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Ingredients Wash vegetables:  Mexican onions  Half cabbage  Potatoes  Green beans  Corn  Cilantro (optional)

 Onion  Garlic  Tomato

Wash meat (select either below):  All beef steak tips (as seen in slide)  All chamorro (as found in Mexican meat market), or  All platanillo (as found in Mexican meat market), or

 Combine either above with trositos (as found in Mexican meat market)

Gather beef, ½ onion, garlic.

In pot, add beef, ½ onion, and garlic. Add enough water to cover the contents.

Bring to a boil then remove frothy residue. Turn heat to medium for 1 hour. Cover pot. After the hour is up, check the beef. It should be tender, NOT firm.

Once beef is tender, add salt, to taste. Add a bit of jasmine rice too.

Remove garlic and onion from the pot.

Puree one tomato, preferably the size of the larger one as shown here.

Add corn and potatoes. Let these cook but not for too long.

Add remaining vegetables and let cook just right.

Beef & vegetable stew  

Caldo de res (Mexican) recipe.

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