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Photography is the art of preserving a moment. Such moments sometimes pass by and are gone forever, existing only in our memories. For Miranda Campbell-Lockett, capturing these moments is something of a second nature. This has led her to a large collection of beautiful images and an enterprising/adventurous spirit. She grew up all over the world, where she was immersed in different architecture, art, culture, language and media before moving to Australia. She now designs jewellery, collects porcelain animals, and makes art instillations as well and really wants to go back to Europe. Things aren't all peachy for our humble heroine though, she's overcome her fair share of trials and tribulations including physical ailments and poverty, and anonymous form spring haters trying to rain on her parade. She obviously doesn't let it stop her though; she just pushes through. For our first issue, Belong has been lucky enough to show her photography before it hits galleries in late November.

Raceme to NYE(2009)

The Shop Has It (2009)

Their Playing At My House(Run!) (2008)


It’s Time for Action (2009)

Didn’t Gothat Well (2010)

Chimney (2008)


Make Do(2010)

Sorry (2010)

You Know It (2008)

Curtains (2010)


good black fun


good black fun