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Yes, Texas Has Hills

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April 4th, 2013

Kathryn (Kat) Perry And winding roads. And great scenery. Look no farther than the Texas Hill Country west of Kerrville for proof. Rolling foothills lined with oak trees and creeks provide visceral pleasantries, while winding ribbons of asphalt like Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337, nicknamed the “Twisted Sisters,” (must have been thinking of my sister Lisa and I) fulfill a motorcyclist’s desire for excitement.

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Along the way, stop, take a break for a cold drink at the Frio Canyon Motorcycle

Stop in Leakey and check out the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool. There we even found an antenna Stripper Doll for Dad’s CVO Road Glide. And before anyone gets offended - Lisa and I are both feminists. Beyond the cowboys, Texas may be better known for beer and steaks, but the Hill Country is home to great wineries and gourmet cuisine. ‘I just love the Tempranillo with spicy hot wings,” says Lisa, my bubbly blonde sister, as she pours our Dad and me another glass. It smells like Texas, doesn’t it? It smells like Texas dirt. I don’t like saying that, but it does - you can taste the mushrooms and all the minerals. Think Texas and you probably conjure up images of cowboy boots, honky-tonk bars or smoked brisket (and yes, it has all that), but the state’s wineries - such as Pedernales Continued on Next Page

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Cellars, where we are enjoying that good ol’ Southern hospitality - are starting to get a fair bit of attention, too, evident by the number of large tour buses.

Texas Has Hills My dad, William, my twisted sister, Lisa and I are in Stonewall in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. For the uninitiated, this is the enormous (about 15,000 square miles) swathe of rugged land, carpeted with cedar, oak and mesquite, that stretches from just north of San Antonio in the south, up to Llano and Burnet counties in the north, Austin, the state capital, in the east, and Edwards county in the west. There are 51 cities in the Hill Country, including Fredericksburg (just up the road from Stonewall, where Courtney and I are staying), Boerne (pronounced Bernie), and Bandera (the self-styled “cowboy capital of the world”). One year the New York Times declared this the number one place to go in North America - trumping even Alaska, British Columbia’s sunshine coast and the stunning Pacific Northwest. It said: “Who needs Europe? The Texas Hill Country ... is lush, colourful and,

Yes, Texas Has Hills

unlike much of the pancake-flat state, dotted with beautiful green hills that are evocative of Tuscany or the south of France.” The Hill Country, if you haven’t guessed already, makes Texans (and, it seems, New York journalists) a wee bit dewy-eyed. It’s even been immortalized in a song by local country singer Pat Green. In Carry On, http:// he sings: “Baby’s just a little bit tired of the city/ Billboards and bullshit got her down/ Seem like you need a little Hill Country/ a little back roads driving, little bit of the ol’ top down.” From the Pedernales Cellars winery, perched on a hill, you can see for miles. It’s like being in a John Ford western, and you can imagine disappearing off into the horizon on horseback. Angie, our bodacious hostess, has her eye on the cars that keep arriving up the long gravel drive, dust clouds rising from their wheels. Considering Pedernales Cellars only opened in December, this place is busy, but Angie takes time to show us the geothermal cellar out the back: a huge concrete room

April 4, 2013

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built into the hillside. “It’s naturally cooled,” she explains, “so the barrels of wine are at the perfect temperature.” Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles There’s time to take in another winery in the afternoon, so we opt for the longer established Becker Vineyards. If you haven’t visited central Texas before, you’ll be surprised at all the greenery. It’s been a dry winter and one church we pass has a neon sign outside that reads: “Pray for rain”, but the reason peaches and grapes grow here so well is largely because of the Edwards Aquifer, one of the most prolific artesian aquifers in the world, which helps feed several rivers meandering through the Hill Country on their journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, Texas Has Hills

Peaches are a big export but it’s off season and we pass row upon row of short, stocky trees, devoid of fruit, their branches reaching towards the big blue Texas sky like a congregation raising its hands to heaven.

April 4, 2013

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and barbecues. In 1996 there were just 25 wineries in the whole state. Now there are more than 140.

As we pull up at Becker, there’s a country singer playing guitar outside, surrounded by about 50 people all enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine. “There’s so much direct sunlight here in Texas,” Nichole from the winery, explains, “ that unlike Sonoma, California, where fog comes in from the Bay and the grapes still have green stalks and seeds when they’re harvested, Texas grapes get über ripe and the wine doesn’t have quite the same tannin bite.” Dr Richard Becker and his wife, Bunny (that’s right), have been making wine here since 1996. But wine isn’t new to Texas. The Spanish missionaries brought vines to Ysleta, near El Paso, in the 1500s - even before California got its grapes. But prohibition put an end to all that, and afterwards Texas became better known for beer (there were a large number of German settlers here)

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The German heritage of Fredericksburg is apparent in the 19th-century limestone buildings, shops and restaurants, which have names like Schmidt-Dietz, Kaiser & Co and Altdorf. It’s a pretty town - if a bit touristy (obligatory cowboy hat store and gift shops). In the park, there’s a bronze statue of the town’s founder, John O Meusebach, sharing Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles a peace pipe with a local Comanche chief.

Apparently, it’s the only peace treaty in the US never to have been broken - hard to believe, but there it is. The year before the treaty, Native Americans lit fires on the hills surrounding Fredericksburg to send smoke signals during negotiations. Pioneer children, said to have been frightened by the fires, were told that the Easter bunny was boiling and colouring eggs in large kettles for their Easter baskets. Every year since then, the town’s residents have held bonfires on Easter Saturday to commemorate this tale. The hills around Fredericksburg - and elsewhere in the Hill Country - are well worth exploring: half an hour outside of town is the

Yes, Texas Has Hills

Enchanted Rock Natural Area - a towering giant boulder covering 260 hectares (640 acres) and rising 130m out of the ground. It’s a great place to go hiking or take a picnic. A few months ago we spent the weekend on a dude ranch in Bandera, 50 miles south. The trail took us deep into the hills, and my horse, Otis, never lost his footing as he picked his way carefully through craggy loose limestone boulders. It was there, as the sun beat down on our necks, surrounded by the smell of cedar trees, that we really got an idea of the immensity of this place.

For lunch, Lisa, Dad and I paid a visit to Hondo’s restaurant. Hondo Crouch was a Texas institution, an eccentric raconteur who bought the unincorporated town of Luckenbach (16 miles from Fredericksburg; population three) back in 1970. The town was immortalized in a song, Luckenbach Texas by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, in 1977, a year after Hondo’s death. Today, his daughter runs the restaurant and it’s a veritable shrine, with photos and newspaper cuttings adorning the walls. We’re staying at the Cotton Gin village - a

April 4, 2013

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purpose-built “hamlet” of rustic cabins with a restaurant, the Cabernet Grill. Although the Grill is designed to look old, the cabins are the genuine article - pre-Civil War wooden lodges, transported here plank by plank from Kentucky and Tennessee. They look authentic inside too - right down to the corrugated iron ceiling, huge rustic log bed and spinning wheel in the corner. The pictures on the Cotton Gin’s website make it look a little hokey, and while there are slightly twee touches, such as a “leave guns here” sign outside, it’s a beautiful place to spend a holiday. There’s a bucket of natural cotton stalks, hanging from a wall, next to black and white paintings of early pioneers. Colourful Mexican blankets have been strung up to divide the rooms and there’s an open fire inside the cabin. It’s a lovely touch, but is only in use between November and February, because Texas is too damn hot the rest of the time; it’s not unusual for it to reach 40C here in the summer. Next door is the Peach Pit BBQ restaurant - a ramshackle place that boasts delicious brisket, smoked sausage and turkey. But tonight, as the sun sets over the hills of Texas, we opt instead for dinner at the Cabernet Grill; this state is Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Table of Contents 2 — Yes, Texas Has Hills 3 — Yes, Texas Has Hills 4 — Yes, Texas Has Hills 5 — Yes, Texas Has Hills 6 — Health 7 — Health 8 — Health 9 — Rock & Ride & BC Events 10 — Wyz Wmn’s Words to the Wise 11 — BC Events 12 — BC Events 13 — BC Events 14 — Ride Like a Pro - Traction 15 — Thunder Lizard Lips Off - Helmets 16 — AB News & Events 17 — AB News & Events 18 — Attitude Zone & AB Events 19 — AB News & Events 20 — AB Events 21 — AB Events 22 — AB Events 23 — Sports & AB Events 24 — Sports & AB Events 25 — Sports 26 — Sports 27 — New Product News 28 — New Product News 29 — Pair-A-Dice Trikes 30 — Cyclemania - SK Events 31 — bad Uncle Monkey - SK Events 32 — SK News - R.A.G.E. in the News 33 — Lifestyles - Big Bertha & SK Events 34 — Lifestyles - Big Bertha & SK Events 35 — SK Events- Wordsearch 36 — Best Roadside Service - Member Benefits 37 — Road Trip Rewards - Member Benefits 38 — Road Trip Rewards - Member Benefits 39 — From the Depths of File 13 40 — From the Depths of File 13

Yes, Texas Has Hills

starting to get a reputation for its upscale eateries as well as its cowboy cooking. I tuck into panseared rainbow trout stuffed with roasted tomatoes, asiago cheese, herbs and applewood-smoked bacon. Lisa has aubergine stuffed with blue crab and shrimp. Dad digs into the biggest steak I think I’ve ever seen. It’s all washed down, of course, with a bottle of Texas red. This is one of my favourite memories of spending time with my dad and my sister Lisa, and a fitting tribute to them both, and how their early departures (and my niece Kaylee’s), leaves such a hole in my heart. In times like these it’s good to remember the good times - spending time together, riding motorcycles, drinking wine.

April 4, 2013

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Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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April 4, 2013

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April 4, 2013

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April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Rock & Ride & BC Events

Well, the 6th annual Ride and Rock is just around the corner. Check out the Poster.on your right! We are excited to have the band 54-40 headlining this year. Mark your calendar, Saturday May 25, 2013. This is the Saturday after the long weekend in May. When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

Tickets are on sale now at Kreater Motorcycles and will also be available at Memphis Blues downtown, and Andre’s Electronic Experts Westside on Wednesday. After last years sellout and turning away almost 250 people be sure to get your tickets for this Party of the Summer early... Thank you for all your support in making 2012 our most successful year yet, and, for the strongest winter season we’ve ever seen. THE STAFF AT KREATER.

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4th annual Williams Lake Toy Run Aug. 17th Follow us on Facebook for more information: williamslaketoyrun2012/

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Wyz Wmn’s Words to the Wise

April 4, 2013

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WyzWmn’s Words to the Wise Biker Wisdom…

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events

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April 4, 2013


SUNDAY JUNE 2ND NOON to 5:00 Tables / Stalls are $20.

No admission fee.




TROPHIES FOR SHOW ‘n SHINE (Best Custom, Best Paint, Best Vintage, People’s Choice, Best Rat Bike + Loudest Pipes)

Guest judging by:

$5 to enter your ‘ride’



The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

BC Events

April 4, 2013




In Support of JDRF - The Global Leader In Type 1 Diabetes Research

POKER RUN JUNE 21 & 22 2013

OPEN INVITATION – THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL MAKES OF MOTORCYCLES Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts! The Langley Chapter of H.O.G.® invites you to come ride with us through the scenic roads of Langley and the Fraser Valley. After the Poker Run, enjoy a first class dinner and all the dancing you can handle. FRIDAY JUNE 21 4:00pm - 8:00pm 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Registration / Check-In & First Card Draw Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley Welcome Party BBQ Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley

SATURDAY JUNE 22 8:00am - 9:30am 8:30am - 10:00am 5:30pm - 12:00am

Day of Registration / Check–In & First Card Draw Barnes Harley-Davidson®, Langley Breakfast at J.D. Farms 24726 – 56 Avenue, Langley

For full information or to download a registration package, please visit: or Sponsored By

Presented by the Langley Chapter

Reception, Dinner & Dance Dance to the Sound of Beach Patrol Pacific Inn Resort Hotel, 1160 King George Hwy, White Rock •

Barnes Harley-Davidson® • 8859 - 201st Street • Langley • t. 604.534.6044 • f. 604.534.6077 •

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Fifth Annual

Cumberland Motorcycle Roundup Vancouver Island

August 10th & 11th, 2013 SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE August 10, 8 pm CRI Hall. Live music with Remedy. Tickets $10. Cameron’s - 2730 Dunsmuir Ave

Spectators Free! Camping Available


Cumberland & Waverley Hotels

Jean 250.336.8746


Saturday, August 10 Registration $10, 11am-1pm Dunsmuir Avenue TATTOO CONTEST Awards, Draws, Great Prizes Bike Games to follow TOM CARPENTER


Sunday, August 11 Registration $10, 8am - 10am Village Square

BC Events

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles I just got back from Ohio where they love to patch the roads with tar strips. These strips become very slick even in perfectly dry conditions once the temperature is above 70 degrees. In fact, we were performing my rider skills show in a parking lot at the Mid-Ohio Racetrack, there were tar strips every 20 feet. Even though our speeds were low, the lean angles we use are extreme. Every time I crossed one of these tar strips, I could feel the front tire slip out a few inches. On a high speed turn on one of these tar strips, the bike could easily low side. There will be occasions where the road is perfectly dry, but, as you round a curve you suddenly see some sand or gravel in your path. The only way to avoid a low side crash in that situation is to straighten up the bike before you cross the sand or gravel. To avoid that situation altogether, which of course is the best policy, scan the surface well ahead of your path of travel. Make sure you are able to stop within your sight distance. Till next month, use a little common sense and you’ll keep the shiny side up. My website

Legal Hotel Friday Night Steak Nights during riding season!

Sunday Jams & lots of entertainment.

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(780) 961-3117

Ride Like a Pro - Traction

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April 4, 2013

Ride For Angels June 22rd, 2013 We will be putting together another 700 kms ride that will travel through Lloydminster, Cold Lake, Vermillion, Wainwright, Chauvin, Edgerton, Frog Lake, La Corey, Elk Point, Bonnyville, Marwayne, and Paradise Hill. Last year we raised over $35000.00 to send to the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society to help families with AS and to raise awareness. Contact Kent Fleming to register at, or call at 780-808-3274. Itinerary: Parking lot of Edge Harley-Davidson / Lloydminster Honda

7:30 Set up at Lloydminster location 8:00 Registration Starts and silent auction items placed 10:00 Chase vehicles depart 11:00 BBQ’s at all locations start registrations end 3:00 pm BBQ’s start to shut down to be closed by 4 5:00 pm, shut down at locations of silent auctions and take down all items 7:00 pm, set up starts for taking prizes and food to multiplex for After Party 8:00 pm, After Party starts 10:00 pm, Goodnight and thanks for coming out!!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Since I’ve been getting the bike ready (but not riding, since our yard is still a foot deep and our alley is sheer ice covered by water today), I had a thought about a ridiculous thing I sent to a buddy a while back. Thought maybe I’d share it, in the spirit of just a chuckle! It’s almost time to ride! You might be a Canadian Biker if… - You’ve ever had to scrape the frost off of the windscreen before riding - You’ve tested your bike’s coolant to make sure it’s good to –32C - You’ve slipped off your ride due to frost on the seat - You’re designing an electric coffee cup holder because the java freezes on the way to work - You’ve ever Googled “heated motorcycle helmets” and bought one - You’ve ever had to warn your riding buddies “hey, go easy, the puddles are still frozen until the sun gets over the trees” - You’ve ever had to dig your bike out of a snowdrift because you DROVE it there - Your bike knows what a snowdrift IS - You’ve searched for studded motorcycle tires... to fit a cruiser - You’ve gotten frostbite on exposed skin... in a 30Km/h zone - Your “cold weather” riding gauntlets are better insulated than your house - You own more than 2 pieces of “heated riding gear” - You own a set of home made tire chains for your ride- and you’ve used them

Thunder Lizard Lips Off - Helmets

- You’ve ever made room in your saddlebags for a container of ice melter - You know what it feels like to ride in 7 layers of pants - You have a motorcycle logo scarf... and not for tobogganing - You’ve towed a toboggan behind your ride - You use different weights of engine oil for the “good” and “not as good” riding seasons - You can tell the difference between a frozen puddle and an unfrozen puddle from 30 meters away, at 50Km/h - You’ve ever had to wash road salt off of your ride - Your bike has a block heater. - You’ve ever had ass problems due to frozen seats - Your musical horn plays Xmas carols - Your bike insurance renews annually... in February, because that’s when you BOUGHT it, of course - You’ve ever had to have your tongue unfrozen from the inside of your helmet - You have no ‘outlaw bikers’ in your town... because they can all afford to live in warmer places - You’ve ever heard your bike mechanic say “oh, it weren’t nothin’, eh? She just had a little snow in the air cleaner, gummin’ things up, eh?”

April 4, 2013

Page 15

- You had a toys for kids run... just in time for Xmas - You took a flat track racing course, but quit because it wasn’t as exciting as spring/fall riding in Alberta - Your house is on a gravel road, but only in March, April, and May- the rest of the year it’s paved - You’ve ever replaced a headlight or windscreen because you tailgated a snow plow. - You’ve tailgated a snow plow - You’ve ridden your bike to a buddy’s house to watch the NHL all star game - Your Xmas cards last year were of you and the family... next to a well-decorated bike - You bought a liquid cooled bike so you could re-route the coolant hoses thru the seat and the grips. - And finally… you have a picture of Santa Claus on your bike… at Tim Horton’s… during the Brier R. Jeff LeGrand The Busted Knuckle

Facing noise bylaws that single out motorcycles? Contact M.O.D.E.L. for assistance no matter what province in Canada you live in!

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April 4, 2013 11485-97 Ave • Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5R8 East end of GP Truck Wash 780-830-2453 •

Grande Prairie Motorcycle Trade Show & Swap Meet This is an “All Brands” event including all makes & models and gives an opportunity for Peace Country vendors, riders & collectors to get together to buy, sell, trade, show off, and talk about new, used, and vintage parts and accessories. From professional shops and manufacturers liquidating excess inventory to the hobbyist selling off leftovers from his latest project, you can find smokin’ deals on hard to find parts and accessories. For owners who would like to showcase their motorcycle, there will be an area to display your ride.

The Mckenzie Ride - Ride Route Update RIDE ROUTE Update change The Mckenzie Ride

Saturday, April 27, 2013 Evergreen TEC Centre General Admission: $5 doors open 10AM- 4PM Under 16 free Reserving your Vendor space is easy! You may contact us anytime @ or Monday thru Friday 9 A.M. till 5 P.M. by calling (780) 832-4417

Like us on Facebook Grande Prairie Toys for Tots Association

Support Paws Fur Thoughts The Long Walk to Sanity 50 dogs, for 50 veterans in 50 days

Finning - Ride for United Way Edmonton Motorcycle Riders Group Saturday, May 25, 2013 - 7:45 AM Petro Canada - 26230 Township Road 431A (Yellowhead hwy & Hi way 60 ) Acheson, AB 5th Annual Finning Motorcycle Ride for the United Way. A nice Saturday morning group ride from Spruce Grove. Route to be determined. We will meet at Acheson Petrocan and depart together to the Grove at 7:45am . Registration is 7:45 - 8:30am. Ride... Join the Edmonton Motorcycle Riders Meet Up Group to learn more!

Driving directions to Range Road 10, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0 Via David Thompson Hwy, David Thompson Hwy, From Tourism Visitors Centre Red Deer 4200 Hwy 2 #101 Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1E3 Head North on Hwy #2 QE highway towards Edmonton Take exit 401 for AB-11 (David Thompson Hwy) /67 Street toward Rocky Mountain House Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Alberta 11 highway West / Rocky Mtn House Turn left onto David Thompson Hwy #11 Turn left Range Road 280 B THE FIRST LEFT after crossing over the QE II Hwy

Turn left onto AB-781 South Turn left onto AB-592 East ( towards Penhold ) Turn left onto Range Rd 10

Driving directions to Range Road 10, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

AB News & Events

Because I’m a man, I can be relied upon to purchase basic groceries at the store, like beer, milk or bread. I cannot be expected to find exotic items like ‘cumin’ or ‘tofu.’ For all I know, these are the same thing.

The Bellevue M/C and Ride for Sight Awareness Day event will be June 8th this year. An awesome poker run is planned for the afternoon so come prepared to ride through some beautiful country and support us. Miles Hesselgrave

Submitted by Gary

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Attitude Zone... Re your Article "The third death in 10 weeks - I am reeling.": So very sorry for all of this loss. Sending prayers for you too. Sash This is such terrible news. My prayers too, will be lifted and I will ask God to carry the family and you through this horrible time Betty. May God bless you all with his peace. Robert E. Simmons mourns the loss of this family. We have all lost a great asset to the motorcycle community. May the Lord bless the survivors and keep them in His arms. Stew

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April 4, 2013

BD Betty: I am also saddened by these circumstances . . . I am at a loss for words but sincere condolences to their families bob skoot Riding the Wet Coast

We are having a charity run on August 4, 2013 in STURGIS, SASKATCHEWAN. We have had this charity run for the last 3 yrs. we let the charity run the show as the breakfast and the supper and we organize the run. We do a 400kms run and get back to Sturgis for the supper. This year it is for the cadets. The first year we raised money for the wheel chair accessible playground in Preeceville and last year we raised money for the daycare in Sturgis. The run is $20.00 per motorcycle. Contact person is Ron @ 1 306-547-7544 or

CALGARY RIDE FOR DAD Update EXECUTIVE ROYAL INN and HOTEL is now the official Ride for Dad Hotel in Calgary.



AIRPORT PARKING “The Original International Airport Hotel”

Book your stay for June 14th and/or 15th and receive a rate of $99 per night. Call the hotel directly at 1-877-769-2562 and let them know you are part of the “MOTORCYCLE RIDE FOR DAD” Calgary Airport Hotels | Calgary Hotels Near YYC | Executive Hotels Steve Adair

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

Phone: (780) 955-2581

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

2110 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

Phone: (780) 955-2336

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2 Phone (780) 955-2581 • Fax (780) 955-9466 Phone:(780) 955-2581 Reservations Toll Free 1-800-420-1596

Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-420-1596

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AB News & Events

April 4, 2013

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Hi my name is Doug Klan

Here are some DON’TS for you:

I have been asked over the last several years to do Bike Blessings for Bike clubs. If you are wondering who I am, I am a bike rider, President of Chariots of Light for Alberta plus a pastor of a church.

Women will never be Don’t argue with a fool. The spectators can’t tell the difference. equal to men until Don’t be sexist. Broads hate that. they can walk down the Don’t believe everything you think. street with a bald Don’t cry because its over, smile because head and a beer gut, it happened. Don’t follow me, I’m lost too. and still think Don’t let yesterday take up to much of they are SEXY!!! today. Don’t steal a police car unless you’re prepared to floor it all the way to Mexico. Sly’s 24th Annual Pig Don’t tell any big lies today. Small ones Roast Near Onoway, can be just as effective.

It is always an honor and privilege to pray a blessing over bikes and riders because my desire is to see riders have a safe riding season. IF you want me to come and pray a blessing over your club this spring 2013, please contact me at I do not charge anything for this but want all riders to have a safe journey for 2013. Doug

Foothills Motorcycle Apparel

#6, 122 4th Ave W, Cochrane, AB

South of the Lights on Hiway 1A from Calgary

Phone: 403-861-0611 Toll Free: 1-888-851-0619

Motorcycle Apparel for the Discerning Biker! Easyrider Apparel, Scorpion Helmets, Milwaukee Boots & other TOP NAME BRANDS! Hours: 10 AM - 6PM from Wednesday to Sunday

less than 1 hr from Edmonton – Take Highway 16X West to RR 20 turn North (right) Lake Eden turn off, follow signs to site (approx. 15 mins). Rain, Snow or Shine - Proceeds to Santa’s Anonymous - Live Music All Weekend Camping No Dogs/Attitudes -

Pre-ticket sales Information to be announced.

Call Sly for Tickets and Info 780-487-7629

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April 4, 2013

AB Events

Legal Hotel & The Erin Doyle Poker Run We hold Friday night steak nights, have ample parking, great entertainment and a very bike friendly Pub and hotel with Cafe. We also hold an annual Poker Run in memory of Erin Doyle, killed in Afghanistan 11 Aug 08. All proceeds from fundraising go to the Military Family Resource Center Christmas Hamper Fund at the request of his wife. This years run will be on 31 August 2013. Steve Thiedemann

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Redwater Ride for Hunger Anyone interested in being a vendor at this year’s Redwater Ride for Hunger on Sunday June me at: or call at 780-993-3532. Thanks and see y’all June 2nd!! :)

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Our Alberta Office is Expanding As of April 22nd the NEW ADDRESS will be: 6715-8th St NE Suite 140 Calgary AB T2E 7H7 Phone:403.241.2288 Toll Free:1.866.472.0721 Fax: 403.241.5912

AB Events

HAWG FLATTS 14 th annual bike rally and pig roast JULY 12, 13, 14. Bands are MONSTER BABY, MIKE the PARTY HOG, and the ultimate tribute to LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!! Vendors are welcome, sponsors are welcome, and much appreciated any questions contact RED @17806890351 groups/19550313229/ permalink/10151364529333230/

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April 4, 2013

IT’S THE ONLY LAW WE DO Calgary 1-877-230-0091 Braithwaite Boyle Centre 1701 Centre Street N Red Deer 1-877-314-0123 Braithwaite Boyle Annex 3401 Gaetz Avenue Edmonton 1-800-661-4902 Braithwaite Boyle Building 11816 - 124 Street

Free Consultation Call any local toll-free number 24 hours Proud sponsors of:

The Canadian Paraplegic Association

INJURY CONTROL RESEARCH GROUP Faculty of Medicine University of Alberta

Serving Riders in Alberta, BC, Yukon and NWT


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AB Events

April 4, 2013

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Just for Busted Knuckle Subscribers & members of Belt Drive Betty dot Com Fashioned after the Never Work Alone programs this great program means you always have someone looking out for you while you are on the road! Ride Alone - but your never Alone. This FREE service is provided by a certified 911 dispatch center - Intercon Messaging IT’S Another PERK of being our member! Visit: for the details!

Register for the ride or support a registered rider online. Sunday, August 4, 2013 9:00am - 3:00pm

Riders assemble at Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre parking lot Sunday Morning, Highway 18 and 96 Ave, Westlock, AB • Pancake Breakfast 9 A.M. • Motorcycle Assembly 9 A.M., Registration and turn in Pledge Sheets • Poker Run 10 A.M. • Silent Auction, Door Prizes, and more. Motorcycle riders will assemble from all over Alberta to support STARS. Funds will be raised by a Poker Run and pledge sheets. The Ride will conclude back in Westlock at the WestlockRotary Spirit Centre. Note: Businesses who wish to participate can set up displays, no charge ... in exchange for any support, whether donations, vounteers, or promotional items for riders. For more info re: support, donations, participation or general questions; Contact Ted Brooks 780-349-1093

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

2013 Canadian Women’s West National Series Presented By: TRIM FX From the huge success we had last year with the series we hope you are all as excited as we are for the up coming moto season. We have a new line up of sponsors helping us out this year, so we thought it would be great to pump you all up by letting you know about the $10,000+ in prizes and Cash that can be won! To start, TMK Motorsports Holeshot Awards has DOUBLED the money from last year! $100.00 and a FREE pair of Scott Goggles for EACH moto of the Series. Each round will have a round sponsor who will put up $500.00 for the top 5 of that day. Round 1: Kamloops, BC- CSC Electric Round 2: Calgary, AB- Alair Homes Round 3: Edmonton, AB- Schrader’s This is on top of the 100% payback you will receive from CMRC! Our draw table last year was a huge hit so at the end of the day at each round we will have a draw table set up with numerous gift cards and prizes to be won by ALL girls who signed up to race that day. The prizes and gift cards include products from: - Matrix - Dragon - Atlas - Troy Lee

Sports & AB Events

Designs - Vanquish - Loudmouth Intakes - Fly - Cycle North $100.00 in Husky/Mohawk Gas Gift Cards will be up for grabs at each round. Sponsored by Jonker Auto Group (Jonker Honda, Jonker Nissan, & Nissan Commercial Vehicles) Rod Matechuk from RMR Suspension will be at all of the Women’s West Rounds, offering 20% off suspension work. Anything from setting sag & clickers, leaky fork seals to complete revalves. Take advantage of this great trackside support! Rod will also be giving away a FREE set of Smith goggles to every girl wearing Smith finishing in the top 3 overall at each round. Myrna Hansen will try to make it to all of the rounds to take pictures, so show up looking your best! At the end of the series we will have a few Individual Awards to give out: Schrader’s Hard Charger Award- $200.00 Awarded to the competitor with the “nevergive up” attitude; who has fought to overcome and succeed over challenges throughout the series. Cycle North Most Improved Rider Award$200.00 Awarded to the competitor who has consistently improved their skills from the previous years, stood out, and worked hard to achieve their goals. LimeNine Speed & Style Award – A set of 20 mil custom shrouds and matching backgrounds ($250.00 value) Awarded to the

Page 23 April 4, 2013 rider with the gnarliest riding style! If you can throw down like a champ, you’re gonna have to look like a champ! The Turner Family will be donating a Championship Ring to the Women’s West Canadian Champion! KNV Chartered Accountants LLP Giving $300.00 towards the series purse! For those of you who don’t know, we had a close friend from our moto family pass away last year. The rest of his family is still very involved in motocross, with his sister Charity looking to compete in the Women’s Series again this year. Carline & Gary Bachman were ever so kind enough to donate Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles $1,000.00 to our series purse from the Lucas Bachman Memorial Fund. They want the money going to something he would want to be a part of, and Carline stated it best when she said “Lucas loved girls”. If you haven’t seen the Bracelets we had made “Supporting Women’s MX” or the desk top and wall calendars we are making be sure to pick some up at any of the 3 Women’s West Rounds. We will have a booth set up on the Saturday Amateur Day & Sunday Pro Day of each Round. Bracelets are $5.00 desk top calendars are $10.00, and wall calendars are $20.00. All of the profits will be going towards our West Series Purse. Last, but not least, the 2013 Women’s West Series is presented by TRIM FX! We wanted to step it up this year by looking more professional, so with the help of TRIM FX we will have BIG Cheques to hand out for our Holeshot Awards, Individual Awards, and we will have a sponsor background for our booth.

Sports & AB Events

Not only that, but they are throwing in some cash for the series purse!!! Keep an eye out for our new website, we will let you know when it is up and running!Take advantage of this great opportunity to race against some of the fastest women in Canada, as well as win some money and free product while doing it! Support those who Support you! Sincerely, Denaye Giroux & Camille Baker If you have any questions please email Denaye – Or Camille –

April 4, 2013

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CANINE SECOND CHANCE BEING A DOG’S BEST FRIEND Founder Sandra Tyacke (587) 988-4813 LEDUC AB We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles BCMA Schedule Change Due to the recent release of the Future West racing schedule, Ashcroft has decided to change their race date from April 20 and 21, to April 13 & 14. April 14 will be an ANQ.  BCMA apologizes for any inconvenience this causes our rider base.  We look forward to seeing you in April.


Alberta Vintage Flat Track Association 2013 Event Schedule

2013 Eastern Canadian Amateur National
Motocross Deschambault – Deschambault, Quebec
July 26 – 27, 2013 Click here for more info 2013 Trans Can Grand National Championships
Walton Raceway – Walton, Ontario
August 14-17, 2013 Click here for more info


March 22, 2013

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Motorcycle Association has announced the nominations for the Trial Des Nations, FIM World Championship for national teams. The event will take place in La Chatre, France on September 8th. We are pleased and proud that the following riders will represent the CMA and Canada at this important event.

AM MX Nationals 2013 Western Canadian Amateur National
Temple Hill Motorcycle Park – Raymond, Alberta
 June 26 – 29, 2013 Click here for more info

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April 4, 2013

Jonathan English Foxboro, ON

Dan Johnson Markdale, ON

Derek Thomas Moose Jaw, SK

and will be headed up by

June 8,9: Tim Horner Memorial, First Race Of The Season: Thorhild June 15,16 Exhibition Race: Lloydminister, Alberta July 2: Rodeo Exhibition Race: Thorhild Alberta July 13, 14 Summer Series Race, Thorhild, Alberta

Jordan Szoke Brantford, ON Current CMA #1 Plate holder Team Manager, as mentioned in an earlier release is Jen Johnson.




August 24,25: Hot August Days Race: Thorhild Alberta September 14,15: Fall Classic, Last Race Of The Season: Thorhild Alberta The track is in Thorhild, 90 km or so outside Edmonton.


Sign Up Saturday – 10 am – Ride 10:30 Saturday – Vintage Only – A & B Class Sunday – 9 am – Ride 10:00 Sunday – Modern – Junior to Expert Classes Fun traditional sections – Emphasis on FUN! CONCESSION AVAILABLE FREE ADMISSION FOR SPECTATORS Members $20.00/Day or ride two days for $30 Non-Members - $30.00/Day - ride two days for $45 Under 16 – $10.00/Day INFO – Steve Fracy – 250-743-9806

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April 4, 2013

General Trials Information Calendar & trials bikes on the market

THE CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION 605 James St N, 4th Flr, Hamilton, Ontario L8L 1J9 Telephone (905) 522-5705 Fax (905) 522-5716 Hamilton ON Canada - March 22nd 2013 Szoke to Lead Trial des Nations Canadian Team The Board of Directors of the Canadian Motorcycle Association has announced the nominations for the Trial Des Nations, FIM World Championship for national teams. The event will take place in La Chatre, France on Sept. 8. The CMA is pleased and proud that the following riders will represent the CMA and Canada at this important event: Jonathan English of Foxboro, Ont Dan Johnson of Markdale, Ont Derek Thomas of Moose Jaw, Sask The team will be headed up by Jordan Szoke of Brantford, ON, the current CMA number one plate holder. Team Manager, as mentioned in an earlier release is Jen Johnson.

Jordan Szoke - Ossa TR 280i Calgary Ab Canada - - photo courtesy of The Motorcycle Shows Waznie Racing Inc, BMW Motorrad, Parts Canada, Alpinestars, HJC, Pirelli, Motul,, Yoshimura, Vortex, Hotbodies, RobbieO Enterprises, DID, NGK, BK Designs, Oakley, Ohlins, Moto-Mod Suspension,, Stomp Grip, Chickenhawk, Strodes, Bicycle Works, photobOb, Fonthill Art and Home, Ossa Canada Motorcycles Waznie Racing The preliminary track schedule for 2013 is posted on our Google calendar. Please go to to check it out and for the calendar address so you can add it to whatever calendar application you use (that supports iCal). Our new website is still in progress but we are down to the final edits and tweeking so it works on mobile devices. Shouldn’t be much longer now!

2013 Observed Trials Schedule Apr.14 Fry’s Trial, Wardlow (near Brooks) Apr.21   Blackfoot Trial, Calgary May 12  Bearspaw Trial, Airdrie Jun.23   MRSI Challenge Trial, Fallen Timber Jul.21    Wildhorse Trial, YaHa Tinda Rd, (Mountainaire/Sundre) Aug.4    Moose Mountain Trial, Fallen Timber Aug.25   Muskeg Trial, Cremona Aug.31  Crowsnest Trial, Race Creek Sep.15  Whispering Pines, Waiparous Creek Oct.20   location TBD 2013 OMTI Trials and Endurocross SCHOOL Schedule Apr.20   Blackfoot Trial School, Calgary May?     Blackfoot Endurocross/Trial School TBC Jun.1-2  Blackfoot Endurocross/Trial School TBC Contact email:

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New Product News

April 4, 2013

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Black “Smooth” Power Port

Wire Plus Introduces Newly Engineered Power Ports Power Anywhere...Anytime! Chrome “Smooth” Power Port Winfield, KS - Wire Plus announces the introduction of their newly engineered smooth Power Ports. Now you can power your cell phone, heated vest, air compressor, cigarette lighter, GPS device or any electrical device up to 15 amps, anytime you ride. Get rid of dangling wires and connect a battery charger through the port when you’re not riding. You can actually maintain and charge your battery through this port. Power Ports are available in a luxurious chrome or black powder coated finish.

All Power Ports can be installed in minutes by connecting two wires to the battery and attaching the unit directly on the horn bolt or to any other location with one bolt mounting. Charge your customers for installation and make additional profits! These small compact Power Ports are constructed from billet aluminum and manufactured in the USA.

Be Part of the Canadian Coast to Coast Celebration! With Power Ports from Wire Plus, you will always have immediate power right at your fingertips every time you ride ...Anywhere! MSRP: $99.95.

Raising Awareness and Funds for the fight against all Women’s Cancers!

Call Wire Plus for SPECIAL dealer pricing... buy 3 at a time and save even more! For dealers interested in contacting Wire Plus, call (620) 221-2417, email them or check them out online at www. V-Twin Marketing Rick Raus 714-280-8537

Help us cross the nation to reach our goal of raising funds and awareness for all Women’s Cancers Research! We encourage and welcome your support!

This event is open to all riders! Join the ride for a segment or the entire rally!

Follow us on

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Pro Riders Marketing PRESS RELEASE Contact: Joe Distefano Pro Riders Marketing

Speedway Makin’ The Scene in Hollister As anyone that can read and is a motorcycle enthusiast can tell you, the Hollister Rally IS BACK and will be better than ever........SpeedWay Motorsport Shelters will be making the scene! Last year and for a second year in 2013, by the invitation of “The Idea Guy” Mike at Corbin, Speedway President Don Reeves will have an exhibit at the Corbin Customer Appreciation Event. This event in it’s forth year takes place during the rally on July 5th and 6th. Don Reeves said this about the Corbin Event, “The event was in our back yard for a couple of years before we took advantage of Mike’s gracious offer to attend. Are we glad we did! Mike and his staff are gracious hosts and

New Product News

April 4, 2013

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provide an extremely vendor and consumer friendly venue and experience for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to coming back in 2013 and sincerely thank Mike for the offer to return to this great event.”

make or model of your motorcycle, or any other questions about our motorcycle covers, the Speed-Way staff is available for immediate assistance. Call our customer service department at 831-477-9600.

That is all very cool, but the Speedway support of the industry and the local motorcycling community doesn’t stop there.

As always, your continued support of our clients and Pro Riders Marketing is sincerely appreciated.

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters will also have a second location downtown. Come see us on 6th Street... Next to the House of Thunder Harley Davidson display.

If you need further information or content to facilitate use of the PR, or for any reason, please feel free to contact me any time, 24/7.

FYI - 6th street is where the custom bike show will be all day Saturday. Vendors are on 5th, 6th and 7th streets Speed-Way shelters will be right in the center of the event! We look forward to seeing you all there for the festivities.

Best Regards, Joe Distefano Taking Pride in Your Ride! Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in two sizes...the Standard / Sport Model and the Specialized Touring Model. Use the motorcycle sizing guide on our website to help identify the Speed-Way motorcycle cover that best fits your specific bike, such as Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and more. If there are ever any questions about the Phone 319-389-0798 / fax 866-205-2422 Follow link below for client list:

The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room.

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Pair-A-Dice Trikes

We Specialize in Trikes! California Sidecar Trikes

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Coming August 2013 - HEATED HEATED STORAGE STORAGE like no other! Alarmed ~ Security Cameras ~ Dog Secured Owner lives on premises

Packages & Services Winter Package: Drop your bike/trike off when you are done for the season & pick it up in April! Includes: 6 Months of storage Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $75.00 per month based on a 6 month contract - Total- $450.00 + GST (extra months charged at $75.00) All bikes on a 6 month or

Champion Trikes Roadsmith Trikes Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories, Storage & Financing Located just 55 KM’s from the Edmonton International Airport!

Box 10, 3025 - 3rd St, Sunnybrook, AB T0C 2MO

April 4, 2013

longer contract, are

Our 365 Package: outfitted with a complimentary Battery Tender plug in and are No room to keep your bike/trike? kept charged for you. Includes: 12 months of storage Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $50.00 per month based on 12 month contract - Total - $600.00 + GST Out of Towner’s Package: Live in Fort McMurray? Want to spend more time riding? Includes: 12 months of heated storage 4 round trips to/from the Edmonton Airport Your choice of 1 hour detailing or 1 oil change $75 per month based on a 12 month contract-Total -$900.00 + GST *We proudly use Amsoil products for our oil changes

Phone: 780-789-1933 After the Ride - we can detail your motorcycle for you using your Fax: 1-888-813-3495 choice of FW1 or Bike Magic Products More indepth cleaning service is available Email: $80 -1 hour cleaning

Visit our NEW WEB SITE!

Cyclemania - SK Events

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April 4, 2013

Prairieland Exhibition Park 503 Ruth Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SHOWTIMES: Saturday April 13th - 9am til 8pm Sunday April 14th - 11am til 5pm

Saskatchewan’s Largest Mortorcycle Show and Dealer Expo CYCLEMANIA 2013 Motorcycle Entry Form 502 43th Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0V6 PH: FAX:

Show Stall Number:

306.934.8110 306.382.9346


2013 Show Times


- Setup April 12th noon - midnight


- Saturday April 13th 9am - 8pm

Postal Code:

- Sunday April 14th 11am – 5pm

Phone #:

** $60.00 / Motorcycle **

Email: Electricity Required



Displaying the following:(Please be specific)

***Cash & Cheque Accepted: Payable to Cyclemania ***

Show & Shine Information Owner: Phone: City: Year: Make & Model: Paint By: Design By:

Show Stall Number:

c y c l e m a n i a s a s k a t o o n . c o m

CYCLEMANIA 2013 Dealer Entry Form 502 43th Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0V6 PH: FAX:

Show Stall Number:

306.934.8110 306.382.9346


2013 Show Times


- Setup April 12th noon - midnight


- Saturday April 13th 9am - 8pm

Postal Code:

- Sunday April 14th 11am – 5pm

Phone #:

** $60.00 / Motorcycle **

Email: Description




10x10 Booth (min)


10x20 Corner








Bulk Space


$1.25 /sqft.

Displaying the following:(Please be specific)

***Cash & Cheque Accepted: Payable to Cyclemania ***

bad Uncle Monkey - SK Events The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Made with pride in the Had he had the real thing he would have USA - made in Canada for missed being scorned by "real" bikers. my readers north of the 49. It is rally call that is long I support the aftermarket. Yes there are some over due in North America. things that are better from the factory but many things bar and shield come from over For years manufacturing seas. There are many aftermarket products has been slowly moving made just down the street from us in locally across the ocean to be owned shops and companies that exceed made in Asia. Cheaper anything the factory can offer. labour, less restrictions, more technologically Where things get fuzzy is when we get lazy advanced in computers and think just because something is Canada/ drained away many manufacturing jobs here USA made it is better. This point was drove in North America. home to me last week when I was putting together BBQ's at work. Even with shipping the items half way around the world and across country by truck it was The American company had been making still cheaper to have items made overseas. their grills overseas for the last few years and As the recession gripped the world we are with the disdain for Made in China they were starting to release that losing these jobs to promoting that this year their BBQ were being cheaper workforces created unemployment built with pride here in North America. here at home. In a day I had assembled two identical BBQ, Made in the USA/Canada makes sense. We one from China and one from the US. The have a more then capable workforce, the raw difference in quality was overwhelming, and materials and the know how to manufacture not in a good way. The two identical BBQ right here in our own back yard. couldn't be farther apart in fit and finish.

For years we have taken comfort in the idea that domestically manufactured goods were superior to the cheaper imports. We only have to walk into a discount dollar store to see the cheaply made items, the Amazing Man-Spider, Abble computers, Suny stereos. For motorcycles it is hard to compare the Harley Davidson to the chrome dipped plastics from Japan. Harley Davidson has started an ad campaign in Turkey to encourage builders and customers to only use genuine Harley parts, anything less is a cheap knock off. They illustrated this by showing a biker with a blow up doll on the back of his bike.

Where the US had a stamped steel box I had to put together for the smoker China had an assembled box with the company name and logo laser engraved. Where one had sanded smooth edges the US has unfinished sharp edges. The protective film was peeled back where pieces fit together; the American had bolted right over...into the fire pit. Over half of the bolts were missing or loose on the US on, a BBQ proudly inspected by Jacob T to meet strict USA quality. These differences don't even go into the thinner stainless steel, the lighter cast grills, the..well you get the idea. Oh and the US model cost $500 more for the same grill.

Page 31 April 4, 2013 If we want to restore people’s belief that we can make a superior product then we have to deliver on manufacturing that superior product. Take pride in our workmanship. Stand up for a quality product. Learn and study our counterparts overseas and apply what we learn to our own factories. Because if a worker making $5 a week takes more pride in his workmanship then we do, what hope do we have. -bad Uncle Monkey Who’s Your Daddy – Cabaret Date: May 10th Time: 8 pm – till midnight Band: Slow Motion Walter Location: German Club Contact: tickets available from a Prairie Gopher or contact, Craig Romanyk (Fatbob) (306) 537–1788 email Who’s Your Daddy- Ride for Prostate Cancer Date: June 8th Registration: 9 am till noon – ride will leave between 11 am and noon Location: Prairie Harley BBQ to follow at the German Club Contact: Craig Romanyk (Fatbob) (306) 537–1788 email

Children: You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles


SK News - R.A.G.E. in the News

April 4, 2013

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What YOU Can Do

Contact your local MLA: Contact the Rate Review Panel: Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel PO Box 1301 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3N1 E-mail: Toll Free: 1-877-368-7075 Saskatoon: (306) 934-1948 Join the Movement on Facebook and let your friends know: groups/203829343093351/

Become a member at:

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Big Bertha

Kathryn (Kat) Perry

A neighbour, Garret, came a-calling to express condolences over my sister, Lisa’s death. Garret is 93 and a real colourful character. Immediately following talking about how wonderful my sister was, Garret talked of how amazing a cow named Lucky Polly who had just celebrated her 22nd birthday. Twenty two years, he marvelled. Twenty two years be damned, I scoffed. “Did you never hear tell of Big Bertha?”, Garret replied. Promising to get my niece Kaylee out of the house, partly to distract her from all the morbid talk, and mostly to pay homage to Lisa. As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, motoring through the back roads of Ireland seemed a fitting tribute to my beloved sister.

Lifestyles - Big Bertha & SK Events

Not long ago, after our dad’s death, Lisa and I had done the same for him, the man responsible for my sisters and I loving two wheels. The Kingdom of Kerry – Kaylee and I astride a pair of Ducati motorbikes now destined for a farmhouse. It always takes an age to get to Kerry, a mountainous peninsula down in the south-west of Ireland. Five hours and 18 minutes to be exact. By late afternoon, the sumptuous views had vanished and the dark of night had engulfed the roadsides. Bored of the blackness, we fell prey to a thirst. Now, neither Kaylee nor I are drinkers. Unlike other members of our family, we are considered non-drinkers. “Next pub,” we agreed. A few eye-straining minutes later, Kaylee pointed at a sign - The Blackwater Tavern. Our motorbikes veered left down a road with a thick grass strip down its centre. We noted a build-up of vehicles on the roadsides, primarily tractors. A very tall man with no teeth and a peaked cap appeared in front of our windscreens, calmly directing us to ride through a gap in the hedge. “You’ll be grand,” he assured us as the Ducatis squeezed through the hedge and came out in a field where there were more tractors and cars parked. We alighted and proceeded to the pub. The establishment was “packed to suffocation” as one man put it, but in that majestic way

Page 33 April 4, 2013 that Irish pubs used to be packed, with old men guffawing into creamy black pints at every turn. Red-cheeked children ringing rosies around a turf fire. Giddy fiddles and bodhráns rattling out of the darkened corners. OK, so it’s the day after St. Paddy’s Day in County Kerry, we deduced, but there’s surely something above and beyond that going on here, then just continuing the party. We approached the barman inquiring, “Did you never hear tell of Big Bertha?” I asked. “Of Course lass,” the barman said in surprise. Big Bertha, a Droimeann cow that had died in 1993, and boasted two entries in Guinness World Records. First, she is the oldest cow Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

ever recorded, passing away just three months short of her 49th birthday, which is comfortably more than twice the lifespan of your average cow. Second, she holds the record for lifetime breeding, having given birth to 39 calves. Suddenly, there were other older men gathered around us, claiming to have attended the wake of the grand old dame of the bovine world. One of them, Colin said, “It was one of those moments where time stood still.” Kaylee and I, who needed cheering up, did everything in our power not to laugh out loud. We knew we weren’t going any further that night. We were in for the long haul. Several hours later, we actually got chatting to the son of Big Bertha’s owner, Jerome O’Leary, who died some year ago. Robert “Bobby”, told how Bertha used to lead the St Paddy’s Day parade in Sneem, raising money for cancer relief, and how his father

Lifestyles - Big Bertha & SK Events

Page 34

April 4, 2013

gave her whiskey to steel her nerves amid the crowd. Typical Ireland, where even the cows drink. It was Bobby’s father, Jerome’s intention to have Big Bertha immortalized by a taxidermist. And I am delighted to report that Big Bertha was indeed stuffed and is on view today at Hazel Fort Farm in Beaufort, County Kerry. Kat

Pondarosa MH & RV Park

Located on Trans Canada Highway east side of Swift Current, SK

Ph: (306) 773-5000 Open all year!

RV and Tenting sites creekside ~Full or Partial Hook-ups Bathrooms/Showers ~ Laundry Facilities ~ Internet CAA Approved

Saskatchewan Ride for Sight

We have a date of June 22 - 23 and will be held in the community of Elbow, SK. This will be a weekend family orientated event. We are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out contact: Al Brewer through Facebook

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2013 Events

Belt Drive Betty’s Wordsearch

Keeping Southern Saskatchewan Motorcycle Riders Informed Volume 12 - Issue 4 17 March 2013

Date 27 Mar 7 May 11 May 25 May

25 May

25 May 26 May 1 Jun 1 Jun 2 Jun 8 Jun


Garage Party

Start time: 6:30 pm Redline Harley Davidson Saskatoon SK

Big Bikers Buffet For Cystic Fibrosis

Tumblers Restaurant - 6:30-9:00 pm 2108 Grant Road, Regina, SK

Getem Out – Showem Off BBQ Times: TBA Estevan, SK

29th Annual Cystic Fibrosis

Ride For The Breath Of Life Husky Car/Truck stop Victoria Ave.& Fleet St., Regina, SK

Spring Bust Out



Rich (306)934-2750

8 Jun

Ralph (306)525-5739

8 Jun

Keith (306)634-9754

9 Jun

Gordo 543-8936

14-16 Jun

22-23 Jun

Karen (306)783-1999

23 Jun

CMA Arlene

29 Jun

(Bikers Against Diabetes) Times: TBA Stanley Park, SK

Keith (306)634-9754

28 Jul

All brands welcome – Register: 9am Start: 10am – Band, 110th HD prizes Redline HD , Saskatoon, SK

Rich (306)934-2750

5-7 Jul

Yorkton HOG Kelly (306)783-1999

5-11 Aug

RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

17 Aug

Caledonian Curling Club 2225 Sandra Schmirler Way Regina, SK

3rd Annual Spring Gear-Up Harley-Davidson of Yorkton 86 – 7th Ave. S. Yorkton, SK

CMA Biker Blessing Place & time - TBA Regina, SK

BAD Rodeo

1st Annual Poker Run

HOG Chapter Poker Run

Harley-Davidson of Yorkton 86 – 7th Ave. S., Yorkton, SK

Who’s Your Daddy ?

Ride For Prostate Cancer Reg: 11am-noon Prairie HD, Regina, SK Created by: Captain Ron


Test Our Metal


Start: 9:00 am – End: 5:00 pm Redline HD Saskatoon SK

Rich (306)934-2750

Reg: 7am-9:45am Living Sky Casino Swift Current, SK

Scott (306)741-3380

Start time: 9:00 am Prairie Harley Davidson 1355 McIntyre St., Regina, SK

Zena (306)522-1747

Ride For Dad

Test Our Metal – Demo Day #1

34th Annual St. Victor Boogie Sylvan Valley Park St. Victor, SK

Saskatchewan Ride For Sight

RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

*Volunteers are still required Elbow Fairgrounds, Elbow, SK Email Al at:

Ride For The Breath Of Life Kinette’s Club Poker Run Assiniboia, SK

Boogie Fest

SIR Larry (306)355-2248 CMC Al (306)527-4278 Jesse (306)354-2835 Trevor (306)577-1460

Times: TBA Carlyle, SK

2nd Annual Show & Shine Noon – 4 pm Riders Gear Shop 1455 Rose St., Regina, SK

Keith (306)545-4327

Teddy Bear & Poker Run Reg: 9am at Gibby’s Pub Estevan, SK

Jackie (306)421-9006

Tanna’s Valley Memorial

73rd Annual Sturgis Rally Sturgis, SD

Findlater Poker Run

Leaves Press Box 11 Am- noon 909 Albert St., Regina, SK End at Arm River Rec Site, SK

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April 4, 2013

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2013 Rally (605)642-8166 RMAI Greg (306)596-0660

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CAV – Canadian Army Veterans MU, CMA – Christian Motorcycle Assoc., HOG – Harley Owners Group, CMC – Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers LOH – Ladies of Harley, MJCA – Moose Jaw Cycle Assoc., RMAI – Regina Motorcycle Assoc. Inc., SIR – Southern Independent Riders.




















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Best Roadside Service - Member Benefits

April 4, 2013

Page 36

Best Roadside Service Individual Plan Service Details

The Individual Plan will cover a particular person with the below services regardless of what vehicle they are driving.** ADD YOUR SPOUSE FOR FREE! This option is available for couples that would like to share the 6 available service calls and all included services. Simply select this option on the signup page. Services Include: • Towing up to 120 Kilometers • Battery and Jumpstart Assistance • Flat Tire Service • Lost Key and Lockout Service • Up to $100 for a Locksmith • Out-of-Gas Fuel Delivery • Personal Assistance • Trip and Routing Service • Full Concierge Service • Hotel and Travel Discounts best-roadside-service • 6 Service Calls per Year

$89.50 USD per year!

24 Hour Emergency Towing Service: In the event of a mechanical breakdown your vehicle can be towed up to 75 miles/120 Kms to the repair facility of your choice. Only one tow per disablement. Vehicle must be towed to a repair facility. 24 Hour Battery and Jumpstart Assistance: If you are unable to get your car started, a maintenance person will be sent to provide a battery jump start. This service is for batteries that have lost their charge and simply need a battery boost. It does not cover service or repair of faulty or worn out batteries.   24 Hour Flat Tire Service: We will send a maintenance person to you to change your vehicle’s flat tire to a drivable spare, enabling you to drive to safety. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to have a safe and working spare with your vehicle at all times.

24 Hour Lost Key and Lockout Service: We will send a pre-authorized contractor to unlock your vehicle using manufacturer approved tools. Lockout service is covered up to $100 service limit.

 24 Hour Out-of-Gas Fuel Delivery: If you should run out of gasoline, a service technician will deliver fuel to get you on your way. Your membership includes 3 gallons of fuel delivered to you free of charge. 

24 Hour Emergency Personal Assistance: During any weather related or roadside emergency, our customer service staff can relay messages to loved ones and receive messages for you, helping you to put your mind at ease. 
 24 Hour Trip and Routing Service: Trip planning and routing customized to where you want to go and how you want to get there. If you are ever lost just call our roadside assistance hotline and we will give you turn-by-turn directions. Available 24 hours per day. 24 Hour Concierge Service: If you are traveling and need help booking an available hotel room or rental car, we can make those arrangements for you.   Hotel and Travel Discounts: Through your membership login you can book travel arrangements and save money. Our programs are discounted and we offer daily travel discounts and vacation packages.   6 Service Calls per Year: A total of 6 service calls per year are allowed per vehicle. Motorcycle - Car, Mini Van - SUV - Pick Up Truck - no matter which light vehicle you are using - Best Roadside has got you covered (Motorhomes & Trailers are not covered) Service coverage in Canada and the continental United States. Service offered in English, Spanish and French Our members pay $89.50 USD per year! Compare that to the normal plan of $65 per year per vehicle! Compare it to CAA and you will see our members plan is pretty hot!!! Visit: to find out more and register!

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For those who have ordered a printed book they should be arriving here in Grande Prairie in mid May and be out to you shortly after that! The App & Website are being updated weekly with new businesses and new specials!

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From the Depths of File 13 AKA... My Two Bits Worth

My Psychiatrist is back – well almost!

PMS – Parked Motorcycle Syndrome – a dis-ease that can kill…the soul. I have often wondered what it would be like to live in a climate where you can ride year round. It would have a lot of advantages and yet, I am glad to live in the north.

From the Depths of File 13

head is going to explode. Your soul hurts. And because of that pain, there is something we northern bikers get, that those who can ride all year long can’t truly fathom. We understand just how sweet that first ride for the season is. When you get to ride all the time, well, it’s like anything else, familiarity breeds’ complacency. The sweetness of that first ride of the year is directly proportionate to the length and harshness of the winter, and the worries and challenges of life. No matter how cold the wind is – it is that wind we crave, that feeling of utter freedom, when your soul takes wings and fills with the peacefulness that only uncertainty can bring. The sun on your face...the wind kissing your skin, the tingle of adventure!

The summers in the north are generally pretty We dream of it, yearn for it and yes; our amazing. Our days are longer, there is far less bodies seem to literally ache for it. traffic to contend with, the air is sweeter and while we may not have the hairpin twisties The PMS isn’t too bad to deal with in the that can get the blood pumping, we do have beginning– like every other deadly dis-ease it glorious sweepers and beautiful valleys to comes on quietly. ride. Where I live, Grande Prairie, we are only a two – two and a half hour ride to the mountains. I feel like I am one of the luckiest riders alive - IN THE SUMMER anyways. Between where I live, and the job I do, I am on my bike pretty steady clocking an average of 20,000 K a year and more. I love it. But the winter and early spring cause a slow and very painful death. Smiles don’t come quite as easily, tempers get a little shall we say, short. There is a tension that builds all winter long in we riders from the north. It builds, and builds until you feel like your

In October, or there about, when you first put your bike to bed, there is a profound sadness; a grieving that takes place. When the snow hits the ground you are resigned to the fact that you and your sanity connection are going to part ways for a while. You start flipping through parts books, ogling at the chrome bits and goodies on the computer. You spend a lot of time admiring other people’s bikes, getting ideas of the things that you’d like to give your special baby and that goes on through November. You daydream a lot, and those around you complain that you seem a little vacant.

April 4, 2013

Page 39

December’s bustle of getting ready for Christmas and in my case, getting ready for the January tradeshows keeps one occupied. But occupied does not mean peaceful and sometimes it doesn’t always translate to pleasant either. And then the January motorcycle shows hit and you are surrounded by shiny chrome and leather, all those friends you haven’t seen in months are dropping by the booth - the talk is all about riding. Where you’ve been, where you are planning on going and what’s going on and coming off of the bucket list. All the talk about rides and being surrounded by gobs of chrome and leather do nothing whatsoever to alleviate the pain. In fact, it is in January when the pain begins to increase. It’s like an exquisite form of torture. By March, you (read that as I) aren’t fit to be around. You are pacing and waiting like an expectant mother. You can smell spring in the air. You are restless, agitated and just generally surly. And when you are a female – WELL - those who don’t know you very well are sharing knowing and sympathetic glances with their buddy – your husband. You can see the “You poor bast*%d” look written all over their faces. My husband knows me well. And he has a devilish sense of humour. A few of his non-riding buddies from work stopped over not that long ago and I was in a sour mood. I overheard him tell them to ignore me, that I just had a case of PMS.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles As I came around the corner into the living room, I could see them looking at him with raised eyebrows for throwing that out there so casually, with me in earshot! The one guy looked at him almost in admiration. You could almost see the look of disbelief that Charby was so cavalier in throwing out that dreaded term in front of others… and that he wasn’t ducking. Of course once they understood what the term PMS means in our world they were full of laughs and teasing me but that one moment was priceless. The days have been getting warmer, longer and the snow is starting to melt, the roads are dry and my temper has become shall we say – SHORT. I have had a lot on my plate, between having three people I care about die in rapid succession and what that means for the paper since they all wrote for it…and I have had my share of disappointments when it comes to people not living up to their word and causing a ton of extra work to be dumped in my lap. My ride is not together yet. I dropped my tins off to be painted back in October and they haven’t come back yet. So here I sit, listening to the first bikes of the season going by my house. My heart is happy to hear that sound again, but unlike years gone by, I am without a ride. Every bike that went by on Friday and Saturday was met with a “You lucky Bast*%d, YOU SUCK….” My PMS is at it’s all time high – and I swear it really can kill – it kills the soul. There is nothing more pathetic than a crusty old broad frothing at the mouth, the pain in her soul screaming for some relief and her eyes green with envy.

From the Depths of File 13

Then something magical happened. My wonderful husband fired up his bike in the garage and rode it down the icy back lane and parked the bike in front of my office. And then he handed me the keys and said go – you need it. I have only ever ridden my husband’s bike twice. It’s not something he gives up easily… I get why that is. It’s the same reason I seldom give up the keys to my ride… And so after an ”Are you sure?” I ran out the door before he could change his mind. As his Road King came to life, something inside me shifted. I felt the first true smile in months, come to my face. It’s not really warm out, about 2 degrees, but warm enough if you layer up well. Still lots of gravel in the intersections and corners… I never got out of third gear, never went out on the highway – just a few loops around the bypass and up and down a few side streets, but you couldn’t knock the grin off of my face with a 2 x 4. As I rode, the thoughts of the work that has me buried, the heavy responsibility of having people relying on me for a pay cheque, the disappointments over some people and their lack of integrity, the loss of William, Lisa and Kaylee, my dad, my brother and all the others who have left me behind on a journey they had to go on alone, the worries over my mother in law who isn’t well and a million other smaller cares - finally left me alone. All of that chatter inside my head quieted. There is no better way to get your head screwed on right than going for that first ride of the season.

April 4, 2013

Page 40

It is the sweetest ride of the year because it relieves the most amount of pain – I know tonight I will sleep better than I have in months, my psychiatric session only lasted an hour, but the relief was sweet and immediate. I want to thank my husband for knowing me so well and for letting me ride his bike to take the edge off. I am anxious for my parts to get here and my own ride (read Therapist) to be back together, but for now, I am happy to have the “Rain King” grace the parking spot the is reserved for “Black Betty”. My office finally feels like an office again. Until next week, I am your editor, Belt Drive Betty

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Ride for Dad


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April 4, 2013

2013 DATES

Comox Valley Northern BC (Prince George) Okanagan

Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Sunday, June 9th

Calgary Edmonton Rural Alberta Ride (Olds)

Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 22nd

Saskatoon Swift Current

Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th



MANITOBA Manitoba (Winnipeg) ONTARIO

Huronia (Orillia/Barrie) Kingston-Quinte London Niagara Windsor Grand River (Kitchener) Ottawa Durham (Oshawa-GTE) Golden Horseshoe (Hamilton) Toronto West (Peel) Nipissing (North Bay)


Saturday, May 25th Saturday, May 25th Saturday, May 25th Sunday, May 26th Saturday, June 1st (new) Sunday, May 26th   Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Saturday, June 8th Saturday, June 15th Saturday, May 25th

Moncton Saint John Fredericton

Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st


Saturday, June 15th

Annapolis Valley Halifax

Saturday, June 1st Saturday, June 1st

Avalon (St. John’s)

Saturday, June 15th


Saturday, June 8th



The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Table of Contents 41 — Ride for Dad 42 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 43 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 44 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 45 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 46 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 47 — Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana... 48 — Travel Feature -Kenya - Call me Bwana... 49 — Support Our Troops 50 — Support Our Troops 51 — Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride 52 — Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops 53 — Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops 54 — Tribute Poem - Support Our Troops 55 — Motorcycle Musings - ON Events 56 — Ride Like a Pro - Traction 57 — Lone Wolf Clubhouse - ON Events 58 — Lone Wolf Clubhouse - ON Events 59 — Being Present in the Now - ON Events 60 —  Being Present in the Now - ON Events 61 — Being Present in the Now - ON Events 62 —  Being Present in the Now - ON Events 63 —  ON Events 64 — Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 65 — Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 66 — Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 67 — Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 68 —  Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 69 —  Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 70 —  Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 71 —  Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events 72 — Moto Babe: Combo Plate 73 — Moto Babe: Combo Plate 74 — Moto Babe: Combo Plate & ON Events 75 — QC Events 76 — Thoughts to Ponder 77 — NS Events 78 — NB/NS Events 79 — NS Events 80 — Faith & Motorcycles

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

Page 42

April 4, 2013

The Lost Motorcycle Diary: Kenya - Call me Bwana...NOT by William Perry 1943-2013

'It's either a bushbaby or a leopard,' said Kurary, our Masai friend, who knew what he was talking about as he balanced precariously on the back of my motorcycle as he sent a handheld searchlight slicing through the eerie darkness of the Kenyan bush. The powerful beam landed on scrub that exploded into brightness. Several pairs of stars seemed to have dropped down to it from the sky; the eyes of anxious animals, staring at us, the intruders. One pair of ruby-red eyes, shone out hypnotically. 'They're the only two animals with red eyes,' explained Kurary. Maritei, a passenger on Fred's bike, also a Masai warrior who wrapped his pendulous earlobes over the tops of his ears, guided us forward when a giraffe strode in slow motion out of the blackness into view, answering the question. "No giraffe would go near a leopard," Maritei said, "So we are safe."


We were an unlikely cast for an African adventure - two Canadian police officers, and two Masai warriors. Yet in five days, we ridden a 200-mile circuit on dirt roads around Laikipia, a beautiful plateau the size of Wales

five hours' drive north of Nairobi in the central Kenyan highlands. The region is well known for its wildlife conservation.

Fred You may well ask - How was the riding? On paper, the adventure sounded like a Herculean task. In reality, it was tough but never arduous - 40 miles a day is not a huge distance to travel. Our belongings were transported with us, along with our tented camp. And, although the bumpy roads and the midday sun ensured that we were happy to reach each day's destination, Fred and I were never reluctant to begin the following morning. In terms of riding experience, the four-person team could not have been more diverse: one

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles person had ridden across continents (me), another around the paved street of an Alberta town (Fred, who was from Rocky Mountain House), and the two most capable (really) never had been on a motorcycle before. In fitness, we covered the spectrum from the Masai who could be accomplished marathon runners to soft patrol car driving big girls' blouses. However, we all kept the same goal in mind and nobody complained. Regular stops for water, wee breaks, and photographic opportunities ironed out the differences.

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

Page 43

April 4, 2013

The Motorbikes?

us beneath the Loldaiga hills.

I purchased a couple of BMW R1200 GS units out of Nairobi, both that I bought used in the city - a solid, no frills adventure motorcycle that I stole for ÂŁ1350 each. You could not get away with anything less, but more - namely a motorbike with good front suspension forks would improve life in the saddle. Remember I said we were soft.

The whole point of being on a motorbike was that there were countless opportunities to see the wildlife at very close quarters. Herds of elephant rumbled past us as well as kudu, impala, warthog and dik-dik.

As a seasoned mechanic, I would fix any emergency repairs by the roadside and major problems in the evenings. That was the plan. The affect of the roads on the bikes kept me busy oiling gears and repairing punctures: though we tried reinforced tubes, they were still no match for the thorns of the African bush. Was there much wildlife in the bush? A huge amount Laikipia is one of the few areas in East Africa where game numbers have risen in the last 20 years. The ride was across a number of vast, privately-owned "ranches", where the game roamed freely. On one occasion, giraffe, eland, gazelle, zebra, buffalo and baboons swept across the road in front of

One evening, we saw four young male cheetahs skulking in the yellow grass. Kurary and Maritei, our guides, were able to settle any anxiety we had about the proximity of the big game, as well as help to identify all of the great African birds - Goliath herons, Marshall eagles, hammerkops and vultures to name a few. We also had impromptu lessons on the medicinal qualities of various acacia trees and in identifying animal spoors. It reminded me of trips to the Australian outback and bush tucker (bush food) taught to me by Aborigines.

So, what was the daily routine like? Each morning, Fred and I would learn a little more on how to cook, Masai style. Kurary

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles and/or Maritei would wake us at 4am with a bowl of hot water. By 5.30am, we had packed, breakfasted, braved the bush loo - a hole in the ground - applied factor 15 and filled our bottles with boiled water. By 1pm, we would be at the next campsite, ready for a swim and lunch. The afternoons were spent lazing in the shade, reading and writing diaries. By 6pm, washed and brushed, we were sipping "sundowners" around the campfire. On a couple of evenings we had some arbitrary entertainment - our two Masai tribesmen talked to us about their customs which included telling us about the Laikipia ecosystem. Dinner was taken at 8pm and by 10pm; we were all zipped up in our sleeping bags, listening to the trill of the bush and the distant hooting of hyenas.

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

erected each night and ate under the stars. All the campsites were in wonderful locations by rivers and waterfalls, on sandy luggas (dry riverbeds) and in deep bush. Fred and I chose to wash in the rivers (crocodile free, we were assured). For mostly city-dwelling folk, the brilliance of the stars and the serenity of the bush took no time getting used to. For Fred, night one was a trauma. This was his maiden trip to Africa and his fifth time in a tent (strange for a guy from rural Alberta). After campfire stories about man-eating lions, he had a sleepless night, clutching his torch (flashlight). But, by the end of the week, he was relishing the wilderness almost as much as the Masai. Meals were not epicurean, but borstal fare would have appealed after six hours of riding. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were mostly killed, picked or dug up.

April 4, 2013

Page 44

area, an expanse of Masai tribal land in the shadow of snow-topped Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and the highest standalone mountain in the world. During the day the animals, unused to humans, hide in the thickets. At night, their reflective eyes give them away. At night every tree comes to life. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Which was not a comforting thought for Fred or I, as we crawled into the tents to sleep. We weren't protected by any wooden fences, electrified wires or rangers on watch with firearms. The tents are just there, pitched in a clearing in the middle of the bush. As I lay in my bed there was nothing between me and any leopard but some canvas and a crisp white sheet. Earlier, while eating dinner, we had heard the howl of a wandering hyena.

Drinking water was boiled and cooled. We had brought our own supply of beer and drank plenty of it in the first night. There was nearly a mutiny the next night when we ran out. The substitution was Safari Cane, a mean local hooch, which had us both, well, all, caned on safari. We even thought we were fluent in Masai. Would I do it again?

What was the Camping and food like? We slept in small, single tents which we

Let's leave that for now and continue the story shall we. It can often be easier to see animals at night rather than day in Eselenkei conservation

The previous night elephants had passed by, leaving nothing but droppings. This was camping al fresco, as close to African nature

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles as you can get. I'm a large man and would have made a nice meal for any African wildlife. Wildlife.., and sometimes closer than you would wish. Kurary and Maritei regaled us with campfire tales about how they once took a safari on the other side of Kenya and two guests were trapped in their tent by a buffalo sleeping outside that refused to move. Buffalo, grouchy at the best of times, do not like being woken up.

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

few big cats. As we trooped up a dried-up river bed, Kurary pointed out giraffe prints and piles of porcupine droppings. He told me how the river bed, with its steep sides, was the perfect location for a flash flood, where you hear the roar of trees being pulled down only seconds before a wall of water hits you. He confessed he hadn't checked the weather forecast before we left but assured me it was the wrong season for it.

Farther along we saw a hyena lair with holes full of animal bones, On another trip, people stayed up all night as lions wandered between the tents engaging in and the dried out a roaring contest. 'People were a little shaken,' waterhole where admitted Kurary. I was grateful that Eselenkei the zebra like to roll about in is not as packed with animals as Kenya's more famous safari parks, but there were still the dirt. Owned by the Masai, enough to set our nerves on edge. rather than the government, Eselenkei is a private reserve. Its 70 square kilometres and we were the only guests. There's an intimacy with nature that is hard to catch in other parks, where a truck of snapping tourists will drive up alongside you as soon as you've spotted anything interesting. In areas, the scarcity of lions means it is safe to walk about Eselenkei. Or so I was assured. You can wonder about and see lots of giraffe and ostrich, zebra and gazelle, but

But you won't see the big animals. For that, we rode an hour down a shifting dirt track, across the parched terrain, in the direction of Kilimanjaro. The melting snow and the rain pour down the mountain to make

April 4, 2013

Page 45

Amboseli Park a huge oasis, a splash of yearround green in the browns of southern Kenya. Above you, wherever you are in the park, towers Kilimanjaro like a sentinel, its snow a strange sight just a hundred miles south of the Equator. The park is improbably teeming with buffalo, zebra, antelope, and wallowing hippos. But the elephants are the unmistakable stars of Amboseli. Small, large, and super-large, they are swarming all over the verdant park, more than a thousand of them in total. The celebrated elephantologist Cynthia Moss lives in a camp in Amboseli, dubbed the Kingdom of the Elephant. They stroll in families across the grass plains, they loll in the water ponds, they wade out to islands to sunbathe, and they frolic in the marshes, Kili towering above them. Which for me was wonderful. Far more than any other safari animal, elephants have character, social complexity, and a sense of a tale to tell. Most safari animals don't actually do that much, but sit there or stand there and you think after a while, what now?

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles I can stare at elephants for hours. At one point we were surrounded by around 200. Cute little ones, just a few months old, nuzzled up to their mothers; two amorous adults entwined their trunks and seemed to massage each other. Two males had a standoff, one advancing slowly, the other backing away step by step. The lone bulls wandered about, with careworn tatty ears and tusks fractured in fighting.

In Zimbabwe, where they cull elephants to control their numbers, they have learned how intelligent, social, and almost human they are. If you don't kill all the members of a family group, the survivors will turn into problem elephants. Not just distrustful of man, and vengeful, but they will warn other elephants of what man has done. Zimbabwe rangers have learned they must cull the entire family together, making sure that not one elephant escapes to cause trouble and warn others. Amboseli is great for tourists but it has not been as good for the Masai. The national park was carved out of their land and not only have they lost the watering rights for their

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

cattle, except during drought, but they have received little of the tourist revenues that it brings (this ends up in the pockets of corrupt government Ministers). Until now, the Masai have sought revenge in a traditional manner: spearing wildlife. For a people proud of their warrior traditions and keen to prove their hunting skills, nothing beats killing a lion. Earn your spurs and get back at the park authorities at the same time. Amboseli is full of antelope and zebra but has virtually no big cats. But now one branch of the Masai, the Kisongo, has adopted the American adage: don't get mad, get even.

The result, after years of planning and politics with the group ranch committee, the equivalent of the local council, is Eselenkei conservation area. It is a wildlife park on their land, but this time it's on their terms. It nestles up to Amboseli, in the so-called 'dispersal area', and during the rainy season much of Amboselis’ wildlife saunters through. Roads have been painfully cleared by hand,

Page 46 April 4, 2013 using just farm tools. Waterholes have been dug to make sure the wildlife stays there once the rainy season ends. 'Water is a magnet. The animals will stay where the water is,' said Maritei. For this segment, tents were put up in a clearing in the middle of the conservation area. These aren't your usual camping-inBC tents. Indeed, they're not even the usual luxury safari tents. Put it like this: these are tents with flush toilets. They have hot showers, copper basins, wooden wardrobes, comfortable beds and solar-powered electric lights. Everything in the camp is 'low impact': take it all down and you'd never know there'd been a camp there. There's a mess tent and the food is cooked for you but, perhaps fortunately (according to Fred), it is not traditional Masai fare. I didn't need to decline politely the traditional Masai appetiser of cows' milk with fresh blood. Having milked the cows, the Masai then tap a neck vein for a pint or two of blood. (Apparently it's a favourite with growing young men and pregnant women.) Instead, on the first night I had roast chicken and potatoes with mange-tout and on the second a Greek version of lasagne. I felt like a relic from colonial White Mischief days, sitting at a table in the middle of the bush, surrounded by animal sounds, sipping French red wine and eating a traditional English roast served to me by a usually seminomadic Masai warrior wearing his traditional

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Travel Feature - Kenya - Call me Bwana...

red robes, covered from earlobe to ankle in multicoloured beaded jewellery, sword dangling at his side. The costumes aren't put on for the tourists: it is just the way they dress. Jeans and T-shirts have yet to make their mark. Like Maritei, their earlobes are hugely distended from dangling large objects in them. On their cheeks they have little circular scars where they were branded with burning rope as toddlers to ward off eye disease.

decades of sending tourists to Kenya, GrievesCook is keen to put something back in to the community. It is a joint venture between him and the Kisongo group ranch.

Emmanuel has had to work hard to ensure that all 3,000 people on the group ranch understand what the project is about, and give it their support. The involvement of a white man raised suspicions that they were going to be taken advantage of, but after

Emmanuel explains that it is their chance to get some of the financial benefits from tourism, to help them with the most basic things. 'We want to generate income, so we can send our children to school and pay for health care.' He showed me the local school,

April 4, 2013

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which has 270 pupils, many of whom have to walk three hours there and three hours back each day. They have virtually no books but plenty of enthusiasm. They want to turn the wooden classrooms into brick ones, but first they have a more critical problem: getting water.

The Kisongo Masai have agreed not to kill the wildlife for the sake of it. In Eselenkei there is no spearing or snaring. Emmanuel has even persuaded The pump at the school borehole has broken, Masai from and, of course, with no water the teachers farther afield to cannot wash, or drink, or cook for themselves cut down on the or the children. Revenues from Eselenkei As I tucked into roast chicken, I was almost killing. 'We have tourists will mean that they can mend the overwhelmed by Western liberal guilt. My all this nature water pump, rather than close the school. presence was turning a warrior into a waiter, and wildlife 'Without education, nothing can happen. making a proud person servile. Wouldn't and we want Without education you have no future,' said contact with all the tourists on their tribal land to share it. We destroy their culture? are proud of it,' Continued on Next Page said Emmanuel. Such concerns were laid to rest by the re'We are markable Emmanuel Onetu, officially the conlearning about servation manager of Eselenkei, unofficially conservation.' the cultural liaison officer, and, as he calls himself proudly, the 'community mobiliser'. Emmanuel He grew up in a traditional cow-dung hut, but talks almost was educated to O-level and is now chairman messianically about the benefits of the project. of the local school. He lives in a wood and The Masai get a lease fee for the conservation corrugated steel hut and, quite startlingly in area, as well as a bed-night fee and an the bush, he has a telephone. He has been entrance fee for every tourist. There are the driving force behind Eselenkei, working also 26 Masai employed in the upkeep of the with Jake Grieves-Cook, founder of the travel conservation area. It's the first paid job they company Tropical Places. have had.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Emanuel, who believes conservation is the future. Would I do it again? On the final day of our ride, we were chased into the campsite by thrashing rain. As we came roaring down the last hill to reach the Ngare Ndare River, a herd of impala exploded in every direction, leaping over rocks and fallen trees - a dramatic end to our adventure. Under the dripping mess tent, slugging Tusker beer, the bold talk was not if Fred and I would do it again, but where. :-)

Travel Feature -Kenya - Call me Bwana...

Tim decided to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was assembling some loads for an upcoming hunt. His wife was standing there at the bench watching him. After a long period of silence she finally speaks. Honey, I’ve been thinking, now that we are married I think it’s time you quit hunting, shooting, hand loading and fishing. Maybe you should sell your guns and boat. Tim gets this horrified look on his face. She says, “Darling, what’s wrong?” ”There for a minute you were sounding like my ex-wife.” “Ex wife!”, she screams, “I didn’t know you were married before!”

April 4, 2013 The Newfie and the Genie

A drunk Newfie was stumbling home one day when he got lost and found himself in the bush. He fell to the ground and noticed a lamp. He picked it up, and rubbed it, and out came a genie. “You have three wishes, choose them wisely.” says the Genie. The Newfie, looking down at his last, and empty, bottle of beer, smashes it on some rocks and says, “I want a beer that will never run out.” A bottle appears in front of the Newfie. He takes it, looks at it, and downs it. He looks at it again, and to his surprise, it was still full. The Newfie being very content starts walking away. “Where are you going,” asks the Genie, “You still have two wishes left” “Well,” replies the Newfie, “Give me TWO more of these!” PCFF_NtlPostHalfPage_HR.pdf


11:38:4 AM

”I wasn’t “ Submitted by Rick Young

Some people are like Slinkies ... not really good for anything, but you can’t help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs.

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Volunteer for the Ride For Dad! Email to learn more!

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Support Our Troops

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Support Our Troops

April 4, 2013

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Visit the Support Our Troops Section on by CLICKING HERE

Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride

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April 4, 2013

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The Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride The Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride (MPNMRR) is a charity event that spans the entire nation.

charity cause and we need you to believe in our event to help us make the difference in the lives of these children. We are asking you to please help us.

It is the largest annual motorcycle relay in the world with our National Riders covering in excess of 10,000 kilometers during the event.

We are proud to present our Sponsorship Program of Recognition where we can provide you with the acknowledgment and appreciation for your support:

It consists of a motorcycle ride which will start in St. John’s, NL and end in Victoria, BC and will visit all of the major military establishments across Canada.

· ·

Volunteers, supporters and motorcycle enthusiasts will, for this fifth annual event, unite to raise funds for charity.


In the past four years, we have raised over $170,000 in support of the following charities: · Military Families Fund · Wounded Warrior · Children’s Wish · Military Police Fund for Blind Children For the past two years, we have focused our fundraising on children and the two charities that are dedicated to their betterment; Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and the Military Police Fund for Blind Children.


We are asking for your support due to your demonstrated willingness to assist Canadian communities and recognizing the importance of the children, our future. The riders aim to make a difference; however; unless we have your support, we will fall short of our goal to provide these children with the opportunity to enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible. It is you, the communities, businesses, and social organizations who are the true champions of any


· ·

National Sponsor Support/Donations Canada wide Provincial Sponsor Support/Donations Province wide Gold Level Sponsor Support/Donation over $1000 Silver Level Sponsor Support/Donation $501 to $1000 Bronze Level Sponsor Support/Donation up to $500 Special Partner Professional partnership Donor Goods and services for local fundraising event

All supporters will be identified and credited with being part of our team on our website at Your corporate logo will be provided prominent exposure on the website to acknowledge your support. In addition, we will maintain a significant profile on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Media events and promotions will be attract the attention of the Canadian public and, based on the level of support, logo placement on our travelling national banner can be arranged. Letters and/or tax receipts will be provided upon request. I would like to thank you in advance for taking this time to learn about the Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride.

Should your require further information or clarification with regards to this adventure, please feel free to contact me, Lamont French, the National Chair at: or speak to any of our Provincial Ride Captain’s or their respective representatives. Their contact information can be found on our website ( We realize that our charity event may not be the only one you are asked to support this year, so if you should decide not to assist us, then I have only one request to ask of you, please volunteer or donate to another charity event and help them make a difference in the charity they represent. In closing, please take with you this quote which I was blessed with being associated with sometime ago, and it still rings true to this day: “A person never stands so tall an when they kneel to help a child” Lamont French National Chair/National Ride Captain Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride U-ROCK = United Riders Offering Children Kindness

One day a blond walks into a doctor’s office with both of her ears burnt. The doctor asked her what had happened. She says, “Well... when I was ironing my work suit the phone rang and I mistakenly picked up the iron instead of the phone. “Well that explains one ear, but what about the other.” “The bast@%d called again”

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Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops

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April 4, 2013

PTSD: Need A Couple of PTSD Veterans Who would like a Service Dog Today is one of those wake up and be so happy you are alive kind of days. In aviation terms it is "Clear in a Million", not a single cloud for a million miles. Here on the east coast, it is a spring day to remember. Joc, Thai and I went for a few miles down by the seashore and enjoyed the solitude and each others company. It helps to have some company on some of my training walks, mostly since most of my preparations are climbing countless flights of stairs and training using a TRX Force Suspension trainer. Before I got hurt I used to press a lot of Metal, I hung out in the weight room, wherever I had been posted. The problem is I am no longer in my early twenties and old age and a lot

of years of abuse have caught up with me. That is the downside. The upside? There is a lot more science available today. Everything from: Nutritional recovery, to sleep, to cycling intensities and exercise types. Fancy way of saying the Miles are not going to walk themselves this summer so I am getting ready for it. I am training hard to get ready for the Long Walk to Sanity, basically averaging a half marathon a day for 50 straight days so that we can raise awareness of the benefits of Service dogs for veterans with PTSD and to raise the funds to try and place 50 veterans with 50 service dogs in 50 days. So how do I know it is so right? Well my life sure has changed but you do not need take my word for it... ask my family, ask those few who know me what has happened. Me, I shall just keep calm and walk my dog. Then there is the case of our veteran who was in Kansas last week and now has a week at home with her new partner. Executive Summary: Raging success on all fronts. So my quest to find more starfish

Support Paws Fur Thoughts The Long Walk to Sanity 50 dogs, for 50 veterans in 50 days

continues... we have access to 2 slots in Kansas in June... so if you know of any veterans struggling with PTSD who would like to talk about the benefits of life with a PTSD service dog, reach out. WE can and WE will help where we can. Losing veterans on our own soil by their own hand is purely and simply WRONG. I am not much up for wrong. So together we are strong and slowly we will turn this ship around. Feel free to contact me at By the left, Quick ... MARCH. Medric “Cous” Cousineau, the SeaDawg

Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says “If an emergency, notify:” I put “DOCTOR”. What’s my mother going to do?

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles


Paws Fur Thought - Support Our Troops

the last time.

I have never been to war. I have never been conscripted, sent away from everything I know To fight a nameless enemy on foreign shores. I have never made the choice to sacrifice myself for my country.

I haven't been imprisoned behind barbed wire, stripped of my liberties, dignity, and freedoms. I have never put on a brave face for my children, or lied just so I could live another day.

Never have I crouched under a desk, arms shielding my face, listening to the screeching sirens warning of a cold global end.

I have never touched shrapnel, Lifted a rifle, Or stood in Flanders Field.

Never have I taken in my arms my mother and whispered, I love you for

I have never rebelled in hopes of revolutionizing my country, nor Been beaten down for raising my voice

April 4, 2013

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against an unjust cause. Never do sounds of bombs and terror haunt my dreams I sleep soundly. I have never personally known a casualty, Some mother's son. I have never survived, and come home with troubled eyes and a medal on my chest. Continued on Next Page

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

I am 17 years old, young and naive to the ways of war. But, I will remember. I will cherish Canada's history, My history. So never will I have to choose betweenNationalism and Idealism, My culture or genocide, My life or the other side's. Yes, I promise, I will remember. Denise DuBois

Tribute Poem - Support Our Troops

Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. Carpenter’s rule: cut to fit; beat into place Cult: It just means not enough people to make a minority.

April 4, 2013

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Annual Run to the North Wall June 30th 2013 The purpose is to honor the Canadians that served with the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War. In 1995 the dream of three men realized fruition. Those men were Ed Johnson, Ric Gidner and Chris Reynolds and their dream was a memorial honoring the Canadians that paid the ultimate price, volunteering to serve with American troops in Vietnam. The dream originated in the imagination of Johnson and Gidner with their heartfelt admiration for the Canadians that sacrificed their lives and became the driving force to honor them. Ed was also a Vietnam Veteran and served in the US Army with the 2nd 47th Mechanized Infantry 9th Division. Ric served with the United States Marine Corps. The memorial rests in Windsor, ON called the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but is affectionately referred to as “The North Wall. More ride details to follow. Ride For the Mission – August 25th 2013 George Winney and Frenchy Aligard, organizers of the event make for a fun day with family and friends doing something beneficial while raising funds to care for our neighbors in need—struggling from poverty, mental illness, substance abuse and despair. Registration starts around 9:00AM, Kickstands up at 11:00AM, followed by a meal after the ride. Complete details to follow, when they become available. Join us for the 1st Annual Show & Shine Motorcycle Show at the McGregor Knights of Columbus (St. Clement Council 2844) on 9560 Walker Road in McGregor. Will be held in the back parking lot on Saturday July 13, 2013, weather permitting. (RAIN DATE - Sunday July 14, 2013). Any STYLE, Any MAKE, Any MODEL EVERYONE WELCOME!

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Motorcycle Musings - ON Events

The air The air on the driveway is fit for a t-shirt, meaning it’s a 3-layer day for the road.

CMC Chapter 046—Kitchener Waterloo





Saturday May 11, 2013 1pm—4pm

Steelcraft Clemmer

446 Albert St. Waterloo N2J 4A1

BBQ ∙ PRIZES ∙ RAFFLES 50/50 DRAW ∙ AND MORE Proceeds from the event will benefit:

For more information: Don Fitzsimmons at or Harvey Schmidt at

The sunlight is bright but subdued; the cloud cover is still too thick for direct sunshine... or much heat. The gear, kept inside for extra warmth, is soon reduced to the chill of the fast-moving morning air & the leathers protest, creaking & refusing to bend easily to your body so early. It isn’t as cold as it has been & there is no scent of rain in the wind, just violets & freshly-mown grass, a heady narcotic when paired with the now bits of sun-dappled road. Makes one prone to daydreaming & letting the bike itself dictate its own movements, like a graceful dance of mismatched souls... Once stopped, your hands & face burn from the cold & the leathers seem to enjoy holding heat at bay, in a passive-aggressive display meant to remind you whose fault it is you Are chilled. Warm food, hot drinks, cheerful weekly catchup with friends who, even after all the weekly rides over the years are still little more than strangers, & yet are in many ways more highly thought of than most. The air is warmer now, yet perhaps because your body is also that much warmer, the ride back feels that much colder. You discover one of the fastest ways to lose control of the bike is not oncoming country traffic slicing around corners on your side, or

April 4, 2013

Page 55

deadly craters in the road cars call “potholes” but a field, a large field, of baby lambs.... Is there anyone who can resist that? But it just reminds you who is boss & to take a bit more time to slow down & see what is beyond the road & your heartstrings.... And when you are home & begin to gear off, you are ever-so-thankful for the gift of a long sleeved shirt that was as soft & warm against your skin as the heat & brilliance of the sunshine now favouring your face, for the promise to yourself of hopefully warmer gloves as you grasp the hot tea, rescued from it’s precarious position inside the saddlebag, since you couldn’t wait to get home & make your own! & the sheer blessing of having been able to see all you saw, have been where you were, be where you are & go where you will.... later :) Kate B

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles


Traction, or the lack, thereof. I was recently asked by a young lady if the exercises in my video could be practiced on grass. If you’re not familiar, my video consists of a series of tight turns that require the motorcycle to be leaned over near its limits. The first thing I asked was what kind of bike she was riding. When she replied, a Softtail Deluxe, I immediately said NO. You must practice on a paved surface. Now, you would think that common sense should tell a person that a street bike was designed to be ridden on the street, but, as they say, common sense isn’t very common anymore. This conversation, combined with some of the things I see riders doing when the surface they’re riding on is less than optimal inspired me to write this article. As a general rule, avoid taking your street motorcycle off the road whenever possible. Of course, if you have to leave the pavement to avoid a crash, go ahead and do it. Keep in mind that once off the pavement, traction will be extremely limited. That means you can’t lean and you must be very careful about applying your brakes, especially the front brake. Let’s say you have to swerve around a vehicle that has pulled out in front of you and

Ride Like a Pro - Traction

your only escape path is a grassy shoulder. Once you’ve swerved off the road, straighten up the bike and allow engine braking to slow you down. As the bike slows, use a little rear brake to come to a stop. When you’re ready to pull back on the road, slip the clutch until you’re back on dry pavement. The heavier the bike, the more difficult it is to control on grass, sand, or gravel. There are of course motorcycles that can be ridden both on and off road. These bikes are called Dual Sports or Adventure Tourers. Most of these bikes come standard with semi knobby tires. While Dual Sport type bikes do very well on grass or dirt, they can be a handful in sugar sand or mud. Generally, the lighter the Dual Sport, the better it will handle off road. Years ago, I taught my son to ride on a 200cc Dual Sport in a grassy field. I was actually amazed at the lean angles this bike could achieve in the grass, but, the bike only weighed 300 lbs. and the tires were pretty aggressive knobbies. Now that we’ve established that street bikes should remain on the street whenever possible, let’s talk about traction problems on the street. First, there are wet weather conditions. If the pavement is wet, your traction is reduced by at least 50%. That means you should limit your lean angles to about half the amount you would use in dry

April 4, 2013

Page 56

conditions. Since the bike must lean in order to turn at speed, you’d better slow down on a winding road. Your stopping distances will also be about double what they would be in dry conditions. That means your following distance from vehicles in front of you should be about double as well. Avoid leaning at all when crossing painted lines, such as safety zones or cross walks. Make sure that if you’re applying your brakes on any type of painted line, you do so with extreme caution. Painted lines on a wet road are almost as bad as ice. Continued on Next Page

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Lone Wolf Clubhouse - ON Events

April 4, 2013

Page 57

Lone Wolf Clubhouse News IN MEMORY OF DEBBIE ANDERSON – HOHS FOUNDER June 25th 1956 – Oct 31st 2012 The motorcycle community lost a fun loving, generous humanitarian and co-owner of the High Seas Rally on Oct. 31st 2012. Debbie was an inspiration and Dean & Debbie her kindness Anderson and brilliant smile touched many. A non-smoker, she was nonetheless stricken two years ago by two rare forms of lung cancer. Doctors had given Debbie six months to live but her will and determination stretched that to two years. The HOHS Dialysis Fund was created to allow kidney dialysis patients, who would normally have difficulty travelling because of the need to cleanse their blood two to four times a week, to participate in week-long ocean cruises. The Fund covers the necessary machines and medical staff needed to take care of the dialysis patients onboard.

HOHS cruises are run in conjunction with the High Seas Rally, which caters specifically to motorcycle riders. This past year, High Seas Rally participants raised almost $300,000 towards the HOHS Dialysis Fund, bringing the total raised to more than $1.6 million since 2003. Debbie’s last wish was to be on the 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally cruise, which left Port Canaveral, Florida on Oct. 28th, and it is where she spent her final moments.

ADD E-SCOOTERS TO PROVINCIAL VEHICLE LICENCE ACT ADD E-SCOOTERS TO PROVINCIAL VEHICLE LICENCE ACT Submitted Letter I have no problem with E-bikes (E-scooters?) on city streets. However, I want to see them banned off of trails like along the river and Ganatchio Trail. There are true E-bikes (electric motor-assisted bicycles) not powered only by an electric engine as all those scooter looking E-bikes are. If it looks like a Vespa, it’s an electrically-driven scooter. If you want to rant on about bicycles being as quiet on the trails, take a good look at the electric wheelchairs that we occasionally see along it. I have no problems with our handicapped citizens who need them. However, any motorized vehicle, be it a human-powered bicycle, electrically-assisted bicycles and E-scooter (E-bike) or electric wheelchairs have to remember, pedestrians have the right of way every time. That is guaranteed under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act and most likely under city and county bylaws as well. Going through a red light or stop sign is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act, whether you’re riding a bicycle or so-called E-bike. Yet, I’ve seen numerous Ebikes do this. Also, all E-bikes should be insured, even if not licensed. This not only protects the rider/owner (especially if stolen), but also prohibits the riding

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Lone Wolf Clubhouse - ON Events

April 4, 2013

Page 58

of these motorized vehicles by drivers who have lost their licences due to either accumulated points or drunk driving convictions. Don’t laugh. I know of at least three who are riding Ebikes who lost their licences for driving under the influence. You have a headlight on those so-called E-bikes and under Ontario law; it must be on at all times when the vehicle is in motion. I, personally, and many others, want the province to add these Escooters to the Provincial Vehicle Licence Act. If not under the motorcycle classification, then at least under a section specifically designed for them. Please ride safely. JANET LAMECK, Windsor

Lone Wolf Clubhouse members Ken Lachapelle and Morris Viscount meet Christopher “Filthy Phil” Reed of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on Friday, March 8th during the 61st Annual Meguiar’s Autorama in Detroit, MI Mike Bechard Lone Wolf Clubhouse

Being Present in the Now - ON Events

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Page 59

April 4, 2013

Being Present in the Now Many of us in our lives, will from time to time, find occasion to discover more about what we are capable of. Sometimes, for many of us, it takes an event, which creates the opportunity to grow. Lisa Perry Some of us, being (RIP March 16,2013) stubborn and resistant, find ways to avoid personal growth. I usually require trauma which always leads to a major shift in my thinking. These have occurred several times, over many years. These shifts have caused dramatic improvement in my enjoyment of life. My dad would say, ‘If you’d like to experience more joy in your life right now instead of merely hoping things will get better in your future, try this - free up the energy you expend on resisting, what you perceive as trauma, and allow yourself to move toward it, embracing it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. The energy that you have freed up may then be tapped into to assist you with dealing with, whatever it is.’ These were not just words to my dad - it was a way of being. Many years ago when I was developing my acting skills, one of my goals was to become very wealthy and famous. I figured that would be a very positive goal to achieve, one that would give me a lot more freedom. However, I noticed that even though I was being successful at honing my craft, I wasn’t enjoying much freedom in the present. I had to answer to producers, directors, fellow actors, and other stakeholders including the audience. I had to meet deadlines set by

others. And I had to do many tasks I didn’t particularly like. When I gazed into the future, I saw the potential for wealth and freedom, but in order to reach that point, I would have to endure a definite absence of those qualities in the present.

certain book to my dad: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I too had such a strong intuitive sense about the book that I bought a copy for myself.

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Initially this plan of delayed gratification seemed sensible and intelligent to me. Shouldn’t I make sacrifices while I’m young in order to create a better future for myself? Wouldn’t it be great to become a millionaire in my 20s? But something about that mindset didn’t sit right with me. My intellect liked it, but my intuition kept fighting it. I experienced a major head vs. heart battle as I pondered the issue of sacrificing freedom in the present in order to achieve supposedly greater freedom in the future. I figured it was just a matter of discipline and self-sacrifice and that in the long run, all my efforts would pay off. But after years of hard work and encountering some major roadblocks along the way, I felt like I just wasn’t getting any closer to my goal. It always seemed to be just a few more years away. My dad was then diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Through a Psychologist, a friend since middle school, he recommended a

sunday may 26 2013


The Busted Knuckle Chronicles The Power of Now is the sort of book that continues to swirl about in your consciousness weeks after you’ve read it. It left me permanently changed. The basic principle of the book is quite simple — nothing exists outside this present moment. But that’s a very different way of thinking than I was used to. I used to think of my lifetime as a line segment from birth to death - very appropriate for me, as I am now facing my own end. The present moment was a single point on that line moving slowly forward. The past was the part of the line behind that point, and the future was the part ahead of it. After reading The Power of Now, I stopped thinking of my life in this way. I finally understood that this model was extremely disempowering. The Power of Now taught me that there is no line segment. The point is all there is. The past and the future are illusions. They only exist to the degree we focus our attention on them right now. We create the past and the future by imagining them in the present. But we don’t even exist outside the Now. This might seem like just a semantic difference, perhaps even an erroneous one, but it was a radical new way of thinking for me, and I was eager to test it. As I grasped the idea that nothing exists outside this present moment, I turned my overall life strategy upside down. I understood that if

Being Present in the Now - ON Events

I am to experience anything in life, I must create it in this moment. It must exist in some form right now, or it doesn’t exist at all. So the idea of creating freedom and wealth in the future by constraining myself in the present was nothing but a fool’s errand. That future would never arrive as long as I was creating confinement and scarcity in the here and now. The future is certainly a convenient mental construct, but I found that projecting too much of what I wanted into my future was hurting the enjoyment of my present. What’s the point of working to create a future of joy and freedom if my present reality is just the opposite? If I wanted freedom and wealth in the future, I had to seed its creation right here, right now. The only power I have to create anything is here in the present. I adopted the mindset, “If it doesn’t exist in some form right now, it never will exist.” This shift in thinking produced a significant shift in my priorities. I began focusing more of my energy, just as my dad had suggested also, on improving the quality of my present reality instead of projecting all those improvements into the realm of someday. I started asking questions like, “How can I experience more joy in this very moment?” My present reality didn’t transform instantly, but it did change massively over a period of years. As part of this process, I eventually stopped developing computer games and

Page 60

April 4, 2013

shifted my focus to personal development full-time. Why? Largely because I enjoyed personal development more than game development. I got rid of my office and began working from home. I stopped doing deadline-oriented project work and started blogging and writing articles I could complete in a single sitting. I started taking more time off. I began doing more things I enjoyed, such as exercising, reading, meditating and spending time with my wife, Kim. I became less stingy with my cash and began spending it more liberally when the situation warranted. I was initially concerned that focusing too much on the present moment would make

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The event is taking place on July 12, 13 and 14, 2013 in beautiful Little Lake Park in Midland. There will be music, camping and a refreshment tent in the park on Friday night. The 5th annual fundraising ride takes place on Saturday, July 13, 2013 and the day includes Brag & Buff, vendors, free draws and prizes, donated snacks and lunch for the riders and an evening concert with refreshment tent. On the Sunday riders are invited to meet at the band shell and head out for scenic Southern Georgian Bay casual rides.

We are asking your club to be involved by:    

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles me short sighted. But my experience has been just the opposite. I’m still able to make plans for the future and work on goals. In the past I would set goals because I believed that achieving those goals would increase my happiness. But now the flow goes in reverse. Today I set goals to increase my expression of the happiness I’m already enjoying. The big irony is that my future, a part from medical news, is in much better shape even though I focus most of my attention on the present. By making my present reality as enjoyable as possible, my motivation has just been soaring. I’m working from a state of joy instead of a feeling of obligation. I write because I enjoy writing, not because I feel I must keep writing in order to make money. If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t write. Whenever I feel like taking several days off, I do that. I’ve actually created the very situation I was hoping money would someday grant me. I imagined what I would do if I was already rich beyond my wildest dreams. I saw myself spending lots of time working on personal growth, doing all sorts of interesting experiments, and then sharing what I learned with others.

Being Present in the Now - ON Events

I thought to myself, “That would be a truly incredible life for me.” But instead of waiting to become rich first, I decided to find a way to make it happen right now, even if I’d only be doing it for free in my spare time. I realized that telling myself I would do certain things after I was rich was just an excuse. Do you ever catch yourself saying, “Someday when I’m rich, I’ll do X”? Deep down you know that it isn’t a lack of money that’s holding you back though — it’s just fear. Why not find a way to do those things right now, if only on a small scale? This line of thinking produced some amazing results for me. Even though I don’t have millions of dollars in the bank, I feel like I’m already living the way I would live if I were financially set for life. If I won $100 million in the lottery, I’d keep doing what I’m doing right now. The money would simply expand my capacity but not the essence of what I’m doing. What would you do if you were already set for life? Figure out what that is, and find a way to begin doing it on some level right now. Today I’m so happy it’s almost ridiculous. I couldn’t even have imagined being this happy on a daily basis five years ago. And

Page 61

April 4, 2013

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7th Annual

In support of Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandview & Bloor, Oshawa Registration starts at 9:00 am, last bike out at 10:00 am sharp Pre-Register at Bike Nights May 15 & 22 Pete’s Big Bite 817 Dundas St W, Whitby

Open To All Riders & All Makes/Models Bull Dog offering “Bikers Specials”/Full Menu Live Entertainment Raffles, 50/50, Show & Shine

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles I certainly wasn’t depressed back then — I was at least content. But now my default emotional state is highly positive, not just neutral. I stopped seeking happiness in the future and instead looked for ways to create it right now. I’ve noticed that the happier I feel, the less attached I am to outcomes. Instead of trying to acquire money, possessions, or other externalities, my focus has shifted to selfexpression. I have a burning desire to create. Instead of having a craving to eat, it’s like I have a craving to cook. But of course by focusing on expressing instead of acquiring, I end up doing the very things that enable me to easily acquire whatever I want. Really I’m just doing what I love most. How do you feel about your life right this moment? Are you gushingly positive and

Being Present in the Now - ON Events

April 4, 2013

Page 62

overflowing with passion? Or do you find yourself stuck in the same situation I was in several years ago, sacrificing your present happiness for the hope of a better tomorrow? How is that strategy working for you? Are you becoming significantly happier and more fulfilled with each passing year? Or are you just running on a treadmill while trying to convince yourself that someday things will be better? There is no someday, you know. There is only right now. If your current life path isn’t a joyful one, turn around and take a different path. Other people will probably whine about your decision — no one on the treadmill of unhappiness likes being reminded that it’s possible to get off at any time. But I’ll tell you that a few years later, those same people will be asking you for help to make the same choice, especially when they see how disgustingly happy you are. Thanks to all those who continue to bring me joy: Kim, Lauren our daughter, Taffy, my mom and dad, Melek, my sisters, brother Matt, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, Gord, Christine, Ed, David, Don, Grant, Renee and all the folks at BKCs, and last, but certainly never least, Mike & Caroline.

A newlywed redneck couple arrive at their hotel to begin their honeymoon. The manager greets them and says “I see you’re newlyweds! ... I can give you the Bridal”. To which the husband replies “No thanks, I’ll just hold onto her ears until she gets the hang of it!”

See you September 13th & December 13th, 2013

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

ON Events

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April 4, 2013

Let’s RIDE!

Facing noise bylaws that single out motorcycles? Contact M.O.D.E.L. for assistance no matter what province in Canada you live in!

An annual charity motorcycle ride in support of the SickKids Foundation at the Hospital for Sick Children being diagnosed with and/or who are living with lupus. *All proceeds go directly to the head of the Pediatric Lupus Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children. Where:

Rednecks Magic Elevator A redneck family are visiting a big city for the first time. The father and son are in the hotel lobby when the spot an elevator. “What’s that Paw?” The boy asked. “I ain’t never did see nothin’ like that in my life” Replied the father. Seconds later an old frail woman walks in the hotel door and hobbles to the elevator. She presses the button with her cane, waits for the doors to open and gets in. The father and son, still amazed by this contraption, continue to watch. They hear a ping noise and the doors open again. Out steps a beautiful 20 year old busty blonde. The father looks at his son and says “Go get your Maw!”

The Stampede Ranch, 226 Woodlawn Rd. W, Guelph Registration fee: $25

Receive a custom patch, and lunch after the ride, courtesy of The Stampede Ranch! Don’t ride? There are plenty of other ways to participate! Find us at the International Motorcycle in Toronto, March 16th & 17th, 2013!! Please visit to register or email All are welcome! Saturday, May 11th, 2013 @ 9:30 a.m Rain date, May 25th rain or shine 50/50 Draw! • Silent Auction!

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

April 4, 2013

Page 64

A Young Cop’s Perspective: Key to Better Policing is Changing Subculture from Within Kathryn (Kat) Perry No societal institution so critically links citizens to government like policing. This arm of government defends against anarchy and preserves the rules of law and due process in a democratic society. Policing as an institution reflects the health and viability of its social fabric. An organized, well-run, ethically just, and even-handed police department tenaciously committed to excellence and the people it serves contributes significantly to a city well represented by its government. Policing inherently offers law enforcement personnel the opportunity to either represent or misrepresent those values and ethics of democratic government. How society perceives law enforcement’s performance serves as a barometer for a community’s sense of peace and well-being. When political turmoil, poverty, crime, and social injustice lead to civil unrest that challenges the very pillars of democracy, society asks the police to intervene to restore order, protect lives, and safeguard property. No other profession requires its employees to make complex legal and moral decisions that impact the lives of others quite like policing. Officers must chase criminals; expose themselves repeatedly to danger; and

show compassion, kindness, courtesy, and respect to citizens. Yet, at the same time, they must possess the capacity to lawfully take someone’s life under the most stressful conditions, often in a split-second decision. For these reasons and many more, policing is a special profession. As a result of the difficult and often dangerous duties that police work involves, the occupational stress that officers face is cumulatively debilitating and consuming.

Yet, sometimes, law enforcement agencies offer only limited resources to help officers deal with this trauma. Worse still, these organizations typically exhibit a firmly engrained policing subculture that dismisses the need for such assistance. An agency always should consider personnel its most valuable resource; as such, officers deserve all the support and assistance the agency can give them to maintain their health and wellness.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles As police officers and their unions negotiate with governments for wages, benefits, working conditions, both sides must cooperate and collaborate to effectively manage with diminished financial means this precious human resource. Both sides need to focus on their common values and mutual concerns, and those should include more than just officers’ survival—they should extend to wellness. Generally, police officers in Canada are well trained; in most instances, they receive the best training in the world, especially for tactical and operational skills. However, many law enforcement organizations struggle to understand fully how trauma and stress impact human beings, and, therefore, they fail to train their officers in this area. Greater attention must be paid to the various causes and impacts of occupational stress and mental anguish among officers, as well as how these relate to the law enforcement subculture. Once agency leaders understand and acknowledge this subculture and its repercussions, they can implement strategies to change it, thereby improving the health and vitality of their workforce. Law Enforcement Subculture Law enforcement’s common but dangerous subculture poses one of the most significant risks to the health and wellness of its personnel. This subculture leads officers to feel that they need to act as though they can handle anything; it emphasizes individual strength and independence, which encourages personnel to maintain a façade

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

of invincibility. Out of fear that they will appear weak, police officers generally do not encourage each other to talk about their problems. They may cry at the funerals of their fallen warriors, but they usually avoid talking about their deepest wounds or fears. Law enforcement personnel represent the “good guys,” yet many officers seem to forget or ignore their own humanity. This subculture results in a police force that struggles to show weakness (to each other and to themselves). Further, some departments may not pay enough attention to their people. However, such oversight is a bilateral phenomenon, and management and officers share responsibility. Administrators

MIDNIGHT RIDERS 23RD, SPRING PARTY April 13th, 2013 Time: 8:00 pm – 1:00 am

Place: Moose Lodge 655 Wabanaki Dr. Kitchener, ON Cost: $10.00 each Food Included

April 4, 2013

Page 65

and line personnel jointly contribute to their institution’s subculture, and either side can act as enablers. My dad, with his 35 plus year policing career identified this many time over, and as a young, female police officer, I experience this on a daily basis. This occupational mind-set deeply permeates law enforcement organizations from the top of the management hierarchy down to the newest recruits. Both officers and administrators need to re-examine this issue.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles If today’s law enforcement professionals do not challenge this subculture, it simply will pass down to the next generation of officers who follow in their footsteps. Officers become indoctrinated into this subculture and the accompanying mind-set early in their careers, usually during the field training program that they begin immediately after graduating from the police academy. The training that recruits obtain in the academy differs from what they experience during field training. Now, instead of remaining inside a classroom or firing range, they are on the streets, learning to become competent, independent officers.

Changing Subculture Recruits receive instruction not from classroom instructors but from the experienced officers (known as field training officers, or FTOs) who accompany them on their shifts. FTOs provide on-the-job instruction and observe new officers as they attempt to fully master policing skills. Sometimes, FTOs tell recruits that they should forget everything they learned in the academy because their FTO will teach

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

them about “real” police work—including the subculture. An inherently stressful experience, typical field training programs include back-to-back shifts of “in-your-face” police work to prepare recruits for the daily realities of the law enforcement profession. As a result, some new officers display physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as stomach aches, headaches, or trouble sleeping. Daily evaluations cause enormous stress as does the knowledge that certain errors (especially those related to officer safety) will cause them to fail out of the program. The recruit’s career then hangs in the balance. During this training, personnel receive their first real exposure to the traumatic events of police work. Even if academy instructors emphasize to students that they will witness more sorrow, death, mayhem, and horror in 6 months than many people see in a lifetime, nothing will prepare them for the first time they find a body hanging from a rope— nothing will erase the image of that event from their minds. Recruits likely will say that they can handle it, but not acknowledge their true inner feelings, consternation, or turmoil. Many recruits have confided to other officers that at some point in their field training program, they almost lost the ability to care about what would happen that day even if they failed the training—they just wanted it to end. While they hoped they could make it through, they admitted reaching a point when they hardly could take the stress anymore.

Page 66

April 4, 2013

To mitigate the risk that officers burn out during this program, FTOs need to bring appropriate expectations and attitudes to their instruction. Trainers should fairly assess recruits’ overall performance, ability to make decisions under stress, awareness of officer safety, use of appropriate levels of force, soundness of judgment, and all of the other skills that policing demands. But, realistically, they should not expect more of the recruits than they would from a 10-year Emergency Response Team - ERT, veteran.

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Royal Canadian Legion Orville Hand Branch #521

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles Once personnel pass through their field training program and probationary period successfully, they become further inculcated in the policing subculture, which then defines them as part of an elite group. Veteran officers may communicate to them that “Now you are one of us, and precious few can make it.” Officers internalize this attitude long into their careers, and it may lead them to conceal or ignore their inner pain or feelings. Law enforcement officers may not know how to deal with emotional pain, like a wounded psyche or a broken heart. Worse yet, their peers and superiors might not consider these injuries legitimate. Additionally, many law

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

April 4, 2013

enforcement personnel feel that they cannot openly identify or discuss their personal pathology with mental health counsellors who never have experienced police work.


First demonstrated by FTOs and later by other colleagues, the police subculture leads officers to fear that expressing any emotional or mental turmoil will label them as weak. This toxic environment inhibits wellness training and therapeutic intervention despite officers’ routine exposure to debilitating, traumatic incidents of stress. It promotes secrecy, distrust, and duplicity. In the long run, the toll of this culture—on both personnel and the organization—becomes

Page 67

Additionally, this dangerous subculture increases the potential risk that these injuries can cause police officers to be deemed unfit for duty. Law enforcement personnel realize this danger, and they become uncomfortable acknowledging their inner feelings and even

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles less comfortable talking about them. Some officers worry that their medical records could be subpoenaed for criminal or civil court proceedings and that any examples of psychological problems could jeopardize a case. This can lead them to refuse to seek help for their emotional issues, even if they begin to contemplate suicide. The police subculture repeatedly is reinforced to personnel during their most vulnerable times. For example, if a new officer appears distraught after dealing with a violent child abuse case, a peer may enforce the attitudes of the subculture by sarcastically mocking the officer and asking if he or she needs a tissue to wipe away tears. This perverse humour, which serves as a vehicle for negativity, can persist. The costs of avoiding, ignoring, or burying the emotional aftermath of traumatic events can lead to serious short-term and long-term consequences. Officers’ unresolved trauma and pain can lead to depression, anxiety, aggression, and reliance on self-destructive coping mechanisms, such as heavy drinking and other substance abuse. A lack of wellness among officers can drive increases in sick leave usage, insubordination, suicides, lawsuits, and citizen complaints, just to name a few potential consequences. Research studies support these conclusions. Strategies for Change Undoubtedly, there are many reasons why this subculture continues to flourish despite its pernicious impact on the lives of officers. Most law enforcement personnel

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

April 4, 2013

Page 68

likely would agree that they need to show more humanity to themselves and to their peers if they want to achieve a higher level of wellness and job satisfaction. However, most police administrators grew up within the ranks of their own organizations and are products of their environments; as such, they are engrained with the same mind-set that perpetuates some of the subculture. Law enforcement leaders must set the example for their subordinates by first changing their own beliefs and priorities regarding officer health and wellness. But,

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles a change in attitude among administrators will not suffice. Supervisors cannot just casually ask their subordinates in the hallway if they feel okay and then be satisfied with the perfunctory answers that will follow. Can supervisors realistically expect ERT members to admit when they feel traumatized and risk insinuating that they cannot handle this sought-after, prestigious, demanding position? To break this cycle, administrators must implement department wide policies that force the culture to change. Personnel must have easy access to wellness resources, but, more important, the attitudes surrounding

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

these programs need to improve. Officers must not fear they will be punished or denied their next promotion if they receive therapeutic counselling or assistance after a traumatic incident. Most law enforcement personnel never would forget to debrief each other on tactical matters after a crime, but they often fail to pay attention to other officers’ emotional needs following a particularly difficult case. Personnel should not have to search for such services— they should be part of standard operating procedure or policy. Further, concerns for officer wellness cannot remain confined to occupational stress. An officer struggling through an ugly, prolonged, or pending divorce may feel as stressed as an officer involved in a shooting. The pain officers feel and their reactions to that stress are not always apparent. My father’s, grandfather’s and greatgrandfather’s experiences aptly demonstrate this issue. All had exciting and rewarding careers in law enforcement as officers, detectives, and ERT members, with careers ranging from 35 to 42 years. My father for example, became a police officer for the adventure and challenge that came with the responsibility of handling life-and-death crises. Yet, when he had to deal with the death of my mother, he became deeply distraught. To facilitate his recovery, he took advantage of what little peer support system was available at that time, and inner circle of trustworthy friends. This allowed some of

Page 69 April 4, 2013 his bottled-up pain to dissipate. He also was of the mind (and humbleness) and sought professional counselling, which benefitted him tremendously. Additionally, spirituality helped him recover in a positive, realistic, and constructive way so that he could stop “beating myself up” about my perceived culpability and failure.

Unfortunately, sometimes the police subculture prevents personnel from seeking these necessary resources to cope with their struggles. Officers feel that they should be tough, overcoming warriors and that they should simply deal with their pain—all alone. Nothing could be further from the truth, and officers do not need to suffer alone. Instead, officers need to treat themselves with greater humanity and stop perpetuating this subculture. To change this oppressive subculture, both officers and administrators need to acknowledge and expose the problem. Then, officers could be more honest with themselves and others about their pain and

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles discomfort; this would allow personnel to examine, rather than suppress, their feelings. Once administrators facilitate these changes in procedures and attitudes, officers should seek out support systems and available resources, rather than hesitate to take advantage of them. In my case, peer support, professional counselling, and spirituality all served as resources. Law enforcement personnel must remember that wellness relates less to the availability of these programs and more to the use of them. Strong men and women admit when they need help; if officers refuse to do this, wellness resources will remain underused, and a cultural shift never will occur.

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

and administrators too readily accept this subculture as an unchangeable aspect of the occupation. Law enforcement personnel do not have to tolerate this subculture. But, for significant changes to occur, courageous administrators must act as leaders to expose problems, establish new policies to remedy them, and promote an agency culture that embraces holistic wellness.

Page 70

April 4, 2013

razor-sharp. Your goal in the police written test, your first step towards your badge, is simple and single-minded: get the highest scores possible on the police exam for the highest ranking possible on the eligibility list. You don’t just want to get on the list, you want to be in the top five — better yet, you want to be the first name on the list.

Regardless of recent headlines, Officers should feel proud of the policing profession. Those who serve in this occupation are wonderful people who deserve more. Officers still can be as tough as nails yet also show compassion, tenderness, and humanity—to themselves and to each other— and live a healthy life. So you want to be a cop? When you made your decision to become a police officer, you made a decision to change your life. And when you turned in your application, you took your first step in a gruelling process towards achieving your goal.

Conclusion Common knowledge should dictate that as fallible humans, police officers cannot remain immune from the emotional and mental repercussions of exposure to traumatic events. Officers are trained to offer help, encouragement, and professional resources to victims of horrific trauma, yet they sometimes cheat themselves out of the same assistance. Currently, both officers

The first hurtle... the first cold sweat in a long line of cold sweats. Now’s the time to untie the knot in your stomach and retighten your guts to prepare for the first punch of reality: you’re actually on your way to becoming a police officer. Whether you hate tests or you ace tests to draw a bead on living your life behind a badge, you need to turn your mind into a diamond-dust whet stone and hone your wits

How can you do this? Like I said, Simply and single-mindedly. Prepare yourself by informing yourself. Arm yourself with hard facts about the police exam, which are yours for the asking from the recruiter, the department’s HR section, or the department website. Identify your weakest areas on the test and reinforce your abilities in that area. Review the spelling rules. Pick up, “The Elements of Style” by Strunk & White, and a high school level math book while you’re at it. Then find a quiet spot with no distractions — like the library, and study.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Young Police Officer’s Perspective - ON Events

If you don’t read regularly - start doing so now. Get a newspaper and read it, then read it out loud, then read it to someone else — then discuss what you’ve read and practice being a comprehensive reader. Have someone quiz you on articles, ads that were on the same page, the page number the article was on, what other articles are on the same page and anything else they can think of to test your memory and understanding.

The written test evaluates you on several areas of common knowledge — that’s what the math, spelling and vocabulary books were for but there are other areas that test your range and use of common sense knowledge. These areas blend judgment skills, memory and observation skills and the simple ability to know left from right into complex questions that evaluate how you react and why.

Teach yourself to be ferociously observant, yet careful with your assumptions. Practice observing people, vehicles and places – memorize descriptions, then check what you think you saw for accuracy.

And you want to react for the same ‘why’ as any police officer — right?

If you haven’t gone on a ride along yet, schedule one today! Approach it like an informational interview - meeting in which a job seeker asks for career and industry advice rather than employment. Potential employers, particularly cops, are more than willing to talk about themselves and what they do - better yet, show you. And when you slide inside that patrol car forget every daydream or pre-conceived idea you ever had about police officers and police work. Wipe your mind clean (forget TV images) and focus on every action that officer makes. Your prime objective is to learn about the ‘why’ that is the basis for the officers’ actions, reactions, and decisions. What observations are important to their work? Ask questions and take notes – throw yourself into the experience wholeheartedly and you’ll walk away with a little piece of a badge attached.

The right people as police officers will change the institutions for the better. Do you have the right attitude?

April 4, 2013

Page 71

“NEW” LOCATION: Starting and ending at the Knights of Columbus Center (2401 Columbus Drive) in South Windsor, ON – REGISTRATION DETAILS to follow when available. SAME EVENT PLAN AS IN PREVIOUS YEARS. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! • Registration & Breakfast Buffet starting at 9:00am. • Poker Ride from 11:00am to 3:15pm to 5 designated Poker Stops. • Buffet Dinner at the Columbus Center at 4:00pm. • Meal Only Tickets $25 each. (With the purchase of 2 tickets this will give you a $20 receipt for tax purposes). • Festivities: 50/50, Chinese Auction and Door Prizes to follow dinner. • Pledges: Always welcomed as we also have prizes scaled to pledges collected for the event. These could be in Gas Cards, Costco Cards, Wal-Mart Cards or Zehrs Cards. For more information, visit: http://www.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Moto Babe: Combo Plate

Moto Babe: Combo Plate Moto Babe: Kayle Perry (RIP - We Love You) Gourmet kayaking ought to be an oxymoron. One activity sings of a starchy white cotton napkin, a hunk of buttery meat and the warm satisfaction of fine conversation and a full tummy, while the other features mouthfuls of saltwater, a perpetual twizzling of the shoulders, and the terrifying dependence on your own puny musculature to pull yourself free from a capsized kayak after a close encounter with a supertanker. There seems no obvious connection between a gourmet experience and a kayaking one, except in the land of implausible pairings: British Columbia.

name from Queen Victoria and the "Columbia" part from its enormous river honouring the Genovese explorer. It is now making a name for itself as a culinary destination, which explains why I was rotating my twiglet arms in a futile attempt to keep abreast of three kayaks powered by beefy Canadians, and my BFF AglaĂŠ and I have discovered how to share a kayak, explore new ways to sore muscles, and for satisfying our food cravings. As an entree to the gourmet charms of Canada, it wasn't promising. The only drizzle was not balsamic but from the sky, and James, the dynamic chef leading the trip, had only to dab his paddle in the water to disappear over the horizon as fast as an orca (killer whales love the Pacific waters off BC).

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been a mouthful of snow when falling on the ski fields but now it means drinking the province's boutique wines and guzzling its sablefish with sea asparagus. British Columbians consume more alcohol per head than any other province - increasingly, from its own vineyards (mush to the chagrin of Louis, a wine snob friend in Vancouver). The province also has the highest number of small farms per capita in Canada and is the birthplace of Greenpeace. Between them, the greenies and the greedies have developed a taste for local, sustainable and diverse food and drink, as set out by Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon, the BC-based authors of The 100 Mile Diet, an increasingly influential book and eat-local movement in North America.

James was followed by four Vancouverites. One couple, Simon and Sarah, had a daily fitness compulsion. The other possessed some kind of kayaking diploma. Both couples were also in double kayaks, which seemed a bit tough on the two little gals from Quebec - specifically, your correspondent Kaylee - who had only kayaked once before. "This bit is going to be fast and dirty," explained James, spinning lithely in his kayak to face me. "What do you mean by dirty?" I asked, unsure whether it was my kayak or my lip that was trembling more.

The west coast province got the "British" bit of its

April 4, 2013

Gourmet Kayaking trips pair two things that BC - derided by the rest of Canada as ridiculously laid-back does exceptionally well. BC folk don't just quietly drink in their lake and mountain scenery: they have to eat it. Once this would have

Note to readers - look for future pieces, my take on The 100 Mile Diet - an idea my granddad had to showcase cost effective weekend excisions, some by motorcycle, as the answer to those who work, maybe have kids, and who want an affordable adventure, close to home, to experience on those precious, and limited days off.

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles There wasn't much sign of the gourmet bit in the first few hours spluttering through the Pacific waters around the Gulf Islands, off Vancouver Island's east coast. But the sun came out - the west coast is notorious for its rain - and with its wildlife. A beady-eyed raccoon fiddled with a fish, Gollum-like, on the foreshore until a bald eagle swooped in and seized its meal. Seals popped curious heads out of the waves. We weaved around perfect little islands you'd be happy to be kayak-wrecked on so you could build a shack and create your own utopian society. When we stopped at Pirate's Cove on De Courcy Island, we learned this had already been done: a charismatic English mystic who called himself Brother XII settled on De Courcy in the 1920s and gathered followers, a fortune in gold and a whip-cracking mistress called Madame Z. Eventually, his bullied and ripped-off disciples rebelled and Brother XII and mistress fled in a

Moto Babe: Combo Plate

tugboat never to be seen again. Our evening destination was the less spooky Valdes Island (population: a guy in a houseboat called Crazy Pete). We slid on to a beach of white shells and James heaved rocks around to create a chef's bench and opened his kayak hatches to reveal all kinds of miraculous equipment, including two gas burners. Then, no less miraculously, he conjured up a meal of seared and steamed smoked sablefish, baby turnips, carrots, roast potatoes and a spring

April 4, 2013

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food virtue. Big supermarkets are still opening, small farms are disappearing, young people are abandoning the land and new government regulations (closing local slaughterhouses for instance) favour agribusiness. Nevertheless, as we chat over supper my fellow gourmet kayakers soon demonstrate a real knowledge of local cuisine and a willingness to champion new and traditional local independent producers. Like many BC residents, they acknowledge that excellent young chefs serving the best local food is something France has done for years but here, as the sun sets and the high tide carries off driftwood bleached white by the weather, there is a real West Coast freshness and lack of pretension about it all. Hands tingled warmly after our first day at sea, not to mention sore and aching shoulders and arms. In our tent pitched on a grassy bank overlooking the empty beach, I fell asleep in exactly one second. In the morning, I was woken gently by the waves and great cheer: the BCers aren't such heroic outdoor types, after all. Simon

salad. James has cooked in a number of BC restaurants and reckons farmers are the new celebrity chefs, particularly on Vancouver Island. Niche producers on this rugged 285-mile-long island with a temperate climate; their ciders and fresh vegetables keenly sought out at the farmers' markets. Nearly all the food James brings to cook is local - from cheese to hazelnuts - but not that local: I had fantasies about catching our own fish but nature reserve regulations mean that he brings along all his ingredients, ingeniously packed into his kayak. Like other emerging slow food destinations, BC is not a paragon of sustainable and local

didn't sleep at all because he's used to soft mattresses and Sarah had caught a cold. Uninhabited islands bring out the explorer in

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

you, especially in scenery as grand as the Gulf Islands. We began day two on foot, twisting through a forest full of giant slugs, scrambling up a spectacular cliff to get an almost-aerial view of the islands. James rustled up some smoked salmon and guacamole sandwiches for lunch and then we jumped in our kayaks for a modest four-hour paddle. It feels like you can creep up on the natural world in a kayak and we surprised pine martens as they dashed along the ledges of huge sandstone cliffs which burst through the trees and loomed out of the water. Apart from crossing bows with the occasional sailing boat, all you could see, and smell, was the sea and the

Moto Babe: Combo Plate & ON Events

three days of unaccustomed arm-ercize makes you starving. Hunger pangs, fired by James's enthusiasm for local produce, drove me into the interior of the island where the joy of more long, slow meals awaited. The only difference was that this time they were eaten from a table graced with a thick, white cloth. BC's food culture may be as utopian as life on one of Vancouver's tiny islands, but it is all well worth celebrating.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. ~~~ A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. ~~~ The sole purpose of a child’s middle name, is so he can tell when he’s really in trouble.

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April 4, 2013

Goldwingking 1st Anniversary BBQ

Hello all, well where did that year go? Last time I checked, I just moved in and was sorting a 20 year collection of boxes full of used parts. Now the shop has been pretty well setup, and it is time to relax? and have some fun. Please join us for the First Year Anniversary BBQ to benefit my local riding clubs, GWRRA, GWTA, CMC and their favorite charities. From 11 to 3 door prizes, music and fun. Come one come all, everyone welcome. Look forward to seeing you all there, Best - Bruno G

Because I’m a man:

conifers that blanketed the islands. We headed back to camp for supper, where we agreed that James's duck with lentils and a fantastic reduction, all paired with local - and blackberry - wine, was the best meal yet. It was slow food and it disappeared fast. As I was washing my face in the sea the next morning, a river otter joined me on the beach. Fired up by another delicious breakfast we began the long paddle past more sea eagles and raccoons and back to the jetty on Vancouver Island. You don't actually have to be very hardy to kayak - octogenarians have joined trips in the past - but even with the gourmet cooking,

when I catch a cold, I need someone to bring me soup and take care of me tenderly while I lie in bed and moan. You’re a woman. You never get as sick as I do, sofor you, this is no problem.

Because I’m a man:

when I lock my keys in the car, I will fiddle with a coat hanger long after hypothermia has set in. Calling AAA is not an option. I WILL win. Submitted by Gary

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

QC Events

April 4, 2013

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Character is what you are. Reputation is what people think you are. ~~~ Children in the dark make accidents, but accidents in the dark make children. ~~~ Depression is merely anger without the enthusiasm.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Thoughts to Ponder

Newfies have the lowest stress rate. Maybe it’s because they don’t take medical terminology seriously. Newfie Medical Dictionary Medical Term and Irish Definition

Honey is the cat at home? A man absolutely hated his wife’s cat and decided to get rid of him one day by driving him 20 blocks from his home and leaving him at the park. As he was getting home, the cat was walking up the driveway. The next day he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away. He put the beast out and headed home. Driving back up his driveway, there was the cat! He kept taking the cat further and further and the cat would always beat him home. At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right until he reached what he thought was a safe distance from his home and left the cat there. Hours later the man calls home to his wife: “Jen, is the cat there?” “Yes”, the wife answers, “why do you ask?” Frustrated, the man answered, “Put that cat on the phone, I’m lost and need directions!”

Artery - The study of paintings Bacteria - Back door to cafeteria Barium - What doctors do when patients die Benign - What you be, after you be eight Caesarean Section - - A neighbourhood in Rome Cat scan - Searching for Kitty Cauterize - Made eye contact with her Colic - A sheep dog Coma - A punctuation mark Dilate - To live long Enema - Not a friend Fester - Quicker than someone else Fibula - A small lie Impotent - Distinguished, well known Labour Pain - Getting hurt at work Medical Staff - A Doctor’s cane Morbid - A higher offer Nitrates - Rates of Pay for Working at Night. Normally more money than Days Node - I knew it Outpatient - A person who has fainted Pelvis - Second cousin to Elvis Post Operative - A letter carrier Recovery Room - Place to do upholstery Rectum - Nearly killed him Secretion - Hiding something Seizure - Roman Emperor Tablet - A small table Terminal Illness - Getting sick at the airport Tumour - One plus one more Urine - -Opposite of you’re out Submitted by Rich

April 4, 2013

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NEW PANTIES A frustrated wife buys a pair of crotch less panties in an attempt to spice up her dead sex-life. She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the sofa opposite her husband. At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs... enough times that her husband finally asks, “Are you wearing crotch less panties?” “Y-e-s,” she answers with a seductive smile. “Thank God - I thought you were sitting on the cat.” He never heard the gunshot.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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April 4, 2013

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NB/NS Events

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

NS Events

April 4, 2013

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Saturday, September 7, 2013 Leaving Three Churches Parking Lot, Mahone Bay – 1:00 p.m. Procession lead by SANTA through beautiful Mahone Bay to Riverport and along the Lahave River to Bridgewater. EVERYONE WELCOME!!

SALVATION ARMY accepting donations of Toys, School Supplies, Cash, etc...

Sponsored by: Maritime Motorcycle Touring Association

For Information contact: Reid Crouse 902-543-0425; Cell- 541-0942; Emerson Schofield 902-582-1326; Cell- 690-5553;

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Faith & Motorcycles

ROADS... Riding season has suddenly appeared and as I’ve hit the road several times the past couple of weeks I’ve been reminded of all the different types of roads we can expect to ride on, in this “neck of the woods.” For sure most roads are asphalt with the occasional concrete road, and there are dirt roads, gravel roads, and in some areas (like Gastown in Vancouver) you can expect to see the odd cobblestone road. Some roads are pretty much nothing more than high-traffic commuting routes while others offer twisties and then my personal favorite, the mountain roads that throw the hills, switchbacks and long winding stretches at you, with the odd short straightaway to blow off the cobwebs. Like most bikers, I’ve ridden on dry surfaces, wet surfaces, a few times on icy surfaces and way too many times on surfaces covered with obstructions like wet leaves, gravel and the all too common oil strip. Let’s not forget the road full of potholes. Is there anything worse for a biker? I find it frustrating when traveling on a favorite riding road and its chalk full of cages creeping

along at ridiculously slow speeds, until the passing lane when of course the slowest ones speed up so they don’t lose their place in line and get to torment the bikers until the next open stretch. Give me back roads or two-lane highways any day. In our “Owner’s Manual for Life” (bible) we read about two kinds of roads. The broad road and the narrow road; “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.” Matthew 7: 13, 14. This road analogy is a good way to look at our “Spiritual Journey”, which at one time or another in this life, we pretty much all find ourselves traveling on. If you are on that journey at this time in your life and you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, why not consider walking the “Narrow Road”? Seek and you’ll find. Knock and the door will open. Jesus Christ is only a short prayer away. Ride Safe. Ride True. Pastor Chuck Freedom Biker Church, Surrey

Correction: last week article. It should have read: 100 million bibles printed. Pastor Chuck Freedom Biker Church, Surrey

April 4, 2013

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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles 13th Edition 2013  

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