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NOV. 2018

Values Representatives Please join us in congratulating the following individuals who were selected to be the next set of values representatives. These members of our Beloit Health System were selected for this honor due to their extraordinary actions represented in the story of the pin they received.

Emotionally Invested – When it is the end of my shift I am always ready to go home and see my family. This is not always possible as patients with imaging needs do not punch a clock. So I put myself in the patient’s shoes and do what is best for the patient even if it means staying late. Teamwork – I look at teamwork as an opportunity to learn something new. I will step in and help in whatever way I can, even if it is outside of my comfort zone. When we all stay positive and help each other, it makes our working environment in Medical Imaging so much better. Fun –Medical Imaging is a family. We all bring something different to the table each day that we come to work. We can make each other laugh even on the toughest day and my coworkers bring in amazing desserts that help on a stressful night.

Emily Hahn, Radiologic Technologist – Family Medicine, Clinton Clinic

Abby Rear, Radiologic Technologist, Medical Imaging– Beloit Hospital

Engagement To be focused, emotionally invested and committed to working together as a team to support each other and provide the BEST Care to our patients. Focused – I recently received the engagement pin due to providing the best environment for the patient at that moment. I was in a situation that I was not used to and had to think outside the box and stay focused so that myself and the doctor could stay focused on what we needed to do for the patient.

Quality To be committed to deliver care and service in a manner that exceeds team member, patient and family expectations. Qualitative and Quantitative – I’m very passionate about the qualitative aspect of patient care in my work with xray and lab draws. I especially take pride in putting children at ease who have never had an xray or blood draw and are nervous. When they are smiling after these things are done, then I can feel proud and know that I have done a great job! Data Integrity – This is especially important in the work I do related to blood draws. If the tubes are not correctly labeled then it means the patient has to return and be redrawn. So I understand the responsibility I have to get the data correct so we are not making our patients need to return.

Nicole Bruenning, Medical Assistant – Internal Medicine, Beloit Clinic Safety – The quality part of safety for me at the clinic is making sure medications are not expired, that the exam rooms are cleaned between each patient and making sure that we are sanitizing our hands in and out of each patient room. Efficiency – This is a big part of my job! With new regulations, I now have to gather more information from patients and chart it so I am constantly mindful of using the time I have with each patient to the best of my ability. cont. on next page

Kristen Broderick, RN, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit – Hendricks Family Heart Hospital

Cheryl Miller, MD, Internal Medicine – Beloit Clinic


To do the right thing and to do my best.


Humility – Over my nearly 20 years at Beloit Health System, I have worked on my days off, come in early or stayed late in order to serve my patients. As a physician, my patients are always my top priority and I try every day to show them that in my words and actions. Honesty – In the practice of medicine, a mistake or error will be made at some point in one’s career. If this were to happen, I believe it is important for individuals in the medical profession to be honest with the patient and then explain how the situation will be resolved. I believe this establishes the needed trust between patients and providers.

To do what is necessary to treat our patients and families the way we would want ourselves and families treated to provide a positive, memorable experience.

Professionalism – My superb staff are a cornerstone of my practice. Every day we work together collaboratively and bring our strengths and talents together for the good of our patients. I think part of professionalism on the part of physicians is to give recognition to our staff which I believe then inspires them to be their very best for the good of our patients and our health system.

NOVEMBER EVENTS Empathy – Years ago my husband had a serious accident and was air lifted to a hospital. The one thing I remember after all these years is that a nurse that night brought me a warm blanket. I try to not ever forget that event so I can empathize with the family members of the patients that I care for. Responsiveness – As a nurse I believe that being responsive to patients’ needs is an important part of my job. Just recently I had a patient who knew she was dying and in the morning she wanted to give her mom some flowers. I recognized that this was something I could help with so I obtained flowers and snuck them into her room so she could give her mother one last gift. Communication – I know that patients are concerned about their health so I try to keep them informed about the plan of care. Honesty is an important part of communication, so when I don’t have answers yet, I’m honest with them but tell them that I will come back as soon as I know more.

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Take It to Heart Club “Control Cholesterol” Tuesday, November 13 | 6:00 pm Presented by Leesa MacGowan, RN, BSN. High cholesterol contributes to plaque, which can clog arteries and lead to heart disease and stroke. When you control your cholesterol, you are giving your arteries their best chance to remain clear of blockages. Join us to learn how to better control your cholesterol. Tenth Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Thursday, November 22 | 8:30 am Join us for a 5K Run, One Mile Run/ Walk, Thanksgiving morning at the NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus, 5605 E. Rockton Rd, Roscoe, IL. Please register before Nov. 20 by visiting NorthPointeWellnessTurkeyTrot. There is no additional service fee for registering online.

Value: Satisfaction

Blue Ribbon Awards The Blue Ribbon of Patient Care Excellence is awarded to employees, workgroups, and physicians who received honorable mention in a Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. The Hospice Team at Beloit Health System is the best – all of them! They were all excellent in caring for my beloved husband and giving me support. I thank God for this wonderful organization. Dr. Russell Albert, Gynecology, is absolutely one of the best providers I have ever seen. He listens to concerns and always make you feel comfortable. Darla Olson, RMA, in Dr. Albert’s office is very attentive and is always helpful. Amazing! Dr. Jack Wang, Family Medicine, is the BEST! I recommended him to my mom as soon as I left, he spent lots of time getting to know me, was easy to talk to/very honest and likeable. Dr. Abraham Rodriguez, Pediatrics, is FABULOUS! Dr. Meredith Maxey, Family Medicine, is one of the best doctors I have seen in some time. Kristy Dygart, NP, Orthopedic Surgery, was formerly a nurse and this shows in her care and concern for her patients. Dr. Robert Sage, Podiatry, and Staff are wonderful! Dr. Pawel Olszewski, Internal Medicine, is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. Your staff was very attentive to everyone in the waiting room. (Beloit Clinic Reception) The receptionist did an excellent job since she was the only one working at the desk. (Beloit Clinic Reception) Dr. David Yoon, Gastroenterology, is a new doctor but I liked him very much. He spent time going over everything and was very understanding. Very professional. Dr. Yoon’s nurse Yolanda Floyd, LPN was very nice and made sure everything was understood. I really liked Amber Lueck, CMA, in Gastroenterology was nice, funny and professional. She is ALWAYS compassionate, knows my daughter and her health history. I love Dr. Joseph Kittah, Pulmonology. He saw me through a real medical crisis. I have not

smoked for over a year and never will again. He’s a straight shooter and I respect him.

Very good doctor, the best that I encountered. Very caring. (Dr. Shannon McCormack,

Linda Robson, LPN in Dr. Maria Goetzen’s office is always great!


John Littlefield, PA, and Jason Lafleur, LPN, in Orthopedics were fantastic with my two-year old. I will definitely recommend them. Dr. Tejesh Patel, Family Medicine, listened to my list of questions and answered each one completely. I have been his patient for many years now and he is very caring and a good person. Brian Mulder, NP, Sports Medicine, really knew what he was talking about. He really showed that he cared and that he wanted me to get better. Thank you Brian! Jana Ahles, RN, in the Advanced Joint Care Center was my nurse. A truly excellent combination of human skills as well as medical knowledge. I really appreciated having a nurse on-call, especially in the nights. We had several occasions where we had problems and the nurses were very helpful, prompt and kind to come to our home to help. All of the staff were amazing! It’s not something I could imagine going through without their compassion and expertise. (Hospice)

I have nothing but good things to say. They treated me very well and I’ve been in there a lot lately. (Emergency Department) Everybody there was absolutely awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of doctors, nurses and the whole nine yards. They did awesome! (Emergency Department) My whole experience was great. The nurses, nursing assistants and receptionist were all very kind and checked on me very often. The doctor explained the procedure, talked to my family after surgery and checked on me before I left. (Ambulatory Surgery) The nurses were excellent in the hall I was in and I told them so when I left. (Intermediate Care) All nurses were great! If I needed help they made sure everything was OK. (Multi Care Center) Everyone before, during and after the procedure was very pleasant and caring. All the team members in the OR made me comfortable and at ease. (Ambulatory Surgery and OR Team)

The nurses were wonderful which made it easier to talk to them and share any concerns. (Multi Care Center) My night shift nurse Molly Folts, RN, was the best nurse I had while I was in the hospital. (Family Care Center) Kevin Bengston, RN was my best nurse! Joel Mallari, RN and Lindsey Mawhinney, RN were also especially good! Shateqwa Smith, CNA, and Courtney Oakley, CNA, were fantastic as well. (Special Care) I had fantastic care from Dr. Barbara Higgins, Hospitalist. She took great care of me and I will be forever grateful. The overall experience was very pleasant. The comfortability of the environment was reassuring. I really enjoyed the experience there. (Emergency Department)

Please join us in our efforts to raise $100,00 for United Way this year. If you should need more information or want to make a contribution, please see Regina Dunkin in Community Relations Room 1251 ext. 5206.

Together, we can make a brighter future for our community!

Nursing Collaborative Needs You! Do you want to be part of a team of Nurse’s trying to make a difference? Get engaged and get empowered, join our Nurse Collaborative Practice Committee today! Meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 am, in the Auditorium. Also, please watch your emails!!! A survey is coming from the Nurse Collaborative Practice Committee.

Our Values in Action Nominations compiled by Ami Menke, Human Resources The following employees and providers were spotted by their fellow colleagues for doing something nice for our patients, visitors or fellow Beloit Health System team members. Please continue to thank your colleagues for the daily things they do to make Beloit Health System memorable. Kari Pearsall, BMH – Cardiac ICU, Engagement Amy Hansberry, BMH – Family Care Center, Engagement Malori Hinchen, BMH – Cardiac ICU, Satisfaction Josibe Santiago, BMH – Intermediate, Integrity, Engagement, Satisfaction, Quality Amanda Estes, BMH – Cardiac ICU, Integrity Brad Cartwright, BMH – Multi Care Center, Integrity, Quality Hattie Linville, BMH – Multi Care Center, Satisfaction Theresa Lucietto-Sieradzki, MD, BC – Hospitalists, Quality April Danielson, BMH – Intermediate, Quality Kim Schlote, BMH – Riverside Terrace, Engagement, Quality Megan Roh, BMH – Riverside Terrace, Engagement, Satisfaction Victoria Larson, BC – Cardio Interventional, Engagement, Satisfaction, Quality Bobbi Stanley, BC – Cardio Interventional, Integrity, Engagement, Satisfaction, Quality Kailene Davies, BMH – Riverside Terrace, Engagement Diane Kramer, NP – ASTC Ambulatory Care, Engagement Diane Cavey, BMH – Pharmacy, Satisfaction Chris Lundwall, BC – Environmental Services, Quality Nicole Bindl, BC – Cardiac Surgery, Quality Heidi Christianson, BMH – Emergency Department, Engagement Ruth Blouin, BMH – Nursing Administration, Engagement

Congrats! Carol Cox

Foundation Assistant Congratulations Carol for completing the requirements for the CNAP certification. The Certified Non-profit Accounting Professional (CNAP) is designed to set a standard of accounting excellence in the not-for-profit sector through comprehensive qualification, training and examination. Developed by the Nonprofit CPAs Alliance and sponsored by Wegner CPAs, this certification program is designed specifically for any professional charged with the financial management of a not-for-profit organization, including non-CPAs. The curriculum of this intensive program includes basic and intermediate accounting, as well as in-depth training on more advanced topics such as internal controls, current tax issues, IRS audits, lobbying, technology, and budgeting.

Way to go Carol!

Connie Hibelink, BMH – Cardiac ICU, Satisfaction Cassandra McAtee, BMH – Intermediate, Engagement Suzanne Niksich-Tompa, OC – Janesville Occ. Health, Engagement Tim Poff, BMH – Engineering, Engagement, Satisfaction Dave Quilan, BMH – Engineering, Engagement, Satisfaction Mary Russell, BC – Radiology, Engagement Misty Wells, BMH – MRI, Satisfaction Jean Brosier, BMH – Health Information Management, Integrity Sue Ruplinger, BMH – Family Care Center, Engagement Leanne Jay, BMH – Family Care Center, Integrity, Satisfaction Jessie Faralli, BMH – Family Care Center, Engagement Renae Taylor, BMH – Nursing Float Pool, Engagement Ashley Newton, BMH – Multi Care Center, Quality Kenneth Morse, BMH –Laboratory, Satisfaction Ruth Bendickson, BMH – Intermediate, Satisfaction Thomas James, MD, BC – Hospitalists, Satisfaction Neel Karne, MD, BC – General Surgery, Satisfaction Emilee Wynstra, BMH – Riverside Terrace, Engagement Ruth Anderson, BMH – Snack Shop, Quality Brian Torbeck, BMH –Bio-Med, Integrity, Satisfaction

THE NUTMAN IS COMING! VOLUNTEERS IN PARTNERSHIP FUNDRAISER 150 Fine Quality Nuts, Chocolates, Snack Mixes and Candies

Beloit Hospital

Wed., November 14 (10 AM–3 PM) Thurs., November 15 (9 AM–3 PM) Fri., November 16 (9 AM–2 PM) Hospital Lobby

NorthPointe Health & Wellness Tues. November 13 (10 AM–2 PM) Wed., November 14 (9 AM–2 PM) NorthPointe Atrium

We accept VISA, MC, AmEx, Cash and Payroll Deduction!

Give the Gift of Love. 35th Annual Lovelight Tree Lighting Monday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.

This holiday season, let your lovelight shine at Beloit Health System. With your donation of five dollars or more, you can honor a loved one with a light on the trees in front of the hospital. Lovelight is a health system volunteer fundraising event. Proceeds provide scholarships to area high school students pursuing healthcare careers. Contributor forms are available below, in the hospital lobby, Beloit Clinic lobby and on our website. Contributor forms will be accepted in Community Relations through Dec. 16th. Names for whom lovelights have been reserved will appear in the Beloit Daily News Dec. 24th and the Stateline News Dec. 23rd editions. Names also will be listed on from Dec. 23, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019. Join us for our tree lighting ceremony, on Dec. 3rd on the hospital grounds. Refreshments will be served in the hospital lobby.

Volunteers in Partnership 1969 W. Hart Rd., Beloit

35 Annual Lovelight Christmas Tree Event Please make checks payable to LOVELIGHT CHRISTMAS TREES c/o Beloit Health System Volunteers - 1969 W. Hart Rd., Beloit, WI 53511 My donation of $_________ (a minimum of $5 per light requested) is for: Red or Green Light in HONOR of: PLEASE PRINT (use more than one coupon if necessary or attach a list to this form).

White Light in MEMORY of: PLEASE PRINT (use more than one coupon if necessary or attach a list to this form).

Would you like the Honor/Memory name printed in the newspaper and listed on the website? Please print your/donor name:

Phone Number:

You are invited to attend the Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6 p.m. on Mon., December 3rd. Refreshments will be served in the hospital lobby.

❏ YES ❏ NO

NorthPointe Health & Wellness Campus

Thurs., December 6th 4 – 7 pm

Please join us as we share the spirit of the season.

Campus Pavilion

NorthPointe Terrace

• •

Enjoy horse drawn wagon rides.

Bring non-perishable food items for the Rockton Food Pantry.

Visit beautifully decorated Christmas-theme rooms.

Sit with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas.

Enjoy refreshments and live harp music.

• •

Stroll through the Luminary Walk. Try fire roasted nuts, refreshments Holiday cookies and homemade fudge.

5605 E. Rockton Rd., Roscoe, IL

Connecting Together November 2018  
Connecting Together November 2018