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29 September 2009

Sacramento River Expedition from Mt. Shasta to the Delta Nears Sacramento; Press Conference Scheduled at Discovery Park Knights Landing, California — Below The Surface co-founders Jared Criscuolo and Kristian Gustavson continue south today from Knights Landing on the Spring to Sandtrap Sacramento River Expedition and film documentary of the Sacramento River, Delta area and State Water Project. This expedition is focused on water quality, policy and education. Criscuolo and Gustavson will host a press conference summarizing the Spring to Sandtrap Expedition this Friday, October 2, 2009 at 10 am at the boat ramp in Discovery Park on Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA 95833. This expedition has been made possible in part by sponsorship from Clif Bar, Hadronex, Ecousable, Ocean Minded and GoPro. Traveling over 300 miles by canoe and an additional 450 miles by bio-diesel powered truck, Criscuolo and Gustavson are filming and observing their way down one of the main water sources for drinking and agriculture in the State of California – the Sacramento River and California Aqueduct. In light of water restrictions, water quality concerns and persistent drought in California, Below The Surface has taken to the river to illustrate the difficulties of moving water from Northern to Southern California, and what enters this water along the route. This expedition commenced at the headwaters of the Sacramento River at Mt. Shasta and is progressing south to Perris Lake at the end of the State Water Project and the desert communities of Southern California. At Friday’s press conference, Criscuolo and Gustavson will share their observations of the Sacramento River, comment on relevant legislation, specifically AB408, a bill that mandates reuse of municipal wastewater and storm drain runoff, and discuss future expeditions and work along America’s waterways. This press conference will provide a firsthand account of the changes in water quality along the Sacramento River. Below The Surface provides exciting and interactive educational materials, news and dialogue to connect people and organizations interested in maintaining high levels of water quality and availability. These materials and research are gathered through expeditions and will be published on  Interested parties may follow Spring to Sandtrap at ###


Below The Surface Press Conference at Discovery Park in Sacramento  
Below The Surface Press Conference at Discovery Park in Sacramento  

Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 at 10 a.m., Jared and Kristian will present their findings to the public at a press conference in Discovery Park, near...