there may be up to 365 vouchers worth four dollars. If MPV created a physical coupon book the number of available discount coupons when this is taken into account, the numbers are overwhelming, more than 52,000 discount vouchers available for the MPV members. MyPhoneVouchers also tell us that at 80GSM (the thickness of normal paper) that to print a book of vouchers would be more than three metres thick. It's no wonder that other solution have to limit the number of discount vouchers available. So how does it work for us? Well we simply print a note to let our members know of our fundraiser and what the funds would be used for and ask them to purchase a MPV membership via the My Phone Vouchers website and nominate us as their supported group. More than 90% the funds come with no further action. MPV then handles the whole thing and we get a cheque at the end of the month. (They send us and email and we invoice them that they pay promptly) The only complication we got was that some people didn't have a credit card to do the transaction or was uneasy about putting their card details into the web site. After discussing this with the technical people at a MyPhoneVouchers. As a supported group we can add MPV members, our members, our supporters directly to the MPV system via the website and we charge the $39.95 to our member (usually in foldies) and then send 19.95 to by the end of the month. We have never actually sent them money as they just took it out of what they owed us and sent us the balance. The next part was also easy to overcome. MyPhoneVouchers uses a very well respected organisation to process their credit card transactions and in fact one of the only credit card facilities that are recommended by all Australian Banks. MPV never stores the credit card details and once it is approved only a reference number given by the credit card processing facility is stored. The whole attitude of My Phone Vouchers is interesting too, they are really

interested in help us raise funds and it seems to be their primary concern. The biggest comment that we get from our supporters is that "it's so convenient". When you use the entertainment bookŽ you have plan where to go and ensure you have the book etc. With My Phone Vouchers if you have your phone with you and who doesn't you can be out and about and think "gee a coffee would be nice" but first you don't know where to get one and secondly with MPV you are going to get a discount. We can't wait until next year when our supporters re-sign and we get paid again. We get access to the database of our supporters so we will give a little gentle prompting‌but that's what fundraising is all about. For new info please check out our internet site by visiting this link - MyPhoneVouchers.

Letter from the Member of MyPhoneVouchers.  
Letter from the Member of MyPhoneVouchers.  

As a secretary of a sports club in Sydney we are regularly looking for money to support travel to events from government grants and from fun...