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Pregnancy And Smoking – Understanding Why These Two Have Nothing In Common Whatsoever Sadly, mothers who smoke during pregnancy and after their babies are born do not understand that pregnancy and smoking do not mix and that they are not doing either themselves or their babies any good. Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the baby while he is in the uterus. Babies are more likely to die in the womb or at birth if their mothers smoke; they can be born prematurely and are sometimes small and sickly.. After birth, these babies are at greater risk of cot death because they are living in a smoky environment. Sometimes it is too hard for women to give up smoking even though they are anxious to do what is right for their babies. So if can actually acknowledge that pregnancy and smoking are not related what so ever, keep in mind that: -

if you can give up, do if you think you could give up, get all the help you can from your GP, from your midwife, from your partner and friends. If you simply cannot give up, try to cut down; every cigarette you do not smoke is going to be good for your baby.

Women who are pregnant and who smoke should always keep in mind that the most precious thing in the world is now the new coming baby and he deserves all the sacrifices. Even statistics show that pregnancy and smoking have nothing in common. They show that if the majority of pregnant women gave up smoking, the number of cot deaths may be reduced with 10%. Statistics show that from 20% of women who smoke, 20% to 30% smoked during their pregnancy as well and more than 50% smoked more than a half a packet of cigarettes a day.

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22.Pregnancy And Smoking – Understanding Why These Two Have Nothing In Common Whatsoever