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Infections During Pregnancy – 3 Infections You Will Want To Avoid When Being Pregnant Many women find that, once the first three months of their pregnancy are over, they feel exceptionally well and remain so until the birth of their babies. Coughs and colds are always around, and you do not need to worry if you catch a cold, although you have every excuse to pamper yourself if you do feel unwell. There are a few infections during pregnancy which can cause problems. One of the infections during pregnancy is rubella (German Measles): - if a woman catches rubella at the beginning of her pregnancy there is a strong likelihood that her baby will be born with serious problems affecting his sight and hearing. The later in pregnancy the virus is caught, the less dangerous it is for the baby. Your rubella immunity should be routinely checked at the beginning of your pregnancy and you should ask your doctor or midwife to tell you the result. Some other of the infections during pregnancy is Varicella Zoster (Chickenpox): - when a woman catches chickenpox in the first half of pregnancy, her baby may be born with scars from the infection and is sometimes mentally disabled. The baby is also at risk if the mother catches chickenpox just before she is due to give birth. A mother who has chickenpox needs to see her doctor because there are treatments available which may help reduce the effect of the virus on her baby. One of the badest infections during pregnancy it is definitely Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): - women who are HIV positive run a high risk of transmitting the virus to their babies, and should receive special counseling to help them consider their choices in pregnancy, for birth and after their babies are born.

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16.Infections During Pregnancy – 3 Infections You Will Want To Avoid When Being Pregnant