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December, 2017

1ST Responder Newspaper - PA


by John Malecky

Into Harms Way By Lieutenant Paul Geidel, FDNY Available from: FSP Books & Videos 188 Central Street, Suite #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800-522-8528 E-mail: support@fire-policeems.comj Price: $24.99 This book is soft cover and measures 6-inches by 9-inches. It has 45 chapters within 187 pages. It is loaded with pictures as well so it is an easy read! The forward is written by the author's wife where

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she explains that the content is made up of his three most avid interests: FDNY Rescue 1 (where he served most of his career), the Korean War (where he served in a bomber squadron), and fast pitch softball (of which he was an excellent pitcher.) Sadly, he is also the father of two FDNY firefighters who lost their lives. One of his sons lost his life on 9/11 and his body was never found, while the second lost his life from ill health sustained by working on “the pile” trying to find his brother. There is a third brother who also worked in the recovery effort and is still alive. The author was a lieutenant at Rescue 1 and is now in his mid 80’s. He served the department during the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s and so this book is made up of many interesting and sorrowful stories that played out during that era including the 23rd Street Fire; the 1960 midair collision of two jets, each landing in a different borough; and the Constellation fire which occurred not too long after. Korean War stories are also interesting ones, and of course the fast pitch softball stories add a flair. As you can tell, the stories are not long and the pictures make reading it go a lot faster. If you are or were a firefighter, especially a career one, you will appreciate some of the comical stories and horseplay around the station which you just may relate to or recall some of your own. The stories are not in chronological order and they do bounce from one subject to another, but all in all it is another book that must be read. A color photo of his son, Gary is in the book and is removable. May he and all of our heroes rest in peace!

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Smokes escapes from a residence on Ohio Ave. in Shenandoah Heights after it caught fire for the second time.

Shenandoah Heights Duplex Damaged by Fire for Second Time Schuylkill County, PA – At 2:10 A.M. on Monday, October 30th, Schuylkill County 9-1-1 dispatched a firstalarm assignment for 193 Ohio Avenue in the Shenandoah Heights JUMP TO FILE# section of West Ma- 111117104 hanoy Township for a house fire. The first-alarm brought in Shenandoah Heights Fire, William Penn Fire, Altamont Fire, Shenandoah Fire Department (Squrt & Ladder 745, Engine 742, Rescue 741), Mahanoy City West End and Englewood for a Rapid Intervention Team. First responding units were advised that police were on scene and confirming a working fire. Shenandoah Marshal 747 arrived on the scene and assumed command where he found a working fire at 189-191 Ohio Avenue. Command directed Squrt 745 to grab a hydrant in the middle of the block and proceed to the front of the building. Ladder 745 followed behind the Squrt and was able to set up in a tight area. Engine 881 secured an additional water supply on Swatara Street and came down to the "A/B" corner. Engine 369 was directed to secure an additional water supply and go past Ohio Avenue where they would find heavy fire consuming the rear of the dwelling. Engines 742, 888 and 367 arrived and staged on Ohio Avenue and sent their crews to the front of the building. Crews stretched multiple lines through the front and rear of the building where they encountered fire on all floors. Command was now reporting fire visible through the roof. Firefighters continued to


Fire vents from the roof of a duplex that caught fire in Shenandoah Heights.

make an aggressive push in the building and knocked down the remaining fire. Interior firefighters were able to bring the fire under control within 30 minutes of arriving on scene and began to overhaul the building. A crew from Ladder 745 ascended to the roof and began to open up some additional areas. The fire was officially placed

under control at the 60 minute PAR check. Overhaul was continued throughout the early morning hours and crews began to be released. This same building was the scene of a fire on April 9, 2013 where the opposite side of the duplex was damaged by a garage fire. - JC KRIESHER

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1st Responder News PA December Edition  

1st Responder News PA December Edition