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November, 2016

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The driver stayed in the car until power crews could remove power lines off of his car.


Power Crews Called to Assist with a Single Vehicle Wreck


Henry County FD Rescues Dog from 40-Foot Well McDonough, GA – Firefighters rescued a beloved family dog that fell down a 40-foot well on Monday, September 26th, according to the Henry County Fire Department. The rescue took place in the area of Antioch Road off of Highway-81. The Henry County Animal Control was dispatched the scene to investigate and quickly realized that technical assistance was needed to extricate the dog safely from the well. An urgent call was placed to the fire department and additional resources were quickly immobilized. Crews from Station-10, 11 and 12, along with several members of Henry County’s Technical Rescue Team, made their way to the scene. After determining the scene was clear of any collapse hazards and hidden dangers, focus was turned to extrication efforts. Crews quickly erected a rope rescue system, including a tripod used for raising and lowering rescuers into confined spaces. The air quality in the well was tested and additional surface air was pumped into the confined space to aid in a safe rescue. The "all clear" was then given by Command, signaling the lowering of a single firefighter into the well. Forty-feet

JUMP TO FILE #100316103 below, contact was made with the dog and the journey back to the surface began. After emerging from the well, crew members and witnesses were elated to discover the dog showed no signs of injury. Bama, as the yellow lab was known to family and friends, joyfully greeted each rescuer in turn. The Technical Rescue Team is designed to augment the response of the Henry County Fire Department. The team is a specially trained group of firefighters drawn from the ranks of the department. They have been trained in swift water, dive rescue and recovery, hazardous materials, and structural collapse. The team utilizes their extensive rope and rigging experience to rescue victims in ravines or other places inaccessible to fire service ladders. Deputy Chief Johnson stated, “We are proud of the hard work and dedication the men and women of the department demonstrate each day on the job. They train to make a difference, regardless of what lives may be at risk.” - MICHAEL BLACK

Marietta, GA - Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services responded to a single-vehicle wreck at approximately 3:15 P.M. on Bells Ferry Road, near the intersection of Wooten Drive, on the afternoon of October 4th. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found that a silver Ford Explorer had hit a power pole, causing it to fall and resulting in power lines landing on top of the vehicles. Power line crews with Cobb EMC were dispatched to the scene to help with cutting the power from the lines so firefighters could remove the driver. According to an eyewitness,

JUMP TO FILE #100416105 as the driver was heading towards Lake Allatoona, the car went off the roadway and hit a stop sign before hitting the power pole headon. The 58-year-old driver from Acworth was conscious and alert and was able to talk with firefighters until the lines could be removed. Once the lines were removed, firefighters approached the driver, who was able to exit the vehicle on his own. Firefighters took the driver to a squad to be checked

When Disaster Strikes Chaplain’s Corner Fernando Villicana

It is one thing to witness disaster on TV or hear about it from somewhere in another part of the world, but this is where first responders live. As well trained as we are, as often as we respond to such a wide variety of emergencies, even for us in the fire service, there is a whole different dimension to disaster when it strikes so close to home or hits your life. So often in the midst of a crisis we want answers, yet even answers can’t change what has

happened … so we need something MORE than just answers. Has anyone left us a blueprint in how to face a tragedy? How do we deal with tragedy as godly people who believe in a good God? There is a man named Job that faced a terrible personal tragedy, a man who lost his children in a terrible accident, a man who also had few answers, so what sustained him? The example of Job shows us a path through tragedy, while it doesn’t give us all the answers, it does point us to the one who can sustain us. Job 1:22 (NLT) In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God. When we can’t find solutions to our questions, we can find a Savior for our catastrophe. What could possibly give a sense of security in the face of death and disaster? For someone

out, where they were later picked up by a family member. Both lanes were blocked until the wreckage was cleared and the power line was repaired. Just before 5:00 P.M., the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office reported that Bells Ferry Road would be shut down, both north and southbound, between Ridge Road and Wooten Drive for at least six hours as crews worked to repair damage caused by the accident. No other injuries were reported and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the cause. - TIM CAVENDER

with no belief in God there is nothing but sorrow and loss! For someone like Job however that had a trust and belief in God there were other possibilities -faith, eternal security and an ongoing relationship with God. How do you handle a terrible disaster? Getting through a disaster begins long before one ever hits. The best way to handle unforeseen crisis is be strong before one ever comes. A sponge when squeezed can only give off whatever it had absorbed just before it was squeezed. If Christ lives in you now it will be His presence that is released in you when life and circumstances squeezes you. Blessings, Pastor Fernando Villicana Fire Service Chaplain

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