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No Pain/ No Surgery/ No Drugs/ No Side Effects…no kidding! about the author

Lasers can now GROW HAIR Dr. Christine Gould is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and Yale University. She has extensive experience in both emergency medicine and medical aesthetics. She opened her own practice in 2013 and has been diligently bringing the most effective technologies to her lucky patients at All About You Medical Spa located at 1891Post Road in Fairfield.

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I had trouble believing this myself, but what if I told you that there exists a recently FDA approved laser that can grow your hair back? It feels like an episode from a SciFi movie, only better because it is true, and the FDA agrees. Pioneers in laser medicine have discovered that Low Level Laser Light Therapy (known as LLLT) can resuscitate dying hair follicles and stimulate hair to grow again. How does it work? The laser heals the follicle by improving blood circulation, nutrient flow, and rate of removal of harmful DHT (from testosterone) among other positive benefits. On a cellular level, this means improved metabolism and protein synthesis, increased ATP (energy) production to repair the weakened follicle and cellular stimulation. All this means prevention of hair loss, improved hair quality and hair growth. But don’t take just my word for it, take the FDA’s. The FDA looked at data from thousands of patients who received a full treatment cycle, and they found it to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE. There is no pain, no surgery, no drugs, no side effects. And it works. This all translates into a modern day medical miracle. Very few people are not candidates for benefit from this device, whether you are young or old, male of female. (If all your hair is dormant, and your scalp is shiny bald with no inkling of remaining hair, you would have been excluded from the study). Of course, it takes a commitment to your hair. Each cycle is 20”, and you need to complete a 48 treatment cycle… so far, hair doesn’t grow from trees…but it can grow from a laser!