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January, 2016


Video reviews by John Malecky


Vehicle into tree in Five Mile Point Just before noon on Sunday, November 15th, Broome County Communications dispatched the Five Mile Point Fire Department to Fox Hollow Road for a motor vehicle accident with injuries. It was reported as a vehicle into a tree with a single occupant injured. Five Mile Point Fire Department responded with Squad 59, Engine 59-2, and Chief 59B. Once on scene, it was confirmed that there was one occupant, self-extricated, with minor injuries. Once the patient had been assisted into the ambulance, the vehicle was stabilized and powered down. Fire units were assisted on scene by New York State Police and Superior Ambulance. All units returned to service by 1:00 p.m.

The Big Burn by American Experience Films PBS Available from: FSP Books & Videos 188 Central Street, Suite #4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800522-8528 E-Mail:support@fire-pol i c e - e m s . c - o m Price $24.99 (DVD) This DVD is 60 minutes in length mostly in black and white. It is a program inspired by a book of the same name and is a story about the horrendous wildfire, which consumed an area of the Rockies in the Summer of 1910. The fire covered an area the size of the state of Connecticut, including million acres of land made up of towns as well as forestry. It is also a brief history of the U.S. Forest Service, its founder Gifford Pinchot, and his successor. It is the story of arrogance and pride that nature could be managed. Pinchot’s aim was to preserve national forests. He had his opponents in the name of the timber and mining industries as well as the railroads. The first two, at least, thought

that forests were theirs to make use of, in selling their products, and did not take kindly to those who got in their way. The railroads posed a threat by their trains kicking out sparks, which tended to start fires. They took no responsibility in helping to suppress them as they felt fires were only a hazard of their passing through forestry land. The story progresses telling about Pinchot’s political activism and his befriending influential people such as New York Governor Theodore Roosevelt, who later became president and how they worked together. The succeeding president was another story. It also tells us about the forest rangers stationed in the west and how they were protected from harm by seven companies of elite black soldiers of the 25th Infantry and how their performance when later fighting the Big Burn influenced the minds of many to look upon the black man in a different, favorable way. Coverage of the firefighting during the Big Burn is intense and an influential leader, who was instrumental in managing this battle is shown. His invention of the Pulaski tool came about after this fire and is still a weapon in fighting forestry fires today. I would recommend this DVD as a lesson in history and a bit of education for those who do not normally fight forest fires to see how the other guys do it!

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1st Responder News New York January  

1st Responder News New York January