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January 2017

VIP Connections A quarterly newsletter for the Beloit Health System Volunteers in Partnership

President’s Corner By Diana Alheid and Betty Johnston

As we begin 2017, your Co-Presidents want to say a great big “Thank You” to all of the Beloit Health System VIPs. As we look back in 2016 we must say it was a very busy as well as successful year for the Volunteers. Our fund raisers have been well received by the hospital staff, their families, friends and visitor traffic in the hospital lobby. Our Nutman/Candy sales this year have totaled over $3400 in commission. Books are Fun commission for the year over $5400. The Linen and Blanket commission $3179 and this year we added Lionne Jewelry. The commission for that 2-day sale was $1154. AlertLine, Gifts from the Hart , as well as the VIP Grille have also provided us with funds to make pledges to the hospital. At the beginning of 2016, the VIPs made a pledge of $75,000 each year for the next 3 years to the Hendrick’s Family Heart Hospital for a total of $225,000.

We presented Tim McKevett with a check in the amount of $50,000 at the VIP Annual meeting and completed our pledge for 2016 with a check for $26,000 at our last board meeting. The construction of the Hendrick’s Family Heart Hospital is moving right along. If you haven’t been up to the fourth floor recently, please check out the new waiting area and clinical hallways. Construction of the new operating room has already begun and is due to completion in early 2017. On December 5th the annual Lovelight Ceremony was held with the lighting of the trees, followed by holiday treats and music by Beloit Turner Overdrive in the hospital lobby. This year we added the opportunity to honor those who serve or have served our country in the military. It is a wonderful Christmas Tradition. If any of you are interested in joining RSVP-Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, applications are available in the VIP lounge.

They also provide many different volunteer options and opportunities to those who are interested. Members can be reimbursed by RSVP for their travel time while they are volunteering as well as being covered by their insurance. These forms are available in the VIP Lounge. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 608-3652657. We Co-Presidents look forward to serving our Volunteers in the coming year. We also wish you and your families a very happy New Year!!

Take a Deep Breath By Joycelyn Ramsden, CHE Chairperson

Volunteer News Hello Everyone!

"Ditch the paper, Switch to vapor" This message is on two billboards between Beloit and Janesville on Prairie Ave. Vaping is the use of e-cigarettes instead of regular ones. E-cigarettes are different because they emit vapor instead of smoke (which contains tar), and are praised as a way to quit smoking. However, E-cigarettes do contain nicotine and other impurities and haven't been studied yet as being safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers them the same as cigarettes and has banned minors from buying them.

Winter is here after a very wonderful fall. The snow has fallen and the Love lights are lighting up the hospital grounds. I hope you were all able to get your to-do lists done in time to take a moment to remember the “reason for the season”! I tell myself every year that I’m going to get finished early and enjoy the holiday season. Well another year has come and gone and I rushed again to get things done in time! Well, I’ll have to try harder this year!

Mark Your Calendar!

What wonderful donations!!

The Nutman Sale Tues & Weds, Feb 21 & 22 NorthPointe Atrium Thurs & Fri, Feb 23 & 24 Clinic Lobby Weds—Fri, Feb 22—24 Hospital Lobby VIP Annual Meeting Friday, March 3 Hospital Auditorium

Book Fair Tues & Weds, March 14 & 15 Both NorthPointe & Clinic Thur & Fri, March 16 & 17 Hospital Auditorium Thurs, March 30 Spring District Meeting Stoughton, WI

Happy New year to all of you! Thank you for ALL you do!!

2017 Dues are Due 2017 Dues can be paid to Roberta in the Volunteer office any time after December 2016. To be eligible for the VIP Benefits, they must be paid by March 2017. Dues will remain $5. A portion of the dues the VIP Board collect is paid to the Partners of WHA.

Don Reedy, one of our Wednesday afternoon escorts, brought in a check for $300 for the Foundation from his former employer, Alliant Energy. He turned in his volunteer hours and Alliant Energy “paid” Don for his volunteering!! What a great employer. Thank you Don!! At our last VIP Board Meeting, a check for $26,000 was presented to Tim McKevett, our President and CEO, to complete our first year’s pledge of $75,000. The extra $1000 was given to Tim from donations given in honor of deceased VIP members.

VIP Annual Meeting This years VIP Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, March 3rd in the hospital auditorium. You will be receiving your invitation in the mail at the beginning of February. If you don’t receive an invitation by February 15, please call Roberta Henning 364-5162. Please return your RSVP card and $7 to Roberta in the Volunteer Office by Thursday February 23rd at the latest.

Public Policy Education Report by Betty Bussie, PPE Chairperson There is so much going on right now, anyone that writes anything will more than likely be wrong, so I will state a few things that stood out to me. This was from an AARP article:  Our political leaders must keep Social Security and Medicare strong for all of us and the future generations.  Health Care system must give the needs and values of individuals and caregivers a high priority.  Our communities should do more to help residents stay engaged with transportation, housing options and promote active living.  As individuals, we should take

responsibility for our own wellness by staying fit and active (as all of you are by being involve with volunteer work in all areas). It’s really nice that other areas are using volunteers within the health system)  ALL of us can hold candidates accountable for financial challenges faced by many families Americans 50 and older can play a vital role. I read in several places (I get my information same as all from the newspaper, AARP, Legislation bulletins,) that New State Laws Aid caregivers. More the 110 statutes help people remain in their homes and communities by way of guardianship, tele health services, Respite care, Home and community based service to name a few. Some say our Pensions are at risk

BHS Earns Advanced Stroke Center Certification Beloit Health System has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers. The Gold Seal of Approval® and the Heart-Check mark represent symbols of quality from their respective organizations. Beloit Health System underwent a rigorous onsite review in October. Joint Commission experts evaluated compliance with stroke-related standards and requirements, including program management, the delivery of clinical care and performance improvement. “Beloit Health System is pleased to receive advanced certification from The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association,” said Brenda Williams, Stroke Center Coordinator. “The certification provides us with the opportunity to highlight the exceptional stroke care we provide as well as to continually strive to advance our care even further.” Beloit Health System was first certified as a Primary Stroke Center in 2014. “Beloit Health System has thoroughly demonstrated the greatest level of commitment to the care of stroke

from Congress, having them cut if congress passes legislation that would allow multi-employer pensions to reduce funding for their current plans in order to start new plans for their workers with fewer protections. The Bill congressional leaders hope to pass during a postelection lame duck session, would affect 10 million workers and retirees. AARP urges all to call lawmakers at 844-617-2673. ask them to oppose efforts to put multiemployer pension benefits at risk. All is not you remember from childhood there are winners and losers and you make the best you can. I wish all a safe and happy New Year . . . my best.

patients through its Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers,” said Wendi J. Roberts, RN, executive director, Certification Programs, The Joint Commission. “We commend Beloit Health System for becoming a leader in stroke care, potentially providing a higher standard of service for stroke patients in its community.” Established in 2003, Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers is awarded for a two-year period to Joint Commission-accredited acute care hospitals. Stroke is the number four cause of death and a leading cause of adult disability in the United States, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. On average, someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds; someone dies of a stroke every four minutes; and 795,000 people suffer a new or recurrent stroke each year.

By Debra Faleskin-Volunteer This is a new addition to the newsletter. A chance for all volunteers to contribute. Do you have a question? A suggestion? An incident that you were unsure of how to resolve or where to find answers on how to resolve it? Please contact Roberta Henning with any questions or suggestions. Every effort will be made to find the answer. In this new column we will present questions or incidents that volunteers have experienced or asked about. We will publish these with best practice answers so we all can be on the same page. This is to be a learning experience for all of us and the following are things that have or are being worked on. 1) Safety: All volunteers should carry gloves with them, especially when transporting labs. Gloves will protect against bacteria and body fluids. Wear gloves also when wiping down wheelchairs with the cleaner that is provided. Gloves and cleaner are available at the front desk. The wheelchair room and the VIP room.

2)Discharging patient as an escort: When transporting a patient to a waiting car. Always make sure the brakes are secure and foot rests are all the way up. Offer support by lightly supporting their arm as you guide them into the car. You are doing this to steady the patient. If they say they are weak, lightheaded or dizzy have them sit back down for a minute. If this happens again. have them stay in the wheelchair. Secure the brakes and go to front desk for help. If the patient falls. DO NOT TOUCH them as you do not know of any injury. Make sure the person is safe then go in and tell front desk you need help immediately. When you go to their room, ask how they are feeling. Do not transport if they are woozy or say they feel dizzy or faint. Make sure they are safe and go get a nurse. Do not escort to the parking lot. If a medical emergency occurs you have no way of alerting people in the hospital. So please ONLY escort them to a waiting car. If they insist on you taking them out to the lot, politely say you can't and offer to get a complimentary valet to bring their car around. This all is for your safety and the safety of patient or visitor and it could be a liability for the hospital. If a visitor or patient seems to be having trouble in the lobby or any halls, try to keep them safe and call loudly for help. Do not try to hold or catch them as you both could get

hurt. If you can, try to get them to a chair or ease them to the floor. This is all we can do. 3) Weight Restrictions for transporting in wheelchair Push no more than 250 pounds. Know your limitations and don't risk it. The Front Desk and Registration will assess the person and will either call for an escort, or they will call security to transport. Security and those involved have been briefed and agree to do this. If a call comes from the patient rooms. The front desk will ask the nurse to first assess the weight . The front desk will tell the nurse of the 250 pound limit, at that point either a CNA or Nurse will escort the patient. If 250 or less an escort will be called. If you end up going to a room and you see that you cannot push this person. Politely excuse yourself and get a nurse. Tell her you cannot push this person. Again its for your own SAFETY. 4) A visitor or patient gets sick on the elevator and you are by yourself. Vomit bags will be supplied. So ALL volunteers should carry at least one with them. Put on your gloves. This is body fluid! Hit the ALARM button and wait for help. If you are on the unit. GET a CNA or NURSE. Don't transport any further.

2016/2017 Flu Shot Clinic All volunteers are required to have a vaccination in order to volunteer during flu season. If you received your flu shot at another location please provide proof of that shot to Roberta, if you have not already. If you are unable to get the flu shot due to medical reasons, please contact Roberta. If you chose not to receive the shot you must refrain from volunteering until April 1, 2017. Thank you for your cooperation.

Alert Line Update By Judy Simonds, AlertLine Coordinator Sue Beeman, AlertLine Assistant

Senior Safety & Mobility Association Between Falls and Driving Outcomes in Older Adults  Driving is an important indicator of mobility and well-being for older adults.  Prior work suggests that falls may increase the risk of subsequent motor vehicle crash (MVC) or other adverse driving outcomes Falls have the ability to impact driving in three ways:  Falls may cause physical injury, limiting an older driver’s ability to use the steering wheel, brake pedals, or otherwise perform essential driving maneuvers; e.g. a wrist fracture.  Falls may indirectly lead to reduced functional ability; e.g. increase in fear of falling leads to more limited physical activity, which may lead to physical and cognitive de-conditioning – “use it or lose it.”  Falls may heighten self-awareness of age-related physiological changes or precipitate a fear of injury; e.g. may lead to self-restricting driving behaviors like reduced mileage and day-driving only.

Tips for Staying Mentally Sharp Promising research indicates that taking the following steps can help keep your mind sharp as you age: Control cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. These conditions can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke, which are thought to contribute to the development of certain types of dementia. Cardiovascular health, having healthy blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, along with being physically active, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking — was associated with better cognitive function in a 2014 study published in PLoS One.

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Increased Risk of MVC  This study is a part of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s Long ROAD study effort, a national, prospective cohort study designed to examine crashes, driving and medical issues relevant to drivers 65 and older.  A fall history significantly increased the risk of subsequent crashes  Older adults who had fallen were 40% more likely to experience a subsequent motor vehicle crash than older adults who had not fallen.  Many included studies adjusted for age and other factors such as neuromuscular function, vision, or cognition, suggesting that falls independently adversely affect drivers’ functional abilities. Implications:  Falls in older adults are associated with a significantly increased risk of subsequent MVCs.  Safe mobility, both for walking and driving, is important for older adults’ well-being and health. These findings support the importance of fall prevention efforts.  Fall prevention programs may prevent MVCs, either by reducing injuries that can negatively impact safe driving or mitigation unnecessary self-restriction of driving which could result in deteriorating driving

Don't smoke or drink excessively. Because these are both seen as putting you at increased risk for dementia, kick the habit if you smoke and, if you drink, do so only in moderation. Exercise regularly. Regular physical activity is thought to help maintain blood flow to the brain and reduce your risk for conditions such as high blood pressure that are associated with the development of dementia. Consistent vigorous exercise helps lower the risk for dementia, according to a study published in Annals of Medicine in 2015. Eat a healthy diet. People who consume plenty of vegetables and fatty fish and keep away from satu-

rated fats are thought to have a lower risk for cognitive decline. Stimulate your brain. People with less education are at higher risk for dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, because mental stimulation throughout your lifetime is important for your brain health. Keep your mind active by increasing your level of social interaction, learning new skills, playing challenging games, and doing other activities that require an engaged mind. People who are more socially and intellectually involved are less likely to develop dementia. (Taken from an article written by McCoy & Suszynski, 2015 in Every Day Health:

Partners of WHA Convention On October 4, 2016, the VIP Executive Board and myself joined 306 volunteers at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton for the Partners of WHA Convention. The convention consisted of two and a half days of information and knowledge of volunteering. Kim Hodous was our opening keynote speaker. She spoke of the importance of setting goals in order to know where you are going but not to forget to have fun along the way. She lost a daughter to leukemia when she was two years old and left us with an inspiring message on how she achieved her goals despite this horrific time in her life.

Southern District—Honor Points Award Pictured—Betty Johnston—VIP Co-President

A CEO panel consisting of four hospital representatives discussed the future of health care on October 5th. We had awards given out that evening and Dr. Todd Mahr, a pediatric allergy physician from LaCrosse, delivered the closing presentation “All About Asthma—What’s New” on October 6. This conference is a way to share knowledge and learn new skills from all throughout the state. A good time was had by all!!

GIFT SHOP NEWS!! By Deb Brigham, Gift Shop Coordinator

The season’s change, and change, and change . . . And oh my goodness, they do it so very FAST! I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or if, as more situations change in life (Grandchildren, friends in need, social activities and oh yes, the best Hospital Gift Shop anywhere) or if I just have an excessive amount of things on my “to do” list, but time seems to FLY by. One month is over before I even realize we’re in to it! We have lived through another year and made the best of whatever situation has come before us, and are looking forward to another with high hopes. We continue to make changes in the gift shop, as we work to Spring (yes, it WILL come) you will notice many new things. We will be trying out some new items peri-

odically to test in our area as well as working with new vendors to get the best deals and variety for the dollar. We are constantly looking at ways to reorganize and shift areas to make the best use of the sales area. Our jewelry and fashion accessories always seem to be the biggest sales areas, with seasonal and general décor following close behind. I’ve got my eye on some fun new ideas to try, that I hope will make a difference for us. So look in on us regularly for many more new and unique items! Shop often, you never know what treasures you’ll find! Look for promotions coming up to celebrate many different occasions. Valentine’s Day is coming, St Pat’s, Easter, Confirmation and Communion and so on. If there isn’t a reason to have a sale, I will

work to come up with one. We will try to have something on special every week or two to keep things exciting around here. We are also looking for more volunteers here in the gift shop. Just ask any of our existing volunteers, it’s a fun place to work. Ask around, do you know of someone that loves people, looking for camaraderie? Do you know someone that loves to help others? Do you know someone that needs to feel useful and appreciated? Send them in! We’d LOVE to share the fun! ALL Beloit Health System volunteers are appreciated . . . EVERYDAY! Thanks for all you do for me, and for others. Happy New Year!

VIP Connections - January 2017  
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