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By Chris Belsito

The score is 50 Mark to 52 Noah in the fourth quarter and time is running out.

He plows past Noah to take the easy layup to go making the score 53 52 Noah in the lead

Mark quickly steals the ball and lines up a shot behind the three.

He crosses up Mark and Takes a step back for the easy fade away bring the score to 55 to 52 Noah in the lead.

Noah falls behind and Mark makes the lay up. And brings the score to 55 to 54 Noah’s lead.

Noah takes the ball and yams one right over the back of Mark with makes the score 57 to 54 Noah still in the lead.

He lines up the shot

Its in the air and…………… the three point shot is good The score is tied at 58 to 58

He puts it up and…………the shot is good giving Noah the lead once again.

Mark lines up the shot and takes the ten foot shot with easy to tie, but a tie doesn’t win the game.

Noah shoots it from the three and Misses. Mark got the rebound and has cleared it.

The crowd is counting down here at the court, Three…Two…One

Basketball belsito  

This is the backyard basketball championship all writen out.