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Exercises For Pregnancy – Precautions You Should Take When Being Pregnant If you enjoyed exercising before you become pregnant, there is no reason why you should not enjoy exercises for pregnancy and continue to do so as long as both you and your baby are healthy. Obviously, one sport which is definitely not a good idea for a pregnant woman is deep-sea diving. If diving is your sport, you should not dive below 18 metres during your pregnancy. There are a few precautions to bear in mind when exercises for pregnancy: -

pregnancy is not the time to take up vigorous exercise which you have not been used to before.


if your body tells you that you are overdoing it, or you start to have aches and pains while exercising, give yourself a break.


have plenty to drink before you start exercising and avoid taking exercise in hot weather. Pregnant women can get dehydrated very easily (which is why you should avoid saunas in pregnancy).


competitive sportswomen who want to train right up to the time their baby is about to be born, should check with their doctor that this is all right. Some researchers have found that women who are exercising at a very high level during the last weeks of their pregnancy give birth to babies with low birthweights.

In general, a woman who is fit because exercises for pregnancy does not seem a bad idea to be a regular part of her life is likely to be well prepared to cope with the demands of labour.

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17.Exercises For Pregnancy – Precautions You Should Take When Being Pregnant