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PRESIDENT'S REPORT - 13th December 2022

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well leading up to Christmas. I know both Tom Bennett and Chris Wood have had health issues but are now hopefully on the mend. let's hope we can also have a "Covid free" lead-up to Christmas and that the festivities are not spoilt as they were a few years back.

As well, we wish safe travels to Susan and Hiro Aoyama as they go to Japan for a couple of weeks. Not sure if they get back just before or just after Christmas but we hope they have a wonderful time. Also away on a exciting trip, is Brian Fairweather and entire family as they spend a month circumnavigating the world. We hope they all have an amazing time. I think they depart on about the 24th December.

Back at home we have a busy time leading up to Christmas. The lead up to Christmas involves quite a bit of work for Belrose Rotarians and friends what with the Borgnis Street Christmas lights and the Tree of Joy project both requiring considerable manpower to facilitate.

Chris Brownlee, Carole Stewart, Mike Gibbs, Hastings Pawsey and others have pulled out all stops to service the trees we have, as well as distribute the large number of gifts collected. Please offer your services to this project if you are able to do so by contacting Chris Brownlee.

With regards the Borgnis Street Christmas lights, John Keys has been flat-tack trying to fill the roster to cover the three-week period leading up to Christmas Eve. Not only do we need sufficient people to ideally


– Meeting
December 2022
1814: Dutch Club
Toast: Jacob Wehtje

Dutch Club – AGM

Toast: Jacob Wehtje

cover the four collection points, but we need sufficient supporters who are comfortable using the Square Readers that allow us to collect money using the "tap and go" credit/debit card facility. If you are helping we need you to be at the corner of Andrew and Borgnis Streets by 7.30pm. It is suggested you may like to bring a seat (though these can be provided upon request), a jacket or jumper, as it has been a touch chilly some evenings, as well as mosquito repellent.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who have already helped. Especially to the friends of Rotary and the newer members. As well, we have received good support from the students of Davidson High, Killarney Heights High and The Forest High, as well as is the case of The Forest High, both the Acting Principal Nathan Lawler and Ben Argue have put their hands up to help. However, despite all the volunteers so far, we are still, ideally, down on sufficient volunteers, so please have a look at the roster sent out by John Keys from time to time and see if you can help. Ideally, give john a call and find out where the most need is.

This Tuesday night is the AGM for our club to be held at the Dutch Club. It is here that we hopefully are able to assemble a leadership team to guide us through the 2023/24 period. Apart from this, hopefully we can have some fun and fellowship leading up to Christmas. That's it for now.

David Barnes


December 2022 – Meeting 1814:

The Zoom Host will open a Zoom meeting at 6.45pm for members fellowship and to sort any technical issues. At 7 to 7.05pm the meeting will commence

13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM Toast: Jacob Wehtje
December 2022
Meeting 1814 Dutch Club - AGM
December 2022: Meeting 1815 Zoom meeting (Board meeting) 27
December 2022: No meeting Merry Christmas 3
January 2023: Social gathering BYO Beach Night, Dee Why HEAR YE! HEAR YE! ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO COVID-19 BUT PLEASE NOTE
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13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM Toast: Jacob Wehtje

BORGNIS STREET LIGHTS: The top photo features our Davidson students, the one above our Killarney students and the 3rd one is all of them together. More photos will come from the ensuing nights. Coco (the girl on the right in the top photo) just did her HSC and Maddy (who has helped us out with Rotary projects numerous times) is now in Year


13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM
Toast: Jacob Wehtje

Toast: Jacob Wehtje

12 and got 8 awards at the DHS Presentation Evening. The Killarney students are in our new Interact Club at that school, and they are all Year 7’s. John was with them (see below) last night and said they were very impressive. Kos Psaltis


1. Borgnis Street Lights. As of Friday night (9th December 2022), we have collected and banked $3,145.78

2. Trees of Joy - Regular collections are happening from Glenrose, Forestway & Stocklands Balgowlah. Also collected from Forestville Pharmacy, Forestville Public School, Ray White Killarney Heights & TAL in the City (see next page). To date, over 1200 gifts have been received.

We have delivered bags of gifts to Stewart House, Royal Far West & Bear Cottage. Exodus Foundation has collected 14 bags and on Monday, Coonabarabran Rotarians collect 22 bags, also 3 bags will be delivered to the Women's Refuge.

Chris Brownlee


13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM

Tree of Joy at TAL

Arthur the Manager at TAL and our President David collecting the donated presents. Many thanks to TAL and their generosity.

13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM
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Toast: Jacob Wehtje

13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM

Toast: Jacob Wehtje

Last chance to get your orders in before Christmas �� (


Hello Fellow Rotarians

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Today’s episode features a relatively new Rotary e-club created to unite nurses and midwives from all over the world. Initiated by our guest today, Charter President, Dr Wendy McIntosh.

Stream Technology Uniting Nurses And Midwives Mp3 by Rotary Matters | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Modern communications technology enables nurses and midwives from all over the world to connect, share professional experiences and expertise. They are members of the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club. Dr Wendy McIntosh explains how it all works, how they meet and the causes they support.

13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM
Ian Stuart Presenter Rotary Matters On air Friday 3pm -4pm 0416 138 860
13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM Toast: Jacob Wehtje Page | 11 WEBPAGE FACEBOOK
History ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1985 Australian cricketer David Boon's 1st Test century, 123 v India at Adelaide Cricket Batsman David Boon CHRISTMAS QUOTE
13th December 2022 – Meeting 1814: Dutch Club – AGM
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