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Expertise for Hearts at Beloit Health System Cardiovascular Physicians with Beloit Health System’s Heart and Vascular Center

Dr. Leo Egbujiobi Cardiologist

Our Patients Share Their Experiences . . . “Both my open heart surgery team and overall care were extraordinary. Although my Dad passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 62, I was not aware that I had heart disease until they discovered it during a routine stress test. I am very thankful and give the team here my highest marks.” Tim Burns, Beloit - Age 57

Multiple-vessel bypass surgery patient

Dr. Maria Taveras Cardiologist

Dr. Nadine Thomas Cardiologist

Dr. Tanvir Bajwa Cardiologist

Dr. Jasbir Sra Cardiac Electrophysiology

Dr. John Hokanson Pediatric Cardiology

“I was having difficulty breathing, had high blood pressure and was experiencing chest pains before finding out I needed open heart surgery. I had confidence in my cardiologist and have to say I was completely satisfied. They explained everything to me very clearly and I’m so thankful I avoided a heart attack.” John Giddings, Beloit - Age 71


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Double bypass surgery patient

“I’ve told at least 750 people that Beloit Health System has a wonderful heart program. My wife, Joan, was in great hands when she had her triple bypass surgery. I couldn’t have been more confident in the care she received.” Clarence and Joan Drinkwater, Beloit

For More Information About Beloit Health System’s Heart and Vascular Center, please call:

608-364-5205 (left to right) Doctors Maria Taveras, Peter Marks, Nadine Thomas and Leo Egbujiobi

Dr. Peter Marks Cardiothoracic Surgery


1969 West Hart Road, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511-2230


Our Heart and Vascular Center Offers Complete Cardiac Care Beloit Health System knows heart care. We’ve offered cardiac services since our hospital opened and are currently known for our outstanding success rates in all aspects of cardiology. What makes the Heart and Vascular Center the right choice? High patient satisfaction, lower than the national average in complication rates, expertise and convenience: all in one place, on one floor and in one hospital.

• Expertise 4 Hearts • Technology 4 Hearts • Rehab 4 Hearts All on the 4th floor of the hospital, close to experts and close to home. A place where the most advanced diagnostics and surgical technologies are located within steps of each other.

Skill and Expertise for Your Heart • Two Catheterization Labs - One totally renovated with new technology in March 2011. The new Cath Lab will feature a new Siemens Artis Zee imaging system for use in angioplasty and interventional procedures. • Diagnostic Testing - Including EKG, nuclear stress tests, vascular studies, echocardiography, Cardiac CT, diagnostic cardiac and peripheral angiography and electrophysiology. We offer pediatric diagnostics as well. • Interventional Care - Coronary angioplasty, with and without stents. • Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery - Including open cardiac and bypass surgery, pacemaker implantation, implantable defibrillators, and valve repairs.

Dori Hughes, RN in Cardiac Rehab, develops individual exercise plans to get patients back to an active lifestyle.

• Coumadin Clinic - Anticoagulants, like Coumadin, help prevent the formation of blood clots. Regular monitoring is important to make sure the condition is appropriately treated. • Cardiac Rehab - Phase 1 and 2. Phase 3 is available at NorthPointe Wellness. Rehab brings a patient back to optimal condition with a personal plan for health. • Vascular Clinic - We offer an advanced approach to the noninvasive diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease appropriately tailored to each patient.

Whether you need diagnostic, prevention, surgical or rehabilitation services, Beloit Health System has the experience and technology right here in the stateline. Our experts deliver success rates higher than the national average and major insurance providers consistently award Beloit’s program 100% quality ratings. Beloit Health System’s Cardiac Cath team provides expertise for all procedures performed in our two state-of-the-art Cath Labs.

Audrey Smith, RN, assists patients through the recovery process after angioplasties or other procedures in the Cardiac Cath Labs.

“From Dr. Leo Egbujiobi, who has been the inspiration to expand our cardiovascular program to Dr. Peter Marks, who has performed thousands of open heart surgeries, we have some of the best experts in the field. Our clinical outcomes meet or exceed the best programs in the country. We are proud of that success.” — Tim McKevett, Senior Vice President of Beloit Health System

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Heart Health Physicians completed our first heart angioplasty in 2002 and open heart surgery in 2007. We have now completed over 125 success...