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June, 2016

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One extricated from vehicle

Firefighters and rescue personnel extricated one victim from this car early on the afternoon of May 12. A few small trees were cut down and then the driver's door had to be removed to gain access to the victim. The lone occupant was then transported to a Lewiston hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


Vehicle fire extinguished

Wales Engines 31 and 32 with Tanker 33, (with a total of 12 fire members from Wales) and Sabattus Engines 2 and 6 responded to the Wales Presbyterian Church parking lot for a reported vehicle fire. Chief 301 was first on scene with command reporting a vehicle fully involved. First arriving crews made an aggressive attack by stretching a couple of one and three quarter inch hose lines with water and foam and had fire the under control within minutes.

When do we stop helping people? Chaplain’s Corner Didymus McHugh

When we joined the fire service, we wanted to make a difference and help people. We have seen that John 15:13 become so real “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” How many times are we willing to risk our lives for a civilian, child and even more so for a brother? But this is only the beginning or supreme end. We are to have compassion for people as we always do. When are we supposed to stop showing compassion for others? There is a way that we can save or enhance to about 50 lives, once we die. We can become organ and tissue donors now. One organ donor can save up to eight lives. They state that the organs that can be transplanted are the heart, kidney, livers, lungs, pancreas and intestine. Since there are more than 122,000 people waiting for transplants in the U.S., that’s a big number, But if you look that, 22 people die every day as they wait for an organ transplant. How or who can you help? Think about the guys in your station, department or their families. Does someone you know have health challenges? Where do you think skin comes from for the graft for burn victims? Yes, they can take the donor skin off of other parts of the patients’ body, but sometimes things will not or cannot work that way. Do you know a brother, who may

need a valve job? No, not his car, but heart. You can help one of them out. Your corneas can help restore sight to someone. What about bone grafts, ligaments or tendons to help fix diseased bones and joints? The people who are on the organ donor lists as recipients are praying and hoping for a new organ. I know that for me, it would be nice if God used me to answer someone’s prayers and let them continue to live. Right now, you answer people’s prayers and give them hope when you assist them by answering calls. Continue that spirit when you die. By our concern for our fellow man, we are called into this profession and we

give of ourselves with our time, money, talents, etc. I, myself, am an organ and tissue donor. I let my family know. I let a lot of people know. I have come to appreciate that if I can help someone, I will. If people can physically benefit from me dying, I do not want to cremate a body part that someone might not be able to live without. I know that it may be a concern to people, but I feel that this conversation needs to be put out there. You may want to talk with your family, friends, doctor, or religious leader. I am just making you aware of a situation, not an opportunity to volunteer. You may even know

someone who benefited from an organ or tissue donation, or maybe someone who did make a donation. Romans 12:1 reminds us that we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. If we care for people, why not have a part of us live on and help others. Would your family be comforted that even though you would not be with them anymore, that you selflessly gave for others? If you have any questions, please reach out to your local organ and tissue donation organization. If you are concerned about religious implications of organ donation, I have been advised by the NJ Sharing Network, that most religions approve of it. But you can still discuss it with your religious leader. I mentioned about being a donor

and wondered what would happen at wake and I was advised that it would look like me, if I wanted a viewing. When people were trying to trap Jesus about the greatest commandment, He stated that the greatest commandment was to love your God with your heart, mind and soul and that the second greatest commandment was that we are to our neighbors as ourselves. Do you love people enough to help them when you are no longer living? I used to belong to a fire department that did not have fire companies, instead we had defender companies. The sign at the firemen’s memorial said “Defenders of life and property”. I’m all in, take what you need to protect someone’s life. What about you?

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1st Responder New England June Edition  

1st Responder New England June Edition