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December, 2017

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The event was very well attended by the residents of Norwich.


Norwich FD Holds Open House in Greenville Norwich, CT - The Norwich Fire Department held their annual open house on Saturday, October 21st. The event took place at the Greenville Station, located at 446 North Main Street, to promote fire prevention and safety within our community. The Greenville Station houses Engine 2 which is staffed with two firefighters and a lieutenant. This station was built in 1896 and is the second oldest continuously operating firehouse in Connecticut.

JUMP TO FILE #102217100 Smokey the Bear, Sparky the Dalmation, Tilley the Utility Truck, and the Bully Busters were on hand for the children. Special thanks to the East Hampton Fire Department for letting us use their smoke trailer so that we could teach the children what to do in the event of a fire. The Greenville Neighborhood

Norwich's Rescue 1 with East Hampton's smoke trailer.

Revitalization Zone, American Ambulance Service, Norwich Police Department and Norwich Public Utilities assisted with demonstrations. Backus Hospital donated 50 helmets which were given out to the children in the community. The event was very well attended and we look forward to seeing you next year! - RYAN FLAHERTY


has ever been in a firehouse kitchen knows there are rules to follow. And while they may be unwritten, I can guarantee across America, many firehouses share these same rules. This concept may seem foreign to some home cooks, but just like in a professional kitchen, order must be established and “regulations” set. Ok, so maybe that all sounds a little too formal and strict, but it is very important to anyone who wants to take command of a kitchen. So without further ado, let’s share some of these “rules and regulations”..... It should be stated that these are not all my rules, these are just some rules I have heard from other firefighters. But please, by all

means, adopt some of these into your kitchen! And stay out of the chefs way! #1: “If you eat the meal and you don’t like it, you still need to pay up.” #2: “Probies eat last.” #3: “No phones at the table.” #4: “Firefighters on overtime chip in more for the meal/ buy dessert.” #5: “Make enough for leftovers.” #6: “Don’t complain to the chef if you don’t like the meal.” #7: “No farting at the table” crazy to think this has to be reiterated. #8: “Eat as a family, even if you aren’t participating in the crew meal.” And #9, the most popular by far….”If you cook/prep, you don’t help clean up!” If you have any more rules you would like to add to the list we would love to hear them. Send them to or tell us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @forkandhoseco!

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1st Responder New England December Edition  

1st Responder New England December Edition