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May 23rd, 2013

Motorcycle Noise Bylaws My Opinion by Belt Drive Betty It’s riding season and along with this time of year come the complaints from non riders about the noise motorcycles make. There are those in our community that argue that loud pipes save lives and in some instances I know that is true. I have had to crack the throttle when someone tried to move into my lane, to get their attention away from their cell phone call or the person who never checks their mirrors or turns their head - and to accelerate away from the impending situation as fast as possible. In an urgent situation, cracking the throttle is faster and easier than trying to find the horn button.

Motorcycle Awareness and Safety starts with YOU - the rider. Let’s be honest with each other here. For the average rider, your loud pipes were not put on your motorcycle by you to save your life. It may be a side benefit, but it is not the/or even a primary reason. You put them on to: 1) Enhance the horsepower and efficiency of your engine. 2) They sound good 3) They look good

Very seldom does a rider walk into a dealership and say I want the loudest exhaust However - if everyone is honest with you have so I can save my life out on the themselves, they do know and understand mean streets. that the BEST way to save your life is to ride defensively, to have great skills and use them, Continued on Next Page keep them honed. Articles submitted to the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and the Attitude Zone are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily that of the publisher of this publication. All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information for events and schedules but it is recommended that you check with the event coordinators before heading out to an event. All information and articles in the paper are copyright protected and reproduction of this publication in part or entirely is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles & Belt Drive Betty Media® will not be held liable for any article or ad that is forgotten in error or is not submitted in time for publishing deadlines. For more information on these or any other policies of this publication please contact the editorial office.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Since we are dealing with TRUTH here, I want to explain a few things to you. In MOST CASES, the aftermarket pipes that the motorcycle dealer or repair shop puts on your bike for you are clearly labelled “FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.” By agreeing to allow the dealer to install those pipes on your motorcycle for the purpose of using them on the street, you are the person now responsible for any fines that result, while the dealer goes to the bank with your money. Another truth I want to share is that there are those who use their pipes as a fashion statement - an attention seeking one. These are the people who like to see how many car alarms they can set off, or how great of a burn out they can do at the local Timmies, or at a stop sign where there are pretty girls sitting on bar patios... these people are the enemy of motorcycling. These people ruin it for the rest of us. And we all know at least one. If we policed our community the way we used to, we wouldn’t be in this boat. If there wasn’t so much money to be made with aftermarket pipes, we wouldn’t be in this boat. WE RISK LOOSING LOUD PIPES as a tool in the safety tool box because of people who MISUSE THEM. I have a theory about these motorcycle only noise bylaws.

Motorcycle Noise Bylaws

May 23, 2013

Page 2

The Police Services seem to embrace these bylaws as they give them an in to gather evidence of association or affiliation with members of the 1% community. The politician seems to embrace them so they can appear to be tough on noise. HOWEVER - the bylaws, like so many laws are knee jerk. They address the result and not the issue. The issue of noise is people. All vehicles, commercial and non commercial not just motorcycles. Boom Boxes that damned near shake the windows out of your house, pickups with blue bottles and other loud exhaust, ars with worn out or no mufflers. When we look at the lack of enforcement of semi’s that use their Jacob Brakes inside city and town limits it’s enough to make you scream. They are commercial vehicles and covered under different laws that non commercial passenger vehicles but there is a law on the books in every community and jurisdiction but how often are they enforced? SELDOM is the answer. The issue of discrimination is political and police related. I am positive that there are hidden meetings regarding “Bikers” that we are never privy to Continued on Next Page

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Motorcycle Noise Bylaws

or told about.

working with her have not given up on.

I am positive a lot of these bylaws are being brought about by personal agendas as opposed to real stats and real complaints.

M.O.D.E.L. -

Fredericton New Brunswick is the latest community to have a noise bylaw being shoved down their throat and I have put the spokespersons for that community in touch with Liane and the gang from M.O.D.E.L. We have to stick together as a riding community no matter where we live in this country - the more connected we are, the more information we share, the better off we all are.

Support those who support us - those that work to lobby for change. Unless we do, our community is going to continue being profiled and treated differently from the rest of the motoring public. Belt Drive Betty Editor & Rider

Many communities are attempting to implement noise bylaws to deal with noise issues however their implementation varies widely. Liane Langlois, founder of M.O.D.E.L has fought the Motorcycle Only noise bylaw in Edmonton for three years now. It’s been an uphill battle, but is one that this dedicated woman and the group of volunteers

20591 Fraser Hwy., Langley, BC V3A 4G4 604-510-2646 3511 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V5K 2A8 604-293-1107

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May 23, 2013

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“Many laws as certainly make bad men, as bad men make many laws.” Walter Savage Landor

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

The Rant by Quentin Kerfoot After a couple of years of being without a backrest, I recently reinstalled it onto the Honeydripper. I somewhat resisted adding it because subliminally I felt it would lessen the look and when setup for solo riding it hadn’t been needed. Christine finally convinced me (a story for another time J ) to put it back on and I have to say that in addition to Christine’s increased happiness and pleasure on the back, it is actually more comfortable for me. I hadn’t realised that with her holding on and leaning into me that she had been making me lean further forward than I normally would.

The Rant while actually looking at mine says, “Nice looking bikes, sure glad there is no jap crap here!” I say, “You mean like the one you are currently looking at?” He stammers and says, “No way!?” I say, “Way.” Not the first time I’ve seen and heard this. Secretly I’m cursing the new back rest, as its full benefit has not yet been fully realised, but I’m pretty sure this is all in my head. So, fast-forward to the show in Merritt. When we arrive, Jeff – owner of back Alley Customs and gracious host greats us and invites us to enter our bikes. We politely decline, me saying the novelty of winning has worn off – been there, done that so wander around checking things out. Not sure exactly why but attendance is not overwhelming. After a half hour he again asks us to enter and Dwight, Sam and I agree. Voting was people’s choice. Dwight won 3rd in

Now that she is secure and has the ability to lean back, I have more room also. The bottom line, good for everyone except the looks of the bike. In hindsight, kind of crazy to have resisted a comfort upgrade for so long. Who knew? The first road trip with the new setup was to Merritt for the 1st Annual Back Alley Customs Show ’n’ Shine. Well, mostly it was for the ride but the excuse was the show. We stopped for a burger at the LOG Cabin in Spences Bridge. As usual the lot was full of bikes and custom cars. As we are off loading a guy comes out, looks at all the bikes and standing right in front of mine

Custom, Sam won 2nd in Custom and I won 1st in Custom as well as Best Paint. Christine took the prize (officially) for longest distance traveled but split her prize with Dan (not

Page 4

May 23, 2013 entered in the show) from North Van.

I was happily vindicated for the earlier disparaging remarks about jap crap, as well as feeling pretty good about the backrest because it was ON the

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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The Rant & BC Events

May 23, 2013

Page 5

bike when I won (actually the first show & shine that the bags and windshield were also attached). Jeff and his crew were very friendly and accommodating. Seems like they did the right things in terms of organization and although the turnout was not what they expected it wasn’t bad for a first time effort. He says they will do again next year. We headed to Hope to finish a great day with a BBQ, fire and good friends. What more could anyone ask for in life? Q out . . .

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity. 
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles 25TH ANNUAL KAMLOOPS POKER RUN This year’s activities will start at noon on Fri May 31, 2013 at Kamloops Harley-Davidson, 1465 Iron Mask for the Road Poker Run

BC Event News & Events be sure to pre-register early, once we reach our maximum number our event is CLOSED! Kamloops Harley-Davidson

May 23, 2013

Page 6

SUNDAY MAY 26TH COME RIDE WITH US! Join Steve and the Staff for a scenic ride to Gordon Bay at Lake Cowichan for a BBQ lunch.Burgers and a beverage for the first 125 people - Meet at the shop for a 10 am departure

We are planning multiple activities for the afternoon and evening, updates to follow. Poker Run Sat June 1, 2013 Doors open at Kamloops Harley Davidson at 8am.

Steve Drane Harley-Davidson&#174 2940 Ed Nixon Tce. Victoria, BC V9B 0B2

Exciting new stuff this year shorter poker run, route to be announced later. Possible, but unconfirmed, bike parade in Ashcroft followed by bike games involving rider challenges, children bike games and off bike games (comedy) All games will be designed to play rain or shine This year’s Chapter Challenge will be decided by one game (to be named later) during the bike events Biker Show N Shine winners to be picked by Ashcroft residents Children’s Show N Shine winners to be picked by Bikers/Riders All trophy presentations for these events will take place on site Doors at the Arena for the evening entertainment will open at 4:30 As this is our 25th Anniversary we are working on a number of special give aways, you won’t want to miss this one. We are expecting a full house this year, so please

8859-201 St. Langley, BC V2Y 0C8


The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events Post Turtles

May 23, 2013

Page 7

The old rancher said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Politicians and their role as our doctor’s face so he continued to explain. “You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t leaders. belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to The old rancher said, “Well, you know, most function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb Politicians are ‘Post Turtles’.’’ Ass put him up there to begin with.”

Ride 4 the Cure Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Registration: 10:00am

Harley Davidson of Prince George 2626 Vance Road

Ride starts at 11:00am Ride to Purden Lake Resort for Lunch

Pink Accessories will be available during registration by donation!

** Draw Prizes **

Join Us 4 a Great Cause! By DONATION

Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation

Event Sponsored by:

in support of the Patient Cancer Care Programs @ UHNBC Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt

For information contact: Facebook/Prince George HOG Jenni @ HD: 250.564.6667 Nycole - LoH: 250.649.0170

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a ‘post turtle’ was.

Best explanation I’ve heard yet. Submitted by Rich, Black Diamond AB

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events - Lottery

Page 8

May 23, 2013

KDSC Win Two - 2013 Harley Sportsters!! The Kelowna & District Safety Council is raffling off two 2013 Harley Davidson Sportsters and a 2013 KDSC Learn to Ride course valued at $26,789.60. The 1200cc bike is two-tone Candy Orange/ Beer Bottle, and the 883cc bike is two-tone Birch White/Midnight Pearl. Gorgeous bikes! Keep them both, sell them and trade up, or sell them and keep the cash.

Either way, it's win-win and you'll be helping to support KDSC's Little Travellers' Safety Village for kids. Tickets are only $20 each or 3/$50. Draw will be held on Father's Day Sunday June 16, 2013 at 3pm at Kelowna City Park (Boyd's Autobody Car Show). Only 3900 tickets are being sold.

Anyone living within BC is eligible to purchase tickets and win. To get your tickets: Call KDSC at 250-765-3163 or Toll Free at 1-888-580-7233. Continued on Next Page


SUNDAY JUNE 2ND NOON to 5:00 Tables / Stalls are $20.

No admission fee.




TROPHIES FOR SHOW ‘n SHINE (Best Custom, Best Paint, Best Vintage, People’s Choice, Best Rat Bike + Loudest Pipes)

Guest judging by:

$5 to enter your ‘ride’



SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd 5 Card Stud Open To ALL Motorcycle Riders Prizes, Trophies & Draws $10.00 Registration Fee Registration 10am At The Quinsam Hotel, Campbell River For Underage Riders, Cards Will Be Issued Outside Licenced Premises

FIVE CARD STOPS Quinsam Hotel Griffin Pub Backstreet Pub Cumberland Hotel Eagles Return To The Quinsam For Awards


PROCEEDS TO BCCOM & CAMPBELL RIVER SEARCH & RESCUE For More Information Call Laurie (250) 287-7173 • Cell: (250) 287-0963

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

WyzWmn’s Words to the Wise Producer Wisdom Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. Jane Wagner Humorist Wisdom

Wyz Wmn’s Words to the Wise - Lottery

In person - KDSC office @ 395 Hartman Road, Kelowna (across from the YMCA in Rutland) Volunteer booths - visit: for a schedule of where to find our volunteers selling tickets. Order Online at : and we'll mail the tickets to you.

Page 9

May 23, 2013

For complete details, Visit: BC Gaming Event License 50618. Know your limit, play within it. Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111. 19 to play! Tracy Schmidt

Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? James Thurber


English Novelist Wisdom

In Support of JDRF - The Global Leader In Type 1 Diabetes Research

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. George Eliot Writer/Director Wisdom




Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy. Nora Ephron Composer Wisdom Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes. Edgard Varese Literary Wisdom

OPEN INVITATION – THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL MAKES OF MOTORCYCLES Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts! The Langley Chapter of H.O.G.® invites you to come ride with us through the scenic roads of Langley and the Fraser Valley. After the Poker Run, enjoy a first class dinner and all the dancing you can handle. FRIDAY JUNE 21 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Registration / Check-In & First Card Draw Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Welcome Party BBQ Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley


I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. David Herbert Lawrence

8:00am - 9:30am

Day of Registration / Check–In & First Card Draw Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley

8:30am - 10:00am

Breakfast at J.D. Farms 24726 – 56 Avenue, Langley Reception, Dinner & Dance Dance to the Sound of Beach Patrol Pacific Inn Resort Hotel, 1160 King George Hwy, White Rock •

5:30pm - 12:00am

For full information or to download a registration package, please visit: or Sponsored By

Presented by the Langley Chapter

Barnes Harley-Davidson® • 8859 - 201st Street • Langley • t. 604.534.6044 • f. 604.534.6077 •

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events - Sturgis North Re your article: They are back like a Bad Penny!




Page 10

May 23, 2013

Yup, it’s going to be another mess.

activities on their website, and which is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt….how do you get refunded for camping if it is cancelled outright? My comments are in red below.

These are the camping rules for Sturgis North

·Tents are allowed on your RV site if space available.

My first question is, who in their right mind would buy camping tickets now for a festival which has already moved twice in the past year (Vernon to Chase, Chase to Merritt), and which has NO information posted about tickets or bands or

Check in will be starting at 9am on Thursday August 22nd 2013. So, everyone is going to funnel into the camping site on the day the event starts? “Dedicated to Serving the Motorcycle Community”

Daryl J. Brown ~ Barrister & Solicitor Personal Injury Law 15th Floor, Central City Tower Suite 1500, 13450 102nd Ave Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5X3 Telephone: 604-612-6848 Toll Free: 1.877.581.7001

·Power will not be available, but you can bring a generator. Good luck getting to sleep with a few hundred

Continued on Next Page HOPE OPTICAL

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events - Sturgis North generators running. Some of those can be awfully noisy and smelly. I thought they selected Merrit because it had such wonderful infrastructure. Maybe for the performers, but apparently not for the RVers and campers. Without generators, any battery power will be gone in about a day in most RVs. The camping is walking distant to the event grounds with some tree’s & easy access to the river

May 23, 2013

Page 11

SN2011 advertised it as walking distance to the event as well, and I recall it was a good 30 minute walk for a person in good shape. Probably more accurate at Merritt, but “walking distance” is pretty vague. Would be better to say “X yards from the edge of the camping area to the event area” ·Any alcohol you bring must remain in your camping area. So, does that mean a person can’t walk over to another part of the camping area and visit a friend?

Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Will security stop them. Note it says, “…your camping area….” not “the camping area.” There is a grocery store & a few restaurants approximately 5-10 minute drive to town. There will be food vendors & ice available on-site. So, does a person have to pay to get in to the vendors as they had to at SN 2011 and 2012?

BC Events - Sturgis North No dogs will be permitted on campgrounds or Festival grounds. No fires will be allowed but we will allow BBQ’s if operated safely. “if operated safely” just plain sounds dumb and like something a government bureaucrat would write. No glass, weapons or alcohol will be allowed on the festival grounds So are glass and weapons allowed on the camp grounds? Lastly, when I click on the PURCHASE TICKETS link, at least on my computer I get an error message, so it doesn’t seem to be working. Party up! Johnny D

May 23, 2013

Page 12

These are actual ads seen in ‘’The Villages’’ Florida newspaper.(Who says seniors don’t have a sense of humor?) 
Sexy, fashion-conscious blue-haired beauty, 80’s, slim, 5’4’ (used to be 5’6’),
Searching for sharp-looking, sharp-dressing companion.
 Matching white shoes and belt a plus.
Recent widow who has just buried fourth husband,
Looking for someone to round out a six-unit plot. Dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath not a problem.

I am into solitude, long walks, sunrises, the ocean, yoga and meditation. If you are the silent type, let’s get together,
Take our hearing aids out and enjoy quiet times

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events

May 23, 2013

Support Paws Fur Thoughts The Long Walk to Sanity 50 dogs, for 50 veterans in 50 days

Page 13

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

SAFETY by R. Jeff LeGrand The world, the Government, the workplace, employer, parent, and everyone in between are using Safety as their catchphrase. The Government creates rules and guidelines and specifications, mandates safety equipment on riders and bikes, and creates a plethora of rules to make the world a safer place. Providing, of course, that those rules are followed, by everyone, all the time, and we know that’s not happening. So they create backup plans, things to keep us safe from ourselves and others in the situation that something does go wrong; but do they always get it right? That question has been raised in the pages of the

Finning - Ride for United Way Edmonton Motorcycle Riders Group Saturday, May 25, 2013 - 7:45 AM Petro Canada - 26230 Township Road 431A (Yellowhead hwy & Hi way 60 ) Acheson, AB 5th Annual Finning Motorcycle Ride for the United Way. A nice Saturday morning group ride from Spruce Grove. Route to be determined. We will meet at Acheson Petrocan and depart together to the Grove at 7:45am . Registration is 7:45 - 8:30am. Ride... Join the Edmonton Motorcycle Riders Meet Up Group to learn more!

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off Busted Knuckle, and other news sources recently with regards to the 130 km long Tensioned Steel Cable Barrier (we’ll call it the cable barrier) that has been erected in the centre median of Highway 2 in Alberta… from Calgary to effectively Red Deer. Riders decisively feel that this style of barrier presents an additional safety risk to those of us on two wheels, and question whether this style of barrier was appropriate or even required at all. Comments regarding impacts with posts have been heard, as well as comments about

May 23, 2013

Page 14

becoming entangled, sliding under the bottom cable, or even between cables. In our online survey, the results were fairly clear; 62% of respondents felt that this barrier needed to be removed and replaced with something safer for riders. 32% of respondents felt that the barrier needed to be updated with additional protection to reduce the danger to riders (ie: post covers) That’s 94%.

Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Only 6% of respondents thought it was just fine as it sits. Our readership was less decisive on what they wanted done, however. The largest group, 58%, felt that a barrier was necessary, but they didn’t like this style. 22% felt that it should be removed, as it presented more of a danger than protection, and 20% felt it just needed some work to make it less of a danger to riders. It certainly got this reporter wondering whether the safety of the general populace has overruled the safety of a particular segment, and I also wondered just how much research was done about this installation, because the cable barrier is also one of the lowest cost options; obviously I asked some questions. Let’s start with a some discussion of the variables and issues surrounding them: The problem presented to the Alberta Ministry of Transportation was that accidents involving vehicles leaving the roadway and crossing the centre grass median on this stretch of Highway 2 were being aggravated by said vehicles entering opposing traffic, creating a secondary head-on

NEVER RIDE ALONE! Just for Road Trip Rewards™ Members (Formerly BDB Club - which means you if you are a member at and or subscribe to our paper!) This great program means you always have someone looking out for you while you are on the road! IT’S Another PERK of being our member! Visit: for the details!

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off incident that could likely be more severe than the original problem. In this situation, the ideal thing would be to create a wider median, to allow the vehicles to decelerate and stop before entering the opposing lanes, but the problems with that idea on an established roadway are fairly obvious, and the cost would be astronomical. Barriers are definitely proven to reduce and nearly eliminate the problem of vehicles crossing into opposing traffic. Significant portions of the research are referenced at the end of this article. This makes perfectly good sense for cars and trucks especially, and with a barrier, you have now limited the threat to vehicles travelling on the same side of the road and in the same direction as the out of control vehicle. Half of the people (roughly) are removed from the problem- this is a very good start. Now the meat of the issue at hand; which barriers are most effective, which ones cost more or less, and which ones create the greatest overall improvement to safety without unduly increasing the risk to any particular demographic? Can the most at-risk demographic be protected without unduly costing or inconveniencing the rest of the public? It IS a shared roadway, we must remember. Obviously, my demographic of choice is riders of 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles.

Foothills Motorcycle Apparel #6, 122 4th Ave W, Cochrane, AB

South of the Lights on Hiway 1A from Calgary

Phone: 403-861-0611 Toll Free: 1-888-851-0619

Motorcycle Apparel for the Discerning Biker! Easyrider Apparel, Scorpion Helmets, Milwaukee Boots & other TOP NAME BRANDS! Hours: 10 AM - 6PM from Wednesday to Sunday

May 23, 2013

Page 15

Studies have been done worldwide, and these studies provided the basis for research done before the wire rope barrier was chosen. Since Alberta was one of the first (possibly the first) areas of Canada to institute this style of barrier, domestic results were not available. Test results directly relating to motorcycles were scanty, at best and overall, the reason for this is rather simple; it’s tough to do the tests. Crash testing a car is simple… it doesn’t fall over if there’s no driver, and it can be towed or pushed into the situation. Bikes present additional complications, in that a crash test dummy is obviously not going to be able to balance the machine long enough to get it to the point of impact, and bikes take a lot

Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles more control input to get down the road. The modifications required to accurately control and measure the results would change the dynamic response of the motorcycle to the point that the results would be irrelevant. All of this comes out to the end result that the tests we’re wondering about have been contemplated, but for the most part not completed due to the complexity and cost. Crash information is available, but the details that are required for this kind of problem don’t seem to have been tracked; for example, you can tell how many accidents on that stretch of road involved motorcycles over a given time period, but the specifics of those accidents aren’t tracked… if it was a fatal accident, the cause of death hasn’t been tracked beyond “impact injury resulting in head trauma” or that sort of thing. I’m sure the required information is out there in autopsy results and crash reports, but that sort of research was not done regarding this specific project. Helmet haters that look into my research are going to grab onto the fact that helmets aren’t as effective in barrier collisions, (according to some parts of some reports) so I will remind everyone that they ARE still proven effective in other collisions, and it’s more likely you’ll be involved in one of those.

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off I do not endorse removing your helmet. As far as the differences between the barrier types, that could be the subject of a whole book, but the overall end result is that, using the information that could be gathered, the cable barrier is the overall most effective for use in this situation, as well as presenting reduced cost over some other types. I would have thought that the concrete barrier would be reasonable, but they are apparently expensive, hard to work with and move, and even more time consuming in some situations. As a motorcyclist, that smooth face seems less threatening than the cable barrier, but there’s some concern about being ejected over the top, and that they don’t have any give at all..

May 23, 2013

Page 16

if you hit them head on you’ve just found an immovable object. The problems with plastic water-filled barriers in Southern Alberta are pretty obvious… for probably 7 months a year they’re going to be

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles frozen, probably destroying the plastics from the inside out and turning them into…. well, less effective concrete-like barriers. The W-rail steel barrier was popular for a long time, but isn’t terribly effective, takes a lot of time to repair, and presents it’s own set of inherent dangers to motorcyclists, such as the sharp edges top and bottom, and the threat of flip over/ ejection due to the height of the barrier. The cable barrier is effective because it’s flexible (to cars and trucks). It returns them to the correct direction of travel, and reportedly causes less damage than W-barriers or concrete barriers, because the posts shear off if they’re hit with sufficient force. The problem for our purposes here is that a rider and motorcycle experience the posts as rigid- the posts don’t shear off for us. They’re also narrow, and it would seem to make sense that they might focus the impact on a small area of the rider or machine and intensify the effects. As well, the perception is that the cables present some danger of severing body parts off, and what if you simply low side and slide underneath? Where’s your cross over protection now? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find answers to some of those questions, the research isn’t there, the facts

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off haven’t been tracked. Basically, I wanted to know if the cable barrier was the best choice overall, or if it was merely a money matter. Although we accept that the motorcycle is inherently less safe than a passenger car, I was hoping to find that the barrier did not increase that risk in an unreasonable fashion. Statistically, from 1991-2010, motorcyclists represented 7.6% of all traffic fatalities in Canada for 2006 and 8.5% in 2010, this upward trend actually peaking at 9.0% in 2008. By comparison, (and for example), motorcycles represented less than 2% of all registered vehicles in Canada in 2009. In Alberta, for 2010, motorcyclists represented 9.0% of all fatalities, but only 3.8% of casualtiesmeaning riders are less likely to simply be injured compared to people in car accidents. On the positive side, the rate of fatality has dropped (per 10,000 registered bikes in Alberta) from 4.2 in 2006 to 2.9 in 2010. So overall, we’re somewhat safer, but we are taking our own risks, and we’re considered to be responsible for them; we choose a risky mode of transportation, and we have to understand that it’s going to still be risky

Legal Hotel Friday Night Steak Nights during riding season!

Sunday Jams & lots of entertainment.

Home of the Erin Doyle Poker Run Aug 13th, 2013 9 Room Hotel with modern rooms,Kilroys Pub,Café, Free WIFI, ATM, VLT’s

(780) 961-2247

We’ve Moved

12508 -100 St • Grande Prairie, AB 780-830-2453

May 23, 2013

Page 17

even if nobody else contributes to it. This is how John Q Non-Rider is going to look at it, at least. I think most of us admit that we’re at increased risk overall while riding, but that we have a right to be at risk from our choice of transportation as long as we don’t risk bystanders or fellow travellers… live and let live. Researching this, especially on the internet, I couldn’t find any studies or comparisons specifically undertaken with regards to this project, so I decided to contact Alberta Transportation and

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles ask them what specific factors led to the decision to implement this type of barrier on Highway 2. First off, let me say that Alberta Transportation was friendly and helpful in my interactions with them, and I had several folks go the extra mile in helping me out. Nancy Beasley-Hosker from Alberta Transportation contacted me back regarding this story not once, but twice, and was as forthcoming and frank as I could ask for. Her information was straight-forward and direct, however there were no guesses, and no extrapolations; as is understandable, she stuck to

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off the facts as she knew them. There were no motorcycle specific facts available in the research she knew of, either, but there was effort made to find them. She made two clear points about the need to install a barrier, and those were;

Page 18

May 23, 2013

(IE: reduced roll-overs). It was also clear that these kinds of collisions were happening on Highway 2, between Calgary and Airdrie, and it was important to try and reduce or eliminate them. So.. has it been working for Highway 2?

Let’s see. -that it was clear according to research (again, much of which was the same information I - In the five years prior to the installation of the found) that the presence of a centre median cable barrier, there were fifteen fatalities in crossbarrier drastically reduced the instances of over collisions. Since the installation of the barrier, vehicles crossing the centre median and entering there have been none. oncoming traffic, known as “cross-over collisions”, and it also reduced the severity of accidents - Since the installation of the barrier, there has been a reduction of injuries (in all kinds of incidents) of 40%. Nearly half. - RCMP report that there have been more than one “walk away” motorcycle incidents, or incidents wherein a motorcyclist has entered the

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles median, and even crashed, without significant injury, since the installation of the barrier. We don’t have numbers because these incidents do not get reported, no matter what kind of vehicle- if you hit the ditch, and drive back out, you don’t call it in and really, neither does anyone else. Eyewitness reports by Law Enforcement are the only information available, and since there was no damage or injury, they don’t write a report. To be fair, neither would I. - There are no reported incidents that I can find in which the cable barrier itself was named as a injury-contributing factor in a fatal injury crash. All of that said, and frankly to my surprise… the overall safety of Highway 2 along the stretch in question has improved measurably. And although we who ride perceive the cable barrier as a “cheese grater”, the facts say that it is not significantly more dangerous than any other kind of barrier. So, if we accept that a barrier will reduce the overall safety of 98% of the travelling public, we have to accept that it’s a good idea, and the research shows that the cable barrier is among the best choices- and it also seems to show that the presence of a barrier of any kind can significantly increase the likelihood of fatal injuries

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off

Page 19

May 23, 2013

when a motorcyclist leaves the roadway. When we crash, we’re nearly completely unprotected, and it shows.

the overall risk to the public was reduced, and unfortunately that is what Alberta Transportation has to look at.

It is cited in some research, (but not in other) that cable barriers represent increased risk to motorcyclists when compared to concrete barriers. However that isn’t true for cars and trucks if one does not take any differences in vehicles into account, then the overall safety of the roadway can reasonably be expected to be improved, and that’s what resulted in the installation of a cable barrier in the centre median of Highway 2;

Since motorcycles are a significantly minor part of the vehicular traffic on that roadway on an annual basis, the specific threat level to riders cannot be weighted over the good of the general public.


1st Annual

The Government is not deliberately targeting motorcyclists in this. However, they also cannot give the motorcyclist undue consideration. As


Poker Run Sunday June 16, 2013 All Motorcycles and Classic Cars welcome featuring


Coffee and Donuts

9:00 - 9:30 am

Set and Stoned

PRECISION FRAMEWORX 5329 72 AVENUE, CALGARY Last Kickstand up at 11:00 / Last Card drawn at 2:00



DOOR PRIZES BBQ 50/50 SHOW & SHINE LIVE MUSIC $20 Pre Sale Tickets / $30 2 Up

$25 Ticket Day of Event / $35 2 Up Day of Event



th JUNE 29 2013 Registration starts at 9:00am, at 411 41 Ave NE. st


Tails to Tell Animal Shelter

A & B Liquor

Riders: $50 • Passengers & Guests: $25


Information, Registration & Pledge Form visit or call 403-387-6266.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles much as I wish we could have roads that were for motorcycles only, I am afraid it is pretty unlikely that it’s ever going to happen. Nancy agreed with me that it was a great idea, but that they obviously can’t do it. Consideration may be given in the future to installing measures such as covers for the posts, or some form of deceleration media (gravel, foliage, etc…), but for now it is what it is, but the results are being tracked, and if changes are needed, they’ll be implemented. The greater good is honestly being served, and that really is their job. Again, it seems to be that if we choose to ride, we have to take it upon ourselves to increase our own survivability. Honestly, it should be considered that we too benefit from that barrier during the winter months or when we’re not riding. Recommendations for increasing your odds for survival are as follows: - Reduce your speeding. Increased speed means increased danger. - Do not travel in the left hand passing lane. Stay in the right hand travel lane unless passing, thereby increasing the distance between you and the barrier, and significantly reducing the possibility that you can be forced off of the road on the barrier side. - Drive defensively, do not take avoidable risks of any kind, and don’t let anyone else put you at risk if you can help it. - Wear all the gear, all the time. Even if helmets aren’t tremendously helpful in barrier crashes, they are in other crashes. Armoured gear is proven to reduce almost all impact injuries, within reason. Give yourself every advantage. - If you know that a barrier exists along your chosen route, consider another route if it

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off

Page 20

May 23, 2013

concerns you deeply. You might even find a better ride, or get away from the traffic. Unfortunately, the only guaranteed way to not end up in a barrier collision incident is to not ride next to a barrier. And the only guaranteed way to avoid ending up in a motorcycle accident at all is to not ride a motorcycle. We’ve always known that part, right? We just have to accept that it’s still true, and nobody is going to make it safer for us, we have to do it ourselves. Consider this; motorcycles could be considered to be an extreme threat to your health- if the Government

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The Mckenzie Ride - Ride Route Update RIDE ROUTE Update change The Mckenzie Ride

Driving directions to Range Road 10, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0 Via David Thompson Hwy, David Thompson Hwy, From Tourism Visitors Centre Red Deer 4200 Hwy 2 #101 Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1E3 Head North on Hwy #2 QE highway towards Edmonton Take exit 401 for AB-11 (David Thompson Hwy) /67 Street toward Rocky Mountain House Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Alberta 11 highway West / Rocky Mtn House Turn left onto David Thompson Hwy #11 Turn left Range Road 280 B THE FIRST LEFT after crossing over the QE II Hwy

Turn left onto AB-781 South Turn left onto AB-592 East ( towards Penhold ) Turn left onto Range Rd 10 Driving directions to Range Road 10, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles wanted to institute safety measures that would eliminate motorcycle deaths, they might consider the most effective method to be eliminating motorcycles. Look!

AB Events & Thunder Lizard Lips Off partly in response to the increased safety factors that have been legislated. I might agree with the safety angle, and I might not, but since I travel that road more often by car than by bike, well, the barrier apparently makes me safer. I will say though, that I’d like to see the posts covered by something, or some kind of deceleration factor introduced when I’m on the bike. Your mileage may vary.

We reduced motorcycle fatalities by 100%! Given the Big Brother attitude surrounding safety and the practice of legislating to counteract stupid, (“caution hot” on a coffee cup? OF COURSE IT IS) I’ll accept the cable barrier as a necessary Sources: Nancy Beasely-Hosker, Alberta evil, myself. I don’t want them to do something Transportation to increase my safety again. Think “helmet laws”, “seatbelt laws” and car prices that have exploded,

May 23, 2013

Page 21

Information in part from A review of potential countermeasures for motorcycle and scooter safety across APEC (Full report and References [PDF, 304KB]). interventions/barrier_design.html#review review%20final.pdf cablemedianbarrier/05_Chap2_Reduced.pdf default-file/esv-07-0474-O.pdf docType47/Production/AR2010.pdf Calgary/Southern Alberta Correspondent The Busted Knuckle Chronicles. By Riders. For Riders. About Riders. National Chapter Coordinator, Vulcan Riders Association of Canada

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Attitude Zone...

Sturgis North 2013 - Will you support it?

For that reason neither myself nor my friends will ever attend until “that company” has a proven track record of upstanding to it’s obligations when putting on an event! Thx, Bill

Not being able to attend the event in 2012, nor They are back, like a BAD PENNY ever having gone to one but talking w/people Spent the last 2 years at Great Canadian Bike that had in previous years, I stopped by & fueled up & chatted w/locals. None were very rally in Merrit and never did find the police an issue. They stopped us quite often, but impressed with the way things were run nor were polite and courteous. They are looking with the way that financial obligations were for unlicensed and impaired riders-same as handled (almost non existant!) any bike rally. Not sure what the whining is all FORT SASKATCHEWAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION about. No one has complained about Sturgis, Recipients of the Official Ambassador Award S.D where there are 6-8 cops on every corner. Been at Salmon Arm Stomp and watched them haul away 9 impaired bikers that tried to SATURDAY go thru the check stop-wonder why a police present at bike rallies??? Anonymous

JULY 6th 9964-93 Ave, Ft. Sask.

Fun for the WHOLE family! Registration at 9:00 AM - 200 km RIDE

leaves Fort Saskatchewan at 10:00 AM SHARP!


50/50 DRAW



Another Monday... Kudos, I love the boy filming! If cops can park on the sidewalk then civilians can too. And I thought that all cops had to properly identify themselves when asked. I hope this video went to that officers superior for disciplinary action. Mustang Sally

Editor’s Comment: Seriously - the policing aspect and their conduct is the only thing you took from this wow... I was in Merritt last year and there were some horrid cops with about as much common courtesy/civility as a doorknob.I have no issue with the police being at rallies - I take issue


T-SHIRTS ay, July 6t urd h at




“The Original International Airport Hotel”



with how some of them treat non-offenders though.


at Royal Canadian Legion Branch #27




883 Sportster

Purchased from Edmonton Harley Davidson

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

May not be exactly as illustrated


Phone: (780) 955-2581 Royal Canadian Legion #27 Fort Saskatachewan

Proceeds to the

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May 23, 2013

Attitude Zone & AB Events


2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

2110 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

Phone: (780) 955-2336

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2 Phone (780) 955-2581 • Fax (780) 955-9466 Phone:(780) 955-2581 Reservations Toll Free 1-800-420-1596

Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-420-1596

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Hi my name is Doug Klan I have been asked over the last several years to do Bike Blessings for Bike clubs. If you are wondering who I am, I am a bike rider, President of Chariots of Light for Alberta plus a pastor of a church. It is always an honor and privilege to pray a blessing over bikes and riders because my desire is to see riders have a safe riding season. IF you want me to come and pray a blessing over your club this spring 2013, please contact me at I do not charge anything for this but want all riders to have a safe journey for 2013. Doug

AB Events


May 23, 2013

Page 23

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Grant's Legacy “This ride’s for my son Grant.

Grant’s Legacy

But if you ask Jim Skalk why he rides, he won’t give you any of those reasons. He rides for his son Grant, who lost his battle to cancer two years ago.

May 23, 2013

Page 24

Eighteen people were gathered at Grant’s bedside when he passed away. He was 15. There would be no more basketball, skiing or camp for Grant. For those who weren’t at his bedside, Grant had another plan. “Please, pass me my phone,” he said to his sister Ali, and he sent three texts: To Bret, he wrote: “You’re my best friend.” To Sydney, a girl he met while playing basketball when they were five: “You are the first and last girl I ever loved.” To Lauren, he wrote: “You were like a sister to me.”

Jim Skalk is riding in his son’s name in the 2013 Ride for a Lifetime.

Camp was the last thing Grant was able to do outside before he passed away. It was where he was happiest. He couldn’t say enough about camp and how much he loved it. He was planning to come back and be a counsellor.” Jim Skalk

If you ask most motorcycle enthusiasts why they ride, they might say, “It’s the freedom,” or “The power,” or “It gets me in the zone.”

Friday morning, September 16, 2011: Jim Skalk took a call from his wife Melanie that will never go away. Within minutes, he was on his way to the Alberta Children’s Hospital—a place that had become familiar ground for the Skalk family. But that day in September the scene was different. It was the day they would lose their son. It had been a brief but intense fight for Grant, lasting only seven months. In the last days of his life, Grant’s pain was often unbearable. Even after trying several different pain medications, the doctors could not get his pain under control. But Grant braved it with the strength of character that defined him his entire life. He died the way he lived—a leader. “Please, get everyone here,” he told his parents.

Grant’s cancer journey and his absence have been keenly felt, inspiring great acts of kindness and generosity in his name—a Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles celebration of his life and a head shave at Mountain Park School where he was a student; golf tournaments and fundraisers held by close friends; his family’s commitment to Kids Cancer Care through volunteer work; and his father’s vow to ride and raise funds in his name in Ride for a Lifetime. Jim Skalk first road in Kids Cancer Care’s

Grant’s Legacy - AB Events

enough about camp and how much he loved it. He was planning to come back and be a counsellor.” Grant never did fulfill his dream of becoming a camp counsellor. He passed away just weeks after making that plan. But he lives on in the hearts of those who loved him. And he lives on in the generosity of motorcyclists who ride each June in the Ride for a Lifetime. To join Jim on the Ride for a Lifetime, June 21 to 23, 2013, Photo credit: Unique Perspectives Photography

Ride for a Lifetime in 2011, the same summer Grant’s health seemed to rally. That summer, Grant went to Camp Kindle, a camp that is owned and operated by Kids Cancer Care and designed with kids like Grant in mind. Grant loved it. Seeing first-hand the impact this camp had on his son, Jim made a commitment to support other kids through the Ride for a Lifetime. Now in its 11th year, the ride takes about 60 motorcyclists on an exhilarating ride through the Canadian Rockies and the B.C. interior. The ride has raised $2.36 million to date and every cent raised by the motorcyclists goes directly to Kids Cancer Care. “This ride’s for my son Grant,” Jim says. “Camp was the last thing Grant was able to do outside before he passed away. It was where he was happiest. He couldn’t say

Page 25

May 23, 2013

IT’S THE ONLY LAW WE DO Calgary 1-877-230-0091 Braithwaite Boyle Centre 1701 Centre Street N Red Deer 1-877-314-0123 Braithwaite Boyle Annex 3401 Gaetz Avenue Edmonton 1-800-661-4902 Braithwaite Boyle Building 11816 - 124 Street

Free Consultation Call any local toll-free number 24 hours Proud sponsors of:

The Canadian Paraplegic Association

INJURY CONTROL RESEARCH GROUP Faculty of Medicine University of Alberta

Serving Riders in Alberta, BC, Yukon and NWT


The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

New Product - AB Events rider, eliminating pressure points or “Hot Spots” which can cause rider discomfort. In addition, the memory foam/gel sandwich combination absorbs vibration, small bumps and road irregularities.

All New 2013 Comfort Max® Gel Pads Feature Unique Tail Bone Notch and Dual Density Memory Foam “Sandwich” Lake Havasu, AZ American Motorcycle Specialties, USA announced today it has revamped its original line of Comfort Max Gel Pads to offer today’s riders’ unparalleled comfort on any bike, or any style of riding. The very popular and innovative tail bone notch is now included on all five sizes. Additionally, a thick layer of soft contouring memory foam covers the molded gel on top, and a second layer of firm memory foam covers the bottom. This new dual-density foam covered gel provides a new ultimate in rider comfort.

The addition of a Sheepskin cover offers the highest level of comfort available, priceless for long distance rides. It softly conforms to your shape and eliminates localized pressure. Genuine Sheepskin covers provide increased comfort and allow air to circulate, virtually eliminating perspiration in hot weather and providing warmth in cold weather. The Sheepskin wool cover is soft and resilient. Its fibers breathe, acting like a natural thermostat for your body, keeping you perfectly comfortable regardless of the weather. Comfort Max Gel Pads also feature a unique, maximum grip bottom. This rubberized surface prevents the pad from sliding off the seat and also comes with a removable strap. Comfort Max Gel Pads are available in five sizes to fit any seating application and come with a 30day no hassle return policy. The molded gel is guaranteed a lifetime! Comfort Max Gel Pads are priced from $69.95 to $129.95

At the core of the Comfort Max Gel Pad is an advanced Viscoelastic molded gel used in medical and sports applications, plus a top and bottom layer of memory foam that contours the

For more info call (800) 710-7237 Or online at: Distributed through TUCKER-ROCKY/BIKER’S CHOICE

May 23, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Wraps of Hope & Savvy Threads Announces New Additions to “Peace Sign” Collection of HeadWraps, HeadBands and Apparel Great Bend, KS - DesignWraps Brands, the world leader in superior quality “Made in the U.S.A” headwear and woman’s apparel has announced new additions to the “Peace Collection” of their product line. Marketed under their Wraps of Hope and Wraps of Savvy brands, the “Peace Collection” consists of the TotalWrap headwrap, headbands and RidersBeanies, as well as 2X1 Rib Tanks, the

Redwater Ride for Hunger Anyone interested in being a vendor at this year’s Redwater Ride for Hunger on Sunday June me at: or call at 780-993-3532. Thanks and see y’all June 2nd!! :)

New Product - AB Events “New” Baby Rib sleeveless V-Neck and the famous V-Neck Burn Out.

May 23, 2013

Page 27

Wraps of Hope Stretch HeadBand Features:

Wraps of Hope is a beautifully designed line of headwear comprised of two distinct fabrics... Invista’s SUPPLEX® and SoftSpun Jersey. Savvy Threads, famous for our beautiful V-Necks, are a “Reality Sized” line of ladies apparel ladies featuring 2X1 Rib Knits w/3% Spandex, Baby Rib Knits w/8% spandex and Double Dyed Burn Out. These fabrics are incredibly comfortable and will not shrink, pill or fade. No costs are spared by DesignWraps Brands so they can continue to provide leading edge, stateof-the-art products and the fabrics used to make them. DesignWraps Brands now uses INVISTA’s SUPPLEX®…it has the feel of soft cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. SUPPLEX® fabrics are: · Breathable ·

Hold their shape


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Just for Busted Knuckle Subscribers & members of Belt Drive Betty dot Com Fashioned after the Never Work Alone programs this great program means you always have someone looking out for you while you are on the road! Ride Alone - but your never Alone. This FREE service is provided by a certified 911 dispatch center - Intercon Messaging IT’S Another PERK of being our member! Visit: for the details!

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles · · · · · · · ·

Invista’s SUPPLEX® Performance Fabric (black only)

Our famous “BubbleGum” Peace Now available in 4 colorways: “New” Purple, Green & White and Pink & Brown plus the popular Iridescent White and BubbleGum Pink Beautifully lined stretch head band 32” x 3.5” Sensational fit, stretch & comfort Fits beautifully under helmets Perfect worn over or under your hair Always USA Made

Wraps of Hope Total Wrap Head Wrap Features:

New Product - AB Events Green & White and Pink & Brown plus the popular Iridescent White and BubbleGum Pink · Flattering styling for women · Rhinestones fit beautifully under helmets · Sensational fit, stretch & comfort · Fits beautifully under helmets · Always Manufactured in America

*All of our exclusive rhinestone designs carry our DWB Lifetime Warranty

May 23, 2013

Page 28

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” ― George Bernard Shaw Calgary Volunteers required to help out with the ride. We need people for the registration desk, selling 50/50 tickets, raffle tickets, managing the silent auction, helping direct the route, and all sorts of little things that make an event spectacular.

You can reach DesignWraps Brands at 877-700-4687, email them at sales@ or check them out online at DesignWaps Brands is proud to have Belt Drive Betty Wearing our Head Wraps on her Bikers United in Remembrance Conga!

We would also like someone to take on the task of setting up a bike wash. We provide the soap/buckets/water - you provide the team to do the washing (girls in bikinis?) · Invista’s SUPPLEX® Performance Fabric (black only) · Our famous “BubbleGum” Peace · Now available in 4 colorways: “New” Purple,

Facing noise bylaws that single out motorcycles? Contact M.O.D.E.L. for assistance no matter what province in Canada you live in!

DATE: 6/22/2013 (Sat 8:00AM - 4:00PM) LOCATION: Kensington Legion SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS & SIGN UP! cfm?go=s.Signup&id=1383924

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Pair-A-Dice Trikes

May 23, 2013 We Specialize in Trikes!

California Sidecar Trikes

Coming August 2013 - HEATED HEATED STORAGE STORAGE like no other! Alarmed ~ Security Cameras ~ Dog Secured Owner lives on premises

Packages & Services Winter Package: Drop your bike/trike off when you are done for the season & pick it up in April! Includes: 6 Months of storage Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $75.00 per month based on a 6 month contract - Total- $450.00 + GST (extra months charged at $75.00) All bikes on a 6 month or

Champion Trikes Roadsmith Trikes Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories, Storage & Financing Located just 55 KM’s from the Edmonton International Airport!

Box 10, 3025 - 3rd St, Sunnybrook, AB T0C 2MO

Page 29

longer contract, are

Our 365 Package: outfitted with a complimentary Battery Tender plug in and are No room to keep your bike/trike? kept charged for you. Includes: 12 months of storage Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $50.00 per month based on 12 month contract - Total - $600.00 + GST Out of Towner’s Package: Live in Fort McMurray? Want to spend more time riding? Includes: 12 months of heated storage 4 round trips to/from the Edmonton Airport Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $75 per month based on a 12 month contract-Total -$900.00 + GST *We proudly use Amsoil products for our oil changes

Phone: 780-789-1933 After the Ride - we can detail your motorcycle for you using your Fax: 1-888-813-3495 choice of FW1 or Bike Magic Products More indepth cleaning service is available Email: $80 -1 hour cleaning

Visit our NEW WEB SITE!

AB Events

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

May 23, 2013

Page 30 Ride For Angels June 22rd, 2013


June 15, 2013


We will be putting together another 700 kms ride that will travel through Lloydminster, Cold Lake, Vermillion, Wainwright, Chauvin, Edgerton, Frog Lake, La Corey, Elk Point, Bonnyville, Marwayne, and Paradise Hill. Last year we raised over $35000.00 to send to the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society to help families with AS and to raise awareness. Contact Kent Fleming to register at, or call at 780-808-3274. Itinerary: Parking lot of Edge Harley-Davidson / Lloydminster Honda




7:30 Set up at Lloydminster location 8:00 Registration Starts and silent auction items placed 10:00 Chase vehicles depart 11:00 BBQ’s at all locations start registrations end 3:00 pm BBQ’s start to shut down to be closed by 4 5:00 pm, shut down at locations of silent auctions and take down all items 7:00 pm, set up starts for taking prizes and food to multiplex for After Party 8:00 pm, After Party starts 10:00 pm, Goodnight and thanks for coming out!!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

AB Events Woman Stops Grizzly Attack With .25 Cal Pistol 

 This is a story of self-control and marksmanship with an itsy 
bitsy shooter by a woman against a fierce predator. 
What is the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself? 
 The Beretta Jetfire .25 caliber: The woman tells her story.  “While out hiking in Alberta Canada 
with my boyfriend we were surprised by a huge grizzly bear charging 
at us from out of nowhere. She must have been protecting her

May 23, 2013

Page 31

because she was extremely aggressive. If I had not had my little 
Beretta Jetfire with me I would not be here today!”  

 She added further: “Just one shot to my boyfriend’s knee cap was all it took…….the bear got him and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace.” Submitted by Terry Scott, Clairmont AB

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles The CMDRA Classes – V-Pro By: Liane Langlois Photos courtesy Don Lorrain V-Pro is part of the heads up class which is restricted to V-twins. A new part to this class for 2013 is that there is a weight restriction. The combined weight of the bike and rider must be a minimum of 700 pounds at the conclusion of all runs. Fort McMurray based Dan Lorrain has been racing in the CMDRA since 2009. He originally raced in the Destroyer class then moved to V-Pro in 2011. “I found the competition in Destroyer to be way beyond my ability to have any success”


Page 32

moved over to V-Pro, Rick Adams and Mark Guillet. Lorrain found “even though this was a small field of bikes, I am very grateful to be part of V-Pro as it provided me the opportunity to have some fun and learn the sport in a less intense class.”

and foot controls must be located in a safe, workable position and mounted in a safe manner. Landyard kill switch is mandatory. Front suspension has a minimum fork diameter of 32mm with a minimum travel of two inches. Rear suspension is not necessary.

As with most returning racers, he is looking for another fun filled season in 2013.

Finally, wheelie bars are required. With respect to the frame, stock or aftermarket frames permitted with the steering head angle no less than stock rake. Steering stabilizers are mandatory. The minimum length of the wheelbase is 66 inches with a max of 70 inches. There must be a minimum of two inches ground clearance with the rider on the bike and 10 p.s.i. in the rear tire.

It costs $100 to run in this class per race, not including expenses and gate fees for parts and the crew. Their plates are designated with VP and reserved for gas burning V-Twin based engine modified for drag racing. There are 9 requirements and specifications that Top Fuel bikes must adhere to in order to race; engine, drive train, suspension & brakes, frame, wheels & tires, body, electrical, rider and tech. The engine must keep the design features of V-Twin engines. Both carbed and fuel injection bikes are allowed. There are some limits though; 2000cc limit for naturally aspirated, while vrod motors have a 1430cc limit, metric motors have a 1800cc limit and push rod motors have a 1800cc limit for turbo, supercharger and/or nitrous. Nitrous bottles must be stamped with DOT-1800 rating. The bikes are gasoline only, meaning no alcohol or nitromethane.

said Lorrain. That era would have been tough on anyone with Nick Allen being so untouchable. However, when Lorrain originally signed up for V-Pro, he found he was the only one. And with that said, Jeff Pitre from Destroyer made the leap as well. As the 2011 season progressed, 2 more riders

May 23, 2013

There are two rules for the drive train; chain & belt guards and transmission. There must be guards to cover the top run of the drive. Any transmission may be used and any types of clutch, belt drivers, air shifters, etc. are legal. The third rule applies to suspension and brakes. Front and rear hydraulic type brakes are mandatory. Handlebar controls, foot pegs

The front wheel must have a diameter in the range of 16 to 19 inches where the rear wheel falling between 15 to 18 inches. The tires must be specific for racing use by the manufacturer with the rear tire having an 8.5 inch wide limit. No body parts are necessary except the rear fender must cover the width of the tire and

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Sports & AB Events

extend past the rear axle. Fairings are permitted but must be mounted securely. The seat should be stock OEM or seat with a step to prevent rider from sliding backwards.

It is very important to note that only CMDRA licenses will be accepted if you are running 9.99 or quicker. The helmet must be a full face helmet, must be Snell 05 or ECE 22.05 approved.

Any ignition system is allowed. Acceptable starting systems include remote or on-board starters but roller or push starts are prohibited. Jackstands are mandatory for starting motorcycles with slipper clutches. The control switches must be mounted and constructed in a safe manner with a mandatory emergency kill switch. Computers are allowed and lights are not necessary.

The rider must be in full leathers if running over 120 mph where if it is in two pieces, there must be a zipper to join the two pieces at the waist. The rider must wear leather boots or shoes that cover the ankles and full finger semi or full gauntlet leather gloves with double armor reinforcement in the palm and finger/knuckle area on the hands. Race school is mandatory for first time racers. Finally, all motorcycles must be teched in before


ries Drag Se All Bike ed by Present

6 2 5 2 y Ma x, otorple Eagle M


n Featuri OF

t, BC


Nitro Harleys 200 mph/6 sec Drag Bikes FREE

Race School 9:00am Saturday 1st Round Qualifying Saturday 12:30pm

1st Round Eliminations Sunday 12:30pm

May 25-26 Eagle Motorplex, Ashcroft, BC June 15-16 Grand Bend Motorplex, Grand Bend, ON June 22-23 Napierville Raceway, Napierville, QC July 20-21 Eagle Motorplex, Ashcroft, BC Aug 3-4 MHDRA Drag Strip, Medicine Hat, AB Aug 17-18 Northern Lights Raceway, Fort St. John, BC Sept 7-8 Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, AB 1-877-580-9008

May 23, 2013

Page 33

practice. Motorcycle, rider and rider protective gear must be present at the tech area. The tech official will have final say on any unclear rule or equipment. So there you have it, V-Pro in a nutshell. For a more complete list of rules and regulations, please visit

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles


May 23, 2013

Magneti Marelli Joins MOPAR CSBK Series Sponsors

For Immediate Release

May 15, 2013

CMDRA Gears Up for 20th Anniversary The CMDRA kicks off its 20th anniversary season on May 25th, 2013 when motorcycles return to the quarter mile for their opening round at the Eagle Motorplex in Ashcroft BC. Building on the success of its 2012 campaign, the CMDRA is set to deliver in 2013, with increased bike counts, rekindled rivalries and the heart stopping adrenalin rush which its fans have come to expect. Competition in the premiere Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel class will rise to a new level as 3 time and reigning CMDRA champion Damian Cownden attempts to extend his streak. The return of the NHRA veteran Pelrine family and their ASB Racing team of 3 Nitromethane fueled bikes, and 2012 UEM Superbike Twin champion Nate Gagnon, add to the challengers for Cownden's crown.

May 14, 2013 (Toronto, ON) - Famed Italian aftermarket manufacturer Magneti Marelli has confirmed their sponsorship support for the 2013 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship motorcycle road racing series. The versatile and innovative company will become the title sponsor for the Amateur Superbike National Championship Series, as well as the presenting sponsor for the new Magneti Marelli Pro Superbike SuperPole Award. Part of the Fiat Group, innovation and quality are at the core of Magneti Marelli. The company invests heavily in research, development and engineering, and is also a global leader in the aftermarket. “We’re proud of our association with the CSBK series, and want to see the tour grow, and that takes support in all areas of motorcycle sport, Amateur and Professional,” explains Jim Kiritsis, Senior Manager, National Service and parts. “Magneti Marelli has a great history in motorsport, and we are excited to take part in Canadian Superbike Series which also has a rich history.”

2012 CMDRA Top Fuel Champion Damian Cownden Once again for the 2013 season, the CMDRA will provide live up to the minute results for all of its events at: With 12 class championships to be decided, including the 2012 standout Pro Mod division, after 20 years 2013 promises that is the best is yet to come. Let's go racing! 1.877.580.9008 Twitter:@CMDRA2013 Facebook: CMDRA

The Amateur Superbike class joined the CSBK tour in 2011, due to competitor demand. Since its inception the 1000cc junior production based category has featured plenty of action. Last season, Trevor Daley won the National crown in Amateur Superbike, surviving a wild final double header weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park near Bowmanville, ON.

Page 34

After switching from his regular Suzuki to a borrowed Honda, Daley survived a crash into the AirFence to clinch his first National road racing title. Streetsville, ON based Daley is the owner of Trevor Daley Concepts, a high performance fabrication business. Magneti Marelli’s sponsorship for the SuprerPole will include a $500 cash prize award for the fastest qualifier and pole sitter for each Mopar Pro Superbike Feature round. In the final Qualifying session of each weekend, the top ten riders are selected for a final brief on-track “Shoot Out” session that sets the starting order at the front of the grid. Bonus series points are also awarded for the three fastest Qualifiers for each round of the 2013 Mopar CSBK tour. Last year, overall series CSBK Champ Jordan Szoke of Brantford, ON earned pole for all but one of the Championship events aboard his BMW Motorrad S1000RR Superbike. Both the new Magneti Marelli supported events will debut at the 2013 Mopar CSBK opener, slated for Shannonville

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles


The program’s high quality and easy-to-install repair and service parts are produced and distributed throughout North America. The company has launched more than 30 popular maintenance and repair product lines, including oil/air/fuel filters, brake pad kits, brake shoes, brake drums, brake rotors, and shocks and struts, with more products in development. Magneti Marelli Aftermarket N.A. is a business line of Magneti Marelli, which has a long standing history in the global automotive market. Founded in Italy in 1919, Magneti Marelli has more than 100 locations in 18 countries and 35,000 employees. With an established presence in the U.S. since 1976, the company is a leader in component manufacturing, in electronics and in the production of other technologically advanced products for today’s automakers, and for the aftermarket. -30Supporters of the 2013 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship are: Chrysler Canada, BMW Motorrad Canada, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada, Honda Canada, Suzuki Canada, Yamaha Motor Canada, Pirelli, MV Augusta, Aprilia, Triumph, Magneti Marelli, Canadian Kawasaki, Hindle, Bazzaz, Design Junkies, Inside Motorcycles, MMIC, Medical Data Carrier Inc. and Dua Motorsports. For additional information please contact: Alicia Brimo Frontline CSBK Inc. Tel. (416) 895-1393

Page 35

the evening program with ease, with a second in her heat.

Motorsport Park’s Pro Track layout on June 7-9, 2013. About Magneti Marelli Magneti Marelli Aftermarket N.A. is responsible for the “Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar” All Makes Parts Program. This All Makes program enables Chrysler Group dealerships to service all vehicle makes and models, as well as offer product to independent repair facilities.

May 23, 2013

Big Kahuna and Las Vegas EnduroCross Wardlow AB: Corner Grass Racing Team’s Victoria Hett, has been busy pounding the race courses the past few weeks. On April 26, the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association held its annual Big Kahuna off road event, which is unique event where most of the National motocross track is used in conjunction with 5-6 km of typical off road terrain. Following a poor start out of the motocross gate, Victoria battled through blinding dust in midpack intermediate class. A challenging endurocross course was built by the club to give spectators great action, and this is where she was able to make time on the class. Going into the event with a goal of a top ten amongst a majority of motocrossers in her class, Victoria was able to finish in a valiant 5 place after two and half hours. Next on Victoria’s agenda was the first round of the AMA Geico EnduroCross in Las Vegas. Having never competed in one of these events, she had her work cut out for her. She wisely chose to practice in the rougher lines, leaving the smoother, more travelled lines for the main events. She qualified into

Her main event didn’t go as well as her heat, as a pileup including 2012 Champion Maria Forsberg held Victoria up. Pushing hard to the finish, utilizing her practice lines, she managed to work her way into 6th place. “ I felt really strong to the finish, my start and the pileup wasn’t good.. but, I had fun and I learned a lot, so all is not lost” summed up Hett after the event. CGRT and Victoria would to thank the following sponsors and supporters: Husaberg Canada, Valley Moto Sports, Gamma Sales, FLY Racing, Dragon Goggles, Emperor Racing, Atlas Brace Technologies, ProMoto Billet, FMF, Warp 9, Dunlop Tires, TM DesignWorks, SIDI, USWE Sports, Shorai Batteries, Matrix Concepts, RynoPower Sports Supplements, Fasst Company, Motorex, HiTech Bracing, PG Graphics, Riders Edge Suspension, Rekluse Canada

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

General Trials Information

2013 Observed Trials Schedule Jun.23 MRSI Challenge Trial, Fallen Timber


Alberta Vintage Flat Track Association 2013 Event Schedule National Series - 2013

Jul.21  Wildhorse Trial, YaHa Tinda Rd, (Mountainaire/Sundre)

Round 1 - Lumsden, SK June 8-9 Round 2 & 3 - Calgary, AB June 29 - July 1 Round 4 - Chilliwack, BC August 3-4 Round 5 & 6 - Quesnel, BC August 10-11 Round 7 - Martensville, SK September 1 Round 8 - Edmonton, AB September 7-8

Aug.4  Moose Mountain Trial, Fallen Timber Aug.25   Muskeg Trial, Cremona Aug.31  Crowsnest Trial, Race Creek Sep.15  Whispering Pines, Waiparous Creek Oct.20   location TBD 2013 OMTI Trials and Endurocross SCHOOL Schedule Jun.1-2  Blackfoot Endurocross/Trial School TBC

Contact email:

Page 36

May 23, 2013

We are Moving to Castrol Speedway - Watch our web site for all the details! The preliminary track schedule for 2013 is posted on our Google calendar. Please go to to check it out and for the calendar address so you can add it to whatever calendar application you use. Our new website is up and running! AM MX Nationals 2013 Western Canadian Amateur National
Temple Hill Motorcycle Park – Raymond, Alberta
 June 26 – 29, 2013 Click here for more info 2013 Eastern Canadian Amateur National
Motocross Deschambault – Deschambault, Quebec
July 26 – 27, 2013 Click here for more info 2013 Trans Can Grand National Championships
Walton Raceway – Walton, Ontario
August 14-17, 2013 Click here for more info

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Szoke Chalks up his First Win of the Season


The competitors that participated in the Pro Superbike Class were a handful of the national favorites.  The Shannonville fans enjoyed an exciting race and a good prequel to the Mopar Canadian Superbike National season opener. This weekend Szoke was able to turn a 1.05.3 on his self prepared BMWS1000RR.  “I have been very lucky to have worked with the best throughout my career, I paid attention and have prepared my bikes myself.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job, and hope to come within sniffing distance to that old track record in a few weeks.”  

from his family firm’s base in Port Perry, ON. “We’ve been directly involved in completion for decades, and have always focused on Canadian racers, either at home or on the world stage. Hindle is all about top line competition.”

Jordan Szoke - 2013 BMWS1000RR Shannonville Motorsports Park - May 19th 2013 photo courtesy of photobob Jordan Szoke would like to thank: Waznie Racing Inc, BMW Motorrad, Parts Canada, Alpinestars, HJC, Pirelli, Motul,, Yoshimura, Vortex, Hotbodies, RobbieO Enterprises, DID, NGK, BK Designs, Oakley, Ohlins, Moto-Mod Suspension,, Stomp Grip, Chickenhawk, Strodes, Bicycle Works, photobOb, Fonthill Art and Home, Ossa Canada Motorcycles Hindle Joins CSBK Series as Pro Sport Bike Title Sponsor May 13, 2013 (Toronto, ON) - Hindle Exhaust Systems, a worldwide leader in aftermarket exhausts, will become title sponsor for the Pro Sport Bike division in the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship motorcycle road racing series in 2013.

“Hats off to my crew as always,” says Szoke “They are the same group of guys we had last season, and we work really well The Hindle Pro Sport Bike class will feature some of together.  Without them around I wouldn’t be as prepared as I am to head out on the track.”  Canada’s top expert competitors, and this category is The Canadian Superbike National Season

Page 37

Opener will be held at Shannonville Motorsport Park June 7-9.  For ticket information visit:

Jordan Szoke shook down his new BMWS1000RR’s at the RACE Round One regional event this weekend held at the Shannonville Motorsport 1.5 mile “Pro Track” located just east of Belleville Ontario Canada.  Jordan walked off not only with some solid laps on his new 2013 equipment, but also with a win in the Pro Superbike class. “It was really great to be able to get some time on these bikes before the national.” claims Szoke.  “We are still waiting on a few more parts that will hopefully make a big difference in the next event.”

May 23, 2013

a significant stepping stone for Canada’s best racers. “We’re really happy to be involved with the Pro Sport Bike class,” explained company founder Lang Hindle

Lang Hindle was a top tier road racer in his own right, having earned the coveted number one plate and overall Pro Canadian Championship during the 1981 season. Hindle is also viewed as the father of the street-derived Superbike category at home in Canada, after competing in the original SBK series in the U.S. in the 1970s. While Hindle had done much fabrication and pipe building since he started racing in 1970, Hindle Exhaust began operation as a full blown company in 1982. Hindle retired from active Pro competition at the end of that season, and since the he and his family have concentrated on their Canadian-built, state-of-the-art business. As well as their famed sports/street bike exhaust designs, Hindle also produced off-road, ATV, and drag racing exhausts as well as a “slip on” product for the Bombardier-built Can-Am Spyder three wheeler. The Hindle Pro Sport Bike class on the Mopar CSBK tour features 600cc, four-cylinder, production based machinery, although larger three cylinder bikes from MV Agusta and Triumph are also approved for competition in Sport Bike. For the past two National Championship racing seasons, Honda’s rising star Jodi Christie of

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Peterborough, ON has taken the Pro Sport Bike crown. The 21-year-old Christie continues to use CBR600RR equipment, utilizing Hindle designed and built all-Canadian exhaust components. Christie’s defense of his Hindle Pro Sport Bike National crown will start at his home venue of Shannonville Motorsport Park, near Belleville, ON, on Sunday, June 9, 2013. -30Supporters of the 2013 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship are: Chrysler Canada, BMW Motorrad Canada, Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, Honda Canada, Suzuki Canada, Yamaha Motor Canada, Canadian Kawasaki, MV Augusta, Pirelli, Dyno Jet, Hindle, Bazzaz, Design Junkies, Inside Motorcycles, MMIC, Medical Data Carrier Inc. and Dua Motorsports. For additional information please contact: Alicia Brimo Frontline CSBK Inc. Tel. (416) 895-1393

Is Leading Edge Kawasaki Poised to Become the New Canadian MX Superteam and Who Can Stop Them? CMRC MEDIA (Stouffville, ON – May 15, 2013)

With Round 1 of the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals due to get underway in a little over two weeks’ time, a flurry of activity has been going on behind the scenes in preparation for what promises to be one of the most competitive racing seasons in the CMRC’s 21year history of national motocross sanctioning. And it may very well be a milestone year in determining—at least for the short run—who is going to fill the vacuum left by Blackfoot Racing’s


May 23, 2013

Page 38

departure from the scene in 2010 as Canada’s motocross superteam. If last season was any indication, Kamloops-based Leading Edge Kawasaki seems to be the most likely team to take over that distinction.

noteworthy motocross/supercross career for himself south of the border since arriving in the U.S. in 2003. Between 2007 and 2011, the now 29-nine-year-old finished every season with a top five ranking in MX2. He recorded a national win at Southwick in 2011. Last year in June, while sitting in fifth place in the title hunt, Metcalfe sustained a broken tibia and dislocated wrist during a mid-week practice session. The crash effectively ended his season, and consequently sparked a lack of interest by an American team to recruit him for 2013.

By handily claiming both the 2012 MX1 and MX2 Championships, some may argue that Leading Edge has already earned the right to be called the successor to Blackfoot’s illustrious dynasty. Others will point out that Blackfoot ruled the roost for a decade, and one season of dominating the circuit a superteam does not necessarily make.

Although Metcalfe has never raced in Canada, and has a big question mark hanging over his head as to how he will rebound once back in the fray, this didn’t stop Leading Edge’s Jason Hughes from signing him to the Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki team.

According to Hughes he has full confidence in However, with Matt Goerke snaring the MX1 title Metcalfe to carry on where Goerke left off. And on the strength of seven overall wins in the ninewith Maier, now hot on the trot to claim an MX1 round series—all of them with impressive clean Championship, no one can deny the team will be sweeps—and Teddy Maier hammering down a force to be reckoned the MX2 title based on four overalls, four second with and the one to overalls, and one third, no one can deny Leading beat. Edge did something right. For Leading Edge, who “Ultimately you never joined the Monster Energy Nationals Tour in 2008, know until the proof Goerke’s and Maier’s success translated into the is in the pudding. But team’s second and third national title wins. Maier Brett is looking really claimed their first in 2009, when he good in the saddle rode off with the MX2 Championship. and his condition is amazing. He’s been But this year Leading Edge is coming to the party riding again since minus Florida native Matt Goerke, who also rode January and on our for the team in 2011, scoring a fifth-place MX1 bikes since February. ranking in the process. Obviously he brings a ton of experience with The burden of defending Goerke’s No.1 plate him and that means he Teddy Maier has come to rest on the capable shoulders of can adapt very quickly Brett Metcalfe (above left) and Teddy Maier to new tracks and whatever challenges come his (above right), who has decided to go for the way. brass ring again in the premiere class this year. Fort Dodge, Iowa’s Maier previously rode the Teddy already proved himself in MX1 a few years MX1 championship for Leading Edge in 2011, ago and we’re convinced he’s the right teammate delivering a third place ranking behind Blackfoot’s for Brett. Both need to be considered contenders.” Colton Facciotti and Dusty Klatt. Metcalfe, who hails from Australia, carved a

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Hughes said. Meanwhile, in the MX2 Championship, Leading Edge is betting the farm on Austin Politelli and Tyler Villopoto to secure Maier’s No.1 plate for at least another year. (More on that in CMRC Media’s MX2 preview next week.) The million-dollar questions now are who, if anyone, will be raining on Leading Edge’s MX1 Championship parade and put the notion of them being the new superteam on hold until further notice; and will it be a Canadian proudly displaying the No.1 plate next year or another foreign rider? The pundits we consulted almost unanimously put Red Bull KTM’s Colton Facciotti (lbelow) at the top of the list to dismantle Metcalfe and Maier.

Colton Faccoiotti The three-time MX1 champ will be seriously pouring on the gas to re-establish himself as Canada’s No.1, and continue his quest to match the incomparable Jean Sebastian Roy’s record five national MX1 titles, if not surpass it. Facciotti had more than his share of bad luck in 2012, finishing the season with a ninth place ranking. As in 2010 his season was cut short due to injuries and the British Columbia native is definitely due for a reversal of fortune. Metcalfe, meanwhile, not only enjoys Jason Hughes’s confidence, he is second on the insiders’ list of top contenders, followed by

Sports Redemption Racing KTM’s Gavin Gracyk in third. The American first made waves in Canada in 2005, when he hammered down runner-up in the MX1 points chase. Last year he collected the No.4 plate aboard a New Way Motorsports Kawasaki ride. Gracyk is a recent addition to the Redemption Team,replacing Kelly Smith. Team Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha’s Bobby Kiniry runnerup in the title hunt last year, grabbed enough votes to take up fourth on the contenders list. The New York native, it should be noted, is one of only a handful of riders that has managed to win national Leading # 7 - Bobby Kiniry rounds in the past four years. Teddy Maier cements the top-five list of MX1 contenders; and this means that if the experts are right Facciotti is Canada’sonly hope to win the title this year.

Page 39

May 23, 2013 at every round. Jeremy Medaglia, who finished runner-up in last year’s MX2 Championship, follows his brother as another rider to keep an eye on in the premiere class. The MX101Yamaha rider has the talent and potential to claim podium finishes, but is considered a long shot for the title.


Ditto the rest of the pundits’ top-ten candidates list, which includes Cycle North Honda’s Ross Johnson; Machine Racing Honda’s Jay Burke; and Spectra Powersports RMR Yamaha’s Brock Hoyer. As always, crystal ball gazing and speculating is fun but far from an exact science. Even those in the know have been known to be totally off the mark. One thing is certain, Leading Edge’s Metcalfe and Maier will not be taking a walk in the park defending the team’s MX1 No.1 plate.

With Facciotti’s KTM teammate Dusty Klatt— the only other proven Canadian heavyweight to counter the invading army—not expected to join the tour until Gopher Dunes, the two-time MX1 champ will not be in the running. He could, however, play spoiler and run some interference for Facciotti during the second half of the season. Two-time MX2 Champion Tyler Medaglia (above right), third member of Team Red Bull KTM, leads the second-tier picks of those with a reasonable shot at the MX1 crown.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes up to prove you wrong. I have witnessed every single national for the past 20 years and have seen some incredibleracing. There were years when there was a clear favourite, to the point when they holeshot a moto, you knew the race was over.

Medaglia, seventh in the points chase last year, recorded a third place MX1 ranking in 2008 and fifth in 2009. Like some of the other underdogs, T Dags could surprise and steal the show, if he puts together consistent wins and podium finishes

However, I truly believe the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals will be the most competitive series in both the MX1 Pro and MX2 ProAm class in years, if not ever,” CMRC’s Mark Stallybrass said.

If anything we can expect the MX1 class to be as volatile as the MX2.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

bad Uncle Monkey - SK Events

May 23, 2013

Page 40

In building Snow White my goal was to build a stock looking customer softail.

Unfortunately, when sequencing through everything to make sure it worked properly several of the features didn’t work.

A week into riding I lost the headlight, then the horn. Taillight and brake lights failed a couple weeks after that.

That involved working with fat bob gas tanks and stock speedo.

A call to my supplier revealed that those features had been disabled. No problem but a simple note included with the instructions would have been nice.

I soldiered on by-passing what was needed to

I also wanted to keep the bike looking “factory” built by using an aftermarket wiring harness with a single brain that control everything including dash lights It was quite labour intensive but I was happy with the finished product.

The last glitch was the taillight worked opposite to what it was suppose to. Other then that I was ready for the road and for Johnny Law wanting to harass me. The after glow didn’t last long.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles keep the bike running and ordered a complete new harness hoping to make it through the rest of the season before tearing the bike apart in the cold of winter to replace the brain. The harness completely failed in the Needles in Sturgis leaving me sitting on the side of the road waiting for a ride back to the campsite. Back home I did get it to start once but lost the left signal light before I could even get it out of the garage. I decided to leave it until the new harness was in. After months of waiting and hard work rewiring the bike I connected the battery to power up the new harness for the first time. I was about to start plugging in the auxiliary harness to the

The Assiniboia Kinette Club is hosting a

Motorcycle and Classic Car Poker Run

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barbeque Lunch provided to participants 12:00 at the Kin Hut (711-1st St W, Assiniboia) Riders Leave at 1:00 Stops in Limerick, Lafleche, Gravelbourg, Mossbank and ends in Assiniboia at the Kin Hut Route is approximately 145 km

Registration is $25 and can be done at the event or online at Start collecting pledges today! Call Jesse at 354-2835 for more details

Proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis Canada

bad Uncle Monkey & SK Events handlebars and dash when I heard the distinct sizzling bacon of shorted wires. I quickly disconnected and began the meticulous task of going over the harness to find the short, the pinched wire that was the culprit. Not finding anything I connected the harness again, again the sizzle. I ran my hand over the wires hoping to find a hot spot but found nothing until I touched the brain. Yep Murphy’s Law ran amuck. The new brain was shorted out internally right out of the box. Automotive wiring is not my specialty but I refuse to wait another six months to replace yet another complete wiring harness that may or may not work. I found a few simple wiring diagrams, plotted out where everything would need to go, how everything should work. I’ll be powering the prototype Soh Ego Designs wiring harness up tonight with my fingers cross that it will work better then my high dollar pieces of crap laying melted on the floor. -bad Uncle Monkey

Saskatchewan Ride for Sight June 22 - 23 In the community of Elbow, SK. This will be a weekend family orientated event. We are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out contact: Al Brewer through Facebook

May 23, 2013

Page 41

Who’s Your Daddy- Ride for Prostate Cancer Date: June 8th Registration: 9 am till noon – ride will leave between 11 am and noon Location: Prairie Harley BBQ to follow at the German Club Contact: Craig Romanyk (Fatbob) (306) 537–1788 email

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

R.A.G.E. in the News

Page 42

May 23, 2013 Pondarosa MH & RV Park

Located on Trans Canada Highway east side of Swift Current, SK

Ph: (306) 773-5000 Open all year!

RV and Tenting sites creekside ~Full or Partial Hook-ups Bathrooms/Showers ~ Laundry Facilities ~ Internet CAA Approved

What YOU Can Do Contact your local MLA: Contact the Rate Review Panel: Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel PO Box 1301 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3N1 E-mail: Toll Free: 1-877-368-7075 Saskatoon: (306) 934-1948 Join the Movement on Facebook and let your friends know:

Become a member at:

May 19 – Blaine Lake May 26 – Broderick June 2 – Dafoe June 9 – Biggar June 16 – Prince Albert June 23 – Davidson June 30 – Cudworth July 7 – Outlook July 14 – Waskasiu July 21 – Dundurn July 28 – 39 Mile Corner Aug 4 – North Battleford Aug 11 – Rosthern Aug 18 – Elbow Aug 25 – Humboldt Sept 1 – Outlook Sept 8 – Blaine Lake Sept 15 – Davidson Sept 22 – Melfort Sept 29 – Biggar

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

SK Events

Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year, and every year Morris would say, “Esther, I’d like to ride that bike with a side car”.

for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and don’t say a word, I won’t charge you a penny! But if you say one word, it’s fifty dollars”.

Esther always replied, “I know Morris, but that rents for fifty dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty dollars”.

Morris and Esther agreed and off they went. The biker did all kinds of fancy maneuvers, but not a word was heard.

One year Esther and Morris went to the fair, and Morris said, “Esther, I’m 85 years old. If I don’t rent that bike and side car this year, I might never get another chance.”

He did his daredevil tricks around the corners, lifting the car over and over again. Morris held onto the biker since he rode on the back with Esther in the sidecar.

To this Esther replied, “Morris that rental is fifty dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty dollars”. The bike owner overheard the couple and said, “folks, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take the both of you

But, still not a word. When they returned, the driver looked back over his shoulder at Morris and said, “by golly, I did everything I could to get you to yell out, but you

May 23, 2013

Page 43

didn’t. I’m impressed”! Morris replied, “well, to tell you the truth, I almost said something when Esther fell out... but, you know… fifty dollars is fifty dollars”! Submitted by Ken Euteneier Regina SK

CMA 2013 Wednesday Night Ride Schedule

Date Destination Date Destination 24-Apr White City 17-Jul Fort Qu'Appelle 1-May Craven & Lumsden 24-Jul Southey 8-May Belle Plaine 31-Jul Milestone 15-May Southey 7-Aug Moose Jaw 22-May Regina Beach* 14-Aug Strasbourg* 29-May Milestone 21-Aug Chamberlain 5-Jun Fort Qu'Appelle 28-Aug Silton 12-Jun Strasbourg* 4-Sep Regina Beach* 19-Jun Solstice Loop TBA 11-Sep Belle Plaine 26-Jun Indian Head 18-Sep Lumsden 3-Jul Moose Jaw 25-Sep Balgonie 10-Jul Silton Info-Randy 584-9709 Leave Northgate Mall 6:30pm sharp * loop ride - brief stop for gas or stretch

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

May 23, 2013

SK Events

2013 Events

Keeping Southern Saskatchewan Motorcycle Riders Informed Volume 12 - Issue 4 17 March 2013

Date 27 Mar 7 May 11 May 25 May

25 May

25 May 26 May 1 Jun 1 Jun 2 Jun 8 Jun


Garage Party

Start time: 6:30 pm Redline Harley Davidson Saskatoon SK

Big Bikers Buffet For Cystic Fibrosis

Tumblers Restaurant - 6:30-9:00 pm 2108 Grant Road, Regina, SK

Getem Out – Showem Off BBQ Times: TBA Estevan, SK

29th Annual Cystic Fibrosis

Ride For The Breath Of Life Husky Car/Truck stop Victoria Ave.& Fleet St., Regina, SK

Spring Bust Out

Caledonian Curling Club 2225 Sandra Schmirler Way Regina, SK

3rd Annual Spring Gear-Up Harley-Davidson of Yorkton 86 – 7th Ave. S. Yorkton, SK

CMA Biker Blessing Place & time - TBA Regina, SK

BAD Rodeo



Rich (306)934-2750

8 Jun

Ralph (306)525-5739

8 Jun

Keith (306)634-9754

9 Jun

Gordo 543-8936

14-16 Jun

RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

22-23 Jun

Karen (306)783-1999

23 Jun

CMA Arlene

29 Jun

(Bikers Against Diabetes) Times: TBA Stanley Park, SK

Keith (306)634-9754

28 Jul

All brands welcome – Register: 9am Start: 10am – Band, 110th HD prizes Redline HD , Saskatoon, SK

Rich (306)934-2750

5-7 Jul

Yorkton HOG Kelly (306)783-1999

5-11 Aug

RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

17 Aug

1st Annual Poker Run

HOG Chapter Poker Run

Harley-Davidson of Yorkton 86 – 7th Ave. S., Yorkton, SK

Who’s Your Daddy ?

Ride For Prostate Cancer Reg: 11am-noon Prairie HD, Regina, SK Created by: Captain Ron


Test Our Metal


Start: 9:00 am – End: 5:00 pm Redline HD Saskatoon SK

Rich (306)934-2750

Reg: 7am-9:45am Living Sky Casino Swift Current, SK

Scott (306)741-3380

Start time: 9:00 am Prairie Harley Davidson 1355 McIntyre St., Regina, SK

Zena (306)522-1747

Ride For Dad

Test Our Metal – Demo Day #1

34th Annual St. Victor Boogie Sylvan Valley Park St. Victor, SK

Saskatchewan Ride For Sight *Volunteers are still required Elbow Fairgrounds, Elbow, SK Email Al at:

Ride For The Breath Of Life Kinette’s Club Poker Run Assiniboia, SK

Boogie Fest

SIR Larry (306)355-2248 CMC Al (306)527-4278 Jesse (306)354-2835 Trevor (306)577-1460

Times: TBA Carlyle, SK

2nd Annual Show & Shine Noon – 4 pm Riders Gear Shop 1455 Rose St., Regina, SK

Keith (306)545-4327

Teddy Bear & Poker Run Reg: 9am at Gibby’s Pub Estevan, SK

Jackie (306)421-9006

Tanna’s Valley Memorial

73rd Annual Sturgis Rally Sturgis, SD

Findlater Poker Run

Leaves Press Box 11 Am- noon 909 Albert St., Regina, SK End at Arm River Rec Site, SK

2013 Rally (605)642-8166 RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

Donison © 2013

CAV – Canadian Army Veterans MU, CMA – Christian Motorcycle Assoc., HOG – Harley Owners Group, CMC – Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers LOH – Ladies of Harley, MJCA – Moose Jaw Cycle Assoc., RMAI – Regina Motorcycle Assoc. Inc., SIR – Southern Independent Riders.

Page 44

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

10th Annual

Belt Drive Betty’s Wordsearch

May 25, 2013 Registration: 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Location: Husky Travel Centre, Hwy 16 NW, Saskatoon, SK Departure: 10:00 a.m. SHARP! The Ride: Hwy 7 via Delisle, Rosetown, Hwy 15 via Outlook to Kenaston Events: Hot Lunch, CF Presentation, Trophies, 50/50, Door Prize Reg. Fee: $25.00 pp (earn $100 to waive driver fee) Awards Souvenirs • For Top Fundraisers Raise $50, Earn a T-shirt (1 pp) • Show & Shine • Highest Corporate Donation • Road Runner All Riders Get a Ride Pin Rider Registration & Pledges now ONLINE at

RIDE FOR THE CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS **For more information or pledge sheets call Bob or Joan Lidington @ 979-8688 or Email:**

“MAX PRIZE” Enter to win a print that is viewable at

Page 45

May 23, 2013

SK Events - Wordsearch

PRIZE/RUN Souvenirs available while supplies last, SO COME EARLY!!

Charity # 106845100RR0001

“Girls are like pianos. When they’re not upright, they’re grand.”
 Benny Hill “Committee - a group of men who keep minutes and waste hours.”
 M. Berle


















The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Cryo-biopsies – Cutting Edge Saskatchewan Research When Corinna Taylor’s Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, Corinna decided to raise funds for lung cancer research.   Her donation to the Lung Association of SK was an important part of developing the funding package that was necessary for the new equipment that Dr. Christopher Hergott , an Assistant Professor from the University of Saskatchewan, Respirology and Interventional Pulmonary Medicine, will be using in his research.

SK News & Health

so that the correct treatment can be started. These biopsies are often completed during a bronchoscopy, a procedure whereby a small flexible scope is introduced through the mouth and into the lungs.  Most commonly, small biopsy forceps are used to take a piece of tissue for diagnosis.  These small biopsies are sometimes not large enough or of good enough quality for the pathologist to make a firm diagnosis of lung cancer.  If this happens then patients may require another biopsy or procedure to confirm a diagnosis.

“It is our sincere honour to help obtain the equipment used to perfect this cutting edge biopsy technique,” says Corinna. “This year marks our 6th Annual Spirit of Survival – Lung Cancer Fundraiser, in honour of Odette Myers, others fighting lung cancer and those who have lost the fight.  It is my belief that raising awareness and providing education are key elements in bringing lung cancer to the forefront and are central to our fundraising efforts.  We are pleased to direct the revenue from our fundraising campaigns to Dr. Hergott’s research as we feel that it is the best fit for lung cancer research and patient care.    At present our Spirit of Survival – Lung Cancer Fundraiser donations will support the pivotal research taking place in Saskatchewan.  It is with the help of many local businesses, local media, and a large number of the motorcycle community, as well as friends and family that have made each of our fundraising efforts successful,” she adds. Patients with lung cancer require a biopsy of their lung to confirm a diagnosis of cancer

Photo from: Bronchoscopy.html In cryo-biopsies, a small probe cooled to -90 degrees is inserted through a tiny tube during a bronchoscopy to freeze a tissue sample. There is emerging evidence that this be used to improve biopsy acquisition.

May 23, 2013

Page 46

The benefit of this procedure is that tissue samples aren’t damaged by biopsy forceps and are thus of much better quality. The purchase of a cryo-biopsy system allows the Division of Respirology to research this new way of obtaining lung biopsies for lung cancer patients. Dr. Hergott hopes to study the use of this technique in other lung diseases such as interstitial lung disease (scarring and fibrosis of the lung) as well.  “If through research projects it can be shown that these biopsies are safe and provide better samples for the diagnosis of lung cancer and other lung diseases it may change how biopsies are taken in these situations.  This could have significant positive impact for patients in Saskatchewan and around the world,” said Dr. Hergott.  The Lung Association, through Corinna Taylor’s generous seed funding, as well as the RUH Foundation and the MaundersMcNeil Foundation have been instrumental in providing the funds required to pursue this important research. Guest post: Dr. Chris Hergott, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan Photo from: http://www.medicine.usask. ca/medicine/divisions/respirology/faculty/ christopher-a.-hergott.htm

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Do you like attending Motorcycle Events? Download Our FREE Events App NOW!

Road Trip Rewards - Member Benefits

May 23, 2013

Page 47

Best Roadside Service Individual Plan Service Details

The Individual Plan will cover a particular person with the below services regardless of what vehicle they are driving.

ADD YOUR SPOUSE FOR FREE! Join our Canadian Riders Support Network Be there to lend a hand when a rider finds themselves in need in a strange community YOURS! Your information becomes part of” The Little Black Book of Rider Friendly Businesses” - it’s a motorcyclists community phone book! AND when you sign up, we give you a free one year subscription to the Busted Knuckle as our way of saying thank you! The Canadian Rider’s Support Network - there to lend a hand should you find the need.

This option is available for couples that would like to share the 6 available service calls and all included services. Simply select this option on the signup page. Services Include: • Towing up to 120 Kilometers • Battery and Jumpstart Assistance • Flat Tire Service • Lost Key and Lockout Service • Up to $100 for a Locksmith • Out-of-Gas Fuel Delivery • Personal Assistance • Trip and Routing Service • Full Concierge Service • Hotel and Travel Discounts • 6 Service Calls per Year

ONLY $89.50 USD per year!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Rider Friendly Business Association® Tip of the Week – Videos and sharing them

Time, it is the one thing that everyone from employees to business owners feels is lacking in their workday. Here at Belt Drive Betty Media, we understand that challenge. When it comes to getting your video noticed beyond your own circle of influence, there are a number of places to load your video. YouTube and Google Video are two of the most popular. These places are wonderful for everyone who uses them, but there are literally millions of video channels. Search functions help the viewer find you, but if they don’t already know about you, they might miss you! So how can you get great exposure for your video to the motorcycle community in Canada and around the world?

Rider Friendly Business Association

Page 48

the URL Example – - with dot http://youtube/9Sl4o2Szcxs - without dot Choose the category that best suits what your video is about. Click ADD. The video component will then update the thumbnail and video content information from your source video! You can now click on the word VIDEO in the menu and your video should be the first one. Click on your video and then choose share! You can share to a number of social networks with just a few clicks! And so can every rider in our network! More motorcyclists will find your Video Chanel on YouTube when you add your videos to BDB TV! Download the Rider Friendly Business Associations 2013 Little Black Book FOR FREE Scan the QR Code NOW!

Road Trip Rita says you should NEVER leave home with out your Road Trip Rewards Card! The Road Trip Rewards Card for Busted Knuckle Subscribers & Members of Enjoy Savings, Special Services & Rider Support Tools!

One great example of how networking with us can save you a TON of time is sharing your event, business and ride videos on our site.

Order Your 2013 Rider Friendly Phone Book by emailing

When you are logged in at www.beltdrivebetty. com click on BDB TV . Once on the Video Page, choose Upload.

The Book is Free but there is Canada Post to Pay $7.50 for Shipping & Handling Are you a Techie? Download our Rider Friendly Phone Book App and get the info for FREE!

Put the link to your Google or YouTube Video in the spot for the URL If using YouTube videos and you try to use the share URL you will need to remove the dot in

May 23, 2013

Your virtual membership card is located on your profile page on

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From the Depths of File 13 AKA... My Two Bits Worth

Would your Canadian Military Riding Club like to win a Motorcycle? Would your Canadian - non military riding club like to win some money?   Tell me more you say?   OK...   This summer I am embarking on my annual Conga, the theme of which is “Bikers United in Remembrance”.   The revised itinerary has me in 10 provinces, 2 territories, 83 communities and on the road for 26,000+ kilometres and 91 days. See the Route Map page for a downloadable schedule!   How the pledge ride works:

May 23, 2013

From the Depths of File 13

I am asking all riding clubs and independent riders to come out and support me in my fundraising and awareness efforts for three military causes and help us decide which Military Riding Club is going to win the JohnnyPag Motorcycle!

The three causes are: 1) Paws Fur Thoughts - the Long walk to Sanity raising funds for 50 Dogs in 50 Days for 50 Veterans. Donation being made in memory of 3 CAV member from Yellowknife, Vic Remillard.   2) V.E.T.S. - Veteran’s Emergency Transition Services   3) The Military Police Relay Ride for Blind Children    In every community that I am going to, I will be announcing a location and time where we will be meeting up. You tell as many of your friends - whether they ride or not, to come out

Page 49

Join the Bikers United in Remembrance Conga and meet Belt Drive Betty, Editor of Canada’s ONLY weekly newspaper for motorcycists “The Busted Knuckle Chronicles” and host of a new Motorcycle Travel Show on Eastlink TV called “Ride like a Local”. Paws Fur Thought “The Long Walk to Sanity” 50 dogs, for 50 veterans in 50 days

Raising Awareness and Funds for: • The Long Walk to Sanity - 50 dogs in 50 days for 50 vets • V.E.T.S. - Veterans Emergency Transition Services • Military Police Fund for Blind Children 10 Provinces - 2 Territories 83 Communities - 26,000+ KMS

Who: All Riding Clubs and Military supporters What: Pledge Ride - Cost $10 per person When: Where: Time:

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

and pledge $10. Every person will fill out a small form that says which local club they are with/supporting and which Military Riding Club they would like to support.   After the ride registration we will then go for a ride that will be filmed for my upcoming TV show that will air on Eastlink TV called: “Ride Like a Local” and/or the spin off on which will air on YouTube  -called “Ride Like a Local II”   The ride will include the best place for a coffee and a piece of pie, the favorite road of riders in the community/ PCFF_NtlPostHalfPage_HR.pdf


11:38:4 AM

Volunteer for the Ride For Dad! Email to learn more!

From the Depths of File 13

region and the one attraction in your community/region that you think every rider should know about. After the ride and some interviews, we’ll tally up the funds that were made that day from pledges and the local riding club that brought the most people out to meet me, collecting the most amount of pledges to support the Conga will win 25% of the day’s pledges as a thank you.   So it’s important to get as many of your friends out - even non riders!   We want you to share the information about this challenge with EVERY RIDER you know in Canada BECAUSE.... At the end of my tour across Canada, the Military Riding Club that has had the largest number of people cast their vote of support for them, will win a 2013 JohnnyPag Ventura  motorcycle - all decked out in a military theme to do with as they wish.     If they have a vet who needs a bike, they can gift it to him/her. If they want to auction or raffle it off they can - it is their’s to do with what

May 23, 2013

Page 50

The Ventura bike will be themed similar to the one below.

they wish. NB: (For those who can’t come out to meet me, you can fill out the online form and send in your $10 pledge  and cast your vote for the Military Riding Club you think should win the bike Continued on next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Paws Fur Thought

Page 51

May 23, 2013

beginning May 15th, 2013. Also pls. see the Conga Route Map link on the right - if you can help out with hosting the registrations - please contact me!) Please join me in remembering the sacrifices of our troops and their families. Let’s show our veterans and our troops how much we appreciate their service to our country by supporting them in their efforts to raise funds and awareness! BDB Betty

Ride Safe




13855 “Cous” Medric Cousineau is a member of the Class of 83 and a Star of Courage recipient. The gregarious and affable Cous is on a personal mission to raise funds to support operational stress injured veterans. In his own words, his goal is “50 PTSD service dogs for 50 veterans in 50 days via a series of 50 half marathon walks… the Long Walk to Sanity.” His charity campaign is being facilitated by the Canadian Legion which is the organization which provided the support to make Thai possible. Cous and Thai were also featured in the documentary “The Working Dog” which recently aired on May 5th on Eastlink. Michael Gorman of The Chronicle Herald has written the following article which superbly captures the motivation behind Cous’ incredible personal journey both past and present.

“Thai, the yellow Lab, has had such an impact on Medric Cousineau’s life that the former military man is preparing a remarkable fundraising effort to help purchase 50 post-traumatic stress service dogs for 50 veterans. He’s passionate about the issue, in part because he understands it so well.” For the full article: novascotia/1127764-military-veteranfights-for-service-dog-benefits Itinerary Cous and Thai will kick off their first half marathon in Dartmouth and Halifax Nova Scotia on 1 August 2013. He will be in Gagetown in 15 August and Valcartier on the 17th and CMR St. Jean on 20 August. He will be in Toronto on

Continued on Next Page

Page 52 May 23, 2013 61 Gloria McCluskey Avenue, Dartmouth, suivant, qui résume avec brio les motivations qui poussèrent Cous Nova Scotia, B3B 2Z3 à entreprendre cet incroyable Additional Contact Information cheminement personnel. « Thai, le Labrador, a eu un tel impact 902-429-4090 (Tel.) How to support The Long Walk dans la vie de Medric Cousineau campaign? que l’ancien militaire organise une 13855 “Cous” Medric Cousineau – La levée de fonds pour fournir 50 chiens campagne “Paws Fur Thought” While donations are the primary d’assistance pour troubles de stress means, he is also looking for manpower, 13855 “Cous” Medric Cousineau, post-traumatique à 50 Anciens accommodations, and vehicle support to récipiendaire de l’Étoile du courage, fait Combattants. Il est un fervent défenseur name but a few ways. There are plans de cette cause, en partie parce qu’elle le partie de la Classe de ’83. L’affable et for funding raising BBQs as part of the touche directement. » grégaire Cous s’est donné pour mission “hot dogs for service dogs” and the sale d’amasser des fonds pour venir en of “dog tags”. Pour l’article complet : aide aux Anciens Combattants aux prises avec une blessure de stress How to contact Cous? novascotia/1127764-military-veteranopérationnel. fights-for-service-dog-benefits E-mail – pawsforthought1@gmail. Selon ses propres mots, son but est com or via his Facebook page, Medric Itinéraire d’obtenir « 50 chiens d’assistance pour Cousineau. troubles de stress post-traumatique à Cous et Thai entreprendront le premier 50 Anciens Combattants en 50 jours Donations demi-marathon le 1er août 2013 à via une série de 50 demi-marathons Dartmouth et Halifax, en Nouvelleà la marche… la Longue Marche vers Donations to this cause are fully tax Écosse. Ils seront à Gagetown le 15 la santé mentale (« the Long Walk to receiptable through the good offices août, à Valcartier le 17 et au CMR SaintSanity »). of the Royal Canadian Legion in Nova Jean le 20 août. Ils seront à Toronto Scotia. At this point in time, only les 23-24 août et arriveront au RMC Sa campagne caritative est soutenue cheques are being accepted and must de Kingston le 8 septembre, puis à par la Légion canadienne, l’organisation be made payable to Paws Fur Thought/ Petawawa deux jours plus tard. Cous qui permit, par son soutien, de faire de NSNU Benevolent Fund. Please mail your Thai une réalité. Cous et Thai figurent va clore la Longue Marche vers la santé cheques to the following address: mentale à Ottawa le 19 septembre. d’ailleurs dans le documentaire « The Working Dog », qui fut diffusé le 5 mai Valerie Mitchell-Veinotte Comment soutenir la campagne Paws sur Eastlink. Secretary Nova Scotia/Nunavut Fur Thoughts? Command Michael Gorman du journal The Continued on next Page The Royal Canadian Legion Chronical Herald a rédigé l’article The Busted Knuckle Chronicles 23-24 August and he will arrive at RMC in Kingston on 8 September followed by Petawawa two days later. Cous will wind up the Long Walk to Sanity in Ottawa on September 19th.

Paws Fur Thought

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Les dons sont les bienvenus, mais vous pouvez aussi soutenir Cous en lui offrant votre aide bénévole ou en lui fournissant logement et véhicule de soutien, entre autres. Des activités pour amasser des fonds sont planifiées, comme l’activité BBQ du « Hot dogs for service dogs » (hot dogs pour chiens d’assistance) et de la vente de médailles pour chiens. Comment contacter Cous? Par courriel, via pawsforthought1@gmail. com ou via sa page Facebook (Medric Cousineau)

Paws Fur Thought

Page 53

May 23, 2013

Supporting EVents Hillbilly Scavenger Hunt Helping Raise Funds for 50 Dogs in 50 Days for 50 Veterans A fun filled ride and/or drive scavenger hunt for the whole family including the dog. Proceeds will benefit Retired Captain Medric “Cous” Cousineau’s “Long Walk To Sanity” A service dog fundraiser for Canadian Veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For more info go to

Royal Canadian Legion Orville Hand Branch #521 115 Back St. Bradford, Ontario

Date: July 6, 2013 Registration 8:00 a.m. $25.00 (Rider/Driver) $10.00 Per Passenger Includes meal & entertainment

Hillbilly Chow, Hillbilly Prizes and

a Rockin Hillbilly Band Les dons pour cette cause sont  Most Monies Raised by a Group Party til the sun goes down.  Best Hillbilly Attire admissibles à l’impôt par l’entremise de For more information  Best Dressed Hillbilly Couple email:  And some “special awards” for the heck of it. la Légion canadienne de la Écosse. En ce moment, seuls les Follow me on Twitter @keswickkris chèques sont acceptés et doivent être SPECIAL RAFFLE -A Mark Mullen Original Drawing Duck Dynasty’s Patriarch’s Phil & Si faits à l’ordre de Paws Fur Thought/ This lovely quilt you see here has been Tickets available at Freak~n~Leather, 300 Holland St. West, Bradford NSNU Benevolent Fund. Prière d’envoyer donated to Paws Fur Thought - The Long For more information call Freak~n~Leather at (905) 778-8585 or Kristina Toomey (905) 715-6419 vos chèques à cette adresse : Walk to Sanity to auction off a little later OUR f/b SPONSORS this summer. Valerie Mitchell-Veinotte It was donated by Lisa Dawson from Secretary Nova Scotia/Nunavut Royal Canadian Legion Cold Lake AB. She is one of the Orville Hand Branch #521 Command wonderful women who make the Quilts of Valour for our troops! event will go towards Medric’s efforts to The Royal Canadian Legion raise the funds for 50 dogs in 50 days 61 Gloria McCluskey Avenue, Dartmouth, Watch the Busted Knuckle Chronicles, for 50 veterans. Nova Scotia, B3B 2Z3 and for all of the If you are interested in donating to our details! Coordonnées supplémentaires: online auction or hosting a supporting event please contact: This year’s Hillbilly Scavenger Hunt is Medric@ a Paws Fur Thought Supporting Event 902-429-4090 (Tel.) meaning that the proceeds from this TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG Most Monies Raised by an Individual

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Table of Contents 54  —  Support Our Troops 55  —  Support Our Troops 56  —  Support Our Troops 57  —  Support Our Troops 58  —  Military Police National 58  —  Motorcycle Relay Ride 58  —  Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops 59  —  Support Our Troops 60  —  Tribute Poem - Support Our Troops 61  —  Support Our Troops/Special Monument 62  —  Support Our Troops 63  —  Support Our Troops 64 — Motorcycle Musings 65 — MB Events 66  —  National News & ON Events 67  —  National News & ON Events 68  —  National News & ON Events 69  —  Ride Like a Pro 70 — National News 71 — National News 72  —  SOT & ON Events 73  —  ON Events & LWC News 74 — LWC News 75  —  National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show 76  —  National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show 77  —  Rider Training Institute 78  —  Rider Training Institute 79  —  Rider Training Institute 80  —  Ride for Dad 81 — ON Events 82  —  The Ride For Lupus - Ride Re-Cap 83  —  The Ride For Lupus - Ride Re-Cap 84  —  Thoughts to Ponder 85  —  QC Events 86  —  International News - NL & NS Events 87  —  NS Events 88  —  NS Events 89  —  NWT & PEI Events 90  —  Faith & Motorcycles

Support Our Troops

Paws Fur Thought Team tackles The Bluenose Half Marathon May the 19th will go down in my mind as just a banner day. It is not often that you get to do a half marathon with your sweetie, your service dog, your training partner and her guide dog. But that is exactly what happened at the Bluenose marathon in Halifax this past weekend.

May 23, 2013

Page 54

talked, and she listened. Then one day I realized as I strode by a particular point, that what was a milestone, was nothing more than a mile marker. The limp wasn’t as noticeable, the cane was only for uneven ground, mostly downslopes, and I was picking up the pace.

Now for those of you who knew me from a couple years back you are probably thinking the only way that he was doing the half marathon was in a taxi or on his motorcycle. Walking it? Not a hope in hell. But things have changed, a lot. North of a 165 pounds of a lot. So how did that happen? Quite simply? Keep Calm and Walk the Dog, a lot. Last August when I got paired with my service dog Thai, my ankle had been out of the cast for about 6 weeks and I had ripped up just about everything in there. A thousand plus pounds of bike, biker, biker wife all on top of your ankle generally does not turn out well, and it didn’t . I had a cane, a limp and a prognosis that one if not both was a long term prospect, if permanent remains long term. But I also had a high energy young lady lab who was counting on me for all her needs, food, water, play, sleep, work and exercise. She is a service dog so she needs to work. She loves it and it gives her purpose. Food, water, play and Sleep, not too much to worry about there. Exercise? This was going to be a challenge. It hurt like hell to walk on my ankle. But walk I did, actually more of a shuffling hobble with my walking stick. Each day, twice a day, I took my new buddy for a walk and I really grew to love our time together. We walked and

Paws Fur Thought Team finishing the Bluenose Half Marathon Ever increasing distances ensued. Jocelyn, my wife joined me as her work schedule allowed. We found a renewed love of hiking and started to explore the wonderful trail system that Nova Scotia has. The seasons passed and before we knew it , New Years had passed and we were out walking the dog at Hartlen Point Golf Course. It was that day that the Long Walk to Sanity was born. Conceptually, but the plan was I would do what was helping me to be the vehicle to get others like me the help I got. So after some fool came up with the idea of trying to fundraise for 50 dogs in 50 days via 50 half marathons there became a small matter of getting aforementioned out of shape old arse into some semblance of shape. In discussing my plan with my friend and soon to be training/walking partner Brenda Anderson we

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles got the idea to do the Bluenose. We eventually settled on the Half Marathon. Quite Simply our little team was going to face a couple of challenges that most others would not. Quite simply, Brenda lives with serious vision loss and is accompanied by her guide Dog Noble. So if you can imagine, 21 plus kilometers over terrain you are unfamiliar with would be a daunting challenge. And just so we are clear, just because Brenda has adapted really well, you have no idea the challenges she faces. No depth of field in what very limited vision she has is just the tip of the iceberg. So we, Brenda and I, Thai and Noble, we would do the Bluenose Half, together. Then Jocelyn decided she might like to join us. So it came to pass that the weather on the appointed day was cool, but it was sunny and not overly windy, in fact, a real Goldilocks kind of day and we went for a really long Dog walk around the Bluenose Half Marathon course. WE had a very simple goal. We would start and finish the trek together. Period. The whole team and that was exactly what we did. By the second water stop we had the routine down and Joc would Pitstop and keep going while Brenda and I tended to our dogs, then I would handle both dogs, while Brenda hit the Pitstop, and would head off, I would catch them, last out of the pit

Support Our Troops

May 23, 2013

Page 55

stop. My “leaders” legs were back and I could chew up the distance I was back. We also found out much to Jocelyn’s consternation that the other 2 talking members of the team are huge Jeff Dunham fans, and in particular Achmed. It is amazing what you can do to pass the time as the kilometers go by. Before you know it we were heading up Brunswick St to the finish and the Neat chip technology allows the announcers to personalize your finish and help you remember your sense of accomplishment. For Brenda, she got a bucket list check. Jocelyn said it wasn’t on hers. I suggested she might want to put in on and check it off just so she does not have to do it again. I got a great training day in and the immense feeling of pride in helping others accomplish their goals. That feeling was what got me up out of bed the next morning to continue my training for the Long Walk to Sanity. Next week I will share more of the lessons that I learned out on the course. In closing , to the good Samaritans handing out gummi bears at about kilometer 19, God Bless you … our team really enjoyed them. Crossing the finish line only re-confirmed one lesson, “Together we are Strong” Medric “Cous” Cousineau - the SeaDawg

Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen. A peacock who sits on his tail is just another turkey.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Support Our Troops


“The mission may be over but support for our troops must never wane” is the rally cry of the 2013 Heroes Highway Ride & Rally. From rather humble beginnings in 2009, the Heroes Highway Ride & Rally has grown to become Canada’s largest premier Support Our Troops event. Our organization: The Heroes Highway Ride & Rally Association is a Not for Profit Ontario Corporation that oversees the organizing of the event, while sharing the management of the HHR with our hosts - the membership of the Balding Eagles JFSNG and our partner club, the Canadian Army Veterans Riding Club (CAV). In a radical departure from the traditional pay, register and then ride formula; we introduced the relatively new concept of a FREE registration event. But raising funds was always the major consideration and to this end, the HHR has raised approximately $50,000.00 by collecting voluntary donations on behalf of our chosen charity, Wounded Warriors and the Tony Stacey centre for Veterans Care as well as various military supporting charities including the Trenton and Toronto Military Resource Centre’s and the Portraits of Honour. Transparency, the cornerstone of our philosophy, is practiced by allowing the HHR participants to witness the ceremonial transfer of 100% of the donations collected during the course of the HHR, directly to Captain Wayne Johnston, Founder of Wounded Warriors. Also note that our staff consists entirely of volunteers and that our budgetary expenses do not include any payroll or personal expenses. Our 2013 event: On Saturday June 1st we will hold our Fifth Annual Heroes Highway Ride & Rally. New this year is our assembly at two locations, the GTA location will be at Whitby Entertainment Centrum, Whitby and for the first time an Eastern location, which will be at CFB Kingston, Kingston. A gesture designed to make Canadians aware Continued on next Page of its rich military history.

May 23, 2013

Page 56

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles The motorcycle ride departs at 11:00 sharp, under Police escort, and follows the Highway of Heroes to our rally location of Centennial Park on the picturesque shores of the Bay of Quite in Trenton ON. The rally is open the public and features participation from 8 Wing and CFB Trenton, which will include an Air Display, Sky Hawks parachute demonstration as well as several other demonstrations by other elements of our Canadian Forces.

Support Our Troops the members of the Canadian Forces.

Our objectives: To host an event that allows Canadians the opportunity to demonstrate their pride and patriotism as well as their support of our troops; to create an atmosphere that entwines the members of the Canadian Forces and our participants in mutual understanding and support for our military; to recognize and honour the significant contributions and sacrifices of all the members of our Canadian Forces, and their families, and to bring attention to Operational One highlight for this year is our planned Parade Stress Injuries (OSI) also known as Post of Remembrance in which 316 students, Cadets, Guides and Scouts will carry individual portraits of Traumatic Stress Disorders. As motorcyclists, we are simpatico with the men and women of the our 158 Fallen Heroes created by David Sofia of Canadian Forces because our chosen lifestyle Portraits of Honour fame, separated by Canadian somewhat parallels the lifestyle of the people who Flags marched past our stage during the Official serve, therefore we are using the HHR to forward Ceremonies and then encircling the band shell the message that “Bravery isn’t only needed followed by a moment of silence and quiet on the battlefield but also when seeking help reflection of their sacrifice for Canada. to heal the scars on the soul,” and to diligently Attendance projections for 2013 are estimated at 5000 plus motorcycles - equating to approximately ensure that our message of support for the troops resonates around the globe by exploring new 7500 plus riders with an additional 10000 plus attendees expected at the rally. The HHR is a rain media relationships, as well as expanding our or shine event which has experienced serious rain current ones. in the past but that hardship failed to dampen the spirits of our participants, it only endeared them to Your contribution: We recognize that the current

May 23, 2013

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economic times have stressed the budgets of many companies but believe that by becoming a sponsor and/or exploring in-kind partnership opportunities that exist within our event - you and your company will benefit because our event spans a broad demographic, thus we are uniquely positioned to elevate your business image beyond normal philanthropic gestures while assisting a grateful nation in this demonstration of pride and patriotism. We have created a tier system for our sponsors with beneficial exposer equal to the level of your support. Sponsorships begin for as little as $1000.00 and increases by levels, culminating with partner sponsorship, which is available for $10,000.00 or we are also offering the opportunity to sponsor specific elements of the event, such as our planned Fireworks display or the entertainment on the sponsors stage to name a couple of options. All sponsors and in-kind partners receive our promise of publicly recognizing your commitment, regardless of level chosen, be it on our website, or displayed on banners during our rally. Please note that that your sponsorship money, any funds

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Visit the Support Our Troops Section on by CLICKING HERE

Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles that exceed our budgetary expenses, as well as all money that is raised through our voluntary donation jugs will be donated to charities, Wounded Warriors (Canada Revenue Agency Charity Registration # 82808-2727RR0001) and our newest supported charity the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans (Reg. as ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION DISTRICT D CARE CENTRES BN: 107933103 RR0001). We sincerely trust that you will decide that the proposal outlined above, although not a charity event in the traditional sense, are momentous in there endeavor and are causes which will broaden and enhance your company’s image.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride

in the lives of these children. We are asking you to please help us.

The Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride (MPNMRR) is a charity event that spans the entire nation.

All supporters will be identified and credited with being part of our team on our website at

It is the largest annual motorcycle relay in the world with our National Riders covering in excess of 10,000 kilometers during the event. It consists of a motorcycle ride which will start in St. John’s, NL and end in Victoria, BC and will visit all of the major military establishments across Canada. It is you, the communities, businesses, and social organizations who are the true champions of any charity cause and we need you to believe in our event to help us make the difference

Should your require further information or clarification with regards to this adventure, please feel free to contact me, Lamont French, the National Chair at: lamontfrench@ or speak to any of our Provincial Ride Captain’s or their respective representatives. Their contact information can be found on our website ( Lamont French National Chair/National Ride Captain Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride U-ROCK = United Riders Offering Children Kindness

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PTSD: Scotia Bank Charity Challenge

Sincerely, Lou DeVuono Founder and Executive Director Heroes Highway Ride & Rally Association 306 – 333 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, ON L1G 4T2 (905) 410-3949 Cell E-Mail: Website:

May 23, 2013

Paws Fur Thought is the initiative to raise the funds to place 50 PTSD Service Dogs with 50 Disabled Veterans. This dynamic partnership is being backed by the NS-Nunavut Command of the Royal Canadian Legion who have been with Paws from the first steps, as they stepped up and helped to acquire the first of the program, Thai, the amazing lady lab who saved his handlers life. More detailed information can be found at To make a direct donation to Paws Fur Thought, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you! Support Paws Fur Thoughts The Long Walk to Sanity 50 dogs, for 50 veterans in 50 days

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Nipawin Wounded Warriors Weekend NEWS FLASH I am happy to announce the routes to and from Nipawin for Wounded Warriors Weekend, August 1 (Thursday) - 6 (Tuesday), 2013. Times TBA after the flights are confirmed. August 1st route: arrive Regina. Proceed to RCMP Heritage Centre on Dewdney Ave. for short reception with the Lieutenant-Governor. Depart RCMP HC going west on Dewdney; north on McCarthy Blvd; and east on Rochedale Blvd. to #6 north (to Watson/ Melfort); #3 East to Tisdale & then North to Nipawin on #35 August 6th route: depart Nipawin, #35 south to Tisdale, Archerwill, Wadena, Lipton, Fort Qu’Appelle, and in to Regina on #10. We hope to have a motorcycle escort join us in Fort Qu’Appelle for the last leg of travel into the city. Regina route in: Tower Road to Arcola (Hwy#33), Arcola to the Trans Canada bypass South; turning on to the Wascana Parkway to drive through Wascana Park and past the Legislative Buildings. Hope to see you all somewhere on the road! Brenda Fredrickson

“Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honour, valour, respect. All these things have to be earned.” David Gemmell

Support Our Troops

May 23, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Night Guard at the Front The night is long, and darker than a dark My eyes had ever known before. Fear rises in me and grows with every trifling sound. This dank hole in which I stand, I fear Will be my grave before the gray coming of the dawn. The tall stack of hay behind me, I’m afraid Might be the torch that sears my flesh, And when the flames die down, Will leave nothing but my dusty ash. God forbid that I should die this way! Fear, greater than all the fears my young life has known, Takes hold of every single fibre and sinew Of this young and virile body of mine. It grows and grows and I’m afraid will consume me As I stand alone in this forbidding dark. As the hours creep slowly by, one by one And day light comes, I find I’m only an empty shell, still pulsing, though empty, Empty of what it takes to be a man, The brave soldier I had always wanted to be. Stan Scislowski

Tribute Poem - Support Our Troops

May 23, 2013

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Annual Run to the North Wall June 30th 2013 The purpose is to honor the Canadians that served with the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War. In 1995 the dream of three men realized fruition. Those men were Ed Johnson, Ric Gidner and Chris Reynolds and their dream was a memorial honoring the Canadians that paid the ultimate price, volunteering to serve with American troops in Vietnam. The dream originated in the imagination of Johnson and Gidner with their heartfelt admiration for the Canadians that sacrificed their lives and became the driving force to honor them. Ed was also a Vietnam Veteran and served in the US Army with the 2nd 47th Mechanized Infantry 9th Division. Ric served with the United States Marine Corps. The memorial rests in Windsor, ON called the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but is affectionately referred to as “The North Wall. More ride details to follow.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Support Our Troops/Special Monument

My name is Darren “Willy” Williams and media coverage from both CTV and I’m the Road Captain and Old Guard CBC as well as a few biker mags from for 2 Canadian Army Veterans Fortress across the boarder. Europe in Greenwood NS. So, she has asked me to send you I wanted to let you in on a ride we’re an invitation to see if you would be planning this year to a Canadian War interested in covering this great story monument in Yarmouth. as well.

May 23, 2013

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Join the 2nd C.A.V. Fortress Europe and Trapper, our National President

Strength and Honour

for the Wharf Rat Rally Ride to the Afghanistan Monument August 31, 2013

Meet in Digby at 9 am for the ride to Yarmouth

This monument was erected by this kids and staff of Maple Grove school located just outside of Yarmoouth.

Please let me know your thoughts. Darren Williams

To Honour our Fallen Comrades and the great members of the Maple Grove and Yarmouth High Schools Memorial Club who have remembered them.

They raised and paid for this monument themselves and therefore we want to give them the recognition they deserve.

BDB’s Comment: As per our conversation Darren, I personally can not attend, however I know just the gal for the job!!!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles is HONOURED to take part in such a wonderful event!

Proud Canadians Do Proud Things

Support Belt Drive Betty’s Conga Bikers United In Remembrance by jpurchasing some of our gear! Laura Simmons, who the executive director of WR is taking this idea and running with it. She is planning to have

Visit our NEW ON Line Store TODAY!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Support Our Troops

May 23, 2013

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Tales from the Mess Hall - Military Humour

During training exercises, the lieutenant who was driving down a muddy back road encountered another car stuck in the mud with a red-faced colonel at the wheel.

“Your jeep stuck, sir?” asked the lieutenant as he pulled alongside.

For instance, take the simple phrase “secure the building”.

“Nope,” replied the colonel, coming over and handing him the keys, “Yours is.” __________________

The Army will post guards around the place. The Navy will turn out the lights and lock the doors.

The reason the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines bicker amongst themselves is that they don’t speak the same language.

The Marines will kill everybody inside and set up a headquarters The Air Force will take out a 5 year lease with an option to buy.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Support Our Troops


By the non profit organization: HONOUR OUR CANADIAN SOLDIERS


Par l’organisation a but non lucrative: Honorons nos Soldats Canadiens 830787-3 S.O.S. PROJECT IS TO ALLOW US TO HONOUR OUR SOLDIERS OF SUICIDE (S.O.S.) 1. 2. 3.


1. 2. 3.

LE LANCEMENT DE SITE INTERNET AFIN QUE LES FAMILLES SACHENT QUE NOUS NOUS SOUVENONS DE CE QU’ILS OU ELLES ONT FAIT POUR NOTRE PAYS (Objectif est pour la fin mai 2013) DÉDIÉ UN ARBRE AU CIMETIÈRE MILITAIRE NATIONAL DE BEECHWOOD A OTTAWA (Objectif est pour la fin septembre mais la commande pour la plaque doit eêtre fait par la fin juin) Avoir les 3 mamans de nos Soldats du suicide assister à la cérémonie de devoilement de Septembre 2013) PRE - ORDER YOUR HONOUR OUR CANADIAN SOLDIERS T-SHIRT PRE - COMMANDEZ VOTRE GILET HONORONS NOS SOLDATS CANADIENS JASON MULLIS, 34445 Granton Line, Unit A, Granton Ontario N0M 1V0 519.225.2901

or 519.476.8778



May 23, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Motorcycle Musings

Stress? Doctors invoke the “Physician, heal thyself” out comes pen & paper... the same time promising to “Do no harm”... it helps deal with those The Bible says to “turn the other cheek” & to “Let go & days full of Let God” thought-provoking, mind-altering things Older more world-weary suggest you “Suck it up, that have a tendency to Buttercup” or at the very least to “Put your Big-kid or find you at your most Big Girl, panties on” vulnerable, or at least a moment of weakness... Yoga & meditation offer an inner calm, but you have to work for it, even though you want it RIGHT NOW!!!  & Dr. Phil asks “How’s that Counselling suggests you really DO know, whatever it workin’  for ya’?”    is you don’t Think you do.. Cesar says “Rules, Boundaries & Limitations” & recommends “No touch, no talk, no eye contact” as well.... 

Bars entice you to “Just Drink it!” Fitness buffs suggest you “Just do it” Scott’s commercials advocate to “ just FEED it !” And now there are the many variations of “Keep Calm



July 13, 2013, Gagetown, NB, in support of the Fredericton Veterans Health Unit and Legion #71

Entry Fee: $30.00 per single and $50.00 for double rider. Fee includes: poker hand for each rider, show and shine, hotdog, hamburger and bottled water for lunch, free bottled water available along the route, steak supper with all the fixings and camping on site (no hook ups) for those who want to spend the night. -


Events Schedule: 8:30 Steak and Eggs at the Old Boot Pub (not included in fee) 8:00- 11:00 Registration @ Legion on Tilley Rd 8:00-10:00 Show & Shine 11:00 Start the Ride 1:00 BBQ Lunch 4:30 Live and Silent Auction with Steak BBQ to follow 8:00-1:00 Dance

Accommodations: - Camping on Site at the Gagetown Legion - no hookups - Bed & Breakfasts, campgrounds (full hookup) and hostel in local area - Days Inn Hotel available in Oromocto phone 506-357-5657 for reservations.

Contact: Wade “Gunner” Campbell (506) 357-3232 Charlene “Chucky” Martin (506) 470-0438

May 23, 2013

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& Carry On”.... I have found, that when I can read no more of the often trite, but occasionally humorous & frequently interesting quotes, tried to find my inner child, only to discover she has buggered off to play without me, stretched myself into positions that cause mechanical assistance to undo, gotten lost within the myriad of self-help & words of someone Else’s wisdom, become frustrated at the underware store because Nowhere are there labels telling me which panties are the Big Kid ones, I’m no longer hungry & could hibernate from now til Next Spring because of it, I simply say that “The cares of tomorrow, can wait, til this day, is done”....”How does it get any better than this? What Else is Possible? & seek out the only tried & true method of calming the waters, soothing my soul, restoring my inner peace, & regaining even a modicum of sanity, even briefly...So yeah, Basically, I just say Screw it ! & go for a ride.... Later :) Kate B

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

MB Events

Ride For the Mission – August 25th 2013 George Winney and Frenchy Aligard, organizers of the event make for a fun day with family and friends doing something beneficial while raising funds to care for our neighbors in need— struggling from poverty, mental illness, substance abuse and despair. Registration starts around 9:00AM, Kickstands up at 11:00AM, followed by a meal after the ride. Complete details to follow, when they become available. Join us for the 1st Annual Show & Shine Motorcycle Show at the McGregor Knights of Columbus (St. Clement Council 2844) on 9560 Walker Road in McGregor. Will be held in the back parking lot on Saturday July 13, 2013, weather permitting. (RAIN DATE - Sunday July 14, 2013). Any STYLE, Any MAKE, Any MODEL EVERYONE WELCOME!

This year’s featured Marque is Norton 

Location, the Friendly Country town of Niverville MB

Parade through town then Show ‘N’ Shine with custom trophies

River Ride, Poker Derby, Bonfire and Sing-Along

Motorcycle Games, Motorcycle Jeopardy, Door Prizes

Fabulous Menu included with registration

Sat Dinner in large indoor air conditioned dining room

Free Camping–Hot Showers, some electrical hook-ups available

T-Shirts available (must be ordered @ time of registration)

All Makes/Models of Motorcycles Welcome

Special trophies awarded to Norton Motorcycles*


* Entered in Show ‘N’Shine

Rally REGISTRATION FEE: $45.00 (booked before June 1st $55 after June1) Daily registration available: Fri $15 Sat $25 Sun $15 see Registration form on website

Contacts: Kim (registrar) 204-757-9873 Ross 204-831-8165 Website:

Show ‘N’ Shine

Chas 204-822-4660 Email:

@ Niverville Credit Union parking lot, 62 Main Street

Open to All Motorcycles * must be registered with event. Saturday June 29 11:30AM-1:30PM

Viewing Free, open to the public Come out and vote for “peoples Choice” award

May 23, 2013

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Greetings Fellow Riders; The 7th Riverview Health Centre Motorcycle Show & Shine scheduled for June 11, 2013 is CANCELLED as well as any future shows of this nature at the Riverview Health Centre.   The cited reasoning is “A new city policy” which threatens to have anyone parked at this location issued a Parking Ticket and Towed. Contacts at Riverview indicate they have had their fill of dealing with the parking issues surrounding the event and thusly it has been cancelled. For Seven Years now WE, the motorcycling community , have  come together in presenting a unique motorcycle show  to the patients and friends of the Riverview Health Centre along with lots of goodwill and camaraderie. Many  donations to Winnipeg Harvest and Riverview itself were received. I wish to thank all involved for a job well done and please keep up the charity work wherever  it may arise within our fine city. I look forward to seeing you at these other events. I wish to thank Sheldon Mindel, Carol Robinson who have supported this event throughout ,along with Harley-Davidson Winnipeg, Willy’s Garage, CMMG and all the other clubs too numerous to name (and I’ll forget some) and individuals who have, over the years, made this a success. Thank-you Grant Morrison PLEASE PASS THIS EMAIL ON TO ALL RIDERS YOU KNOW.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

National News & ON Events

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May 23, 2013

For more information, registration or to contact us go to For Interview requests please contact:

200 Femmes motocyclistes descendront sur Kananaskis “Women Riding into the Future” is the theme of a weekend of motorcycle riding, workshops, shopping and socializing that 200 female riders will participate in at the Stoney Nakoda Casino and Resort in Kananaskis, 45 minutes west of Calgary on the weekend of August 16 through 18. The event will also include a trade show, show and shine, plus there will be manufacturers there with motorcycles to test ride. This is a one-of-a-kind event for Western Canada. Women will descend from the Canadian Rockies or chase the sunset from the Prairies and take in a weekend designed just for them. Women from as far East as Nova Scotia and as far North as Yellowknife have already confirmed their attendance. Numerous workshops will take place during the weekend including basic mechanics, riding skills review, introduction to both off-road and competitive riding, insurance awareness, what to do at the scene of an accident, and first aid. Participants in the event will also have the opportunity to ride their motorcycles in the awesome mountains and foothills west of Calgary. This event is being organized by the Women Riders Council, part of Motorcycle Confederation of Canada, and The Chinook Outriders, the Calgary Chapter of Women In The Wind. In Alberta during the past 10 years, the number of women holding a motorcycle operator’s license has grown by nearly 15,000 - from 18,607 in 2002 to 33,360 last year - and is continuing to grow

rapidly. Women In The Wind is an all-female riders association founded in 1979 that has grown to over 90 Chapters worldwide including eight Alberta Chapters. Since 2003, the Alberta Chapters have held an annual rally touring and celebrating various parts of Alberta. This year was the Chinook Outriders Chapter in Calgary turn to host the rally

Mary Johnson Co-Chairperson, MCC (204) 981-5183 Mary Caldwell Co-Chairperson, WITW (403) 242-7616

Comprised of national, provincial and territorial organizations, regional clubs, individual patrons and industry representatives, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada is a national, grassroots advocacy organization championing motorcycling interests throughout Canada.

DON’T MISS THIS 5TH ANNUAL EVENT We welcome your club to Georgian Bay Thunder Weekend 2013!

The event is taking place on July 12, 13 and 14, 2013 in beautiful Little Lake Park in Midland. There will be music, camping and a refreshment tent in the park on Friday night. The 5th annual fundraising ride takes place on Saturday, July 13, 2013 and the day includes Brag & Buff, vendors, free draws and prizes, donated snacks and lunch for the riders and an evening concert with refreshment tent. On the Sunday riders are invited to meet at the band shell and head out for scenic Southern Georgian Bay casual rides.

We are asking your club to be involved by:    

Riding with us Put a club booth – see form attached Visit us at the SuperShow Jan 4-6, 2013 Tell vendors about our event

Your support fosters volunteerism and community involvement. It ensures that individuals, families and seniors who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and those with no other means of transportation, receive the services they need. Please share our Georgian Bay Thunder event information with your chapter members and consider posting a link to our event on your chapter website. Questions? Contact Jessica at

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

National News & ON Events

Flat Track Canada Joins Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada to Promote Flat Track Motorcycle Racing The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)and Flat Track Canada (FTC) have joined together to promote the growing sport of flat track motorcycle racing in Canada. “Flat Track Canada is very pleased to join forces with the MCC and we welcome the opportunity to work together to power flat track’s renaissance and promote an exciting, competitive flat track

May 23, 2013

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series in Canada,” noted FTC President Aaron Hesmer. “Our relationship with the MCC is an important building block, especially as we reach out to other flat track organizations in furthering the sport and developing a structured national flat track program for amateur and professional riders across the country.” “The Flat Track Canada team has shown great vision and with Aaron Hesmer at the helm, I am confident this strategic partnership will contribute to the growth and popularity of flat track racing in Canada,” said MCC Chair Kellee Irwin. “I am also confident that Flat Track Canada will make

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles a meaningful contribution to the shared and collaborative vision of the MCC Competition Council as it continues its focus on training, risk management and safety protocols for competitive motorcycling in Canada.” “Increased interest in rider training opportunities is mirroring the rebirth of the sport,” added Aaron Hesmer. Though there has been a basic training program at our Paris Speedway training facility for the past few years, our recently launched GoFlatTrack. com offers a more comprehensive training program that will appeal to new and experienced flat track riders.” Comprised of national, provincial and territorial organizations, regional clubs, individual patrons

National News & ON Events

and industry representatives, the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada is a national, grassroots advocacy organization championing motorcycling interests throughout Canada. The mandate of the MCC Competition Council is to develop and promote motorcycle competition in various disciplines whether professional or amateur or recreational with responsible practices. Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada 647.920.1334 Flat Track Canada 226.755.2208

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May 23, 2013 WIFE WANTED

Profession: IT CONSULTANT 
Well there is definite room for improvement in my life. The speed of my current flows of information and processes is slowing down and the injection of a wife into my life is bound to improve efficiency. Compatibility could be an issue.

 Profession: BUSINESS MAN
 Wife wanted for company.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Ride Like a Pro

May 23, 2013

It’s time to become an aggressive rider

It’s time to become an aggressive rider.

Not on the street, of course, but, under controlled conditions. That means your favorite parking lot. With the downturn in the economy, finding a deserted parking lot is pretty easy. The exercise I’m about to lay out for you needs to be practiced aggressively. This exercise is called the Intersection. This exercise will have you practicing quick left to right transitions as well as U-turns all at the same time. In addition, you’ll also have to use your head and eyes, the friction zone (clutch and throttle) and the rear brake in order to perform it correctly. Why are these things important? When a car violates your right of way, you need to make a quick left to right or right to left transition to avoid that vehicle. Using your head and eyes allows you to put your motorcycle exactly where you need to be. The friction zone and rear brake allow you to take advantage of your bikes’ built in maneuverability. Knowing how to make a U-turn without dropping the bike, duck walking it or backing up a 900 lb. motorcycle in order to turn it around, is self explanatory. Where does the aggression come in?

Here it is. You must attempt to perform the intersection as quickly as possible. You must aggressively use all the techniques at once. If you try to creep through the intersection at a slow walking pace, you’ll have no momentum and gravity will force you to the ground.

If on the other hand, your average speed through the exercise is 10 to 12 mph, you will develop a rhythm and actually enjoy the feeling you’ll get as your bike reacts as it was designed to be ridden. In other words, you’ll become one with the bike. Here’s what you’ll need to set up the intersection. Chalk or marker paint, six tennis balls cut in half or 12 plastic cones and a 100’ measuring tape. Each leg of the intersection should be 24’ wide X 34’ long. Set up two cones or tennis balls at the end of each leg at the corners and four more cones at each corner of the center of the intersection. At 12’ from the end of each leg, put an X. That X is your pivot point. The pivot point is where you’re going to place your front tire in order to make a U-turn. Enter the intersection so that your first turn is to the right—that means all your U-turns will be to the left. Now, here’s the trick to the intersection. As you approach the first right turn, DIP the bike to the left first.

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In other words, make a wide turn like an 18 wheeler. This dip to the left before making the right turn aligns the rear tire with the front tire and sets up the chassis for the U-turn.

As soon as you dip to the left, SNAP your head and eyes and focus on that pivot point. If you wait until after you make the right turn to find the pivot point, it will be too late. The sooner you snap your head and eyes and look for the pivot point, the better. As the bike heads for the pivot point, but before you actually get there, SNAP your head and eyes as far to the left as possible. Once the bike starts heading to the left of the next cone, SNAP your head and eyes to the right and find the next pivot point. Remember to stay in the friction zone and have a little pressure on the rear brake the entire time you’re in the intersection. Your RPM’s should be 2000 to 2500. Don’t try to idle through the exercise, use that throttle aggressively. Turn your handlebars quickly, snap your head and eyes as fast as you can. Make a game out of it. Have a friend time you through the exercise. Try to beat your previous time or your friend’s time. The more you practice it the more confidence you’ll have and the better and safer rider you’ll become.

Please tell “Motorman” Belt Drive Betty sent you to receive your $5.00 discount

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

MV Agusta Canada Press Release


                

    

    

    

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May 23, 2013

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                                                                                                                                                    

    

    

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

National News

May 23, 2013

Page 71

Canadian Women’s Ride Day is their counterparts. the brain child of Greet Stewart & Joley Baker of West Coast Roar I think it’s a wonderful idea to in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island. have a distinctly Canadian ride that celebrates we gals! The Intrenational Female Ride Day is held in early May, a time July 20th - We Canadian Ladies of year that all too often leave Ride! northern lady riders off the grid. To host an event in your Not wanting to tread on another community or attend the event, the idea of a special event inaugral event in Mill Bay BC for the gals that would allow all visit: northern riders in Canada to join A man and his wife, now in their 60’s, were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. On their special day a good fairy came to them and said that because they had been so good that each one of them could have one wish. 
 The wife wished for a trip around the world with her husband. Whoosh! Immediately she had airline/cruise tickets in her hands. 
 The man wished for a female companion 30 years younger... Whoosh...immediately he turned ninety!!! Gotta love that fairy!

Be Part of the Canadian Coast to Coast Celebration! Raising Awareness and Funds for the fight against all Women’s Cancers!

Help us cross the nation to reach our goal of raising funds and awareness for all Women’s Cancers Research! We encourage and welcome your support!

This event is open to all riders! Join the ride for a segment or the entire rally!

Follow us on

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

1st CAV MEDUSA's Annual Cushley-Poland Memorial Ride June 22nd 2013 in Sarnia, ON 1st CAV MEDUSA's first annual CushleyPoland Memorial Ride is intended to remember two of our local residents who lost their lives in the Afghanistan War, Pt. William Cushley and Cpl. Brent Poland and to raise money for the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command's, "Leave the Streets Behind" program. This program is to provide food, shelter and other assistance to our veterans who are currently living on the streets. Food and entertainment will be available at the conclusion of the Ride. Registration is $20 per rider and $15 per passenger. Riders who have pledges of $50 or more to not have to pay for registration. Any cheque pledges should be made out to The Joe Sweeney Fund. Start and end point of the Rally will be at the Sarnia RCL Branch 62, located at 286 Front St N in Sarnia. Registration starts at 0900 hrs. Kickstands up at 1100 hrs. Riding through Port Lambton, Brigden and Camlachie, hometowns of the fallen. Members of the Lambton County Military Family Support Group, the 1st Hussars Association, and Hero to Hero will be in attendance and will assist with registration and other activities. Please join us. For more ride info, please contact: Gene Smith @ 519-882-0656. Lone Wolf Clubhouse

SOT & ON Events

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May 23, 2013 The Burford Optimists Present


the 6TH


BACK JUNE 2, 2013!

Motorcycle Ride


Begins in the municipal parking lot, Downtown Burford

1 Park Ave. Burford ON

1,300,000+ REACH!! YouTube 70000+ CTVTWO 250,000+

Bikertv is Priviledged To Work With The Undisputed Leader In Canadian Motorcycling:



9:00 - 10:30 10:30 - 12:00

Registration and Breakfast Escorted scenic ride of Brant County, returning to the Burford Community Centre and Optimist Park

$20 a rider and $10 a passenger Raise $100 in pledges, you ride free! No tax reciepts will be issued for pledges


All riders recieve breakfast and lunch plus door prizes and draws


All Proceeds Supporting Youth-Based Programs in our Community

Drag Specialties/Parts Canada, Royal Distributing, Deeley Harley-Davidson, Draggin Jeans, GPRC, HogTunes, Doc’s Leathers, RS2000 Tax Consultants, Advanced Welding, Kreative Khaos, HIPS Cycle, Milestone Powersports, Dynotunes, Universal Cycle, CPN Design, Advanced Screen Printing, Truckertelevision, G. Bourque Ltd. BTV Productions Inc. P.O. Box 15, Princeton, ON, N0J 1V0 (519) 488-5086 (519) 458-4209

For more information and a pledge form, contact us at of find our event on Facebook (Burford Optimist “Friend of Youth” Motorcycle Ride)

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Hello Riders, This year’s “Can You See Me Now” ride will be on June 2nd 2013. Meeting at Anderson Funeral Home (895 Ouellette Ave Windsor, ON) for 11:00AM. We will be leaving there between 1 2:00-12:30PM. Same format as last year. Spend time cruising in small

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May 23, 2013

ON Events & LWC News

groups around the main streets of the city. or visit: www.facebook. com/groups/185828018217522/ LWC

Meet back at the Moose Lodge (777 Tecumseh Rd W) by 4:00PM. This year the message will be LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE. The new shirt will be black with orange lettering with our new message on them. More details will follow shortly. For more info contact: Chris Hillman at: chris.hillman.773@

7th Annual

In support of Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandview & Bloor, Oshawa Registration starts at 9:00 am, last bike out at 10:00 am sharp Pre-Register at Bike Nights May 15 & 22 Pete’s Big Bite 817 Dundas St W, Whitby

sunday may 26 2013


Open To All Riders & All Makes/Models Bull Dog offering “Bikers Specials”/Full Menu Live Entertainment Raffles, 50/50, Show & Shine

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

For those attending this year’s Ride for Dad (Windsor), a group of us will be meeting at the Uptown Restaurant (521 Tecumseh Rd East) between 7:00AM-7:30AM for breakfast. Everyone is invited. Afterwards, we will be heading to the Festival Plaza (370 Riverside Dr.) to stage. Registration will be until 9:30AM. Parade leaves at 10:00AM SHARP! Ride safe! LWC WIFE WANTED Profession: ECONOMIST 
I am in demand of a wife. Supply is great though my requirements are high. However the Elasticity of my demands should not bear too heavy a burden upon the national interest. Profession: FISHERMAN
 Wife wanted, must be able to dig, clean, cook worms and clean fish. Must have own boat with motor. Please send photograph of motorboat.

LWC News

May 23, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show

May 23, 2013

Page 75

National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show by Lou DeVuono A few weeks ago I was able to attend the National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show in Toronto.

Beer Tasting Event

Join the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society for our “Pints for Paws” beer tasting fundraiser! You’ll have the opportunity to sample and learn about seven different beers (each sample is seven ounces). You’ll also enjoy some great appetizers, all while supporting the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. 

 Friday June 7th, 2013
Rock Bottom (3236 Sandwich St)
Doors: 6:30pm
 Drinks: 7:00pm
 Tickets $40
 Available at the Humane Society or online here 
For more information, please email or call 519-966-5751 ext. 23

Somewhat a swap meet and with the recently added Tattoo showcase this annual show now 35 years young that has been often called the real bike show as this is the one many Clubs take the time to come down to the Canadian the community they serve. National Exhibition grounds an wander past the vendors and the huge numbers The National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show has of Custom Bikes. always struck a balance between custom bike show, swap meet, venders, new bike dealers, and the recently added tattoo area offers attendees an opportunity to find a missing part for their classic bike or indulge in some new ink as many of the Tattoo artists are top notch and many of those looking for new ink had there work done freehand. The custom bike area offers a view of motorcycles from mild to wild, from a simple While the show is visited by several clubs of both stripes I can not recall a single incident happening and that has a lot to do with the respect that show organizers Carol and Rob Neveu. They have, in the face of a great amount of police pressure always maintained an open door policy for clubs and have never caved to the pressure of asking attendees to drop their cuts which speaks to their understanding of

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

paint job to mind blowing street pounding customs. They NM&TS offer great prizes for the works of art and for the guys and girls looking for ideas for their ride this show often provides the inspiration.

National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show

May 23, 2013

Page 76

Once you see some of these customs you find yourself wandering past the swap meet and on to the venders in hopes of finding that gem to add to your ride.

recommend this show either as a chance to showcase your ride or to look for the one of a kind part, whatever inspires you this is one show to venture down to.

As this show is usually the last one of the offseason but is generally held in April, many hardier riders will take the opportunity to ride down so there are almost as many custom rides outside lining the curb and ringing the parking lot as there are inside.

Another highlight of this annual show is the bike auction which has seen some very special and unique rides go under the hammer and for a few lucky buyers a steal or a deal but either way a great deal of fun to watch and if you have a little loose change and you’re looking for that first or second ride or maybe that collectors piece this show could be where you find it. I highly

Pictures Courtesy the National Motorcycle Show Facebook page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Last week I was asked to attend the Rider Training Institutes annual Media Day on behalf of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and for my own Internet radio show, Kickstands UP, Monday evenings from 8:00p.m. until 9:30p.m. Toronto time on www. The Rider Training Institute had invited the media to provide an opportunity to learn safe and effective operation of a motorcycle, in a hands on, professionally led training session. When I first arrived, I was met by Sharon St. Croix, Executive Director of the Riders Training Institute a registered not for profit

Rider Training Institute

May 23, 2013

Page 77

Since 2001 the Rider Training Institute (RTI) has offered comprehensive motorcycle licensing and skills development training throughout locations across Ontario. From their inception, thousands of novice and seasoned riders alike, from all walks of life and all skill levels have chosen a professional rider training program, such as RTI as an on going partner in developing long term safe and enjoyable motorcycling skills.

association run by motorcycle enthusiasts who are passionate about teaching others, the trainers were a little concerned as I had arrived in my dump truck, they weren’t sure what to think and of course followed the question why? I was working and stopped during my lunch to take in the opportunity to expand my skill set making me a better rider and a better leader for the Heroes Highway Ride.

As a ride organizer and as a radio host I felt that I wanted to take this opportunity to work on skills to make me a better rider, after all I have a great deal of experience but you can never get enough training. For the media day they asked a number of questions about years riding, type of bike or bikes, type of riding, city or touring, this way they could create a lesson geared to my skill

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles set or rather improve my weaknesses. Now while I am an experienced rider, for

Rider Training Institute

few) all for the purpose of protecting you from serious injury should the unthinkable happen.

Page 78 May 23, 2013 I have to say it was harder than I thought and I ended up touching twice during my 4 or 5 laps before shrinking the circles down to 4 metres making it much tougher.

Before climbing on the bike a quick visual check of the area bike for oil or other fluid leaks, a glance at the tires and a squeeze will Then it was on to a slalom at first at slow give you some idea if they are okay to ride on. speed, then I was allowed to to pick up the Then climb on your bike and check mirrors, speed a little and definitely found it easier grab the front brake and rock the bike back with a little speed. After that a little accident and froth, again using the back brake, and avoidance and finally to ride around the your ready to fire up you bike. track to finish out my training. Then I was lead out onto the course and asked to practice my slow speed skills as this is one skill set that many of us do not do enough of so off I went to do figure 8’s around a pair 8 metre circles.

some media members that visited that day, they had little or no experience, they were taken from no experience to being able to ride competently should they decide to take up riding motorcycles as a way to commute or simply for recreation. My lesson with my instructor for the day was Jonn, began with a basic review of checking the bike and my riding equipment before even getting on the bike and before starting the bike. Helmet, gloves, proper jacket, glasses and proper footwear (some things that were stressed as not appropriate clothing and yet I’ve seen this, shorts, no shirt or just a t-shirt, sandals, flip-flops, running shoes to name a

At the end of the training I spent a couple of minutes going over the skills I had just

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25th Anniversary June 27, 28, 29th, 2013



25th Anniversary

e m o Chr 29th

n ‘ 8, 2 r , e 7 v 3 2 l i e S 201 n


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Rider Training Institute

taught by professional instructors. You will be taught the skills necessary to be a competent rider whether you ride as a commuter or a recreational rider, to observe what is happening around you so that you can make the necessary adjustments to ride safely. Learning in a excellent environment away from traffic but on a course specifically designed to provide you with the skills necessary for real world riding. worked on with my instructor, Jonn and then we spoke about why rider training and the importance of it. Here are some Motorcycle Crash Facts; 70.4% of fatal motorcycle collisions in Ontario during 2010 were informed to be caused by rider error. Between 2001 and 2010 motorcycle registrations in Ontario rose from 112,912 to 211,536.                       Across Canada Fatalities among motorcyclists aged 45 - 54 years increased by 109% between 19962001 and 2004 - 2006. 64% of fatally injured motorcyclists had committed a traffic infraction of some kind prior to the crash. 38% of fatally injured motorcyclists had been speeding prior to the crash. These are the important things that were stressed to me and I believe to all students; Congratulations for wanting to become Motorcycle Enthusiasts and for wanted to be

Here are some reasons that I would suggest everybody from beginner to experienced

May 23, 2013

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riders take the course, whether to learn how to ride in safe enclosed environment away from traffic with professional instructors or for an experience rider to improve their skills either way it is important to remember that safety is paramount when we ride and any improvement in our skills not only benefits us but all who ride along with us. My thanks to Sharon St. Croix, Jonn and all the staff at RTI for the excellent day. Ride safe.

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Ride for Dad


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May 23, 2013

2013 DATES

Comox Valley Northern BC (Prince George) Okanagan

Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Sunday, June 9th

Calgary Edmonton Rural Alberta Ride (Olds)

Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 22nd

Saskatoon Swift Current

Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th



MANITOBA Manitoba (Winnipeg) ONTARIO

Huronia (Orillia/Barrie) Kingston-Quinte London Niagara Windsor Grand River (Kitchener) Ottawa Durham (Oshawa-GTE) Golden Horseshoe (Hamilton) Toronto West (Peel) Nipissing (North Bay)


Saturday, May 25th Saturday, May 25th Saturday, May 25th Sunday, May 26th Saturday, June 1st (new) Sunday, May 26th   Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Saturday, May 25th

Moncton Saint John Fredericton

Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st


Saturday, June 15th

Annapolis Valley Halifax

Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st

Avalon (St. John’s)

Saturday, June 15th


Saturday, June 8th



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RIDE TO FALLEN RIDERS MEMORIAL RIDE Where: TA Truck Stop Exit 230 Sweaburg Road off the 401 Woodstock When: May 25/13 9:30am Contact: Ken MacDonald 519-8450239 Details A group ride to Fallen Riders is set to leave the TA Truck Stop in Woodstock at 930am Exit 230 at the 401 Sweaburg Road just north of the Highway on the right hand side Those wishing to have breakfast there please arrive early enough to be on time to leave We will be heading down the 403 and stopping at the Third Line Tim Horton’s and Petro Canada Gas Bar This will give us a chance to top off the tanks with fuel and stretch our legs before regrouping to head into Queen’s Park. Sarnia-Lambton B.R.O.

ON Events

Our Events Calendars: Email to submit events to: The Canadian Riders Support Network Belt Drive Betty’s Blog Our Newspaper’s home on line: Our Rider Friendly Phone Book and resources for the businesses of the Rider Friendly Business Association:

May 23, 2013

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The 3rd Annual Golf Tournament in Honour of Cpt. Richard Leary is coming in just a few short weeks. It is being held at the Knollwood Golf Club 1276 Shaver Road, Ancaster, Ontario June 17th, 2013. Starting at 11:30 for Registration. If you would like to help with the tournament please contact Fred Bulbeck his email address is OR if you would like to play in the tournament you can contact him as well for registration. $150.00 per person, or book a foursome for $500.00. It is going to be a day you won’t forget!!! Come out and enjoy the day in Honouring one of our Fallen Heroes and help raise funds to build a Memorial for Cpt. Leary.

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The Ride For Lupus - Ride Re-Cap

May 23, 2013

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we even managed to get a few good stories that won’t be soon forgotten. Before kick stands up, our road captain noticed a nail in his back tire.... he was sitting on the rim...bikers being the best family there is, all rallied together and within 10 mins at the most it was fixed and we were able to carry on like nothing happened. I ’d also like to thank my biker family for reminding me to breathe!

The Ride For Lupus in support of the SickKids Foundation was a massive success! Money is still coming in from those that were unable to attend on Ride Day, so we have yet to announce the official grand total of funds raised; so far, we’re looking at a number around $4,500.

We were honoured by the company of both Guelph’s Mayor Karen Farbridge and MP Frank Valeriote. As it turns out, both have employees who have Lupus. Both have been huge supporters of my events in the past, and they both commented on what a huge change it was doing a Ride...their smiles were priceless.

As well, we are still updating the web site as pictures and videos continue to come in, so stay tuned! THANK YOU to all who came out, despite the single digit temperatures. We had a total of 80 bikes show up, and just over 100 people. A huge thank you to the non-riders that braved the cold to come and help out. The kids who were present enjoyed various activities and crafts such as sidewalk chalk art, all Lupus related, face painting, and my favourite, mask making! Since Lupus is nicknamed “the disease of 1000 faces” we had the kids all making their own masks, each one different, similar to how Lupus presents itself differently in every patient. They were fantastic! The ride, silent auction, 50/50 draw, door prizes and info provided kept everyone entertained both before and well after the ride. Participants enjoyed lunch provided by our host, and naturally,

Through all the work that was put into this event, all the shows, media and finally the event itself, each time I’m somewhere promoting Ride For Lupus I have at least one person come up to me with an incredibly personal story. One story from that day stood out to me the most and I’d like to share that with you. A man came up to me, your stereotypical old

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Sunday, June 2, 2013 11:00 am until 8:00 pm in EDT 5545 King Street Beamsville, ON l0r1b0 We will leave and finish at the Beamsville Legion, ride will leave at noon and return for food, games and raffles, all proceeds will be going to the Canadian Paraplegic Association, and the spinal cord injury of Ontario...this event is brought to you by family and friends of Darlene Jackson... thank you all...just a note to those of you who don’t know what happened to my daughter...she was riding her Harley up on #6hwy when she was hit from behind by a Cager, she was at a low speed turning right into a driveway when the Cager hit her as he was doing 102 clicks...she suffered internal injuries and is now a paraplegic...this is the 4th run and all moneys will be going to help other’s... so please don’t text and drive this could have been avoided. Thanks so much all of you...God Bless events/517961138243299/

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The Ride For Lupus - Ride Re-Cap

biker looking guy, long beard, long hair, faded There were at least 12 people present on Ride patches, the works....he came up to me and day who are living with Lupus. I heard stories that quietly pulled me aside. This man had tears in his day form 2 different men who had lost their wives eyes and said this to me, “I wanted to personally to Lupus. thank you for doing this today. My wife, though she didn’t have Lupus, had Cancer so I know I saw the relief and sinking of shoulders (the what going through daily life with pain is like. *finally, someone who gets it kind of relaxing) in my fellow Lupies’ faces and more than that, I had I lost her last year and this is the first ride I’ve a great time. Along this journey, I have helped done without her. It was very difficult for me, but a lot of people and changed a few lives. People make a point of telling me this, and to them I would just like to smile and say, “happy to help, anytime. You’ve got my contact info.”

I did it and I needed to thank you.” With tears now running down his face, he gave me the warmest hug (this is when my waterworks let loose) and then quickly turned and walked away, head down, wiping his face. If that gentleman is reading this now, I will never forget you. Please stay in contact; I’m easy to get a hold of, and having run support groups before, please know that you are not alone.

Putting together a Ride is no easy task. In all my years of riding, I’ve always just ridden with friends socially. Having never even been to a charity ride before, and now having hosted one, all I can say is wow. I learned quite a bit, got some valuable advice from some good friends and know where adjustments need to be made. To my friends who know who they are, thank you gentlemen. I will indeed be taking your advice. On May 31st I will be going to the Hospital for Sick Kids (Children) in Toronto and personally handing a check over to Dr. Silverman, the head of the Pediatric Lupus Research Unit. This man was my doctor when I was a kid at Sick Kids, and so far everyone I’ve met who has been

May 23, 2013

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diagnosed when they were younger, he was their doctor too! I am very much looking forward to this day.

Once again, a tremendous thank you to all who’ve helped me along this journey. I have enjoyed every moment of it, and am very excited to watch this event grow. Ride safe everyone, and I look forward to meeting you all again soon. Jenn Ephgrave

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Thoughts to Ponder

These are actual ads seen in ‘’The Villages’’ Florida newspaper. (Who says seniors don’t have a sense of humor?)

Researching crow behaviour - fascinating

The facts: Read that they recently found about 200 dead crows near Halifax, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

In doing the research, they had a Bird Pathologist examine the remains of all the crows, and he confirmed the problem was definitely NOT Avian Flu, to everyone’s relief. However, he determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with trucks, and only 2% were killed by an impact with a car.   The Province then hired an Ornithological Behaviourist to determine the disproportionate percentages for truck versus car kills.

I am into solitude, long walks, sunrises, the ocean, yoga and meditation. If you are the silent type, let’s get together,
Take our hearing aids out and enjoy quiet times. 
Active grandmother with original teeth seeking a dedicated flossier
 To share rare steaks, corn on the cob and caramel candy.
I still like to rock, still like to cruise in my Camaro on Saturday nights and still like to play the guitar.
If you were a groovy chick, or are now a groovy hen, let’s get together and listen to my eight-track tapes.
I can usually remember Monday through Thursday.
If you can remember Friday, Saturday and Sunday, let’s put our two heads together.

 ---------------------------------------------------My favorite…


Male, 1932 model , The Ornithological Behaviourist determined high mileage, good condition, some hair, the cause, the conclusion in short order was: many new parts including hip, knee, cornea, When crows eat road kill, they always valves.
Isn’t in running condition, but walks set-up a look-out Crow in nearby tree to well. warn of impending danger. His conclusion was that the lookout crow could say “Cah”, but he could not say “Truck.” Submitted by Rich, Black Diamond AB

May 23, 2013

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“Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” ― George Carlin

“After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.” ― Mark Twain Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming 1. Whenever you’re wrong, admit it, 2. Whenever you’re right, shut up. 
Shaquille O Neal

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QC Events

Hubby : You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office. Why? 

Hubby : You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you? 

Wife : When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears. 

Wife : Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, “What other problem can there be greater than this one ?”

May 23, 2013

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A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. Michel de Montaigne

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International News - NL & NS Events

Bill Gikling (J.C. “Pappy” Hoel Outstanding Achievement Award) – Motorcycle dealer for Harley-Davidson and Yamaha motorcycles. He worked with Pappy Hoel to start the White Plate Flat Trackers. Marjoe Gortner – Television producer who organized the 2000 television show “Sturgis: The Great Ride.” It was the first motorcycle related show to air on a non-sports oriented channel.

John Paul DeJoria to Serve as MC for Hall of Fame Breakfast The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum is pleased to announce that John Paul DeJoria will be the Master of Ceremonies for the museum’s annual Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast this year. John Paul is a Hall of Fame member from the class of 2004. DeJoria is a self-made entrepreneur who started John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care products with a partner in 1980. He is also co-founder of Patron Spirits Company. Besides being an extremely successful businessman, DeJoria is a well-known humanitarian who supports numerous causes from medical research to children’s foundations. In his role as Master of Ceremonies, John Paul DeJoria will introduce the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Class of 2013. The inductees for 2013 are: “Still” Ray Fitzgerald – Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame – Motorcycle rights advocate in Nevada then Arizona. Russ Brown – Motorcycle attorney and founder of BAM, a free breakdown and legal assistance service for motorcyclists that currently has close to two million members. Rick Fairless – Master bike builder and founder and owner of Strokers Dallas, Strokers Ink and Storkers Ice Bar and Grill in Dallas.

Lonnie Isam, Sr. – a well-known expert in the history of antique American motorcycles who has bought, sold, collected and restored hundreds of them.

May 23, 2013

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The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast is scheduled on Wednesday, August 7 at 9:00 a.m. at The Lodge at Deadwood in Deadwood, SD. Breakfast tickets are available for a $35.00 donation, tables of eight for $300.00. Tickets can be purchased through the Museum at 605.347.2001 or on line at

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NS Events

May 23, 2013

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Reminder to Amherst and area Defenders of the Poker Run starting in Amherst and ending in Pugwash NS.. Registration 0900-1100 hrs. 22 June 2013, Amherst Town Square Mall Parking Lot. Put on by The Pugwash Search and Rescue. $10.00 a hand.. Bob Perry

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NS Events

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair Sam Ewing Men are like bank accounts. The more money, the more interest they generate. Mark Twain

May 23, 2013

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Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers (061) Cape Breton On May 25th 2013 Cape Breton Free-Wheelin wil be hosting their annual Safety Awareness Ride In Memory of Fallen Bikers all motorcycle riders are welcome. There will also be a Blessing of the Bike provided by the Defenders Motorcycle Club.The ride will be starting in Sydney Mines and ending in Reserve for a BBQ.The rain date will be May 26th.

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NWT & PEI Events

Yellowknife NWT

Midnight Sun Classic Car & Truck Show & Motorcycle Run Thursday June 20, 2013 YK Co-Op parking lot Show 7-9pm, ride to follow All brands welcome! Registration & set-up 6-7pm

BarBQ and refreshments available from the:

Midnight Sun Ride Souvenir patches and T-Shirts also available.

May 23, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Faith & Motorcycles

May 23, 2013

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Dead Cricket Walking: OK, now that I have your attention, let me explain. I’m sure most of you have been down this road, you know, where your kids or grand kids just have to have a certain pet. Right? Going back over the years, I recall the two rabbits (Hoppy + Springer), Peter the crazy cat, Kuda the giant Bouvier Des Flanders, Siamese fighting fish, love birds, budgies, fresh and salt water fish tanks, hamsters, ( who escaped their cages and lived in our attic and walls for years ) guinea pigs, and Lord knows what else I never knew about. As I thought back on all the misadventures my mind flashed back to all the ‘road kill’ I have personally experienced while riding / driving. I guess the most unusual encounter was when a giant duck flew smack dab into my windshield while driving on a highway in the middle of a sunny afternoon. Odd thing was, it just splattered on my windshield and got stuck there. Of course, obstructing my vision. So now think about this, had this happened to you, what would be the first thing you would do? Think about it. . . yeah. Turn on the windshield wipers. lol Well, it didn’t work, that dead duck was somehow now “one with my windshield”. I had to pull over, get out and remove it. I should say, it was removed with dignity. (is that politically correct enough? )

I’m thinking that most of my animal encounters on my bike have been very near misses, mostly dogs running out onto the road, the odd deer and perhaps the closest call of all had to be when I was in the Okanagan, late one dark night as I rolled around a sweeping corner at high speed and as I straightened out (coming out of the corner) a huge badger was galloping across the highway from my right to left . . . it literally missed the car in front of me by a few yards and cleared my front wheel by a few feet. That was a big creature and am thinking it would not have ended well had I hit it. Am thinking we can all tell our “bee” stories and how they seem to go up sleeves and down collars, in shirts and other private places. But getting back to the crickets . . . a couple of weeks ago the latest in a long list of little creatures (pets) joined our family unit. A little one foot bearded dragon, I believe. Great pet, I thought. Its quiet and sleeps most of the time behind or on top of rocks. WRONG. Turns out, every day the kids give it 2 or 3 crickets and those suckers make their annoying sounds day and night. I warned them if they don’t get eaten quickly, I’ll finish them off myself. Anyways, back to the story. I watch the crickets as they sit in the tank, inches away from their enemy, with no idea they are about to be it’s next meal. They chirp and do what it is crickets do, oblivious to the impending danger. The dragon simply stares them down, knowing he has got them right where he wants them. And when those ol hunger pangs start up, he simply shuffles over and chomps them down. After a couple of minutes, the only evidence there had been crickets in the tank is the odd body part (leg or antenna) that litters the floor of the tank.

You know, this is a great illustration of how Satan, our adversary operates. We read in our OWNER’S MANUAL for life, that his only objective is to deceive, destroy and devour us, by any means possible. We read in 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV) “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” He doesn’t come to us in a frightfully terrifying way... but rather, in such a way as to not cause us to be alarmed, for fear we would run away or seek the protection of Almighty God. We’re talking about eternal life here folks. God promises us an eternity with him in heaven, and the enemy Satan seeks to prevent us from ever hearing, seeing and receiving that truth. Know that God lives, and that his desire is for every soul on this planet to enter into a relationship with him. And to experience, peace, comfort, joy and hope in this life. Ride safe, ride true God bless Pastor Chuck Freedom Biker Church

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