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Consider interviewing a potential doctor before scheduling an appointment. Naturopaths generally spend a great deal of time with their patients. Find a physician who you feel comfortable talking to. After the interview, make sure that you feel confident that the doctor can help you meet your health goals. Be leery of any doctor who only practices “natural” medicine. It is important to have a healthcare provider who is open to doing what is right for your particular case, which may mean utilizing both conventional and alternative medicine.


Don’t forget that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones of health. There is no doctor, medication or supplement that can replace a healthy lifestyle. That said, a good physician will be able to provide you with many tools to improve your health and lifestyle.


If you do take supplements other than a multivitamin, our top picks are: • • • • •

Vitamin D Probiotics Fish Oil Bioflavonoids Calcium/Magnesium

Make sure and consult you’re your health care provider regarding the correct dosage for your individual needs.


The FDA does not carefully regulate the supplement industry, so we suggest that you use only pharmaceutical grade supplements which have been independently evaluated as having met the highest regulatory standard. These are usually available at compounding pharmacies and through healthcare providers.

From left to right: Tammy McInnis ND, Jill Monster ND and Naomi Bryant ND

We’ve all left the doctor’s office feeling like we didn’t get the time and care we needed. T

he doctor’s at NaturoMedica are changing that feeling, one NaturoMedica have put these plans into practice for hundreds patient at a time. With a two-hour introductory visit where of patients. The group added a fourth physician this year, Dr. patients get to know their doctor and get scheduled for tests, and Rachelle Forsberg, who in addition to being a naturopath has a background in Chinese medicine and also a one-hour follow up, the physicians at specializes in IV therapy. NaturoMedica pride themselves on taking the time to get to know the patient, not In keeping with the theme of patient just their ailments. centric care, NaturoMedica has extended “People are looking for office hours. Not everyone can spare a few “With visits that are long enough to that hub to coordinate hours between 9 and 5 during the week, so give us time to get to know each patients NaturoMedica is open until 9 p.m. three and their health history, we are able to their healthcare...” nights a week, and the doctors see patients get more accomplished,” said Dr. Jill Monster, physician at NaturoMedica. on Saturday as well. - Dr. Monster “We are focused on treating not just the NaturoMedica doctors pride themselves as networking with some of the best symptoms, but the underlying cause and medical care providers in the region and improving quality of life.” Treatments are highly individualized and often included diet and lifestyle changes, can refer patients to specialists if needed. which Dr. Monster calls the “pillars of health.” The doctors help “People are looking for that hub to coordinate their healthcare,” build a holistic healthcare plan that suits each patient. said Dr. Monster, “and we provide them with that”. With more than four years in practice, the doctors of

Reasons To Choose A Naturopathic Doctor • Naturopathic physicians are trained to combine evidence-based natural therapies with conventional medicine. In addition to prescribing medication, naturopathic doctors utilize therapies such as vitamins and supplements, herbal preparations and diet and lifestyle modification. This enables the naturopath to create a highly personalized treatment plan for each patient using a variety of modalities.

• Longer visits with naturopaths give doctors and patients more time to get to know each other. This provides enough time to review the patient’s entire health history and to address each health concern.

• When a patient visits a naturopath, the focus is on treating the underlying cause disease rather than the symptoms. Rather than just cover up the symptoms, the naturopath aims to find the root cause of illness.

• Naturopaths can fill the void for primary care. In the current healthcare system, old fashioned family care doctors are becoming rarer while specialists are becoming more prevalent. Naturopaths are experts at highly personalized preventive care and are trained to refer to specialists when necessary.

• Many naturopaths offer specialized tests that are unavailable elsewhere. Naturopaths often utilize cutting edge medical testing. For example, at NaturoMedica in addition to standard labs, physicians utilize testing for food sensitivities, hormone levels, response to stress and genomic testing.

2 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

Optimal Health by Design

Designing customized solutions for achieving optimal health


t NaturoMedica we provide individualized medical care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our therapies are aimed at treating the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms. NaturoMedica is a premier provider of individualized, naturopathic healthcare. NaturoMedica is for men,

women and children who are seeking highly personalized medical care in an environment that uses a collaborative approach, merging evidence-based natural medicine, conventional healthcare and state-of-the-art technology. Doctors at NaturoMedica can provide primary care or work with your established physician to address specific health concerns.

2830 228th Ave SE | Suite C | Sammamish, WA 98075

Call to schedule an appointment or go online and fill out your information if you would like a member of our team to contact you to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

584151 | 425-557-8900


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SAVE THE DATE: Save Save the Date: the Date: Golf Tournament Golf at JBLM


Your chance to Come golfgolf with the Come with the golf Generals Generals withand the and Admirals! Admirals! Generals and Admirals!


EXCLUSIVE access to the EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE Whispering Firs access Golf Course accessontoto the Whispering Firs Joint Base Whispering Firs Golf Course on Lewis-McChord golf course Air Force Joint Base Base

Proceeds go to HDSA Northwest

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at JBLM! Shotgun Start (1:00 p.m. )

onLewis-McChord Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Force Base


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Saturday, Tournament Tournament August 18, 2012 at JBLM!

Contact person: Cindy Holshouser (

Proceeds to HDSA To register, and for morego information aboutNorthwest becoming a sponsor or to raffle/auction Date:donate Saturday, August 18,prizes, 2012 call Cindy Holshouser at (253) 200-0000. Contact person: Cindy Holshouser ( Time:website: 1:00PM


Proceeds from the tournament will go to HDSA, Northwest Chapter. Date:s disease Saturday, 2012 caused brain disorder that causes brain Huntington’ (HD) is a August devastating,18, genetically cells to die and systematically robs people of their ability to walk, talk, eat, and think. Time:the person 1:00PM Eventually, with HD becomes totally dependent upon others for his or her care. Presently, there is no cure for HD.

“Whether it’s driving, reading, TV, seeing faces, check wri t i n g, bi n go or bri d ge, we “When my macular work with whatever is on the person’s ‘wish Vision loss... degeneration began to interfere list.’ Dr . Cusi c has offi c es conveni e nt l y Help with myfor regulaPeople r daily routiwith ne, Macular Degeneration located throughout the state of Washington.

Life after I knew I needed help. Now, I have more confidence and see my daughter’s face so clearly.” -IALVS patient

Just because you have macular degeneration (or other vision-limiting conditions) doesn’t always mean you must give up the things you love. Ever look through a pair of field glasses or binoculars? Things look bigger, closer, and easier to see. Optometrists from the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) are using miniaturized binoculars or telescopes to help people who have lost vision from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or other eye conditions. “People don’t know that there are doctors who are very experienced in low vision care.” Dr. Cusic. “In some states, Bioptic Telescopic Glasses can be used to pass the vision test for driving,” says Dr. Cusic. “This can allow some with conditions like macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy to continue driving.”

“When my macular degeneration began to interfere with my regular daily routine, I knew I needed help. Now, I have more confidence and see my daughter’s face so clearly.” -IALVS patient

Call Today for a FREE Phone consultation.

Ross Cusic, OD

(425) 285 - 1230 Toll Free (877) 823-2020

“Our job is to figure out everything and anything possible to keep a person functioning visually,” says Dr. Cusic. “Whether it’s driving, reading, TV, seeing faces, check writing, bingo or bridge, we work with whatever is on the person’s ‘wish list.’ Dr. Cusic has offices conveniently located throughout the state of Washington. Call Today for a FREE Phone consultation.

Ross Cusic, OD

(425) 285 - 1230 Toll Free (877) 823-2020





Find the perfect piece With in-house finishing, a full selection of stains and waxes and lines of furniture from the most respected manufacturers in the industry, we make sure you never have to settle for a piece that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.


Getting the right feel Every room is different, so why settle for a piece of furniture that gives a cookie-cutter feel? We have custom pieces, a variety of finishes and even unfinished pieces that you can turn into your next project.


No hassle, no waiting Unlike at gallery stores, every piece at Issaquah Furniture is ready to be taken home the same day it’s purchased.



All the best With familiar lines from Lexington, Pulaski and Charleston Forge, you know you’re getting the most quality furniture available from brands you know and trust. One stop shop Looking to take that unfinished piece home and give it a new look? Issaquah Furniture carries all necessary finishing products such as stains, paints, waxes, glazes and top cloths.

There is just no substitute for the perfect piece


ou know the one: the chair that invites guests to sit down and take a load off, the table that was crafted specifically to host gatherings among family and friends or even that customized piece that really sets the room off just right. No matter what you are seeking out or the budget you’re working on, Issaquah Furniture can help you find the perfect piece for any room in your home. Unlike “big box” retailers that are all about the sale, owners at Issaquah Furniture value the customer experience above all else and will do whatever it takes to make sure your buying experience is unforgettable and leaves you with exactly what you were looking for.

you are looking for and carry lines from Lexington, Pulaski and Charleston Forge. Fine wood furniture in pine, maple, cherry, oak, alder and more are all available along with custom finishing in-house.

“Issaquah Furniture can help you find the perfect piece for any room in your home.”

Custom pieces are available from Philip Skinner much faster than other custom shops and can be shipped to your home in six to eight weeks as opposed to four months.

– Frank Smith

“When you come into our store,” owner Frank Smith said. “You’re not just an invoice. The personal relationship with the customer is important.It’s not something you get at the box stores.” With 50 years of combined experience, the owners of Issaquah Furniture have the expertise and connections to find whatever

6 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

For those who still can’t find that ideal piece with just the right look and don’t want to take on another reclamation project, Issaquah Furniture works with Philip Skinner Custom Built Furniture to fabricate whatever your decor calls for. “They will make virtually anything imaginable,” Frank said.

Issaquah Furniture also has a large variety of unusual accessories, lamps and upholstered pieces to give any room that uniquely homestyle feel. Issaquah Furniture is located at 94 Front Street South in Issaquah. 425-391-6463.

Innovative Designs for the Home

Desks • Dining • Bedroom • Bookcases • Home Entertainment



94 Front Street South Issaquah Historical Downtown Issaquah



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Ask your friends or neighbors for recommendation of a dentist.


Research the dentist on the Internet to make sure he or she has a good track record. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for this,


Ask yourself, are this dentist’s hours, costs, availability and practices right for me?

Natural light floods through the windows that line the north side of the building. Bottled water and free Chapstick with Lee’s logo, a dove with a tooth brush instead of a sprig of holly, sit invitingly by the front desk.

“His style is very proactive, yet also very nurturing,” she said, adding that his attention to preventive care with early diagnosis saves patients money in the long-run – a small, single cavity to fill, for example, costs a lot more than numerous, severe dental problems.

Reading material to please mom, dad, and even kids line the coffee table. Options include People, Sports Illustrated and the Guinness Book of World Records – a hit with youngsters, said manager Mollie McManus at the front desk.

But, being proactive doesn’t mean the solution is to do as much dental work as possible. Lee is conservative in his approach, meaning that he’d prefer to preserve as much of a patent’s real teeth as possible, rather than putting on a ceramic cap.

Anyone can see that Dr. Lee put thought into every inch of this 1,800 square-foot space: there’s the warm, modern decor he picked out himself, the environmentally-friendly practices, such as having totally paperless charts and using a steam, not chemical sterilizer for medical instruments, to little touches that help make his patients feel more at home.

Dr. Lee’s career has been fueled by his passion. While he always knew he wanted to help others as a professional in the health industry, he chose dentistry because he loves the variety of cases he sees and people he meets.

3 4


Know a red flag when you see it. Does it look like sanitation is a priority here? Pay attention to the cleanliness of a dentist’s office, from the medical instruments, to the floor and equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask staff questions, whether it’s having trouble understanding an insurance issue, or talking to your dentist about your oral health issues.

Don’t be fooled by the large cluster of health care buildings just off of 64th Street in Issaquah.

A hidden gem lays here in Suite 200 – Dr. Kevin Lee’s dental practice.

t’s not just about teeth, it’s about the patent’s overall well-being,” said Lee, who has 16 years of experience. He specializes in preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, minor oral surgery, implants and cosmetic fillings. Upon walking in his second-floor office, it’s clear that Dr. Lee and his team do things a little differently. And that’s a good thing.

For example, his patients are spared the sounds of the noisy drill, and can listen to music with noise-canceling headphones, or watch a movie through Netflix instead. The kids love being able to watch their favorite shows. “It’s like they forget we’re even there,” Dr. Lee said. They also love having their own jungle-themed room, complete with a toy monkey swinging from a tree and a 5-foot stuffed animal giraffe. It’s the attention to detail that has helped earn Lee a loyal following. Some patients from his former Des Moines location now make a half-hour drive to see the dentist in Issaquah. With a staff that makes getting healthy teeth this convenient, it’s worth the drive. The office takes all major commercial insurance plans, and includes an in-house expert on all things insurance-

8 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

related – McManus. Additionally, patients love that McManus gives them options for appointment-reminders. They can receive an email, a text or a phone call – whatever suites the particular person. McManus, formerly a dental assistant, is proud to be a part of Dr. Lee’s team.

“Being a dentist combines art and the science,” he said. While Lee has been in his current location for the past year, he’s had an established dental practice in Issaquah since 2002 and has lived in Washington since 1981. He attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate studies as well as his advanced dental degree, where he graduated in 1996. He’s also a strong believer in giving back to the community, and has volunteered his time and talent, offering dentistry to underprivileged communities both locally and abroad. Dr. Kevin Lee’s dental practice is located at 6520 226th PL SE. Suite 200, Issaquah. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday and Wednesday and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. His emergency service is open to existing patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 425-392-1010, email or go to

Kevin Lee, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Care To Share Patient Referral Program! Refer a friend to our office as a New Patient and we will reward each of you with a $25.00 credit to be used toward the cost of Any Product or Service!

• U of W Graduate • In Private Practice Since 1996 • All Phases of General Dentistry

0 5 a e Receiv ift Card $

Coosrt$9c9oNewGPatient Special hensive ys, compre d 4bw x-ra ar d an . st g) s e cleanin (includ and routine


• Brand New Office Near I-90 • Paperless and Digital X-rays • Watch Movies During Appt!

6520 226th PL SE, Ste 200 • Issaquah • 425.392.1010



ts ~ n e i t a P w e N ~





Did you know that there can be as much as 1-1/2 miles of cracks in a typical home. Seal and insulate air gaps around the house.


Make use of under utilized space.


Drain and flush your hot water tank – it can add years to its life.



Change up the master bathroom – remove the large soaking tub and create a new luxurious shower. Be sure that exhaust fans are working properly and are vented through the roof.

For more info visit

Shirey Handyman does it all


onna and Riley Shirey have been in the home building and remodeling business 41 years, consistently making dreams come true for their clients.

The couple owns Shirey Handyman Services. They focus on handyman and remodeling services that include a laundry list of services that keep them busy. Shirey Handyman has been operating since 2003, with six vans on the road servicing greater King County and South Snohomish County. “All of our employees are reliable, educated and are journeyman carpenters,” Donna Shirey said. She said often people don’t know where to turn. “We can coordinate everything,” she said. From total kitchen or bathroom remodels, to changing light bulbs that people can’t reach without a dangerous balancing act on a high ladder, Shirey Handyman will take care of it. Donna said they’ve even hung art in high stairwells. The handyman services offer peace of mind to their clients. For older clients, they are able to be safe in their homes and not risk injuries. And for the working parent, they are able to have more time with their families by calling on Shirey Handyman to complete menial to skilled tasks in their homes.

“Deferred maintenance can be very expensive,” Shirey said. “We’ve had people who want to sell their house and have $100,000 in deferred maintenance. We do a lot of ‘honey do’ lists, because honey can’t.” Shirey is proud to have a crew that she can trust to be honest and do quality work in people’s homes. Communication with the client is key, she said.

For more information on all of their services, please visit or phone

(425) 392-8301 Shirey Handyman

is located at 230 NE Juniper Street in Issaquah, WA on the north side of the freeway.

Painting inside and out, caulking, deck cleaning and sealing, checking plumbing connections, and weatherizing all fall in their scope of services. Shirey Handyman can also help homeowners get their home ready for the market. 10 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

Shirey’s crew just finished a 1,500 bottle wine cellar and tasting room in a home, that greatly exceeded all expectations. But that doesn’t mean they won’t come and help you with, for example, your storage solutions. In fact, there are few tasks Shirey Handyman cannot perform for your home. They even have interior designers they work with to help you spruce up an old space. Donna and Riley Shirey live by the message that their company stands for, conserve! They built and live in a zero energy house, called an “idea house.” They’ve been building green since 1987 she said, adding that they’ve received money back from PSE for two years on the home, for the electricity they create that goes back on the energy grid.

Shirey Handyman will continue to help your grandmother with her honey-do list, investigate the latest technology in zero energy, and remodel old spaces into functional and beautiful showcases in a home for years to come.










Find a professional team That listens- at Molly Maid, our cleaners are always willing to enact even the smallest details. Design a cleaning plan Around your busy lifestyle - at Molly Maid we understand the need to be flexible, we can schedule your service to meet specific requirements. Pets are family We are pet lovers too and never hesitate to put in that extra bit of TLC at home with pets needs. Get the facts Molly Maid always works with clients to come up with a plan that meets your cleaning needs while remaining financially viable. Never settle for less We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will re-clean if needed without any additional charge.

How to choose a professional cleaning service


inding a home cleaning team that will take care of every detail, treat your home and possessions with respect and always leave the place sparkling clean is no easy task with a rash of private cleaners flooding the market.

without a hitch and your cleaning schedule is never interrupted. Unlike other cleaning services that require clients to provide cleaning products and supplies, Molly Maid cleaners always come fully outfitted with products that are strong enough to take care of the toughest messes and still delicate enough that our employees are never at risk.

But with Molly Maid, a professional cleaning service that has been in business in Bellevue and around the Greater Eastside since 1994, your worries are wiped away as easily as that unsightly “We go to any mess on the stovetop. Molly Maid offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every service performed in your home. “Customer service is our top priority,” Molly Maid Eastside representative Veronica Burgos said. “We go to any length necessary to make sure our customers are always completely satisfied with the cleaning they received.”

length necessary to make sure our customers are always completely satisfied with the cleaning they received.” – Veronica Burgos

At Molly Maid we assign regular home cleaning professionals to every customer to ensure consistency of the service. In the rare occasion your scheduled cleaners are sick or unable to meet your appointment, a substitute team is always available to make sure your Molly Maid Day goes off

12 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

Molly Maid greatly values its employees and each is covered by our comprehensive insurance plan, which ensures you are never liable if one of our cleaners is injured while cleaning your home. “Our employees are the face of our franchise,” Burgos said. “We always put them in the best position to leave the clients satisfied and remain safe during the process.”

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, recurring service to maintain your home’s shine or a crew that can put the place back together in a hurry for a dinner party, a professional Molly Maid team is only a phone call away.




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Introduce yourself To your local butcher and become friends. Buy the best meat You can afford. Even ground meats taste better and fresher from a butcher shop. Look for meats That have a fine texture and that are firm to the touch. You want the color to be a light cherry-red, not a deep red. Look for meats That has marbling, the thin threads of fat running through the meat. Marbling is sign that it’s a quality piece of meat and will give the steak a better flavor. Dry aging Is considered than wet aging, but that may be a matter of taste. However, avoid meat that has no aging and is too fresh.

The Golden Steer crew from left: John, Tim, Rob and Joe.

How to create the best corn beef ever


hat’s why it should come as no surprise that the tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day meal, corn beef and cabbage, is one part Irish, one part American and all parts delicious, said John Dick, owner of Golden Steer Meats on Bel-Red Road. The local butcher is all about tradition, having inherited his old-fashioned neighborhood shop from his father, who opened Golden Steer 43 years ago. While corn beef was originally made out of brisket, which is one of the cheaper cuts and comes from a cow’s sternum, Dick makes his corn beef from the eye of round, which comes from a cow’s rump. The taste is superior because it’s more meat, less fat. “People say, ‘I don’t like corn beef because it’s too fatty,’” Dick says. “But when I ask them to try ours, they are blown away because it’s sweet and salty and everything that people crave.”

potatoes separately, that way, the sides will be spared the greasy beef fat. 5. Reserve the broth from the meat to put on the veggies. 6. Serve the vegetables with the meat and eat with a little horseradish for taste.

Gearing up for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend (the actual day is March 17), Dick will also have cabbage available and a selection of Walla Walla red wines, a new item at his butcher shop. “With pleased

to meet you, and meat to please you, as a motto, it’s hard not to feel welcome in the shop.”

Dick’s careful attention paid to each and every meat, all of which is U.S. grown, cannot be matched by a big store. After all, he’s been gaining expertise ever since he was 10-year-old, when his father taught him how to make sausage and pepperoni

All of Dick’s meats are purchased from Nebraska, from – John Dick a slaughterhouse chosen for it’s humane practices, a necessity for Dick, who put in countless research Corn beef you might buy in a grocery store could before choosing his supplier. His beef is also all last for eight weeks, Dick’s however, would only grass-fed. All cows are, until a certain point when last for two or three weeks. That’s a good thing they need to be given corn to help them gain the because it’s fresher and less processed. necessary weight for slaughtering, Dick said. Here’s how he recommends preparing it:

1. Take four pounds of Golden Steer eye-of-round meat and add three quarts of cold water. 2. Bring to a boil on the stove. 3. Turn down the heat, then cover with a lid to let it simmer for 45 minutes to an hour per pound of meat you’re cooking, or, until it’s fork-tender– meaning you can poke it with a fork and the meat doesn’t cling to it. 4. Cook the carrots, cabbage and little red

14 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

Aside from proud craftsmanship and seasoned expertise, customers can’t resist the charm of the shop. It has a character of its own – a classic rock n’ roll character. Beatles and John Lennon fans will find themselves at home here, with posters and memorabilia of the legendary singers that adorn the walls and the “Imagine Peace” button, a gift from Yoko Ono herself, that Dick wears on his apron. With “pleased to meat you, and meat to please you,” as a motto, it’s hard not to feel welcome in the shop – even for non-Beatles fans.

s ’ e u v e l Bel t s o M d n a t s Olde d e c n e i Exper r e h c t Bu Our beef is fresh and corned right here by our Golden Steer Crew. Order yours today.

natural l l a t e g r Don’t fo orseradish Fred’s H

I always cook up some of my mother’s recipe for samples. Come in and try some for St. Patrick’s Day.

15255 NE Bel-Red Rd. Bellevue, WA 98007 • 425-746-1910 • Hours: M-F 9-6pm, Sat 9-5:30pm, Sun 10-4pm


Consumer 1

2 3



Tips That personal touch with no extra frills Dealers try and add unnecessary frills they call “complimentary” to your service to make it seem like a better deal. But at Automeister, you will get only what you need and never pay for anything you don’t.

We get Euros Don’t be fooled by catch-all repair shops. With technicians specializing in European autos, we care about the details others miss. Stay in the know Communication is a vitally important part of service at Automeister II and all staff and technicians will actively communicate about what your car needs so you understand the service being performed. Don’t pay dealer prices At Automeister II, all repairs conform to manufacturer standards, which means you don’t have to pay dealer prices to get dealer-quality services. Follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedule To save money in the long run, stay on top of basic maintenance of your car. This includes maintaining your battery, tires, engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid, brakes and brake fluid, air filter, fuel filter, windshield wipes and wiper fluid, and headlights and brake lights.

Automeister ll European Garage

Automeister II in Issaquah


s their owners well know, European automobiles provide Automeister II has the experience and dedication to get your car running at peak performance. the highest level of comfort, drivability and class available “A lot of people think they have to go to a “ A lot of people anywhere in the world. But with the dealership,” Julie Smith said. “Once they ever-rising costs of parts and repairs, give an opportunity, they realize it’s going think they have to go maintaining a high performance foreign to cost a lot less and be done right the to a dealership,” auto can be a daunting task. first time.” Not any longer. With A.S.E. certified technicians who – Julie Smith At Automeister II in Issaquah, are dedicated to caring for European patrons experience the finest in makes and models, your vehicle will auto care and customer service and more importantly, always receive the finest service that conforms to manufacturer’s a team that specializes in caring for European warranties and standards. autos such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen Automeister II also offers a 12-month or 12,000 mile parts and and Volvo. labor warranty on all work performed and a free local shuttle is From the most routine maintenance like oil changes and basic available to your home or workplace. tune-ups, to intricate computer diagnostics and system repairs,

What we offer... Automeister II features the latest in technology, tools, and training for the repair of your Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Volvo. All maintenance conforms to the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and is performed by our A.S.E. Certified technicians. Automeister II offers a 12-month or 12,000-mile parts and labor warranty on all work performed. For your convenience, we offer a free local shuttle service.

General Service

• Oil Changes • Air Conditioning/ Climate Control System • Brake Replacement & Repair • Air Bag Service & Repair • Alarm & Security Systems

Exhaust System Service

• Axles • Factory Parts • Fuel & Oil Conditioners • Computer Diagnostic

Electrical Diagnostics & Repair

• Alternators • Engine Performance • Clutch Replacement • Timing Belt Replacement

Wheel & Tire Services

• Alignments • Selling tires • Mount and balance of tires

16 • How To Guide 2012 ~ Issaquah / Sammamish Reporter ~

Cooling System Service & Repair

• Suspension Systems • Steering Systems • Comfort & Convenience Systems • Tune-Ups Call 425.392.3012 To Make An Appointment Located In Issaquah Off Exit 215



Mercedes • BMW • Audi • VolksWAgen • VolVo Issaquah • 425-392-3012


OPEN Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm ASE Certified Technicians & Mercedes Certified Techs


1480 19th Avenue NW



Tips When looking For a new pet


Consider the time requirements. Dogs need 1-2 hours of exercise a day. Can your schedule accommodate that? If not, consider a cat or small animal which will offer all the enjoyment of a pet, with less demanding time needs.


Research, research, research! After you decide what type of animal is best for you, figure out the breed specifics. Herding, Sporting, Hound? Learn about breed characteristics and decide what fits best with your lifestyle.


4 5

Consider an adult. Puppies are cute, but they are also a ton of work. Consider adopting an adult dog. There are a lot of wonderful adult dogs waiting for forever homes that come with added benefits… like being potty trained! Be honest with yourself. If you are not prepared to commit to a lifetime relationship, then now isn’t the right time to add to your family. Pets are forever! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find a good vet, trainer and pet store and don’t hesitate to ask questions. There are plenty of professionals who love animals and are eager to help you.

How to have a happy and healthy pet


help exercise your cat or small animal, you can provide an assortment of interactive toys. Physical activity with your dog can include walking, hiking, or just taking some time to play with their favorite toys, which come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to find the Providing a healthy diet is the single most perfect toy for your pooch. important thing we can do for our pets to help ensure a long, healthy life. Pets fed a Does your dog live to fetch? We have healthy diet shed less, have increased energy Chuckits and balls of all sizes. Is your dog levels, are less likely to develop diseases tough on toys? We have super durable such as diabetes and cancer, and generally plush and rubber toys perfect for rugged chewers. Maybe your dog is live longer, richer lives. a real brainiac? Try a puzzle “The best part toy to challenge his IQ! The When shopping for food, right amount of activity always look at the ingredient of exercising your pet allows your pet to release list first. For dogs and cats, is it provides plenty of his pent up energy and you should see real protein relax. Remember, a tired pet sources like chicken, lamb or quality time to bond is a happy pet! fish as the first ingredients. with them!” Foods should have a healthy – Michelle Boman The best part of exercising fat content and a proper your pet is it provides balance of meat, grain and plenty of quality time to vegetables. Small animals, like rabbits and guinea pigs, require plenty bond with them! Animals can suffer from of forage in the form of Timothy or Orchard depression and anxiety, but spending time with their people can prevent that and of grass hay. course, spending time with your pet is good Because proper nutrition is so important, for you too! the pet department at The Grange is filled with a wide range of healthy food choices, No matter the age, activity level or including dry and canned formulas and condition of your pet, we can help you specialty products such as gluten free and select the right diet, treats and toys. The staff at The Grange is always excited to help hypoallergenic diets. our customers care for their pets, whether Just like people, animals require consistent their furry friend is a cat, dog, rabbit exercise and mental stimulation. To or chicken! t’s no secret- At The Grange we love our pets and we love our customers’ pets, too! Pets bring so much joy to our lives and in return require very little to be happy: nutritious food, exercise and plenty of love and affection.

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Lawn and Garden Tips Prepping your yard for spring


Prune your fruit trees and roses


Start dormant spraying to prevent overwintering fungus and harmful insects


Top dress your garden beds with a quality compost


Monitor planting areas and address any areas of standing water


Tidy up your yard and refresh your compost pile with the material you gather

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How To Guide 2012  
How To Guide 2012  

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