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October, 2017

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Vacant Building Fire in Troy Quickly Contained

Ten Ways Social Media Works For Your Department by Chief Joel Miller

1. Ensure your social media policies work for the department and do not completely restrict your social media platforms. Do not leave “gray areas” for interpretation such as making policies so strict or confusing that people are deterred from utilizing them. 2. Utilize your PIO (Public Information Officer) as your social media administrator. This is the person with the information that needs to be available on your social media. They can do this from the field as the action happens and even use social media for a press conference or mass notification. 3. Consider utilizing firefighters as volunteer PIOs for your social media accounts. This allows you to cover more areas than having one PIO. Volunteers can be given rules and guidelines for posting pictures and information or have all posts funnel through the official PIO for actual posting. Many fire departments have been very successful with this approach. Just make sure your crew understands, work first and social media second unless they are the official PIO. 4. Establish a following. Make sure your fire departments’ social medial information is on everything! In today’s world, this is just as important as your phone number…….and I’m not talking about 911. So, from business cards to flyers for an event, be sure to include all your departments’ social media information. 5. Work smarter not harder. Let your social media accounts promote

your events and fund raisers. Use social media to direct people where to buy tickets or make donations to your events. 6. Always post the “great” things that are going on within your department such as fire prevention, feeding the homeless, or other public services in which your department participates. 7. Always post your departmental promotions and retirements on social media. This is a great way to let the community know about your departments’ accomplishments and recognize staff for their hard work and dedication. 8. As I stated in a previous article “A Picture is NOT Worth a Thousand Words," you must always tell the story behind the picture because if you don’t, people will assume the worst and reflect negatively on your department. Keep the story brief, as most readers only read the first two or three lines. 9. Use other groups and organizations’ social media pages to help promote your page. Tag other people with large sites relevant to your page and use their hashtag to help promote your pictures and get your information in front of the masses. (@chief_miller #chiefmiller , just saying… lol) 10. Start a hashtag for your department and use it consistently on all your posts. This is an important way for others to find your page in the social media world. Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your department while keeping it simple and easy to remember.




Troy, NY - In the early hours of the morning August 27th, the City of Troy Fire Department responded to 710 5th Ave. for a reported vacant building on fire in North Lansingburgh. On arrival, Engine-1 had heavy JUMP TO FILE# fire in the rear of 091217114 the building and called for the Signal 30. Firefighters forced entry and stretched two hand lines into the front of the building while making their way to the seat of the fire located in the rear of the building. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack. Engine4's crew made their way to the second-floor and quickly brought the fire under control. While crews from Engine-1 and Engine4 knocked down the heavy fire in the rear of the building, Truck-1’s crew went to the roof and started to vent the building to allow all of the heavy smoke to escape from the structure so firefighters working inside could have better visibility. Members of the rescue squad and Truck-2 helped the crews inside open up the ceiling and wall to make sure they had no hot spots remaining. Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control within minutes. Crews conducted heavy overhaul on the building and were back in service within one hour. The building at the time of the fire was not occupied, but it was

currently under construction. The owner of the building was contacted and came to the scene. No firefighters were injured on scene

Bob Long


and the fire is currently under investigation. - JEFFREY BELSCHWINDER

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1st Responder New York October Edition  

1st Responder New York October Edition