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S A I N T Dearly Beloved, It’s such a sweet privilege to have you here in our little space in the world. Thank you for coming! Our prayer is that this issue would encourage you to know more fully how crazy Papa God is about you. What He thinks about us is the truth about who we are — who can argue with Him? As we begin to explore this idea of ‘saint,’ it may almost seem too good to be true. Oh, what scandalous grace this is! We encourage you to read with an open heart and to delve further in the pursuit of truth, guided by the scriptures and Holy Spirit, the best teacher. We also list a number of resources (page 20) that unpack this topic at greater lengths. We have a wonderful mix of creative works from our talented and passionate contributors, so enjoy! Live loved, The Beloved Mag Team In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. [ Romans 6:11 ]

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Contents. Life as a Saint by Christy Rayner


Nepalese High Times: The Annapurna Circuit by Davina Pereira


Beloved Loves 20 I am Pure by Michelle Savage 22 DIY Modern Yarn Wall Hanging by Jenessa Wait 28 The Banana Cake by Christine Greenwood 34 The Loved Ones Agency by Yazzi Williams/Christie Drozdowski The Letterbox 41 Poem by Christie Drozdowski 43 About Beloved 44



Because as He is, so are we in this world. [ 1 John 4:17 ]


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life as a saint // CHRISTY RAYNER //


At some point, and I can’t quite articulate when, I realised I had been living my life like the older brother*. I had been approaching God with the heart of an orphan. Slowly but significantly, I have learned to loosen my grip on religious moralism and taken hold of the true gospel. Rediscovering the power and beauty that’s been there for the taking all along.

God. I think that is a normal thought and experience for so many Christians, but isn’t that tragically laughable when we stop to remember what the gospel is? Though I never would have spoken these words out loud, I believed God was holding out on me.

Having grown up as a believer, I carried the weight of responsibility for my faith and the influence I had on others. I felt deeply my failures to adequately ‘live it out’. I was proud to be a follower of Jesus, and I knew he loved me, but still he felt distant in my life. And whenever I failed in one way or another I figured he was feeling, as I felt with myself, a little disappointed in me. After all, I should know better. I worked faithfully for God as a servant. There would be times where I would cry out to him, wanting to know him better, to experience his love, presence and pleasure. I figured I didn’t pray long enough, read the enough scripture in one sitting, or not bold enough in sharing my faith to warrant that kind of connection.

The reality is; my world and experience of God was limited, not because He was holding out on me, but because I didn’t yet BELIEVE what he had spoken over me. Oh if only I had known how close he really was all those years! That he wasn’t ‘out there’ somewhere, but truly he was WITH me and IN me. And I didn’t have to wait, or progress to experience his love. It’s upon me every moment. Even now, in this very moment! I don’t need to beg for him to reveal himself anymore; he has spilled his blood for me. For me! How could he be holding out on me when he did not even spare his own Son? I’m allowing the ramifications of what was accomplished at the cross to crash over me, wave upon wave. Will we dare to let go of our limited experience to fully take hold of his truth? Will we allow his love to envelope us completely until faith becomes our entire view; the evidence of things unseen?

I assumed that as I ‘progressed’ in my Christian walk and was more consistent, I would experience more of his glorious love for me. I had no idea how wrong my mind-set was, how anti-gospel my thinking truly was. I knew in my head that I didn’t need to ‘work’ for my salvation, but I guess at some level I believed I did have to work to have a good connection with

* (see Luke 15:25-32) 9

As I have let this truth sink in, I have experienced an infilling of hope and joy beyond my greatest dreams. The more I soak in this new perspective the more it seems logical for the impossible to be normal in my life and the lives around me. I have seen this truth switch people from darkness to light- dramatically. The gospel is powerful. Somehow I’d forgotten this. In getting wrapped up in my own failings and ‘needing to improve’ I lost hold of the glory of the gospel. I thought I was just the older brother, serving in the fields far from the joy and intimacy of the party in the house (Luke 15). But thankfully, that’s not where he wants us to stay. How liberating, how wonderful, how glorious!!!

confidence of receiving. When I ask for bread, he won’t give me a stone. I know who I am. Jesus blood was spilled, not so I could live the rest of this life in confusion and under the cloud of depression or shame. He made me righteous to declare his heavenly rule and reign, until the whole earth is covered in the knowledge of his glory! We have a job to do. Life as a saint; it keeps expanding; it goes from strength to strength and glory to glory! Yes, there are days when my experience works hard to defy and challenge this truth. But my warfare is to not give those days or those feelings more weight than they are due. Instead I keep pressing in to believe his words over the lies. And my words echo his declarations of love and power; I will represent him well on this earth! Let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven! This begins in my heart and my mind as I come into alignment with the truth.

The gospel is powerful. Somehow I’d forgotten this. In getting wrapped up in my own failings and ‘needing to improve’ I lost hold of the glory of the gospel. Oh, I know the gravity, the force of this life; the fogginess that seems to be part and parcel in this physical world, the aches, the pains, the noise. Oh the noise of this life! I feel it every day! It keeps clinging to me, holding on and holding me down. The rolling out of bed feeling like all the inspiration of yesterday has evaporated. I am left with the raw morning light that calls for more of me. More lunches to be made, hair to be brushed, tantrums to tame and complaints to field. And my own emotions like a sea, so often needing to be calmed. So many things can cause that sea to stir and shake, and in the tumult I lose sight of the horizon. It’s hard to remember you are a sailor when you are seasick at the bottom of the boat!

He’s not holding out on me, or you! He’s pouring out his Spirit upon us! Even now! Believe it beloved! Receive it! Walk in it! Live it! Breathe it! This is the truth of who we are; His children, His holy ones, his beloved! We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. [ Colossians 1:9-14 ]

But God knew the challenges we would face when he declared, through his apostle Paul, that we are ‘more than conquerors’! He’s not ignorant of the darkness we face, but he knows we are able to overcome it. Why? Because he already has! This truth pierces the fog that surrounds me, and I lift my head to see the sky once more. As his reality overwhelms my own, its clear that victory is more than just possible; it’s inevitable. So I’ve stopped begging and pleading with God for things; for healing, for change, for revival. Orphans beg and plead. I have a Father. He told me to ask with 10



// annapurna circuit //

nepalese high times: the annapurna circuit // davina perEIra //



I've got 2 things to say: 1. Nepal is ridiculously green. It it weren't for the humidity, the meandering buffalos, frolicking goats and makeshift shacks as well as the presence of the coloured folks that inhabit these parts, I'd think I was traipsing round the Moors of Ireland. 2. Along the way, there are boards advertising "Sweaming Holes". This "Hole" is in actual fact, an unforgiving and raging torential river.


It appears that we, sans Mark, are, according to the locals, Nepalese and more than once, our guide has been questioned on the necessity of two tour guides, the second being Yotam who apparently has features similar to a Nep Tribe called the Sherpas.


Don't let the lack of ascent fool you. There was a very steep decline followed by an equally steep ascent. It's quite true. I think it's very mean that after a very gruelling day of steep ascents leaving one's lower limbs quite useless, you are required to squat precariously over a porcelain hole to do nature's business. Every fibre of your body is focused on balancing over that hole and whilst your muscles quiver in protest, all you can do is pray that 1. Your legs don't give way, and 2. Nothing splashes on your shoes/thonged feet.


We have been informed that it is not Nep custom to shorten words. Namastay (hello) does not shorten to Mastay or Namas. Likewise, Muffganas (sorry), cannot be shortened to Muff or Muff Muff. Christine wondered aloud if a Yak was a type of plant.


"Minimising" words, as our guide puts it, may not be customary in Nepal, but let me tell you, he has not escaped the Minimisation. His name be Bharat, but we have quickly renamed him Rambo, which morphed naturally into Sham Ram, Sham Rock, Ramlicious and Rambunctious as well as Ram Rod. Our porters, Bachchu, who went from Cha Cha to Chu Chu to Chu Chu Train to B-train and Ambir to A-train, also have experienced Minimisation. Mark and Yotam both have intestinal parasites.

9KM FROM 790M TO 1310M

12KM FROM 1310M TO 1385M

11KM FROM 1385M TO 1900M

11KM FROM 1900M TO 2710M



Today was hard. Both Chris and I were inflicted with the mega cold and a semi-functioning respiratory tract is not a good combination with altitude. There was almost tears on my behalf when I realised a cold bucket shower awaited me. And when I say almost, I probably mean, there was. Every step, though torturous, has a glorious background of rolling green mountains, massive waterfalls, green rice fieds, shacks made of rock and torential gushing rivers. Multiple times a day we cross aforementioned rivers by flimsy bridges with even more flimsy pieces of chicken wire serving as our guard rails. Let me also tell you that these bridges hang a good 25-75m above the unforgiving rivers that I have described previously. Crossing these bridges have given me reason to question why we need the chicken wire guard rails at all. Not one of us touch them or hold them as we cross, despite the swinging motion. In answer, Yotam told me about the making of the Brooklyn Bridge. Worker after worker fell to their death during its construction till one day, a strike prompted a netting to be erected underneath the bridge. The phenomena though, is that post netting, there were No more falls.


Again, we are so grateful to be doing this trek in the off season. We have all of the Nep countryside to ourselves (and a few others). Our guide tells us that during the trekking season, 400/day start the circuit and extra guides are employed as runners to charge ahead and stake their claim on the best tea house. People end up waiting at check points for hours and till 10.30pm for dinner. Lame.


Let me describe altitude sickness/poor acclimatisation. It's never being able to catch your breath. It's walking up a flight of stairs and feeling your heart pound. It's having a resting HR of >100. It's excessive fatigue such that you have to shake your head whilst walking to wake up. It's stopping every 10m on an incline to breathe. It's going to bed and hearing your carotid pulse brush against the sleeping bag. And it's waking up with relentless headaches that respond to no combination of analgesia. Our rest day involved climbing for 2hrs to a monastry built into a mountain. Twas a tiny speck from the village and our guide decided it would be good for acclimatisation purposes. Probably could have stayed in bed with my headache. The Neps make a good apple pie.


You know you're struggling when you lack the energy and willpower to step over animal poo. Constant headache. Coughing does not help. We saw our first Yak today. It was, admittedly, 100m away and required binoculars to identify it. In the end, it was actually a Nak, which we are told, is a female Yak.


With this insidious chest infection and poor acclimatisation skills, what should have taken me 3hrs toook me almost 6hrs. Every 10 steps I took left me feeling post marathon-esque. This altitude business is nasty. Yotam tried to entertain me for a good section of that 6hrs with verbal recollections of entire Seinfeld episodes including the episode where George masquerades as a Marine Biologist to impress an old highschool hottie. In the end, everyone turned on me and demanded that I turn back or hire a horse for the couple of hours to the pass.

15KMS FROM 3250M TO 3540M


9KMS FROM 3540M TO 4050M

6KMS FROM 4050M TO 4450M




In the end, I did hire that horse and whilst my self satisfaction was marginally affected, the altitude, (and the haemophillus in my lungs), had gotten the best of me. Chris and Mark, seemingly unaffected by the altitude, strode up that mountain like natives, arriving first and planting our Australian flag. Coming down was quite torturous and again, what should have taken 5hrs took me about 7. My hands and feet were frozen and when you lack lower limb proprioception, steep descent is difficult.


The Nep countryside is stunning. The sun reflects off the mountains and gives an appearance of painted glass. It is spectacular. Every step is a photo opportunity and makes for excellent awkward family photos. My long suffering porter, Bachchu, has, with his massive load, walked beside me through my lengthy days. So patient and compassionate he is telling me that today, I did not walk quite as slow as previously recorded. You know you're struggling when you try to walk through the big rock in your path. Mark: Now that we've eaten Yak, I'd like to eat Yeti. Christine: What is Yeti? Yotam: Let's replay that entire dialogue.


I think 6hrs to drive 35kms via Nep Public Transport is about average???? Let me recount the highlights for my pleasure.

16KMS FROM 4450M TO 5416M TO 3800M

17KMS FROM 3800M TO 2720M


1. It took no less than 4 bus changes to drive 35kms. Each time a landslide was encountered, we were hustled off the bus and made to walk from 1-5kms past the slide/s to the next bus. 2. The Nep Public Transport system waits for.....pretty much everyone. We would drive through shanty towns in our rickety buses, beeping merrily to signal our arrival. The entire bus would then wait without complaint as prospective passengers shut their windows, doors or even traipsed back into their homes to pick up forgotten items. 3. Danger. For the majority of the journey, we clung to our bags/seats/each other/other passengers or their animals, as our bus veered dangerously close to cliff edges with massive mud tracks in the road encouraging the bus to drive right off that cliff. It was at times like this that our healthily loud Bollywood tract would suddenly change suggesting that our driver had a more appropriate near-death tune in mind. 4. Men. At one point, we were spectacularly bogged, again, dangerously close to the cliff edge and naturally, it was the job of every man to remove themselves from the bus to shout instructions at the driver (no more than 20yo). All instructions were naturally useless and unheeded but when successful extrication eventually resulted, the men all returned to the bus well pleased with their efforts, each with the private satisfaction that it was their shout that must have moved the bus.



How one can be sweltering in the lowlands and still see snow peaks is a phenomena I am yet to define. In conjunction to this mystery, how I managed to get so sunburned that not only did my lips... burn, my arms blistered. I am a hideous wreck. Today we beat the French Team. The very French who jogged leisurely in altitude and in their thongs nonetheless and to the below zero summit in their shorts. I think it must have been the heat.


Just cos we hadn't quite done enough climbing, we continued on to our second ascent on Poon Hill, a little "Hill" of 3200m above sea level which is tacked onto the end of the lengthy circuit and which most people do as a trek in intself. Our fitness must have really vamped up cos it was almost nothing to walk continuously up the Poon "Hill".


I could not have predicted again that it would take 8hrs to descend 2kms in altitude over 11kms in distance! Very lengthy indeed. I could neither predict, that it would take only 3hrs for my legs to shake on mere standing. I think it was almost safer to keep descending down those slatey, wet, mossy stairs than to stand still and subsequently collapse onto my face. The last "15-20 mins" dragged on for 2hrs and at the end of it, we looked and felt as if we'd walked 100 miles (.....or actually more). Our journey ended at the bus station at which point I'd been busting to pee for quite a few hours. The only place was a semi-hidden bush behind the station where a hundred pairs of eyes had followed Chris and I. I tried to nestle into the bushes only to find I had managed to nestle my poor rear end into poisonous nettles. What a fitting ending!!! Good times. The best of times.

6KMS FROM 1200M TO 1935M

9KMS FROM 1935M TO 2870M

11KMS DOWN FROM 2870M TO 1070M


Possum by Heidi Franklin

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Medley + Co. is a wood sign and home decor company located in Redding, California. It was founded by husband and wife, Ben and Jen, who have a passion for beauty and excellence. Medley + Co. is committed to designing and creating products that reflect the grace and beauty of God. Premade and custom signs available. @medleyandco 19

belovedloves // our faves //




Saints by nature (blog)


dan mohler

Saints by nature explores the depth of God’s love for us as revealed in the life of Jesus. It focuses on the reality of who we are as a result of His perfect finished work both on the cross and in His resurrection.

The Jesus School exists to see people come into an experiential understanding of who God is and who they are revealed in Christ Jesus! You may not be able to attend a school, but powerful YouTube sessions available via FB.

Dan unpacks the finished work of the cross and our inherited righteousness with a rare freshness that drips of initimacy with God. Search ‘school of kingdom living’ on YouTube to watch his videos.



brilliant perspectives

free by andy stanley


Home to the heart of Graham Cook, Brilliant Perspectives offers a host of resources, videos and e-books that will encourage you in your identity journey with Jesus.

In this four part series, Andy explains the relationship betweeen Christ, sin and man with powerful illustrations in easy to understand language. A great ‘one stop shop’ to begin exploring your new nature and the freedom God has destined for you.

Brian and Jenn of Bethel Music’s latest album, full of hope and life. Search for it on iTunes.



i am pure // MICHELLE SAVAGE //


Just a few years ago, I was living a life full of hatred towards God and found comfort in my self-destruction. I ran away at age 16, hoping to escape from the alienation I found myself in. I was bulimic, anorexic, and cut myself to sleep at night. I was tired of being grounded and wanted the love that I ultimately cut myself from. I left the state I lived in on a bus and got in with some road punks — jumping trains, taking drugs, and letting my purity go.

debunking evolution. After believing for so long in something that happened by chance and in a god who left us to die or was non-existent, my eyes finally saw the Truth. I saw a loving Father who is real and who made this world and us to be perfect, but we fell, and through our brokenness, He still leaves His fingerprint on all the earth and wants a relationship that will restore all of creation back to greater glory and joy.

After 3 months, I came back to find myself in juvie until someone would foster me. I was talking to a guy online at that time (Chris Savage, the man I am now married to), and he told me about Jesus and how Jesus hates religion. I figured I would stop being so against Him if He wasn’t what I thought. I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I know, I found my nose in the book of Matthew, and though I didn’t know what it was talking about, I found it beautiful. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t know this was possible: I found myself wanting to read the Word, and all of the sudden I didn’t have the desires I once had. When I tried to do the things that brought me comfort, they actually made me feel uncomfortable.

After getting obsessed with the scientific evidence of God, I heard some beautiful music filled with the awe of this great Father with lyrics full of admiration and intimacy. It brought me to a new level of closeness with Jesus that I never knew before and never asked for. I just kept yielding. Fresh out of strict atheism and witchcraft, I found myself in the arms of a loving Father who never left me and was never mad at me. I received Holy Spirit, got baptized, and immersed myself in sermons. I was hungry for more. I worshiped all the time and had my nose in the Word every day, even if I didn’t understand any of it. Although I was so legalistic and religious it made me sick, my heart was pure. Even though I didn’t know about freedom and saw myself as a “sinner saved by grace” not truly free until death, somehow I was pure. I didn’t make this desire. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t care about it. As far as I was concerned, death didn’t scare me. I didn’t need Jesus to feel better about dying or feel better about myself. I was so content with the pain, it was comfortable. I had no reason to know Jesus.

Well, Chris and I met and found ourselves pregnant. I went to live with him as we both saw it best to stick together for the baby. As I was there, I once again found myself going deeper and deeper into Truth by reading the Word, because I just knew there was something in there that was mine. I didn’t understand any of it, but I continued to talk to God and desire Him despite my horrible self-loathing and cutting. I battled with the Romans 7 condition, finding it to be the normal Christian experience and wanted to end my life many times “to be free.” Caught in the Law but seeking God with a pure heart, I continued to grow with desire for Him and hatred for the sin that controlled me. I started to see the reality of God on earth after watching a video

He found me when I was apathetic and happy with where I was at. This desire was founded by Him and quickened by Him. He is Love. 23

I came across a Todd White sermon, and it rocked my world. I could hardly chew some of the stuff he was saying, because I almost didn’t want it to be true as I was so immersed in law and self-works. After hearing about when a Christian gets “squeezed” Christ should come out, it freaked me out, because I was already working as hard as I possibly could to be a better lover and not to do the wrong things that I wanted to do. But something about it stuck. Jesus didn’t let it go. He brought Love and Life to that concept. I accepted it and loved it, but didn’t know how to make it my own. I listened to his sermons constantly. I literally listened to everything I could. I had to get it. It was mine. It started making sense to me; it was clicking.

I just needed to understand how to let grace do this work in me. Every night, I took notes pausing the video every time he said something so I could write it all down word for word. I had to get this. Why was I still sinning? Why was I still depressed and angry and insecure? I wanted freedom. I stumbled across The Jesus School sessions by Youth For Christ, and you bet I lit on fire like crazy! I got it! I finally understood the fullness of my being in Christ, and I got it. The powers of sin broke off me, and since then, I live in that radical freedom. My works no longer define me. I continue to believe despite the doubt that tries to talk to me. My feelings no longer define what I feel. I believe the Truth about people, even if sin tries to make me feel otherwise. I am free from its power, because I know that I am pure. If I didn’t know that He’s made me pure, I’d be a train wreck, without hope, and still fighting a battle that is already won.

Love. Then I started seeing him heal people, and the works based evangelism I thought I was supposed to be doing seemed really boring compared to the way Holy Spirit does it!

Now I don’t wake up trying not to sin, and if I mess up, I don’t freak out and feel such a worthless, sad feeling. I commune with Dad. If I’m feeling something, no matter how strong, I talk to Him, and thank Him for Truth and purity, and He tells me Love. He constantly deepens my understanding as I allow grace to form me. I don’t try to fight sin. I let Daddy show me who I am. I am whole and pure. I am sinless, spotless, free. There is more to being a Christian than I ever thought possible, and I continue further into the

Love. I saw video after video of Todd White and Dan Mohler, learned everything they could possibly teach me about power and love, and started to see it in my own life. I continued to grow in this love and purity, and then the thought hit me: Is it possible to... just not sin? I somehow stumbled upon 1 John 2:1: “I write these things so that you will not sin.” I was lit. Still head deep under law but with pure hearts, my husband and I drove this concept of no sin right into our home. Unfortunately, it started family feuds and divided us. We knew this purity was real, but because we didn’t know how to fully adopt it as our own yet, we called it a truce and stuck to talking about it only in youth group at church or on Facebook. I got a bit burnt out and finally decided to give up — like all the way give up. So done with trying not to sin. I read and did the whole Love Dare book, and none of my own efforts could change me.

I don’t try to fight sin. I let Daddy show me who I am. discovery of who I am. I explore more what the heart of Daddy feels like and just how intimately He desires His kids. I can feel people now and see them individually. I can love people. I am brought back to what others experience on a daily basis to realize that it is grace that brought me here, and my God is going to set everyone free who I encounter. My life is an open book, and God has the pen ready to write my greatest dreams and surprise me with even more than I could hope for. God has big plans for us. All I did was yield.

One night, I decided to stay up listening to the School of Kingdom Living by Dan Mohler, because




Three original hand lettered prints to remind you who you are. Download now at


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold. The new has come. [ 2 Cor 5:17 ]




// DIY wall hanging //

diy modern yarn wall hanging // JENESSA WAIT //


Who would've known that me being the type of person who likes the finished product more than the process would be doing a DIY post, because obviously DIY is all about the process, patience, and work put into it. (I still wish there was a magic wand to do it for me.) This is actually my first DIY success (gasp!).

WHAT YOU'LL NEED Yarn 1-1.5”Ring 3” Ring Gorilla Glue Scissors Cardboard Box 20” in Length Round wood Dowel (cut at 12”)

Now that I see the finished product hanging on my wall — knowing how much wall decor is at the stores these days —I know the process was so worth it. I spent a good chunk of time searching on Pinterest for inspiration and came across this beautiful Hanging Modern Yarn Wall Decor. So here is my slightly modified version. Enjoy!

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cut a piece of yarn (at 36”), fold it in half, and put it through the (smaller) ring.

2. Grab the loose ends of the string and feed them through the loop (also known as a lark knot). TIP: Once I fed it through I kept it loose (do not tighten it). Looks almost like a pretzel!

3. Grab the loose ends of that lark knot you just did and tie them to the wood dowel (double knot it tightly). Put a drop of Gorilla Glue on each knot. Let it seep in to reinforce.


4. Repeat pretty much the same as Step one. Grab a piece of yarn (but this time measured at 24�) and fold it. Double knot it at the end and proceed to execute the one and only lark knot. This time go ahead and pull it tight. 5. Now take the 3� Ring with its tight lark knot and feed it through the loose loop created from Step 1. Surprise! Time for another lark knot. Now tie a lark knot on that loop, pull it tightly, and reinforce it with some Gorilla Glue.

6. Pull the first lark knot string to bring everything to the small ring. NOTE: make sure that as you're on these last couple of steps you are keeping the wood dowel straight and even. If one of the strings is pulled more than it should be, it could cause some crookedness. Take time to make those beautiful!


7. Take your 20� carboard box, and wrap the yarn around it 12 times. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the yarn at the end of the cardboard (TIP: make sure to place your hand on the string to hold it down as you do that or else they’ll just fly everywhere).

8. Make another lark knot (of course!) around the wood dowel, pulling it as tightly as possible.

I managed to get about 9 tassels in there!


And voila!

Another piece of wall decor to make your home feel a little bit more beautiful. This would be a great gift idea too for someone you love - they’ll think you’re a flat out genius! Which you are.

Have a DIY to share? Head to to submit your idea and we’ll be in touch! 33



THE BANANA CAKE christine greenwood

As you may already know I am doing my three month stint in Gove. While it wasn’t a voluntary decision to move here, we knew that it wasn’t a mistake and our Father is one of divine encounter and He had a plan and purpose. I’m a big believer in intimate relationships. Hence I asked Jesus to give me one Indigenous friend and disciple to pour my time and love into. He found me one!! And I love her. She happens to be the Prince of Arhnem's wife!! She has six children (four of her own and two adopted) and works full time!! My type of woman. Today Mark and I are having a Bible study with her husband and her and her family. She asked me to bring Banana Cake. This is what I made:

INGREDIENTS 125g butter 1/2 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1teaspoon of nutmeg 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour 1 cup light natural yogurt 1/2 cup coconut 2 overipe bananas mashed

MY METHOD 1. Combine butter, sugar, cinnamon and eggs and mix until creamy 2. Mix in SRF, yogurt, coconut and banana 3. Place in a ring or loaf tin 4. Slice banana lengthways and place on top then sprinkle over some cinnamon and drizzle with honey 5. Bake in moderate oven for 35-40 mins or until skewer comes out clean. Beloved ones, never underestimate the gift of your friend’s favourite cake. Never underestimate the gift of hospitality.



belovedinfluencers // movers and shakers //


Yazzi Williams on building an army of unconventional and radically influencial models // christie drozdowski //

“I almost dropped everything to start it then, but God told me to wait and learn, so that's what I've done,” writes Yazzi Williams to me. We’re emailing back and forth to chat about the modeling agency she launched in January — an endeavor that came out of an idea she had for a novel she wanted to write. But when you’re as passionate and creative as Yazzi is, fiction becomes reality. My email interview with photographer turned modeling agent brought out a key concept when it comes to pursuing a major life calling or building a business and dreaming with God: giving Him a space to speak in the details brings all the confidence you need. I could sense the life and fervor with which Yazzi operates her upcoming modelling agency just from her words on my screen. Read on to learn how Yazzi and her models at The Loved Ones (#thelovedonesarmy) are ready to impact the fashion industry with love. The Beloved Team are totally inspired by her story and the drive she has to dream big and influence many. She sat down four years ago to write about the fictional The Loved Ones modeling agency she had created in her mind. At the same time, three of the models she was mentoring as a fashion photographer began struggling with the agencies that represented them, which presented the need for a modeling agency done differently. Something God was giving her a heart for, which took shape over the next few years.


B: It seems like you've gone into starting this agency with a real heart for the models you represent. How do you nurture their talent, and what do you do that's different from typical agencies?

said, “Your Beloved.” Then He asked, “What do you call your Beloved?” and I said, “Your Loved Ones” and I just completely lost it, because it all became so real. Back when God was speaking to me about the idea for the agency, I actually had no idea how prophetic I was, so for Him to reveal that to me a couple months ago was such a big confidence boost.

Y: Absolutely. I think what I've witnessed personally over the years of being in the industry is a lot of young girls wondering if modelling is really for them or not, and what I've felt on my heart is that you shouldn't be doing something you're not passionate about. At The Loved Ones, my job as the agent is to help the models set realistic goals and do everything in my power to help the guys and girls achieve them. My heart is to help find the best path for them, which means along the way I stand with them and help them to hone their talents into the right kind of shoots and pitch them to brands who are right for their look and the market they want to work towards being in. From what I know, many other agencies don't take this into consideration and this can cause some of their more well-known models to burn out or lash out.

B: How do you think this industry — one often portrayed, though probably not completely accurate, as highly competitive, aloof, and focused on only outward appearance — will benefit from what you’re doing at The Loved Ones? Y: At The Loved Ones, we expect that our models will enter into jobs and contracts with self-confidence, knowing who they are and always standing firm in their convictions. My heart isn’t to have them do something if someone has a question mark over them, because that’s unnecessary pressure for the model to be something or someone they are not. The industry is highly competitive, but there are plenty of upcoming businesses we can partner with and grow with as well as brands who are looking for ambassadors for their clothing, which means that the depth of the talent needs to be greater than just their looks, and we want clients to get the full package when they book one of our models. Upon entering the agency, even our youngest models were asked, “What are you passionate about?” so that they could start thinking of how their life as a model could be an impact to the world on both a small and large scale.

B: The Loved Ones name immediately jumped out at us as we’re called Beloved Mag. How did you choose the name? Y: What’s so epic is when I finished a little study one afternoon on Ezekiel 37, I asked God why it was so important that the Israelites were in the passage and He said to me, “What do I call the Israelites?” and I


B: How did you first get into fashion photography?

strategy ever, because I know that clients, models, and followers are genuine and standing with me to Y: I could actually talk about this for hours. It’s not see change. He’s been teaching me about not doing a short answer. For the longest time I wanted to be things in my own strength but to rely on Him. When a film maker, but I realised in grade 12 I sucked at I first moved into the house I’m living in and running the actual filming part, so instead I decided to do the agency from, I saw a vision of the promotional photography, thinking I would be able to shoot music video for the agency with two specific girls in it full time. In my final semester of university, I went to who I’d been thinking about asking to be a part of an exhibition about music photography and the main it. When both said yes, I organised the shoot, and exhibitor said that there were only 2 full-time music we went from there. (Here’s the link: https://www. photographers in Australia, so good luck. My dreams were a little (actually, a LOT) crushed, so I took what I knew and decided to try fashion instead. I then B: How big do you see this becoming? did a certificate 4 in makeup and launched my own business doing photography, makeup, and styling Y: I do see The Loved Ones becoming an called Love Yaz in 2011. I try not to limit what I do as international agency, but I’m not sure on when far as photography goes, but I’ll never step outside of or how that will move forward just yet. We only my style. launched in January, so there’s still a long way to go. I definitely want to have a base in America (probably B: Have you been able to use connections from Los Angeles) and Europe (somewhere in the east being a fashion photographer for getting the — potentially Tallinn, Estonia), and I also see it models work? growing into an agency that represents more than just models and bloggers. Eventually I would love to Y: I have some really great connections in the fashion see actors, musicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, world that I think are going to be hugely beneficial fashion stylists, photographers, and videographers in booking the models on jobs! I have a great friend represented by The Loved Ones, too. who is working for Outland Denim who is constantly looking at the new models we’re pushing wanting to B: Tell us about the ends and outs of owning this work with them and messaging me with potential kind of business. What are you doing on a daily new talent as well. I’m super excited to see what’s basis? Any upcoming events? going to happen with other connections I have similar to that as well! Y: I’m still in the opening stages of this journey, and I haven’t yet been able to spend the time I really want B: You mentioned God giving you an awesome to on it every day. I’m planning on holding another business strategy! He’s so great like that. Would open day soon, and from that working as close to you mind going into some details? full time hours as I can at the agency to see the guys and girls we already have be getting lots of great test Y: After God told me to “go,” He also told me to shoots and jobs booked. At the moment, I have a be authentic and to not push too hard — that the casual job and am also doing my photography work talent would speak for itself. This has been the best on the side, so it’s a little bit full on!

I think anyone who stays true to themselves is always going to be inspirational to me because they are unshakable.


B: What makes your heart beat? Tell us about who you are!

me. I love Steve McCurry's work. He's the guy that shot the Afghan Girl with the Green Eyes — the most iconic National Geographic cover of all time. His portraiture is astounding and I love that he wants to go and get to know different cultures to capture the people in their most natural state.

Y: I’ve learnt that they best way to live your life is for your heart to beat in time with God’s, so I would say He is who makes my heart beat. I’m a very passionate person, so once I get a conviction I live by it and don’t question it. I love finding what makes people tick and then help them to achieve that. I love the prophetic and speaking into people’s future, so I really enjoy mentoring and teaching in that regard. I’m a really creative person, and I love writing and sharing my story with people, so travelling is one of my favourite things to do — to meet more people and share with them little snippets of how detailed and intricate God is!

B: The last 5 music artists in your recently played list? Y: Sean Feucht, Housefires, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook B: Lastly, talk about following God's direction in starting a business/following your dreams. Y: Wow. It's funny because I literally fell into what I'm doing now because God kept redirecting me, and I just felt tugged in different directions but learnt to trust my instincts. I wanted to do film but was redirected into photography. Then I wanted to shoot music and was redirected into fashion. I sat down to write a book about a fictional modelling agency because I loved writing, and that’s when God showed me what He had planned for my life. Then it was about being diligent in learning and allowing Holy Spirit into the intricate details, as year after year He unpacked more of its importance and my mission within the industry. It's funny how He moves when we don't even realise. But all those little decisions have got me to where I am today!

B: Who inspires you — both personally and professionally? Y: So many people. It would literally take me years to mention all their names and why. I think anyone who stays true to themselves is always going to be inspirational to me because they are unshakable. Personally, I would say the former worship pastors at my church, Aaron and Becky Lucas, are so inspiring to me because they prophesied, declared, and prayed over my life long before I realised what God was doing in it (they now run a thriving campus of our church Citipointe in Northern Colorado). Professionally, I think photographers with a passion for bringing out the true personality of the people they shoot inspire

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Issue One | Beloved is here to encourage, inspire and mobilise daughters of the King to live victorious, fruitful lives - doing all things f...


Issue One | Beloved is here to encourage, inspire and mobilise daughters of the King to live victorious, fruitful lives - doing all things f...